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LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

New Horizons" 

inds Junior College 
Raymond, Mississippi 
Editors: Amy Sparks 

Ken Anderson 
Advisor/Bob Hodges 


College life at Hinds is a kaleidoscope of images. 
Whether a resident or a commuter, everyone is 
caught up in the grueling pace. Open dorm, club ac- 
tivities, sports events, socializing, and friends 
leave little time for anything else after studying. 
Anyone can fit in, but you first must learn to go 
with the flow of college life and adjust to a new 
lifestyle. You must learn to discipline yourself, ac- 
complish your goals, and seek new horizons. 

- r 




r. M 

H- -' 





ty >^j| 

*» I 




I $%>, 



ajta*:-:^ ?: 

9 5 ''*i5raiWpS35i 


Events are never-ending at Hinds. From registra- 
tion to end-of-the-year socials, something is always 
happening. Dances, concerts,, carnivals, beauty 
pageants, and athletic events are examples of hap- 
penings on campus. "Camelot" was presented by 
/th r ev ; Len4b;tt\Piayeti's in November. The Halloween 
carnival and dance occured in October along with 
Arts Feast and Homecoming. The Miss Hinds 
Pageant was held in February as was the Valen- 
tine's Dance. The year was brought to a close with 
the Spring Formal and baseball season. Hinds 
students have had a busy and exciting year, but 
one that rarely proved boring. 


A. ' 

a * 






1 i : ; 

1 i i 



S^^r^S^v-T&v; I H ■ HH 


In the years ahead, the faces will be remembered 
but the .riames^v'ifor^ptten.' With approximately 
11,000 students to see at Hinds, it is no wonder. 
The faces reflect the moods of the school. The hap- 
py moments, the moments of sadness, the fun 
moments, and the moments of seriousness. As we 
grow older, the experiences, both bad and good are 
etched into our faces, a record of the year passed. 
The faces are the one file that will reveal each stu- 
dent's life at Hinds. 




ijk & 

last . pr 






. % 


— «t *>■• 

'i -v" 



^L~ * II I 

|n^^M Hi 


Hinds has come a long way since 1917. It has 
grown from a one-building agricultural school into 
a modern-day college encompassing seven cam- 
puses and counties. The first branch was at 
Jackson which opened in 1970. Work was started 
on a Vicksburg branch in 1974, and this year a 
branch in Rankin County was opened. Along with 
the addition of CItica Junior College to form the 
Hinds Junior College District, and the new Nurs- 
ing/Allied Health Center and Universities Center, 
Hinds has become a major educational institution 
with nearly 11,000 students. 


<4 T^^l 


fts^W". ■■■sTfB 

¥.■ ■ :. ^&J 

• ■'■■ r ^li^^is^H 



f <**-^**> 

y^ff *W 


r"'*- ■ 


■ I 



Students at Hinds have a broad curriculum to 
choose from. They may obtain an Associate Degree 
in Artsy an Associate Degree in Applied Science, or 
a certificate of completion in one of the many voca- 
tional programs offered. A variety of classes is of- 
fered in each of these programs that offer the stu- 
dent the opportunity to discover his or her own in- 
terest in a particular field. 





>«f^ *v 





The memories we have are what we made of the 
times. The times of joy, anguish, madness, and 
seriousness. Each memory will fade with time, hut 
the year in general will remain with us forever. The 
images of the people, the memory of the classes, 
and the warm feelings of new friendships will blend 
together to form one lasting impression of the 
years at Hinds. 






WW*' I 



The year is gone and now we look to the future. 
What lies in store is not for us to know, but we are 
prepared. As we gaze upon our horizons, we 
ponder life and ask what's it all about and where 
will the future take us. We must be patient and our 
questions will be answered in time as we search for 
our own new horizons. 

Opening/ 17 

»?* RHI 

Clyde and Vash 

The 1984 yearbook staff proi 
dedicates the 1984 Eagle to Dr. 
and Mrs. Clyde Muse. 

Dr. Muse's life as President of 
the Hinds Junior College District is 
full of administrative duties such 
as planning the new areas of 
growth for the College. However, 
much of his time is spent al 
with his wife Vashti in attending 
receptions, welcoming alumni, 
presenting awards, making 
speeches, and participating in 
graduation exercises. 

Vashti Muse has been an active 
first lady of the College. Her ac- 
tivities vary from teaching in the 
Reading Department to working 
with various campus organizations 
and holding open house foi 
students, faculty, and other 
honored groups. She founded the 
Hi-Stepper Alumnae Association 
that was honored during 
Homecoming this past year when 
over 120 former Hi-Steppers per- 
formed. This marked the 30th An- 
niversary of the group. 

It is with great honor that we 
dedicate the 1984 Eagle to Dr. and 
Mrs. Clyde Muse. 

18 Dedication 

20 / Contents 

c*l Bf*f^TIClIi 



22 / Entertainment 


*, , • ,|f • «JT * 




Open Dorms 
Arts Feast 
Christmas Proqram 


Beauty Pageant 
Theatre Productions 
Ray Stevens Concert 
Miss H JC Pageant 



Registration. What fun! Every student's favorite part of college life at Hinds, and we 
get to do it once each semester. 

Returning students try to prepare themselves for what seems to be hours upon hours 
spent standing in line, for the many stations that lie ahead, for the disappointment of 
finding that the classes you needed to have are no longer available, and last but not 
least, finding that your I.D. picture looks like a mug shot. 


24 / Entertainment 

Incoming Freshmen who look forward to college life may get the 
wrong impression about school after spending an entire day register- 
ing for classes. But when you've survived and started going to class, 
you feel like you've really accomplished something. 

The best way to sum up registration at HJC is to simply say, 'it's 
an experience". 


». ji 

7^0 U , 

Rj ► 

Entertainment / 25 

Open Dorm 

Several times during the year, Open Dorm is held at Hinds. Cinder 
close supervision visitors are allowed to visit rooms in each dorm. Open 
Dorm allows students to participate in something different and break 
away from the everyday routines of dorm life. 

26 / Entertainment 

Open Dorm 

Entertainment / 27 

Arts Feast 

Arts Feast Week was held in October which gave students a welcome 
break from studies. The week had bands such as Dreamer and LeRoux. 
The Jackson Symphony entertained and a band from Parchman along 
with other speakers were featured. 

P»C i ! ' 

28 / Entertainment 

Arts Feast 


Entertainment / 29 


Choir Christmas Program 

"It's A Small World" was the title of the 
annual Choir Christmas Program. The con- 
cert featured songs from around the world. 

it*'*- ^1 J% ^^H^' '* 5i iflft 


^i^^l 7 ^! * . 



fff T V 

V J 1 * 


30 / Entertainment 

Choir Christmas Program 



During Halloween, dormitories had parties and a 
Halloween Carnival was held in the Denton Gym 
where different clubs had booths. 

32 / Entertainment 

Several times during the year, dances are held at Hinds. These allow students to 
break away from the studying, homework, and problems of college life and have fun. 


Entertainment / 33 

Beauty Pageant 

"A Beauty Revue" was the name of this year's beauty 
pageant sponsored by the yearbook. The pageant selected the 
top beauties that are featured in the yearbook. 


TOP SIX BEAUTIES — Winners in the annual beauty pageant were from left: Deborah Parker, Melissa Mason, Sophia Smith, Joy Stewart, Shawn 
Spalding, Angela Martin. 

34 / Entertainment 

Beauty Pageant 

Entertainment / 35 

Lendon Players 

The Lendon Players fall production was the musical 
"Camelot." Their production in February was named "God's 



'■'■''ii.gvd! J s favorite""' 

36 / Entertainment 

Grammy Award winning recording star Ray Stevens performed at Hinds February 3, 
1983. The concert was sponsored by the HJC Programming Board of the Raymond 

Stevens is best known for his comic tunes such as "Ahab the Arab" and the 1975 hit 
that sold 5 million copies, "The Streak". 

Some of his more serious hits include "Everything Is Beautiful" and "Misty" which he 
won a Grammy Award for in 1975. 

Ray Stevens 

Ray Stevens, along with Alex Hedgepeth, ASB Program Coordinator, left, and Ray Stevens' stage manager, right, walk behind stage before 

Entertainment/ 37 

Miss Hinds Pageant 

On April 22, 1983, the Miss Hinds Pageant was held. It is 
sponsored each year as a preliminary to the Miss Mississip- 
pi Pageant. Competition consists of swimsuit, evening 
gown, talent, and interview. 

L-R: Melissa Mason, 4th alternate, Joy Stewart, 2nd alternate, Betsy Herr- 
ington. Miss Hinds, Lisa Bruno, 1st alternate, Amy Wittmayer, 3rd alternate, 
and Stacey Hinesley who tied with Betsy Herrington in the swimsuit 

1 H 


WW fi 


38 / Entertainment 

40 / Sports View 


^ootball Cheerleaders 
Basketball Cheerleaders 
Men's Basketball 

/omen's Basketball 

Men's Intramural Football 
Women's Intramural Football 
Intramural Basketball 
Intramural Volleyball 
Physical Education 

42 / Sports View 

AS *?-<* 


Bill Buckner 
Head Coach 




Doug Fowler 
Assistant Coach 

Gene Murphy 
Assistant Coach 

Rick Clarke 
Assistant Coach 

HJC . . 

. .14 

Northwest . . . 


HJC . . 

. .20 

Southwest . . . 

... 7 

HJC . . 

. . 9 

Pearl River . . . 

.. . 6 

HJC . . 

. .10 

East Miss 

. .14 

HJC . . 

. .34 

Miss. Delta . . 

. . .14 


HJC . . 




HJC . . 


East Central . . 


HJC . . 




HJC . . 

. 2 

Gulf Coast . . . 


HJC . . 


Itawamba .... 

. . . 7 

Sports View 43 

Jon Gipson 

Milton Taylor 

Lee Beard 
Wide Receiver 

Eddie McGowan 
Offensive Lineman 

Calvin Barnes 

Gary Gleason 
Running Back 

Don Ragsdale 
Running Back 

Roosevelt Knight 
Running Back 

Scott Fitzgerald 
Offensive Lineman 

Anthony Graham 
Running Back 

Michael Myers 
Tight End 

Keith Ehrhardt 

Carnell Key 

Defensive Lineman 
Michael Fields 

Wide Receiver 
Stanley Turner 


Fredell Moore 
Defensive Back 

Johnny Elmore 
Defensive Back 

Sammie Hall 
Defensive Back 

44 / Sports View 

Sport* View / 45 

46 / Sports View 

ffip5B Si rrr- Viae •■f to 

Loviett Dixon 
Wide Receiver 

Jerry Marshall 
Offensive Lineman 

Ronald Turner 
Wide Receiver 

Allen Brown 

Offensive Lineman 
Michael Standford 

Wide Receiver 
Ken Brown 

Offensive Lineman 

Joe Thomas 

Defensive Back 
Robert Green 

Defensive Back 
Reginald Wilkerson 


Clarence Darden 

Steve Seabolt 

Eddie Simmons 

Offensive Guard 

Buddy Still 

Clyde Walton 

Defensive Back 
Joseph Robinson 


Sports View / 47 

Brad Lewis 

Wide Receiver 
Stanley Stewart 

Nose Guard 
Derrick Newell 

Defensive Back 

Lynch Frazier 
Defensive End 

Michael Pitts 

Shaun Pinkston 
Running Back 

Allen Williams 
Defensive End 

Keith Dunn 

Defensive Tackle 

Roy Williams 
Defensive End 

Bryan Sills 

Offensive Lineman 
David Rawlyk 

Wide Receiver 
Zachary Young 

Defensive Back 

Charles McGriggs 

Kenneth Wright 
Defensive Back 

Bruce Ballard 

48 / Sports View 

Graland Allison 
Student Coach 

Walker Runnels 

Bobby Barlow 

Sandy Rodgers 

Ryan Ginn 

Sports View / 49 

First Row: Stacy Taggart, Mike Stewart, Vaughn Smith, Robert Lewis, Brian Newton. Second Row: Chireen McKee, Robin Stegall, Paula Floyd, Reed Newton 
(Eagle), Brigette Jackson, Sharon Smith. 

50 / Sports View 

Sports View 5 1 

1st Row, L-R: Leslie Ward, Tina Goff, Miriam Johnson, Jo Jo Thrash. 2nd Row: La* Jo Hunt, Sandra Wash, Myra Boone, Dottie Deceit, Patricia Snell. 

52 / Sports View 

Sport View 53 

Bob Garrison 




Miss. Delta 




Miss. Delta 












Miss. Delta 




















Pearl River 








Gulf Coast 
















East Central 








Pearl River 












Gulf Coast 












East Central 


19 Wins 

5 Losses 

Sports View / 55 

AI Ray Lewis 

Robert Bendolph 

Carl Douglas 

Lawson Veal 

56 / Sports View 

Sports View / 57 

58 Spoi I s V i«" w 

Sports View / 59 



ȣ m MiN Willi 



l i.flpl 


" ™~~jjB 

■> «*•*** *-*HHaaN^B . 

- ^,- ;: ^^1 


|K %■ 

IK . *P 











'N r 


60 / Sports View 

Terri Baker 

1983-84 Scoreboard 



Miss. Delta 




Miss. Delta 












Miss. Delta 




















Pearl River 








East Central Missouri 




Gulf Coast 
















East Central 








Pearl River 












Gulf Coast 












East Central 
15 Wins 10 Losses 


Sports View / 61 

Gail Lobue 

Jackie Williams 

Pauline Rule 

Tracey Parker 

Anita Bond 


Tamra Haggard 

Liz Vanerson 

Shirley Perkins 

62 S|»oi I s View 

Sports View / 63 

64 / Sports View 

Aletha Ratliff 


Carta Fields 

Becky Rose 

Terri Burkett 

Jennifer Smith 

Gail Weathersby 

Sports View / 65 

1st Row From Left: Leah Gasaway, Jamie Johnson, Denver Dickens, Bret Kirkman, Tony Triplett, Travis Crimm, Jeff McClaskey, Guy Crawford, Karen Spence, 

and Lisa Stewart. 2nd Row: Kay Courtney, James Runnels, Danny Blount, Todd Ross, David Kohler, Miles Barton, Glen Higdon, Steven Dickey, Tim McMillin, 
Dean Nettles, Ray Mills, and Mary Ellen Thomas. 3rd Row: Coach Bill Marchant, Aletha Cousson, Kit Laird, Lee Toney, Mike Stewart, Robin Roberts, Buddy Still, 
Kenneth Sims, Keith Varner, Randy Shaw, Coach Rick Clarke, and Belinda Green. 

66 / Sports View 

Bill Marchant 
Head Coach 

The 1983 Eagle Baseball team compiled a 30 win and 7 loss 
record for the season. Bill Marchant was serving in his first year as 
head coach. 

. '■ '"" 


Rick Clarke 
Assistant Coach 

Sports View / 67 

68 / Sports View 


Sports View / 69 



jtfMik i 





*'%| J0 

■ m 

r %* * t * • 

Ik. * 

Softball Team 


U 1 



f lg 

1st Row From L-R: Katie Davis, Tammy Dew, Terri Burkett, Tracey Parker, Leslie Swilley, Kathy Steve. 2nd Row: Denise Herron, Elaine Stamps, Margaret 
Williams, Toni Lee, Ginger Ford. 3rd Row: Dana Mathis, Debbie Smith, Hadessial Divine, Jinnifer Smith, Anita Bond, Vicky Rogers. Top Row: Coach Deborah 
Nichols, Managers Lisa Howard, Pauliene Rule. 

70 / Sports View 

Sports View/ 71 


Front Row, L-R: Lane Clower, Becky Bishop, Vicki McMaster, Dottie Decell, Gail Lobue, Tamra Haggard. Back Row, L-R: Mike Saulsbury, Neal Scallorn, Billy 
Stribling, Bert Wilkerson, Steve Shuttleworth. 

72 / Sports View 

., p «"y »*.- - y ■ . ( _ 

5 *.■ J~J~ 

«*<**&*< A *tfMf^f(tt^^ 

Sports View / 73 

,lf -.«•«# 








^A % 






1st Row, L-R: Greg Pigg, Gary Lewis, Anthony Price, Bobby Neal. 2nd Row: Keith Barnacastle, Robbie Edwards, Bubba Southerland, Jay Coalter, David Simms. 

74 / Sports View 

Joe Renfroe 

kmS " ' - 

#*■ '."^ 

■ ■s/t: 

•J* /"* J-i.V- 9*W; - VT -.: 

- , . i 

• srl 


Sports View / 75 




76 / Sports View 




78 / Sports View 

Sports View / 79 


80 / Sports View 

Sports View 8 1 


■•,.■•■■'■■ .••■ .'■■.■■■ 


■'■;!;' ■.■■:■■ 



■ 8 )Mi 

82 / Sport* 


Golf Team 

State Champs 

STATE CHAMPS — from left are: Nan Norgress, Outstanding Woman Golfer; Mike 
Stringer, All-Region Team; Terry Price, All-State and All Region Teams and State Medalist 
and Region Medalist; Jay Coalter; and Mrs. Polly Rabalias — Coach. Second Row: An- 
thony Price, All-State and All Region Teams; and Bobby Neal. 

Sports View / 83 

1984 TRACK TEAM — 1st Row From Left: Jay Pickering, Len Walker, Lovitt Dixon, Michael Fields, Ted Walker, Michael Ball, Lane Clower. Second Row: Sandy 
Rogers, Cornell Key, Derrick Newell, Lee Beard, Ronald Turner, William Kelly, Dwight Smith, Joe Thomas, Hal Hart, Kenneth Williams, Shaun Pinkston, Charles 

84 / Sports View 


Doug Fowler — Coach 

Sports View / 85 


' a 

:■■■ f»| 
HP* ■-''■'.■ 

H 1 



'-■-■■':■ >.■■ ■.'.:■"."-..■ -.■- 

HHk '■ ffl 



86 / Sport. Vie w 

Sports View / 87 


Distinguished Awards 90 
3E Awards 91 

7 avorites 


nd Miss Hinds 102 

ost Beautiful MS 104 

iss Hinds 



"ALUMNI OF THE YEAR" — Emma Grace and W. H. Cochran were named the Alumni of the Year 
by the Alumni Association. At left is Hinds President Dr. Clyde Muse. 

"NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR" Mike Hataway, right, Commercial Design and Advertis- 
ing instructor was named the 1983 National Teacher of the Year for the American Vocational 
Association. At left is Hinds President Dr. Clyde Muse. 

"HALL OF FAME" Hinds Athletic Director Joe Ren 
froe, right, was named to the Mississippi Sports Hall 
of Fame and presenting him the plaque is Governor 
William Winter. 

90 / Campus Vogue 

3E Awards 

3E AWARD WINNER — Dr. E. R. Wall, Dean of Student Affairs was presented this distinguished 
award which is presented to an outstanding person at the college for his contributions to the col- 
lege. Hinds President Dr. Clyde Muse, left, presented the award. 

DISTINGUISHED FACULTY MEMBERS — Emma and T. T. Beemon were named the DFM by the 
Alumni Association. Mrs. Beemon was also named the Academic Instructor of the Year by Phi 
Theta Kappa. 

ICA WINNER — Roy Smith, drafting instructor, was named the VICA Vocational-Technical In 
.ructor of the Year. Dr. Clyde Muse, President of Hinds, presented the award. 

Campus Vogue / 91 


92 / Campus Vogue 


Campus Vogue / 93 

94 / Campus Vogue 

It y ^^k ^^™r—» 1 Bui 

rS 5a ^ II Vv 



Campus Vogue / 95 

96 / Campus Vogue 




1 1 

1 1 

few H 


fl^^K ^^^^to 

I 983 84 Hi Steppers 





30th Anniversary 

The Hinds Hi-Steppers celebrated Jtheir 30th 
Anniversary this past Fall with the return of 
Hundreds of former Hi-Steppers attending 
various events. Over 120 performed during 
halftime honoring Mrs. Anna Bee who has been 
director for 30 years. 

Mrs. Vashti Muse, founder of the Hi-Stepper Alumnae 
Association, left, and Jo Schaeffer Holbrook, right. President 
of the Alumnae group present Mrs. Anna Bee, Hi-Stepper 
Director with the new Alumnae pin. 


:#*iw/£ : 

'^' 18*'*' 


X- ■■*'; \ 

\i \T" 


mm na hum tm 



Over 1 20 former Hi-Steppers performed during halftime of the Homecoming game. 


i # s \ 


V J *ft*»*v 




'ampiis Vogue 


Melissa Mason 

L* - 

: y y 



«L'"> *^ 


LvliC Lav V ^^ JmrZ^m tt 

- \flL__am* 

■ .1 kJfc^^K 

Ml'*' *k ^Hf \ ' W 1 

Campus Vofli 



Hornet iig 

OH Queen 

Ee e Stewart 

-■^ : : ":W'- : : 

~Britt Prince 
Escort — Lance Cooper 

Escort — Steve Shuttleworth 

(5) Crown Bearers 
Josh Manchester and Jenny Coleman 

(6) 1982 Homecoming Queen 
Sharon Williams 
Escort — A8B President Joe Cooper 

(7) Angela Lum 
Escort — Les Hinson 

(8) Shelia Eastman 
Escort — Dwight Smith 

(9) Shelia Stewart 
Mike SteWart 






Campus Vfigue 

fct . % 






- '.»■ •«r.\>j -*v..«* *«r 

p H- 



^K%i • 

' T^i 

V 3 





j i 


Miss Hinds 

Jr. College 







•,» a /t A >: .-■»: 

f 1 -^ «■ 

^B9| HtY wir ffc^^^Ek ' 



Campus Vogue / 103f 

; n lttful 

■ ■■'64V-". 



V •* 

A *"4l 


*_ . «•»■» 


¥ i 

i i-iii ■ 





. / '■'■■ V- : 


3&2 f *gfe; 


■ -,', -»:•»'( '• ■ ■ 

1 * 



Campus Vogi> 


Melissa Mason 

1 1 








**■*».- k. * ', 


Deborah Parker 

Hrt Vogui 

Miss Hinds 

Junior College 


Betsy Herrington won the 
Miss HJC Pageant and 
represented the college in the 
Miss Mississippi Pageant in 
Vicksburg last summer. 

Campus Vogue /111 

112 /Personalities 

Personalities/ 113 

• >■ 

Raymond Campus 

Jamie Aaron — Sophomore 
Kelly Abrams — Freshman 
Robert Alderman — Freshman 
Sherry Alderman — Sophomore 
Kenneth Alexander — Sophomore 

Angela L. Allen — Sophomore 
Patty Allen — Freshman 
Susan Allison — Sophomore 
Ken Anderson — Sophomore 
Lula Anderson — Freshman 

Lesa Appelgate — Freshman 
Gwendolyn Appleby — Freshman 
Jo Arrington — Freshman 
Mark Atkinson — Sophomore 
Kenneth Aucoin — Sophomore 

Charles Baker — 
Glenda Baldwin 

— Sophomore 

Louis A. Ball - 
Bruce Ballard 

- Sophomore 

Denise Ballard — Freshman 
Carleen Bankester — Sophomore 
Terry L. Barber — Sophomore 
Marty Barksdale — Freshman 
Teresa Barnes — Sophomore 

Jason Barr — Freshman 
Mindy Bassett — Freshman 
Lisa Bates — Freshman 
Donna Bayles — Freshman 
Bennett Beard — Freshman 

114 Personalities 


Melissa Beasley — Sophomore 
Todd Beasley — Freshman 
Julie Beeson — Sophomore 
Stephanie Belk — Sophomore 
Melanie Bell — Sophomore 

Rachel Bell — Freshman 
Raphael Bell — Freshman 
Marianna Bennett — Freshman 
Tami Bennett — Freshman 
Anne Berry — Sophomore 

Cindy Berry — Freshman 
Rhonda Berry — Sophomore 
David Betts — Sophomore 
Marcia Betts — Freshman 
Teresa Bevens — Freshman 

Trent Bilbo — Sophomore 
Jennifer Bilbo — Freshman 

Kim Bishop — Sophomore 
Cary Bivins — Sophomore 

Cindy Black — Freshman 
Paula Blackwell — Sophomore 
Laura Blair — Sophomore 
Darrell Blakely — Freshman 
Jerry Blakeney — Sophomore 

Miles Blanton — Sophomore 
Stacy Blaylock — Freshman 
Lisa Blue — Freshman 
Sinetta Bolden — Sophomore 
Tara Booth — Sophomore 

Personalities / 1 15 

Raymond Campus 

Lynne Bostick — Freshman 
Suzanne Bounds — Freshman 
Benita Bowman — Sophomore 
Felicia Boyd — Sophomore 
Kimberly Boyd — Sophomore 

Larry Boyd — Sophomore 
Cindy Boyer — Freshman 
David Boykin — Freshman 
Donna Boykin — Freshman 
Tom Brabston — Sophomore 

Mark Bradshaw — Freshman 
Kenneth Brame — Freshman 
Mitchell Bramlett — Freshman 
Darlene Brantley — Sophomore 
Barbara Braswell — Freshman 

Kavan Breazeale 
Judy Breithaupt ■ 

— Sophomore 

- Freshman 

Tracy Brent — Freshman 
Cindy Brewster — Sophomore 

Connie Bridges — Freshman 
Randy Bridges — Freshman 
Jill Broadway — Sophomore 
Keri Brock — Sophomore 
Kristen Bromley — Freshman 

Mike Brooks — Freshman 
Frederick Brown — Freshman 
Mary Frances Brown — Sophomore 
Traci Brown — Sophomore 
Brenda Browning — Sophomore 

116/ Personalities 


Susan Bryant — Freshman 
William Buckley — Sophomore 
Mark Bulhuens — Freshman 
Robert Bullock — Freshman 
Sis Bumpas — Sophomore 

Gina Burkley — Freshman 
Bobbie Burril — Sophomore 
Brenda Burks — Freshman 
Dwayne Butler — Sophomore 
Tammie Butler — Freshman 

Roy Butts — Sophomore 
Libby Byrd — Freshman 
Minda E. Calcote — Sophomore 
Angela Calder — Freshman 
Neal Caldwell — Freshman 

Ginger Calhoun — Sophomore 
Cathy Campbell — Sophomore 

Kimberly Cano — Sophomore 
Anita Cardwell — Sophomore 

Teresa Carlock — Freshman 
Chris Carpenter — Sophomore 
Ken Carraway — Sophomore 
Fulton Carson — Freshman 
Penny Carson — Sophomore 

Mary Carter — Freshman 
Phyllis Carter — Freshman 
Quint Carver — Sophomore 
Shannon Case — Sophomore 
Sharron Cauthen — Freshman 

Personalities 1 17 

Raymond Campus 

Christy Chambers — Freshman 
Sandra Champion — Freshman 
Dawn Champlin — Sophomore 
Melanie Chapman — Freshman 
Jimmy Chardin — Sophomore 

Bharat Chatkara — Sophomore 
Roger Clapp — Freshman 
Pam Clardy — Sophomore 
Sherry Clark — Sophomore 
Kelli Clower — Sophomore 

Kimberly Coalter — Freshman 
John W. Coalter — Sophomore 
Renee Cobb — Freshman 
Roger Cockerill — Sophomore 
Amy Collier — Freshman 

Angela Collier — Freshman 
Cheryl Collins — Freshman 

Lisa Collins — Sophomore 
Reisa Collum — Sophomore 

Lisa Combs — Sophomore 
James Wayne Cone — Freshman 
Sharon Conner — Sophomore 
Karen Cook — Freshman 
Martin A. Cooke — Freshman 

Joe Cooper — Sophomore 
Lance Cooper — Freshman 
Becky Cotten — Freshman 
Dean Cotton — Freshman 
Tambra Cotton — Freshman 

118 /Personalities 

Robin Covington — Freshman 
Jennifer Crain — Freshman 
Beth Crawford — Sophomore 
Deborah Crawford — Freshman 
Ted Crawford — Sophomore 

Wesley Creel — Sophomore 
Travis Crimm — Sophomore 
Cindy Crist — Sophomore 
Steven Crouther — Freshman 
Meiinda Crowell — Sophomore 

Carl Crowther — Sophomore 
Donna Cryer — Freshman 
Corinne Culpepper — Freshman 
Victor Cunningham — Freshman 
Kim Curd — Freshman 

Phyllis Currie 
Bobby Daley - 

- Freshman 

Karen Daley — Freshman 
Paula Daughety — Sophomore 

Andy Day — Freshman 
Angie Davidson — Sophomore 
Teresa Davis — Sophomore 
Dottie Decell — Sophomore 
Susan Delaney — Freshman 

Beverly Denson — Freshman 
Kim Denson — Sophomore 
Vicki Denson — Sophomore 
B. W. DePriest — Sophomore 
Tammy Dew — Sophomore 

Personalities 1 19 

Raymond Campus 

Johnny DeWitt — Freshman 
Angela Dillon — Freshman 
Laura Dilmore — Freshman 
Laura Di Stefano — Freshman 
Teresa Dixon — Sophomore 

Julie Doiron — Freshman 
Jason Dominick — Sophomore 
Alexandria Donahue — Freshman 
Royce Donnell — Freshman 
David Dooley — Freshman 

Cleotha Douglas — Freshman 
Karen Douglas — Sophomore 
Lisa Douglas — Freshman 
Donna Downing — Sophomore 
Lori Dubuisson — Freshman 

John Duckworth 
Donnie Duerson - 

- Sophomore 

Decunda Duke — Sophomore 
Kevin Dukes — Sophomore 

Mark Dukes — Sophomore 
Charley Dumas — Sophomore 
Julia L. Durham — Sophomore 
Myra Duvall — Freshman 
Lynn Dyess — Freshman 

Vickey L. Dyess — Sophomore 
Alice Earle — Freshman 
Rita Easom — Sophomore 
Lee Edwards — Sophomore 
Robby Edwards — Sophomore 

120 / Personalities 


Thomas Elkins — Freshman 
Connie Ellis — Freshman 
Michael Lnsign — Freshman 
Mary E. Estes — Sophomore 
Tracey Eubanks — Freshman 

Sharon Eudy — Freshman 
Lynn Everett — Freshman 
Nancy Fancher — Sophomore 
Lavandus Faulkner — Sophomore 
Tracy Fenwick — Sophomore 

James Ferguson — Freshman 
James L. Fikes — Freshman 
Pam Finnegan — Freshman 
Bill Flanagan — Sophomore 
John Fleming — Freshman 

Tom Fleming — Freshman 
Paula Floyd — Freshman 

Amy Flynt — Freshman 
Rusty Fraiser — Sophomore 

Sharon Frazier — Freshman 
Sharon French — Freshman 
Sherrilyn Friend — Freshman 
Patti Forbes — Sophomore 
Debbie Ford — Freshman 

Jacqueline Ford — Freshman 
Michelle Ford — Freshman 
Randi Ford — Freshman 
Cindy Fortenberry — Freshman 
Michael Fortenberry — Sophomore 

Personalities 121 

Raymond Campus 

Becky Foster — Freshman 
Toni Foster — Freshman 
Robert Fox — Freshman 
Dwayne Fuller — Sophomore 
Sarah Gaforth — Freshman 

Byron Galloway — Freshman 
Sally Garrison — Sophomore 
Leah Casaway — Sophomore 
Alan Gatlin — Sophomore 
Mark Gentry — Sophomore 

Marvin Geter — Freshman 
Jill Giddens — Sophomore 
Michael Gill — Freshman 
Ellen Glass — Sophomore 
Joel Glass — Freshman 

Ronald Glass — Sophomore 
Laurin Godfrey — Sophomore 

Tina Goff — Sophomore 
Sandra Goff — Sophomore 

Trish Goodman — Freshman 
Gina Gordan — Freshman 
Ellen Grafton — Sophomore 
Mandy Graham — Freshman 
Suann Graham — Freshman 

Theo Graham — Sophomore 
Lori Grantham — Sophomore 
Mike Grantham — Freshman 
Sandy Graves — Freshman 
Michael Gray — Freshman 

122 /Personalities 


Andrew Green — Freshman 
Carmen Green — Sophomore 
Joy Green — Sophomore 
Lorraine Green — Sophomore 
Tammy Green — Freshman 

Hal Greenwood — Sophomore 
Charles Griffith — Freshman 
Keith Griffith — Sophomore 
Sandra Griffith — Freshman 
Steffi Griffith — Sophomore 

Heather Grittman — Freshman 
Cheryl Guthrie — Sophomore 
Neal Haddon — Freshman 
Dena Haddox — Freshman 
Bryan Hales — Freshman 

Mark Hales — Sophomore 
Felicia Hail — Freshman 

Kelley Hall - 
Sandra Hall 

- Freshman 



Sheree Hallman — Freshman 


Bob Hamil — Sophomore 

9% 4SV 

Anita Hamilton — Sophomore 



Susan Hammond — Sophomore 

K ~\ 

Dale Hancock — Freshman 



tins : 

, tit! - : 

Michele Hansen — Sophomore 
Cathy Hardin — Sophomore 
Angie Harper — Freshman 
Burna Dean Harrell — Freshman 
Amy Harrelson — Sophomore 

Personalities 123 

Raymond Campus 

Tim Harkins — Sophomore 
Denise Harris — Sophomore 
Tracy Harris — Sophomore 
Varnessa Harris — Freshman 
Ty Harwell — Sophomore 

Delena Hancock — Sophomore 
Terri Haskins — Freshman 
Joe Hasson — Sophomore 
Robert Haver — Sophomore 
Russ Hayes — Freshman 

Hilda Haynes — Freshman 
Curtis Haywood — Freshman 
Mark Headley — Sophomore 
Christy Hebert — Freshman 
Avis Helmuth — Freshman 

Chris Henderson — Freshman 
Leigh Henderson — Freshman 

Ruthie Henry — Freshman 
John Herrington — Freshman 

James Hester Jr. — Freshman 
William Hester — Freshman 
Mike Hickman — Sophomore 
Jana Hickman — Freshman 
Thomas Hickson — Freshman 

Josie Higgins — Freshman 
Ronald Hill — Sophomore 
Renee Hilton — Freshman 
Stacey D. Hinesley — Sophomore 
Lee Hinson — Freshman 

124 / Personalities 


Melvin Hinson — Sophomore 
Gloria Hobson — Sophomore 
Patricia Hobson — Freshman 
Rae Hockett — Sophomore 
Donna Hocutt — Freshman 

Constra Hodge — Freshman 
Doris Hodges — Freshman 
Mary Ellen Hodges — Sophomore 
Ernest Holden — Freshman 
Tricia Holiday — Freshman 

Alison Holland — Freshman 
David Holley — Freshman 
Gene Holley — Freshman 
Barbara Holman — Freshman 
Jane Hood — Sophomore 

Susan Hood — Freshman 
Elizabeth Hopkins — Freshman 

Ginger Hoover — Freshman 
Kerry Hudson — Freshman 

Mark Huff — Freshman 
Connie Huffman — Sophomore 
Peggie Hughes — Freshman 
Robert Hughes — Freshman 
James Hulsman — Freshman 

Marie Husbands — Freshman 
Skeet Huskey — Freshman 
Geof Hutchinson — Sophomore 
Kim Italiano — Freshman 
Brigette Jackson — Freshman 

Personalities 125 

Raymond Campus 

Mitch Jackson — Freshman 
Mike James — Sophomore 
John Jeffreys — Freshman 
Elaina Jefferis — Sophomore 
Bethany Jenkins — Sophomore 

Bobby Jenkins — Freshman 
Dia Jenkins — Sophomore 
Beatrice Jim — Freshman 
Albert Johnson — Freshman 
Aldewin Johnson — Sophomore 

Amy Johnson — Sophomore 
Eric L. Johnson — Freshman 
Mary Johnson — Freshman 
Michelle Johnson — Sophomore 
Miriam Johnson — Freshman 

Philip Johnson — Freshman 
Shelley Johnson — Freshman 

Aspasra Jones — Freshman 
Bethany Jones — Freshman 

Brian Jones — Freshman 
Brian D. Jones — Sophomore 
Eric Jones — Freshman 
Jamie Jones — Sophomore 
Jeff Jones — Sophomore 

Laura Jones — Freshman 
Levion Jones — Sophomore 
Paula Jones — Sophomore 
Mark Jordan — Sophomore 
Todd Jordan — Freshman 

126 / Personalities 


Angela Karnes — Sophomore 
Michael Kearney — Sophomore 
Marc Kendrick — Sophomore 
Deborah Keenan — Freshman 
Jan Keenum — Sophomore 

Kelly Keith — Sophomore 
Debra Kelly . Sophomore 
Ray Kent — Freshman 
Rusty Keyes — Sophomore 
James Kidd — Sophomore 

Joy Kidd — Freshman 
Book Sun Kim — Freshman 
Bobby King — Freshman 
Gayla King — Freshman 
Sherri King — Freshman 

Lenaee Kirk — Freshman 
Lisa Kirk — Freshman 

Lori Kirk — Sophomore 
Renae Knight — Freshman 

David Kohler — Sophomore 
Tammy Kotsonaros — Freshman 
Margaret Kraft — Sophomore 
Mark Girard — Freshman 
Diane Krieg — Freshman 

Steve Lackey — Freshman 
Charles Lamere — Freshman 
Renee Lampkin — Freshman 
Patti Landers — Freshman 
Wynter Lane — Freshman 

Personalities 127 

Raymond Campus 

Clint Langley Freshman 
Cdlvin lawson - Freshman 
Kim Leach Freshman 
Carla Leavell — Sophomore 
Ken Leavell — Sophomore 

Karen LeBouef — Sophomore 
Martin LeBouef -— Sophomore 
Dana Lee - Sophomore 
Eydie Lee — Freshman 
Toni Lee — Freshman 

Angela Lewis — Sophomore 
Cecil Lewis — Freshman 
Jerry Lewis — Freshman 
Robert Lewis — Freshman 
Tammy Lewis — Sophomore 

Deanna Liebsack — Freshman 
Jeffrey Liedke — Freshman 
Bobby Lighter — Sophomore 

Kim Little — Freshman 
Tonyah Little — Freshman 

Cynthia Lloyd — Sophomore 
Gail Lobue — Sophomore 
Van Loftin — Sophomore 
Kevin Loftim — Sophomore 
Jeanie Logan — Sophomore 

Jonathan Loggans — Sophomore 
Diane Long — Sophomore 
Scot Long — Freshman 
Todd Long — Sophomore 
Cynthia Loper — Freshman 

I 28 / Personalities 


Lisa Lorch — Freshman 
Mary Ann Lott — Sophomore 
Shelia Lovelace — Freshman 
Lynn Lowery — Freshman 
Angela Kay Lum — Sophomore 

Donna Lutrick — Freshman 
Jimmy Lyle — Freshman 
Kathryn Machost — Sophomore 
Cindy Madura — Sophomore 
Mickey Magee — Sophomore 

Bam Magruder — Freshman 
Ben Maisei — Sophomore 
Darlene Mallett — Sophomore 
Dana Mangum — Freshman 
Shewona Mangum — Freshman 

Roland Mann - 
Michael Mann 

- Sophomore 

Kyle Manton — Freshman 
Darlean Manyfield — Sophomore 

Robert Marbra — Freshman 
Mary Marlin — Freshman 
Andrea Marshall — Freshman 
Betty Martin — Sophomore 
Kaye Lynn Martin — Freshman 

Misi Martin — Freshman 
Frank A. Mashburn, Jr. — Freshman 
Neal Mashburn — Freshman 
Kevin Mason — Sophomore 
Melissa Mason — Sophomore 

Personalities / 129 

Raymond Campus 

Donna Massey — Freshman 
Jeff Massey — Freshman 
Kevin Massey — Sophomore 
Laura Mathews — Freshman 
CandyceMay — Sophomore 

Jill May — Sophomore 
Ken May — Freshman 
George Mayers — Freshman 
David Mayfield — Sophomore 
Anna McArthur — Freshman 

Paul McCallum - 
Jerry McCearley 

— Freshman 

Jolly McCornell 
Barbara McCoy 


Tim McCoy — Freshman 
Karen McCraw — Freshman 

John McDonald — Freshman 
Julie McDonald — Freshman 
Sylvester McDonald — Freshman 
Tracy McDuff — Freshman 
Regina McElhenney — Freshman 

Deborah McGee — Freshman 
Susan McGee — Sophomore 
Veronica McKee — Sophomore 
Vicki McMaster — Sophomore 
Raphael McNair — Freshman 

1 30 Personalities 


Laurie McNeece — Freshman 
Mike McQueen — Sophomore 
Nancy McQueen — Freshman 
Dewayne Meadows — Sophomore 
La Grace Meadows — Freshman 

Robert Merchant — Freshman 
Melissa Methvin — Sophomore 
Cindy Metzger — Freshman 
Rhonda Meyer — Freshman 
Ginny Milano — Freshman 

Misty Miles — 
Donna Miller 

- Freshman 

Leslie Miller 
Lyon Miller - 

- Freshman 

Melissa Miller — Freshman 
Stephanie Miller — Sophomore 

Madeleine Mills — Freshman 
Missy Minyard — Sophomore 
Jeanne Mitchell — Freshman 
Lisa Mitchell — Freshman 
Russell Mitchell — Sophomore 

Bruce Mizelle — Freshman 
Cindy Mizelle — Freshman 
Patricia Ann Moak — Freshman 
Cindy Montgomery — Sophomore 
Anita Murphy — Freshman 

Personalities / 131 

Raymond Campus 


Deborah Moody — Freshman 
Amber Moon — Freshman 
Anthony Moore — Sophomore 
Connette Moore — Freshman 
John Moore — Freshman 

Teresa Moore — - Freshman 
Stacy Morehead — Sophomore 
John Morgan — Freshman 
Melissa Morgan — Freshman 
Janet Morman — Freshman 

Karon Morris — Freshman 
Paul Morse — Freshman 
Lisa Moss — Freshman 
Wendy Mullen — Sophomore 
John Myers — Freshman 

Sharon Myles — Sophomore 
Ann Nail — Sophomore 

Cathy Nance — Freshman 
Ken Nance — Freshman 

Christopher Nash — Sophomore 
Kevin Nations — Freshman 
Dana Neely — Freshman 
Jeff Neely — Sophomore 
John Nelson — Sophomore 

Charles Netherland — Sophomore 
George Newman — Freshman 
Jeff Newman — Sophomore 
Bryan Newton — Freshman 
Ronald Nichols — Sophomore 

1 32 Personalities 


Mary Nicholson — Freshman 
Robyn Norris Guy — Freshman 
Marsha Nowell — Freshman 
Ronald Nunnelee — Freshman 
Dena O'Bannon — Freshman 

Kristin O'Brien — Freshman 
Robin O'Gwynn — Sophomore 
Warren Pace — Freshman 
Paula Page — Freshman 
Lisa Palmer — Sophomore 

Angela Pardue — Sophomore 
Michael Parks — Sophomore 
Teresa Parrett — Freshman 
Renae Pate — Freshman 
Angie Patterson — Sophomore 

Laura Patterson — Freshman 
Janice Patti — Sophomore 

Beth Payne — Freshman 
Michelle Peacock — Freshman 

Steve Peacock — Freshman 
Greg Pearce — Freshman 
Jeffrey Pearson — Freshman 
Andrea Pecanty — Sophomore 
Amanda Pennebaker — Freshman 

Lee Pennebaker — Sophomore 
Gerald Peoples — Freshman 
Robby Pettus — Freshman 
Nelda Phillips — Freshman 
Jay Pickering — Freshman 

Personalities / 133 

Raymond Campus 

Dianne Pickett — Sophomore 
Gregg Pigg — Sophomore 
Teresa Pilgrim — Sophomore 
Shaun Pinkston — Freshman 
Sheila Pitchford — Sophomore 

Jennifer Pittman — Freshman 
Rita Pittman — Freshman 
Bill Pitts — Freshman 
Billy C. Pitts — Sophomore 
Helen Plaster — Sophomore 

Linda Pogue — Sophomore 
Lisa Polk — Sophomore 
Alynda Ponder — Sophomore 
Joseph Ponthieux — Sophomore 
Gail Porch — Freshman 

Julie Powell — Freshman 
David Powers — Freshman 

Ty Powers — Freshman 
Johnny Price — Sophomore 

Shannon Primeaux — Sophomore 
Becki Purvis — Sophomore 
Kathy Purvis — Sophomore 
Linda Quattlebaum — Freshman 
Karen Rabalais — Freshman 

Melissa Raffield — Sophomore 
Renee Ramos — Freshman 
Margaret Rand — Freshman 
Leroy Ratliff — Freshman 
Sonia Ray — Freshman 


1 34 / Personalities 


Wendy Ray — Freshman 
Stephen Rayburn — Sophomore 
Lucy R. Redfern — Freshman 
Vanessa Von Ree — Freshman 
Danny Reed — Freshman 

Pamela Reed — Freshman 
Tonja Reed — Freshman 
Denise Reedy — Sophomore 
Carol Reeves — Sophomore 
Angela Rhodes — Freshman 

Sherrie Rhodus — Freshman 
Pam Rice — Sophomore 
Bronwyn Richardson — Sophomore 
Michelle Richardson — Freshman 
Janice Riddle — Sophomore 

Mayonie Reed — Sophomore 
Shannon Rigby — Freshman 

Connie Riley — Sophomore 
Steve Riley — Freshman 

Tina Rester — Sophomore 
Pamela Ritter — Freshman 
Calton Roberts — Freshman 
Maggie Roberts — Sophomore 
Patrice Roberts — Freshman 

Keith Robertson — Freshman 
Inez Robinson — Freshman 
Joseph Robinson — Freshman 
Laura Robinson — Sophomore 
Sonia Robinson — Freshman 

Personalities 135 

Raymond Campus 

Beth Rogers — Freshman 
Debra Rogers — Freshman 
Richard Rogers — Sophomore 
Shelia Rogers — Freshman 
Vicky Rogers — Freshman 

Mary Rollins — Freshman 
Roady Roza — Freshman 
Deborah Rounsavall — Freshman 
Jeff Rucker — Sophomore 
Christine Rule — Sophomore 

Keith Runnels — Freshman 
Sonya Runnels — Freshman 
Melanie Russell — Freshman 
Renee Russell — Freshman 
Virginia Sanford — Sophomore 

Cheryl Saucier — Freshman 
Annette Savarese — Sophomore 

Joel Savell — Sophomore 
Betty Scallions — Sophomore 

Melanie Scarborough — Freshman 
Steve Scarborough — Sophomore 
Samantha Schillinger — Freshman 
Daphne Scott — Sophomore 
Pamela Scruggs — Freshman 

Mary Seals — Freshman 
Sonia Seamans — Freshman 
Beverly Sermons — Sophomore 
Dazy Sethi — Freshman 
Debbie Settlemir — Sophomore 

1 36 / Personalities 


Christine Shaw — Freshman 
Angie Shelton — Sophomore 
Paula Shelton — Freshman 
Renee Sherer — Freshman 
Samantha Sherman — Freshman 

Shannon Sherman — Freshman 
Ruby Shines — Sophomore 
Francenia Shoemaker — Sophomore 
Denise Shorter — Sophomore 
Kathy Showers — Freshman 

Steve Shuttleworth — Freshman 
Bryan Sills — Freshman 
Mechelle Sills — Freshman 
Paige Sills — Freshman 
Scott Simmons — Freshman 

Theodis Simmons — Freshman 
Angela Sims — Freshman 

Bill Sizemore — Freshman 
Paul Slusher — Sophomore 

Angela Smith — Freshman 
Brenda Smith — Sophomore 
Darleen Smith — Freshman 
Jeff Smith — Freshman 
Kenneth Smith — Freshman 

Kim Smith — Sophomore 
Leah Smith — Freshman 
Lisa Smith — Freshman 
Pam Smith — Sophomore 
Phil Smith — Sophomore 

Personalities 137 

Raymond Campus 

Renee Smith — Sophomore 
Russ Smith — Freshman 
Sophia Smith — Sophomore 
Timi Smith — Freshman 
Vaughn Smith — Sophomore 

Alice Smotherman — Sophomore 
Andy Snider — Freshman 
Valerie Soelman — Freshman 
David South — Sophomore 
Michele Speed — Sophomore 

Will Speed — Freshman 

Susan Spencer — Freshman 

Mike Spikes — Freshman 

Jana Spires — Freshman 

Suzanne Sprayberry — Sophomore 

Stephanie Springs — Freshman 
Libby Staggs — Sophomore 

Ronald Statham — Sophomore 
Sonji Staton — Freshman 

Frank Stebbins — Sophomore 
Clementine Steen — Freshman 
Robin Stegall — Freshman 
Eddie Stephens — Sophomore 
Suzanne Stephens — Freshman 

Donald Sterling — Freshman 
Kathy Steve — Sophomore 
Brenda Stevens — Sophomore 
David Stevens — Freshman 
Ethel Stevens — Sophomore 

.38 Personalities 


Kathy Steverson — Freshman 
Joy Stewart — Sophomore 
Lisa Stewart — Freshman 
Lisa Stewart — Sophomore 
Mike Stewart — Sophomore 

Paula Stewart — Sophomore 
Sheila Stewart — Freshman 
Amy Stiles — Fresbman 
Billy Stokes — Sophomore 
James V. Stribling — Sophomore 

Becky Stringer — Freshman 
Teresa Strittman — Freshman 
Cindy Strong — Freshman 
Montez Strong — Freshman 
Jerry Stroud — Freshman 

Billy Stutts — Freshman 
Bo Sullivan — Sophomore 

Angela Sumrall 
Melissa Swann - 

- Sophomore 

Leslie Swilley — Sophomore 
Linda Sykes — Freshman 
Russell Sykes — Freshman 
Stacy Taggart — Sophomore 
Michael Talley — Freshman 

Louis Tanksley Jr. — Sophomore 
Cynthia Tate — Freshman 
Carmon Taylor — Sophomore 
Debrah Terry — Freshman 
William Tetmeyer — Sophomore 

Personalities / 139 

Raymond Campus 

Gloria Thames — Sophomore 
Theresa Thigpen — Freshman 
Marshall Thomas — Sophomore 
Rev. R. L. Thomas — Freshman 
Elizabeth Thompson — Freshman 

Felicia Thompson — Sophomore 
Monica Thompson — Sophomore 
Jo Jo Thrash — Sophomore 
Randy Thrash — Sophomore 
Laurie Thurmond — Sophomore 

Cheryl Tillman — Sophomore 
Liz Tisdale — Freshman 
Lisa Thompkins — Freshman 
Zaunda Tompkin — Sophomore 
Kim Townsend — Sophomore 

Elizabeth Trahan — Sophomore 
Mary Trainor — Sophomore 

Louis Tran — Sophomore 
Melony Tribble — Freshman 

Deborah Trigg — Freshman 
Earl Trigg — Sophomore 
Deborah Triplett — Freshman 
Janet Tucker — Sophomore 
Kim Tucker — Freshman 

Lane Tucker — Sophomore 
Pam Tucker — Freshman 
John Turbeville — Freshman 
Claudia Turner — Freshman 
Kathy Turner — Sophomore 

140 / Personalities 


Samantha Tullos — Freshman 
Ricky Tyson — Freshman 
Walter Olmer — Sophomore 
Jonelle Underwood — Freshman 
Tammy CInsworth — Sophomore 

Janet Upchurch — Sophomore 
Linda Varnado — Freshman 
Jennifer Kimbrough — Sophomore 
La Tricia Vowell — Freshman 
Debbie Wade — Freshman 

Nancy Wade — Freshman 
Stacy Wagner — Sophomore 
Susan Wagonlands — Freshman 
Vicky Waite — Sophomore 
David Walker — Sophomore 

Gwendolyn Walker — Sophomore 
Jim Walker — Freshman 

Kim Walker — Sophomore 
Leigh Ann Walker — Sophomore 

Tondia Walker — Freshman 
Wendy Walker — Freshman 
Jacqueline Wallace — Freshman 
Kim Wallace — Freshman 
Landal Wallace — Sophomore 

Gayla Walsh — Freshman 
Maria Walston — Freshman 
Penny Walters — Freshman 
Sharon Walters — Freshman 
Terri Walters — Freshman 


Personalities 1 4 i 

Raymond Campus 

Tracey Walters — Freshman 
Diana Ward — Freshman 
Elizabeth Ward — Freshman 
Leslie Ward — Sophomore 
Kim Warren — Sophomore 

Tammy Warren — Sophomore 
Darryl Washington — Freshman 
Lucius Washington . Freshman 
Karen Watkins — Sophomore 
Lynn Watkins — Freshman 

Vickie Watkins — Freshman 
Douglas Watson — Freshman 
Greg Watson — Freshman 
Sandra Watson — Sophomore 
Don Watts — Sophomore 

Wendy Watts — Freshman 
Max Weathersby — Sophomore 

Ken Weaver 
Jane Webb - 

- Sophomore 

Sandra Webb — Sophomore 
Lynn Weeks — Sophomore 
Suzanne Welborn — Freshman 
Amy Welburn — Freshman 
Missy Welch — Freshman 

Stuart Welch — Sophomore 
Terri Wells — Sophomore 
Blanche Welsch — Freshman 
Rolan Westbrook — Sophomore 
Pat Westmoreland — Freshman 

1 42 ' Personalities 


Charlotte Wheaton — Freshman 
Boyd White — Freshman 
Elbert White — Sophomore 
Gayla White — Freshman 
Karen White — Freshman 

Mike White — Sophomore 
Patricia White — Freshman 
Steven White — Sophomore 
Vickie White — Sophomore 
Kim Whitehead — Freshman 

Alan Whitfield — Freshman 
Frank Whyte — Freshman 
Frank Wiegand — Sophomore 
Bert Wilkinson — Freshman 
Alicia Williams — Freshman 

Brenda Williams — Freshman 
Cassandra Williams — Freshman 

Cindy Williams — Freshman 
Connie Williams — Freshman 

Doris Williams — Freshman 
Dorothy Williams — Freshman 
Phyllis Williams — Sophomore 
Jacquline Williams — Sophomore 
Jeff Williams — Freshman 

Lisa Williams — Freshman 
Margaret Williams — Freshman 
Pam Williams — Sophomore 
Tammy Williams — Sophomore 
Wendy Williams — Freshman 

Personalities / 143 

Raymond Campus 

Laurie Willis — Sophomore 
William Willis — Sophomore 
Jeff Wilson — Sophomore 
Patty Wilson . Freshman 
Serena Wilson — Sophomore 

Stephanie Wilson — Sophomore 
Vicki Wilson — Freshman 
Zelma Wilson — Freshman 
Buddy Wiltcher — Freshman 
Kim Wiltcher — Sophomore 

Karen Winborn — Freshman 
Angie Winstead — Freshman 
Wanda Winters — Freshman 
Michael Witt — Freshman 
Okyul Witt — Freshman 

Jackson Branch 

Alphonso Bouldin — Freshman 
Lise Brock — Freshman 
Lisa Butler — Sophomore 
Cindy Carpenter — Sophomore 
Jimmie Creswell — Sophomore 

Alfredia Fairley — Sophomore 
Eddie Fisher — Freshman 
Beverly Forest — Sophomore 
Jennifer Jernigan — Freshman 
Connie Jones — Sophomore 

144 / Personalities 


Ellen Womack — Freshman 
Jay Womack — Sophomore 
Sonet Womack — Freshman 
Chris Wood — Freshman 
Glenn Wood — Sophomore 

Debby Woodson — Sophomore 
Lisa Wright — Sophomore 
Stacy Wyatt — Sophomore 
Charlotte Wyman — Freshman 
Natalie Wynne — Sophomore 

Bonnie Yates — Freshman 
Antoinette Young — Freshman 
Robert Young — Freshman 
Elisha Yarbrough — Freshman 
Melvin Zackery — Sophomore 
Lea Ann Zick — Freshman 


Janice Johnson — Sophomore 
Sharon King — Sophomore 
Lori Kruntorad — Freshman 
Joarrti Lewis — Freshman 
Pam Ratcliff — Sophomore 
Dorothy Rouser — Sophomore 

Cami Stiglets — Sophomore 
Joann Travis — Freshman 
Pam Walters — Freshman 
Cheryl Williams — Sophomore 
Lorie Williams — Sophomore 
Virginia Williams — Sophomore 

Personalities / 145 

Nursing/Allied Health Center 

Lisa Adams — Freshman 
Wanda Armstrong — Freshman 
Renee Barnard — Freshman 
Melisa Bazor — Freshman 
Kevin Beasley — Sophomore 

Reena Boyd — Freshman 
Howard Boykin — Freshman 
Twanda Bracey — Freshman 
Cheryl Breazeale — Sophomore 
Dodi Broom — Freshman 

Hope Bryant — Freshman 
Vicki Buntyn — Sophomore 
Tom Burnley — Sophomore 
Susanne Coats — Sophomore 
Maxine Cornelius — Sophomore 

David Daniels — Sophomore 
Jann Dann — Freshman 
Donna Dearman — Sophomore 
Lisa Dennis — Freshman 
Julius Funchess — Freshman 

Margaret Heard — Sophomore 
Sandy Herrington — Freshman 
Stephanie Hightower — Freshman 
Des Marie Hill — Freshman 
Leon Hill — Freshman 

Rosie Holmes — Freshman 
Teresa Hopkins — Sophomore 
Trina Ikerd — Freshman 
Dianne Joiner — Sophomore 
Evelyn Joiner — Sophomore 

Nancy Jones — Freshman 
Judy Jordan — S Freshman 
Cheryl Lynn Jones — Freshman 
Rochelle Kelly — Freshman 
Lisa Kraft — Freshman 

146 Personalities 


Sherry Lampkin — Freshman 
Gloria Land — Sophomore 
Mike Laster — Freshman 
Donna Lewis — Freshman 
Carolyn Lindsey — Freshman 

Dawn Marble — Freshman 
B. J. Measells — Freshman 
Karen McCoy — Freshman 
Teresa McMillan — Sophomore 
Diane Morris — Sophomore 

Carolyn Muirhead — Freshman 
Diana Nichols — Freshman 
Joyce Palmer — Freshman 
Sherrell Payne — Freshman 
Robin Pittman . Freshman 

Charles Pope — Freshman 
Joy Posey — Sophomore 
Phyllis Price — Freshman 
Christy Reinhardt — Freshman 
Laura Ross — Freshman 
Sandra Russell — Freshman 

Kathleen Sentell — Sophomore 
Nora Shows — Freshman 
Sandra Shows — Freshman 
Ida Smith — Freshman 
Kim Smith — Sophomore 
Laura Smith — Sophomore 

Gayle Staggs — Freshman 
Cindy Stewart — Sophomore 
Gayle Sullivan — Freshman 
Robert Sutherland — Freshman 
Debbie Townsend — Freshman 
Tondra Trest — Freshman 

Tammy Ware — Freshman 
Cherry Warner — Freshman 
Laurel Watson — Sophomore 
Rozenia Williams — Sophomore 
Sherri Wilson — Freshman 
Teresa Wilson — Freshman 

Personalities / 147 

Faculty and Staff 

Dewey Abies 

Machine Shop 
Jewel Adcock 

Secretarial Science 
Jerry Agent 

Lynda Alien 

Faye Angelo 


Jan Armstrong 

Sherry Avenmarg 

Connie Baddley 
Intensive Business 

Mac Baker 

Terri Baker 

Women's Basketball 
Barry Barr 

Dene Bass 

Anna Bee 


Emma Beemon 

T. T. Beemon 

Dr. James Bell 

Kenneth Benson 

Nancy Benson 


148 /Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and Staff 

Carol Bergin 

Medical Tech. 
Lucretia Berry 

Secretarial Science 
Edna Bilbro 

Basic Math 
John Blair 

Media Center 
Margaret Blalock 


Carolyn Bradshaw 

Debbie Brewer 

W. B. Brister 

Industrial Train. 
Dell Broadway 

Secretarial Science 

Seymour Brock 

Fred Brooks 

Sue Brooks 

Delene Browning 

Burlene Brumfield 

Child Care 

Sharon Burch 

Elbert Bush 

Machine Shop 
Leonard Byrd 

Tech. Drafting 
Jerry Carr 

Lynn Carter 


Faculty and Staff / 149 

Faculty and Staff 

Polly Clawson 

Grace Cochran 

Margaret Collier 

Interpreter Train. 
Gloria Coxwell 

Sandy Crook 


Rose Cutrer 

Rebecca Davidson 
Dental Assisting. 

Grady Davis 
Auto Mechanics 

Sharon Davis 

W. M. Davis 

Donald Dexter 

Bob Dunaway 

Janice Duncan 


Sophie Dunlap 

William Eaton 

Mary Edwards 

Becky Eggar 

Barbara Eley 


150 /Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and Staff 


Beverly Farris 

Robyn Farschon 

Ben Fatherree 

Beverly Ferrell 

Quality Foods Service 
Nancy Flournoy 


Dr. Charles Floyd 

Sandra Freeman 

Elaine Fulton 
Related Studies 

Betty Furstenberger 

Winward Garrett 

Metal Trades 
Bob Garrison 

Men's Basketball 
Charles Gatlin 

Radio and T.V. 
Jane Gilbert 


Dr. Bobby Glenn 

Veterinary Science 
June Graham 

Secretarial Science 
Nancy Grantham 

William Griffin 

W. G. Hairston 


Faculty and Staff/ 151 

Faculty and Staff 

Denise Halbach 

Speech & Theatre 
James Hammond 

Plumbing & Pipe 
Helen Hampton 

Martha Hand 

Data Processing 
Lonnie Harper 

Industrial Drafting 

James Harris 
Office Machines 

Joanne Harrison 

Dr. Lester Harrison 

Mike Hata way 

Commercial Art 
Judith Hawkins 

Medical Records 
Mildred Hearn 

L. C.Henderson 

Shirley Henderson 

Data Processing 

Shirley Herron 

Yvonne Hill 

Data Processing 

Dr. Daniel Hogan 

Lynn Holliday 

Jo Hollman 

152 /Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and Staff 

Ralph Hollman 

Offset Printing 
Victoria Houser 

Rehabilitation for the 

Charles Hubbard 

Joe Huffman 

Linda Hughes 


Mary Ann Jacobs 
Child Care 

Sara Jenkins 

Dr. Ken Johnston 

Charles Jones 

T. R. Jones 

Dr. Roger Jones 

Meat Merchandising 
Qayla Katsulis 

W. C. Kellum 

Auto Mechanics 

George Kelly 

Glenn Kemp 

Dixie Keyes 

Garry Kiefer 

Industrial Electricity & 

Lance Kneeland 

Political Science 

Faculty and Staff / 153 

Faculty and Staff 

Ann Laster 

Bob Laster 

Florence Lewis 

Alma Lofton 

Larry Lofton 


Mary Lou Lott 

Elizabeth Mahaffey 

Margaret Mansell 
Medical Laboratory 

Annie Markham 

Barbara Marshall 

Polly Marshall 

Ralph Martin 

Auto Mechanics 
Ernestine Marx 

Secretarial Science 

Joyce McAnear 

Gayle McCarty 

Debbie McCollum 

Ernest McFadden 

Auto Mechanics 
Russell McGuffee 

Electricity & Wiring 

154 /Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and Staff 

William McLendon 

Electric Motor Repair 
Martha McNair 

Bo McNeil 

Hilda McRaney 

Joe Meador 


Donna Meeler 
Secretarial Science 

Catherine Middleton 
Operating Room Tech. 

Henry Middleton 
Machine Shop 

Steve Miller 

Auto Body Repair 
Inda Milner 

Secretarial Science 
Kyle Mize 

Bobby Monroe 

Rehab, for the Blind 
Carrie Montgomery 

HMR Training 

Ralph Moore 

Marjorie Morris 

Jeanette Morrison 

Secretarial Science 
Mickey Mott 

Auto Parts 6 Sales 
James Murray 


Faculty and Staff / 155 

Faculty and Staff 

Jeannie Muse 

Vashti Muse 

LaPearl Myricks 

Murray Neal 

Carol Nelson 


Cliff Nelson 

Jimmy Newman 
Agriculture Business 

Deborah Nichols 
Physical Education 

Pauline Nizuryn 

Aubrey Nolen 

Machine Shop 
Angela Opiela 

Thomas Parker 

Auto Mechanics 
Harry Partin 


Louis Perkins 

Agriculture Business 

Pam Perry 

Bank Teller 
Betty Pharr 

Medical Records 
Dr. Nell Pickett 

Mary Etta Purvis 

Secretarial Science 

156/ Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and Staff 

Charles Pigott 

C. Sue Pitts 

Sue Pitts 

Wrenna Poirrier 

Printing Coordinator 
Retta Porter 


Angela Portis 

Kathy Posey 

Samantha Prim 

Maureen Propst 

Cindy Pulliam 

Polly Rabalais 

Physical Education 
Aaron Rankin 

Linda Ratliff 

Secretarial Science 

Billy Reed 

Handicap Instruction 
James Reese 

Geneva Reeves 

James Reeves 

Pam Reeves 


Faculty and Staff/ 157 

Faculty and Staff 

Wesley Reeves 
Police Science 

Joycelyn Reid 

Jack Rice 

Refrigeration & 

Larry Richardson 
HMR Management 

Joe Riggin 

Karen Robbins 

Allied Health Cluster 

Jerry Roberts 

Judy Roberson 

Cleavern Robertson 

Fred Robertson 

Bettye Robinson 

Secretarial Science 
Martha Robinson 

Secretarial Science 
Oliver Robinson 


Joann Robison 

Data Processing 
Wanda Rowland 

Learning Resources 
Dr. Laura Scales 

Russ Schneider 

John Scoggins 

Auto Body & Frame 

158 / Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and Staff 

Addie Scott 

Remedial Education 
Patrick Scott 

Agricultural Diesel 
Phillip Scott 

Peggy Shanks 

Data Processing 
Ray Shepherd 


Tom Shepherd 

Alice Smith 
Related Studies 

Elmore Smith 

Ronald Smith 

Mary Ann Sones 

Dental Assisting 
Charles Spann 

Data Processing 
Debra Spring 

Carolyn Stewart 

Basic Education 

Wayne Stonecypher 

{Catherine Stroble 

Rehabilitation for the 

Kay Stubblefield 

Dianne Sturdivant 

Susan Sullivan 

Dental Assisting 

Faculty and Staff/ 159 

Faculty and Staff 

Renee Summers 

James Taylor 

Refrigeration & Air 

Norma Temple 

Toby Tenhet 

Bobbie Jean Thomas 


Cecelia Thomas 

Dale Thomas 

Martha Thomas 
Operating Room Tech. 

John Thomas 

Phyllis Thompson 

Charles Thornton 

George Thrash 

Resident Hall Mgr. 
Connie Townsend 


Thomas Traxler 

David Treece 

Campus Police 
Nick Trim 

Radio & T.V. 
Becky Tustain 

Nursing Learning Lab. 
Dr. Sandra Vance 


160 /Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and Staff 

Mary Vaught 

Carol Walker 

Frank Walsh 

Patricia Waltman 

Cecil Ward 

Gen. Electricity 

Sandy Ware 

Rene Warren 
Physical Education 

Rita Warren 

Bobbie Welch 

Secretarial Science 
Janet Whatley 

Charlotte White 

Charles Williams 

Refrigeration & 

Elizabeth Williams 

Basic Education 

George Williams 

Beverly Willis 

Child Care 
Lee Windham 

Katie Worrell 


Faculty and Staff / 161 

Vice Presidents 

1) Dr. Conrad Welker 
District Services 

2) C. V. Sullivan 
Business Services 

3) Dr. George Barnes 
Administrative Services 

4) Dr. Terry Puckett 
Branch Operations 

5) Dr. Mike Rabalais 
Raymond Campus 

6) Louis Stokes 
Utica Campus 

162 / Personalities 

Personalities/ 163 



Director of Development 

(2) Dr. E. R. Wall 

Dean of Student Affairs 
Raymond Campus 

(3) Joe Renfroe 
Athletic Director 

(4) Adam Jenkins 
Assistant Vice-President 
Business Services 

(5) Dr. Barbara Blankenship 
Director of Information Ser- 
vices/Alumni Affairs 

(6) Billy Irby 

Director of Admissions 
and Records 

(7) Charles Walker 
Director of Continuing 
Use Coordinator 

(8) Norma Wall 
District Director of 
Instructional Materials 

(9) Dr. David Durham 
Academic Dean 

(10) Troy Henderson 
Director of Physical Plant 

(11) Betty Dexter 
Director of Personnel 

(12) Thurman Alley 
Industrial Services 

164 / Personalities 


(1) Bobbie Anderson 
Director of Nursing/ Allied 
Health Center 

(2) Joe Loviza 
Director of Vicksburg/ 
Warren County Center 

(3) Al Moore 

Director of Jackson Branch 

(4) Jimmy Smith 

Director of Rankin Branch 

(5) Charles Mayo 

Public Relations Director 

(6) Jackie Granberry 
Director of Recruiting 

(7) Paul Bourgeois 
Director of Energy 

(8) Pat Flaherty 

Raymond Campus Vocational 

(9) Ginny Glenn 
Director of Counseling 

(10) Thomas Wasson 
Director of Auxiliary 

(11) Charles West 
Director of Computer 

(12) JohnPerritt 
Instructional Development 

166 / Personalities 

Personalities/ 167 


(1) Albert Hossley 
Assistant Director of 

Warren County Branch 

(2) Larry Godfrey 
Assistant Director of 
Jackson Branch 

(3) Wayne Stonecypher 
Assistant Director of 
Rankin Branch 

(4) Alice Walker 
Special Activities 

(5) Bobby Mullins 
Assistant Director of 
Raymond Campus 
or Staff Development 

(6) Hilton Dyar 
Assistant Director of 
Raymond Campus Vocational 

(7) Ben Woods 

Academic Coordinator for 
Branches and Centers 

(8) Rene Warren 
Assistant Athletic Director 

(9) Tommy McCollum 
Purchasing Agent 


Director of Resident Life 

(11) Clark Henderson 
Director of Cooperative 
Education and Placement 

(12) Curtis Kynerd 
Director of Media Center 

168 /Personalities 



Director of Student 


(2) Thad Owens 

Superintendent of Grounds 

(3) Doug Fowler j 

Director of Janitorial 


(4) Bob Hodges 

Director of Student 


Sports Information 

(5) LouAnn Langston 

Coordinator of Financial Aid/ 

Veteran's Affairs 

(6) Beth Wooten 

Institutional Research 


(7) Jeff Dessommes 

Director of Financial Aid/ 

Veteran's Affairs 

(8) Larry Coleman 

Chief of Campus Police 

170 / Personalities 

Personalities/ 171 

Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees plays an instrumental role in the progress 
of the Hinds Junior College District. The 15-man Board of Trustees 
gives freely of their time and wisdom to the needs of the college 
and shares an insight into a more progressive future for Hinds. The 
Board members represent Hinds, Rankin, Warren, Claiborne, and 
Copiah counties. 

(1) Ted H. Kendall, III — PRESIDENT 
Hinds County 

(2) A. A. Alexander — 
Hinds County 

(3) W. M. Moss — SECRETARY 
Hinds County 

(4) Donald S. Oakes 
Warren County 

(5) Dr. Michael Vinson 
Rankin County 

(6) Dr. Joseph Travillion, Jr. 
Claiborne County 

(7) Dale Sullivan 
Copiah County 

(8) Dr. Jack B. Fowler 
Hinds County 

(9) Albert Butler 
Claiborne County 

(10) George Wynne 
Rankin County 

(11) Sharp W. Banks, Jr. 
Warren County 

(12) D. G. Fountain, Jr. 
Hinds County 

(13) Talmadge Portis, Jr. 
Hinds County 

(14) Louis Burghard 
Copiah County 

(15) Walter R. Bivins 
Hinds County 

Personalities/ 173 

Dr. Clyde Muse 

174, Personalities 

Personalities/ 175 












Joe Cooper 
ASB President 

W. C. Oakes, Advisor 

ASB PRESIDENT'S CABINET — Mark Hales, Intramural Director; Steve Rayburn, Student Services Director; Roy Butts, Program Ac- 
tivities Board Director; Ted Crawford, Resident Hall President; Glenn Wood, Commuter Chairman; Chris Nash, Judicial Chairman. 



























ASB EXECUTIVE COUNCIL — Joe Cooper, President; Pam Smith, Vice-President; Deborah Crawford, Secretary; Roy Butts, Program 
Activities Board Director. 

ASB PROGRAM ACTIVITIES BOARD — 1st Row: Suann Graham, Renee Sherer, Sonia Seamans, Pam Smith, J. T. Tucker. 2nd Row: 
Roy Butts, Joe Cooper, Alvin Green, Vicki McMaster, Lisa Palmer, Leah Smith. 



ASB ORGANIZATIONS COUNCIL — 1st Row: Joe Cooper, Pam Smith, Ken Anderson, Sharyl Warrington. 2nd Row: Tim Gilchrist, Cin- 
dy Crist, Cindy Dodson, Susan Allison, Scott Ward. 

ASB JUDICIAL APPEALS — Tim Gilchrist, Sharon Frazier, Janet Upchurch, Chris Nash, Mark Huff. 






























X >, 

| jg 

s * 
2 >> 

iS c 

J (A 



"* to 

_ V 


W E 

c ^ 
10 - 

u C 

CQ ^ 

.a < 

'■= (0 . 
3 « c 

"5 -O fl 
. C C 

*J Q w 

£ S; 

4) -C — 

S3 "- u 

.. 2 c 
as "5 o 

* ^o 

-J .E 



u. as £ 

182 /Reflections 

Reflections / 183 






3 *.*• 


S £ 
«5 "a 

« * 

a o 

4) J 

<8 > 

C V 

5 ** 

o en 

2 "5 

J 2 

as v 

ffl (B 

"3 41 

• * 

X * 



OS (B 

.2 B 

S w 

I * 

c "3 

< 5 

4j -w 

= 2 

• 5 


£ 2 

>; h 

w c 

"S B 

2 v 
2 ."2 


4 ' o 

.2 g J| 

> 0) <B 

** * (0 

> £ 1 

> H e 
« . g 

* £ 

E 3 

E g 

. w 

J B 

* 5 

E .2 


-5 «* 

184 /Reflections 





O 1 

/ 185 






* s 

*> s 

!* I 


1 1 

" >> 

CO « 

* s 

•= e 

E 3 

co a 

.■= ^ 

£ O 

a ca 
& 8 

£ a 
E ». 

Cfl g 

119 (0 

* . 
.. e 

* o 

J .3 

O >> 

a c 


186 /Reflections 












>, c £ 
. v . 


'■£ ■* 2 
ca 2 „ 

S « .0 
g. « o 

si JS 
m (S V 

w . E 

3 » (8 


» » « 

&■ 3 JS 

°- K = 
KS -a '5 

■o c a • 
< a « * 

V M 

S s 

* £ -« 

£ .2 "° 
u 2 S "o 

3 5 « I 
£.2°° * 

h' 6 t . 

Oo • 

5 5 «£ 

J E S >> 
■ = 5 

= 1 ! s 5 

u. > co a. 

J (0 


190 /Reflections 














/ 191 









>. g a. 
(0 B 

• u 

(0 « 



-■ S "• 

1 ** 

t « e 
W S u 

o 73 P 


w <o .2 

S t « 1 

H a _> 5 

i - 

c g 

V u 


2 » 

* c 

u >B 

•V u 

5 3 


&• 5 g 

v a, 


1 1 

'8 2 5 

u l. 0! 
« CQ 1Z 

- » a 2 

<S *- a H 

b s; e e 

« <2 a o 

2 « "ST S 

"8 * t& 

*> O m 

a IB " * 

£ 1 * 2 

> X! O I 

CO 0- a 

8 g " 

>» * 

s « 

TO 4-1 

% s > 



I = 5 






u CO > X! 

a S >■ .2 
... 3 * co 

» a "9 

b « « x: 
H * .ti 

X! £ 

X § £ 

« "9 8 

1 § | 

3 1 

* * 5 


K DS £ 

2 e 2 5 

.2 o ° * 

192 / Reflections 










8^5 8 

T3 IS . E 

O "2 « * 

I c e 

e to 

C (9 M 

5 J* 

« OS 

(Q O 

« S 

e ■ 

< « 

co "3 




~ 3 
B .2 

2 8 
£ J 

I * 

"E OS 

H _. 

V £ 

3 C 

co a 
. o 
e u. 
o • 

» "o 
B £ 

* £ 

~ n 
v CO 

3 u 

V V 
3 CD 

w c 

£ £ 

3 t 

&, is 


3 * 

a & 

. o 

V * A' 

L. <J 1) 

« s « 

g 3 B 
l_ hi "J 

* g 

« o > 

S * o 

e *• 

« 3 O 

« o a- 

>s •* "*" 

■a 8 

y a e* 

— SO) 

y t5H£ 
S z s 

>> <0 B - .1 

* S < I -5 
*$> *"* 
a to 2 v 
o i < v S 

** J "" CD ti 

i 2 < 5 

t -° E - "* 
feSii . 
C o "5 co *« 
S u ? a « 
O « "9 o ■* 


b . ja w a, 

2 b 3 £ 

£ o <u >> 


■X ' fl m 

3 ft. " °E u 

* " >» 

* *• B JS % 

n > g i-> J* 
3 3 & => 

* S -8 « « 

E "■ E • 

O <B « ft. E 

H "E w 5 

. js Q >> J 

JS 5 4 a 

01 S u S • 

3 E E ™ B 

HI 1 a s 5 

■J -E 

gj E 

. < s •- > 

.- > s» . 

£ n . e 

S « * -J J2 

K e E .S 

•a « J* 

g J| as u a 

* C — O i- 

3 v «T I- (0 

a. -5 ? ffl h 


OFFICERS — L-R, Front: Candyce May — President. Second Row: La Ha Heath, Treasurer, Jolly McCorneil, Vice President, 
Teresa Barnes, Sophomore Senator, Bill Pitts, Freshman Representative. Third Row: Tony Kirkley, Parliamentarian, Sherri Hin- 
son, Secretary, Charles Netherland, Reporter. 

ADVISORS — Mac Baker, Jerry Roberts, Charles Jones, Kyle Mize. 














196/ Reflections 

First Row, L-R: Vicki Denson, Representative to the Advisory Board, Teresa Strittman, Social Chairman, Lynne Bostick, Secretary, Karen 
Rabalais, Public Relations Chairman. Second Row: Mark Bradshaw, Vice President, Bill Flangan, President. 






Reflections / 1 97 





1) Marsha Wells 
Executive Editor 

2) Bob Hodges 
Publications Advisor 

3) Buddy Mayo 
Faculty Advisor 

4) Robby Edwards 
Sports Editor 

5) Susan Hammon 
Staff Reporter 

6) William Hester 
Staff Reporter 

7) Johnny Hesselberg 
Staff Cartoonist 

8) James Stribling 

9) Eddie Woods 

0) Stan Pace 

1) Keith Barnacastle 





\ l-^WI* 


198 /Reflections 







Reflections/ 199 

« >> a e 

s m "5 .E 

« * »* 
Z «< g 

e (B e is 
2 « e w 

*■ g-go 

8* .2 ■- 

09 q n 

c < - 3 

«# a o 
| E 2 g 

qs o .2 a 
§ E .s * 

» «^ s ^ 

a . u k 

"0 V .. s 

•J u i £ 

e g 

u S 

$ j 

CO c 


,C£ . 

1 * % fl «j 

~ to « * is 

.* .5 < * .5 

06 v 

u. * u. <o S 

200 / Reflections 





















Reflections/ 201 














B O 

° S; 
u s> 

(0 CO 

e w 

2 8 

S E 

■£ § 

3 E 

= I 
a o 

-s U 


e « 

2 £ 
a » 
S<2 . 
£ « o 

CO •- .2 

< **■ "O 
CO «7 < 

"- S >» 

o SR w 
c £ * 

2 *-"« 
S| 3 

t. 42 TJ 


CO -_ 
4) "J 

CO'-O * 
Cl. "O V 

(j m -> 
£ * c 
5 os ."2 

a _ at 
«? g 

>> W *> 

O « u 

« c 3 

-J • .•: 
-."2 £ 
* S • 
o « 5 

£ 8 -g 

.5 «- O 
U. > -i 






Reflections / 203 





204 / Reflections 



















Z e 



OS * 
(0 <» 

* i 

a = 

V V 

* g 

iS Tf 

** o 

w CO 

Cl ffl 


n us 
** a» 

(/> £ 


c o 

O £ 

a £ 

i ° 

I "8 

OK o 

J I 

206 / Reflections 

Reflections / 207 

















Reflections / 209 












(J «C 





V (0 

■a oo 

._ a> 

to u 

V V 

a. H 

E (Q 

.2 ."2 

3 O 

e S 
§ § 


o o 

(A V) . 

C C h 


05 I ' CO 

41 i-' • 

e g Z 
« - a 

J £.2 

i>> (0 . 

« TJ « 

u £ £ 
CO «J 

.. v S 
> t. s 

O o <* 
OS £ c 

M (0 

ID £ w 
.= a 5 

u. a. < 

210 /Reflections 


H« 03 03 03 < 
- £ « P> "• -I 


C7> - 
2 P 


O a- 

O -i 

ft. w 

S" cr 
2. "< 

r o 


2 S 3 

s si 

a. I 


<T«S.*. gf 

8)" Z. 

^3 *• 

t» 2 


O. m * ST 2. * I 
o ? B Sj S > 

CD a 57 33 o 21 
B ST & g n El 

* n oo i J" 

" ; S- fa S ,2 

C fi, Sj" co ? I 

I § J 2. ? o 1 

3 =* s* n & pi i 

3 5- 


5. a « 

o r« 3 s? hI 

S ? o j » < 

2 » E* 2 

^ "" rt « ST < 

< pi 2 sr n 2. 

PI s ? PI S3 Pi 









Reflections/ 211 




212 /Reflections 

1st Row, L-R: Randy Smith — Advisor, L. C. Henderson — Advisor, Willie Crowner, Tommy Eikins, C. F. Williams, Michael Hataway. 2nd 
Row: Cliff Robertson, James Mitchell, Dereck Wilson, Myra Duvall, Cindy Madura. 

L-R: Valerie Jackson — Vice President, Thomas Eikins — President, Connie Bridges — Secretary/Treasurer. 



Reflections / 213 




BRASS — 1st Row: Tom Bradston, Mike Fortenberry. 2nd Row: Michelle Richardson, Denise Harris, Willie Baker, Richard Carter, Greg Poore, 
Ben Maisel, Cindy Brewster, Rick Wooten, Bruce Mizelle, James Harris, Phil Smith, Tim Wanker, Jerome Johnson, Serena Wilson, Patrice 
Roberts, Judy Breithaupt. 3rd Row: Donna Lutrick, Joe Renfrow, Debbie Woodson, Van Jones, Mickey Magee, Mike Vaughn, Mike Lee, Neil 
Sumrall, Randy Leflore, Jarvis Walker, Clark Cummins, Patrick Brown, Lance Pickering, Sharyl Warrinton, Kim Italiano, Melanie White. 

COLOR GUARD — Lilly Childs, Sharon Conner, Dena O'Bannon, Dana Lee — co-captain, Paul Banks ton — captain, Bethany Jenkins, Sheri 
Burns, Patty Allen, Tommie Jarrell. FLAGS — Tonya Brown — co-captain, Sandy Brown, Kymble Batton, Alice Ellis, Sheri Burns, Betty 

DRUMS — Leah Gasaway, Noel LeBlanc. 2nd Row: Brian West, Bubba Brantley, Willie Bumpus, Russell Mitchell, 
Edward Taylor. 3rd Row: Morris Coffey, John Duckworth, Mike Hampton, Bridget Williams, Stephanie Belk, Dar- 
rell Blakely, Calton Roberts. 










Sophia Smith 
Field Commander 

Dr. John Manchester 

1st Row: Brian West, Drum Captain; Mike Fortenberry, Haron Line Captain; Tom Brabston, Horn Line Co-Captain; Paul Banston, Rifle Cap- 
tain. 2nd Row: Dana Lee, Rifle Co-Captain; Darrel Blakeney, Vice-President; Tonya Brown, Flag Co-Captain. 3rd Row: Sophia Smith, Drum 
Major; Sharyl Warrington, President. 


First Row, L-R: John Duckworth, Tom Brabston, Phil Smith, Sharyl Warrington, Michelle Richardson. Second Row: David Bell, Carl Crowther, 
Paul Slusher, Richard Hall, Joe Renfrow, Brian West, James Harris, Mike Fortenberry, Chris Clark, Lance Pickering, Clark Cummins, Mike 
Lee, Neil Sumrall. 

Toby Tenhet 








CHOIR OFFICERS — 1st Row, L-R: Sharon Walters, Vice President; Trent Bilbo, President; 
Dianne Pickett, Secretary. 2nd Row: Kim Coalter, Freshman Representative; Van Loftan, 
Sophomore Representative; Angela Calder, Librarian. 



DIRECTORS — Leslie Reeves, Geneva Reeves, Bo McNeil. 






en S 
u. v 








222 / Reflections 

Seated: Ken Anderson — President. Standing, L-R: Robert Campbell — Secretary, James Kidd 
Member, David Lewis — Treasurer, Neal Hadden — Board Member. 

Vice-President, Dennis Wilson — Board 

Bob Hodges — Advisor 

Reflections / 223 






224 / Reflections 


Reflections/ 225 

« « " «« S<<2 

Em c <o ss «, '3 

O j; 2J -m ** TJ , 

* S .ojg" S-SS 

S-S ^a i h P 

* t) C «~i 
»>l 2 1-3* Sf* 

__ _ as g c 
a m o 

4» T> **" 

U g 

3 a «b .. .2 

= Sofi(SJSll 
2 s 1 « £ ■ « S 

•g 5 -- 5 .2 . * x « 
•1=1,2 3 5 »S* 

■a *! <o .2 2 *• ♦ • 
• 5 c 3 B £ 2 3? a 

2 >h2 b y 2 q 

wet) ^**S aflfi « 

3 S B S B Oqj .-O 

(fifcJ 6 > r ! « 

« 2 o± , »,5 , i 

eBis . o e — * u 
Tfi .-B ,H fi 2x 

£> « <o 8-to w-o" 

-2 ) S«5«OB(9 

"- ■?(« P B1 5 

"S3 J CO g B"» -5 9 
•" ** TZ 2 ~ "B 10 05-- 


XQtftVtOQ O.U 


b jac^!5 o-a 

u S C >> £ *- « tjff 

« a .*«!«3fiiJ 

w « _ <n . w m« *** ass 

« 2 8 "a 4 § 2 

a £ a « E 

v e 

b E 5 B W 

— • JS C 

T2 *i « 

C" w ft. - 
" (8 ■* C (0 

■O to m O C 3 — 

BE g.2 a 5 < B« 
3 2-2 i --*> 2 2« 

b «"2 I 

C V ■" * 

"3 w 


i:s -2.2 

i Sj« S >.2>m g*^ 
"5 « r t» n J 5 ffl Z "3 

V 'SJ?^. . L 19 I- L. 

= .■= >> 

3 „" 3 c 



"JOE "•SeBSc 

«:'US |oi.2 jg 

3 2 £"* 

si2 5 

< B«W 

^ 5 1 i 

Jm (0 

« TO * v O.00 ► S S "0 

I « J « js o J j« ** a 




.3 ? (8 » JB B JS Z-M 


226 / Reflections 

Mrs. Anna Bee, Director 



OFFICERS — First Row: Cindy Crist, President. Second Row: Marie Brown, Spirits Chairman, Jo Jo Thrash, Vice President. Back Row: Myra 
Boone, Intramural Sports Chairman; Cindy Madura, Social Chairman; Stacy Wyatt, Historian; Liz Barrett, Treasurer; Kathryn Mann, Secretary. 

Reflections / 227 




Reflections 229 

Vocational - 

230 / Raymond Campus 


Secretarial Science 
Offset Printing 
Distribution and Marketing 

Machine and Tool and Die Making 

Electric Motor Repair 
Refrigeration and Air 

Barbering and Hair Care 
Automotive Parts and Sales 
Automotive Mechanics 
Agricultural Diesel Mechanics 
General Electricity and Wiring 
Diesel and Truck Mechanics 
Drafting and Design Technology 
Industrial Drafting 
Radio and Television Servicing 
Meat Merchandising 
Office Machine Repair 
Farm Management 
Medical Records 
Electronics Technology 
Electronic Data Processing 
Commercial Design and 

Animal Health Technology 
Airframe and Powerplant 

Automotive Body and Frame 


Raymond Campus / 231 

Secretarial Science 

This program is designed to prepare students for employ- 
ment in the secretarial field. 

Offset Printing 

This program includes instruction in layout, paste- 
up, camera operation, plate making, color processing, 
printing and binding. 


Distribution and Marketing Technology 

This program provides 
the student with three 
choices of study: Retail 
Management, Fashion Mer- 
chandising, and Real 

232 / Raymond Vocational — Technical 

Machine Shop and Tool and Die Making 

This program is 
designed to 
prepare students 
for the beginning 
level of employ- 
ment as machin- 


This program is designed to prepare a student with 
the basic skills and technical knowledge of the 
carpentry trade. 



This program is designed to prepare students for 
employment as brick masons. 


Raymond Vocational-Technical / 233 


This course is designed to enable the students to acquire the 
basic skills, the technical knowledge, and the related informa- 
tion necessary for employment in the field of welding. 

Electric Motor Repair 

This program enables students to develop skills 
and knowledge in stripping, recording, insulating, 
and other aspects of motor repair. 

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 

This course provides 
students with instruction 
in the operating prin- 
ciples, procedures, 
techniques, and theory of 
air conditioning and 
refrigeration systems. 

© o 



& IR 




: " : 'C 





a ' o 

234 / Raymond Vocational-Technical 

Barbering and Hair Care 

This program includes theory, laboratory shopwork and other specialized learning experiences relative to haircut- 
ting, styling, perming, coloring, and skin care. 


Automotive Parts and Sales 

This program includes theory, laboratory, shop 
work and other experiences relative to receiving, 
stocking, selling, and shipping merchandise in the 
automotive after-market. 

Automotive Mechanics 

This program gives students experience in overhaul- 
ing engines, transmissions, clutches, and in dealing with 
other problems that are encountered in repairing 

Raymond Vocational-Technical / 235 

Agricultural Diesel Mechanics 

This program includes a study off engine design, use, 
maintenance and repair techniques of agricultural diesel 

General Electricity and Wiring 

Upon completion of this program, a graduate will 
be capable of installing and maintaining electrical cir- 
cuits, panels, and providing electrical service to com- 
mercial and industrial users. 

Diesel and Truck Mechanics 

This program gives 
students experience in 
overhauling engines, 
transmissions, clutch- 
es, and in dealing with 
other problems that 
are encountered in 
repairing trucks and 
many types of diesel 

236 / Raymond Vocational-Technical 

Drafting and Design Technology 

This program is 
designed to give 
students the 
skills and ex- 
perience needed 
for employment 
in the drafting 
and design field 
of work. 

Industrial Drafting 

This is a one or two year drafting program with em- 
phasis on basic and advanced drafting techniques 
and basic architectural drafting. 

Radio and Television Servicing 

This program gives instruction in electrical theories 
and their relationship to radio and television sets. 

Raymond Vocational-Technical / 237 

Meat Merchandising 

This program is designed to give specialized training in the 
field of meat processing. 

Office Machine Repair 

Training in this program emphasizes the functions 
and adjustments of all standard office machines, as 
well as cleaning, repairing and estimating the cost of 
repairs on these machines. 

Farm Management 

This program is 
designed to teach 
students how to suc- 
cessfully handle all 
aspects of managing a 

238 / Raymond Vocational-Technical 

Medical Records Technology 

This program 
includes teaching 
students how to 
number, file, 
classify, and 
analyze medical 

Electronics Technology 

The Electronics Technology program is designed to 
give students an understanding of electronic circuits 
and to prepare them for a job in electronics. 

Electronic Data Processing 

This program is designed to prepare students for a 
future understanding, programming, and analyzing com- 
puter operations. 

Raymond Vocational — Technical / 239 


This program enables students to learn the business 
aspects of owning and running a farm. 

Commercial Design and 

Students in the CDA program learn layout, print- 
ing, and other aspects of design and advertising. 

Animal Health Technology 

This program 
prepares students for 
employment as animal 
health technicians. 

240 / Raymond Vocational-Technical 

Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance 

This program 
prepares the stu- 
dent to take the 
FAA Mechanics 

Automotive Body and Frame Repair 

This program 
includes class- 
room and shop 
learning ex- 
periences design- 
ed to prepare the 
student for jobs 
dealing with the 
repair of auto- 
motive and truck 
bodies and 

Raymond Vocational-Technical / 241 

v\r;r':/^V,V;y,: ,'..'::■.-:' 


242 / Campuses, Branches and Centers 

Jackson Branch 

Health Center 

County Branch 
Rankin Branch 

niversities Center 
CItica Campus 


Campuses. Branches and Centers 243 




244 / Jackson Branch Campus 


Office Microcomputer 

Hotel, Motel and Restaurant 

Child Care Development 

Automotive Mechanics 

Bank Teller and Proof 


Automotive Machinist 

Secretarial Science 

Dental Assisting 

Machine Shop and Tool and 
Die Making 

Industrial Drafting 

Radio and Television 

Dietetic Technology 

Business and Office Training 

Jackson Branch Campus / 245 

Office Microcomputer 

The Office Microcomputer Specialist program gives 
students the practice needed in working with 

Hotel, Motel and 
Restaurant Management 

Courses in the Hotel, Motel and Restaurant 
Management program prepare students for the 
responsibilities of running their own business. 

246 / Jackson Branch 

Child Care 

Effective techniques of guidance and discipline, and 
practices of safety and health are included in the Child 
Care Development program. 


Automotive Mechanics 

Students enrolled in the Automotive Mechanics Program receive much practical experience 
needed when repairing automobiles which prepares them for employment as automobile 

Bank Teller and 
Proof Operations 

Students are trained in the Business and Office Training Pro- 
gram for initial employment in the clerical field. 

Jackson Branch / 247 


Basic skills and technical knowledge is needed for employ- 
ment as welders as is offered in the Welding Program. 

Automotive Machinist 

Courses in the Automotive Machinist program prepare 
students with the background needed in dealing with 
automotive machines. 

Secretarial Science 

The Secretarial Science program prepares qualified 
students for initial employment in the secretarial field. 

248 / Jackson Branch 

Dental Assisting 

The development, function, status, and organization 
of the dental profession is presented in the Dental 
Assisting program. 

Machine Shop and Tool 
and Die Making 

Machine Shop and Tool and Die Making is a program designed to 
prepare students for the beginning level of employment as machinists. 

Industrial Drafting 

The Industrial Drafting Department offers the student a 
one or two year program with the two year course involving a 
much broader base in the drafting field. 

Jackson Branch / 249 

Radio and Television Servicing 

Instruction is given in electrical theories and their relationship to radio and television sets, 
receivers and test equipment in the Radio and Television Servicing Program. 

Dietetic Technology 

The Dietetic Technology program prepares 
students for institutional food management. 

250 / Jackson Branch 

Business and 
Office Training 

The Business and Office Training program is intend- 
ed for those persons whose primary objective is to 
train for initial employment in the clerical field. 

Jackson Branch / 251 

Nursing/ Allied 

252 / Nursing/ Allied Health Center 


Surgical Technology 

Respiratory Therapist 

Respiratory Technician 

Medical Laboratory 

Licensed Practical Nursing 


Associate Degree Nursing 

Nursing/Allied Health Center / 253 

Surgical Technology 

Courses in the Surgical Technology program are designed to 
prepare qualified students to become certified surgical techni- 
cians after successful completion. 

*>- / 



i <-ii 

254 / Nursing/Allied Health Center 


The Respiratory Therapist Pro- 
gram has been designed to equip a 
graduate for successful employ- 
ment opportunities as a respiratory 

Nursing/ Allied Health Center / 255 

The Respiratory Technician Program has been designed to 
equip a graduate for successful employment opportunities in 
the field of respiratory therapy. 


256 / Nursing/Allied Health Center 

I Medical Laboratory 

Students in the Medical Laboratory Technology pro- 
gram must spend 27 weeks in a hospital laboratory to 
■ — — . *w«» te"!""qijes of a busy clinical laboratory 



Licensed Practical 

After passing the State Board Examination students 
can become Licensed Practical Nurses completion of the 
one-year Practical Nursing Program. 



Nursing/ Allied Health Center / 257 


Phlebotomy teaches students to successfully ob 
tain specimens of blood for the clinical laboratory. 

258 / Nursing/ Allied Health Center 

Degree Nursing 

The purpose of Hinds Junior College 
District Associate Degree Nursing program 
is to prepare for this community Associate 
Degree nurses who have the necessary 
skills and competencies to assist in- 
dividuals and groups in meeting their com- 
monly recurring health care needs. The 
graduate of this nursing program receives 
an Associate Degree in Applied Science and 
is prepared to write the State Board Test 
Pool Examination for licensure. 

Nursing/Allied Health Center / 259 

Vicksburg- Warren 
County Branch 

,JMMIp4 i 

3£m Y*WB I 

5 "%* 

W I '* * 

260 / Vicksburg-Warren County Branch 



Business and Office 

General Electricity and Wiring 

Automotive Mechanics 

Diesel and Truck Mechanics 


Industrial Drafting 

Machine Shop 

Vicksburg-Warren County Branch / 261 

262 / Vicksburg/Warren County Branch 

Business and Office 

Students are trained in the Business and Office 
Training Program for initial employment in the 
clerical field. 

General Electricity 
and Wiring 

Courses in the General Electricity and Wiring program 
provide students with the experience needed to install 
and maintain electrical circuits, panels, and provide 
electrical service to commercial and industrial users. 

Vicksburg/Warren County Branch / 263 

Automotive Mechanics 

Students enrolled in the Automotive Mechanics Pro- 
gram receive much practical experience needed when 
repairing automobiles which prepares them for employ- 
ment as automobile mechanics. 

264 / Vicksburg/Warren County Branch 

Diesel and Truck Mechanics 

Students in the Diesel and Truck Mechanics Program receive the 
training and practical experience needed in repairing trucks and 
many types of diesel equipment. 

Vicksburg/Warren County Branch / 265 


The Carpentry Program is designed to prepare students 
with the basic skills and technical knowledge needed in the 
carpentry trade. 

Industrial Drafting 

The Industrial Drafting Department offers the student a 
one or two year program with the two year course involving a 
much broader base in the drafting field. 

266 / Vicksburg/Warren County Branch 

Machine Shop 

Students in the Machine Shop program receive the necessary 
training needed in machine operations. 

Vicksburg/Warren County Branch / 267 

268 / Rankin County Branch 


Intensive Business Training 


Diversified Occupations 

Industrial Drafting 

Automotive Body and Frame 

Metal Trades 

Refrigeration and Air 

Automotive Mechanics 

Agricultural Diesel Mechanics 

Industrial Electricity and 

Allied Health Cluster 

Marketing Distributive 

Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 

Professional Quality Foods 

Rankin County Branch / 269 

Intensive Business Training 

This program is designed 
to train for career oppor- 
tunities as: secretary, word 
processing, receptionist, 
file clerk, bookkeeper, 
typist, computer operator, 
office machine operator. 


This program is designed to train for career opportunities as: frame carpenter, 
finish carpenter, contractor, cabinet maker, physical plant operator, lumber 
salesman, sheetrock installer, roofer, furniture repairperson, or painter. 

270 / Rankin County Branch 


This program is designed to train for career oppor- 
tunities in: sales occupations, recreation and tourism, 
mechanics, child care, office occupation, food service, 
building trades, and allied health occupations. 


This program is designed to train for career opportunities 
in the following drafting areas: mechanical, structural, ar- 
chitectural, electrical, civil, metal production, piping, and 

Automotive Body and Frame Repair 

This program is designed to train for career opportunities as: sheet metal repair technician, painter, frame repair technician, 
service manager, insurance estimator, windshield and door glass technician. 

Rankin County Branch / 271 

Metal Trades 

This program is designed to train for career opportunities as: machinist, 
welder, sheet metal worker, machine setup worker, layout worker, inspec- 
tor, metal patternworker, machine operator, structural steelworker, or 

'ft* ■ ' ,s EBii 

^H HUH jMB3Bi^r*M& 

If • ^-^-JW 

^flft.l^^^^y-'— " " ' ^t^^^B 

[1* J0U 


w 4 

1 ^^IJ 


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 

This program is designed to train for career opportunities as: refrigeration service technician, parts and supplies salesman, 
equipment estimator, service manager, retail business owner, building maintenance cooling and heating mechanic, and manufac- 
turers representative. 

272 / Rankin County Branch 


This program is designed to train for career oppor- 
tunities as: lubrication specialist, tune-up specialist, 
diagnostic technician, parts specialist, brake 
specialist, transmission specialist, front end 
specialist, electrical specialist, service manager, or 
shop supervisor. 

Agricultural Diesel 

This program is designed to train for career opportunities 
in: independent repair shop, agriculture equipment, heavy 
equipment, oil field, service departments of dealers, truck 
leasing companies, electric power plants, marine, or railroad 
locomotive shops. 

Industrial Electricity and Electronics 


This program is designed to train for career opportunities in: audio, video, biomedical equipment, computer repair 
maintenance, industrial electricity, industrial electronics, aircraft electronics, communications, military electronics, automotive 
electronics, or security systems. 

-•'* ' \ " ''■ 


|fc B ^^"" i *<i0* 


^a±± m 

v T»^ * 

s*f KV iW S 


^^^\^^^^3 . 


~— &C'\ 





V' ™ 

■1? Rw£ra& 


i I ^ 


Rankin County Branch / 273 

Allied Health Cluster 

This program is designed 
to prepare persons to assist 
qualified health profes- 
sionals in the following 
health care professions: 
diagnostic, therapeutic, 
preventive, restorative, and 

Marketing Distributive Education 

This program is designed to train for career opportunities in: advertising services, apparel and accessories marketing, 
business management and ownership, display services, finance and credit services, food marketing, general merchandise retail- 
ing, petroleum marketing, real estate marketing, wholesaling and physical distribution. 

274 / Rankin County Branch 

Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 

This program is designed 
to train for career oppor- 
tunities as: plumber, pipefit- 
ter, maintenance person, 
sprinklerfitter, steamfitter, 
lay-out mechanic, repair 
mechanic, instrumentation 

Professional Quality Foods 

This program is designed to train for career opportunities as: waiter-waitress, professional cook, salad and soup cook, baker, 
fry cook, vegetable cook, food purchaser, seafood and meat cook, dessert cook, buffet manager, manager for garnishing and 
special functions, sanitation personnel. 

Rankin County Branch / 275 

\ I 

The Hinds Junior College 
District offers the following at 
the Universities Center. 



Business Administration 



Educational Psychology 


Hinds Junior 




- - %» /SS 


% <**••* 

**■ ^* mo 


jK%. -«■ 

LI » ■!»», 


Modern Foreign Language 

Political Science 




at the 

Education and Research 



Electronic Data Processing 

276 / Universities Center 

\%\ jfl 


The CItica Campus of the Hinds Junior Col- 
lege District is located at CItica, Mississippi and 
is comprised of 993 students in college courses 
and programs and 415 students in the Hinds 
County Agricultural High School. This campus 
publishes a student newspaper and yearbook 
which serves its students. 

278 / Amusements 






I'm walking my bike! 

Has anyone seen a camel with a Hinds bumper sticker? 


» '■• ■ • 

- .. i. s» ■ 

■ •KB* 



.- ■ -■' 

IMH«iHUH . KiMlj 




So you really think Ronald McDonald started this way? 

280 / Amusements 

This is our newest women's dormitory! 

I brought the chips, who has the dip? 

This is better than going to psychology! 

Amusements / 281 





How do I get this turkey off me! 

She never lets me direct! 

Get that thing out of my nose! 


i n ^ 1 

r^ft m* § 

^£s- * w^* 

Whir' 4 

I i# W 
1% — «JflHM^* 

I'm going to fly out of this mess! 

282 / Amusements 


Hey! I know this guy. 

This is part of stewardess training! 

This is not little Red Riding Hood! 

Man, this heat is killing me! 

Amusements / 283 

Do you really think he's a cop? 

He always takes a bow! 

I missed Kneelands class once and got 30 days in maximum security! 

284 / Amusements 

r^^lKSic^W^A^SiH ... *j&£ . 

|*r. 1» » ^^J*. T , 

« f.. * ' 

ijifio^B /*.<^Rff* J 

J f 


*• ' * ■ *-■-■ « 

■^— 1 ' ■■- 

t r .. - -<* » f 

j'i^pF^" ! 

% •**. .* .- i^ 3 



•* > : 

vv ■ 

•'-»•■ k. ■ ■> * . Ml III 

Ii fSnfcv .^ifi pMS^ -^l : 

-.TV ■! 

Br ^F 1 1 

W^ 11 

That's $ 250 for locking keys in car. 

Groovy man, let's cut class today! 

Hark, panty raiders approaching! 

I'm making mud pies for my speech class! 

Amusements / 285 

Your next appearance is at the guillotine. 

The cafeteria's idea of a seafood dinner! 

They think I develop film in this but it's really martinis! 

This is what 10 years of dipping did for me! 

286 / Amusements 

This can't be right! 

It really does work! 

Take 5 steps backwards! 

Oh, I'm just hanging around! 

Amusements / 287 




We wish DOC would buy us uniforms! 

Scott got a job! 

288 / Amusements 

This does beat Chemistry Lab! 

We love driver's education class! 

Just because his name is Wilbur Wright! 

Amusements / 289 


(1) Ken Anderson 

(2) Amy Sparks 

(3) Bob Hodges 

(4) James Stribling 

(5) Eddie Woods 

(6) Keith Barnacastle 

(7) Stan Pace 

(8) Dennis Wilson 
Copy Writer 

(9) Robby Edwards 
Copy Writer 

(10) Tami Bennett 

(11) Laura Di Stefano 

(12) Beatrice Jim 



f / 

290 / Eagle Staff 

Eagle Staff/ 291 



Editors' Message 

It is our greatest * * 
that the 1984 Eagle wi 
an enjoyable trip into th 
past for you. It sure brings 
back memories for us! Early 
morning trips to the reser- 
voir for pictures (4:00 an 
to be exact), bull sessio 
the office, taking the true 
to the shop, and getting to 
know each other, to name a 
few times. 

There haw^mn^r 
times, though. We sta 
out with a lot of eager p 
pie. First we lost the 
eagerness, then we lost the 
people. Even so, we have 
gathered a collection of 
memories that we hope you 
will be proud of. 

We would like to say a 
special thank-you to our ad- 
visor, "Uncle" Bob Hod 
jrilghofe his help, tl 
would have been no year- 
book. Thanks for your pa- 
tience (?) and advice, Bob! 

It is with mixed feeli-' 
(lapse of sadnisgf Mrw 
finished, and those of r. 
that we finally did it, that 
we present to you the 1984 

Good luck to each of y 


Amy Sparks and 
Ken Anderso 


WW it m 

294 / Directory 

Jamie Aaron — Vicksburg, MS 
James M. Abbey — Jackson, MS 
Mitch Clanton Abel — Jackson, MS 
Ricky Dewain Abel — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Harper Aberna thy — Pearl, MS 
Charles Edward Abernathy — Flora, MS 
Gwendolyn Kathryn Abernathy — 

Vicksburg. MS 
Mary Griffin Abernathy — Flora, MS 
Myrna Elizabeth Abernathy — Jackson, 

Corey Glen Abies — Holly Bluff, MS 
Dewey Abies — Jackson, MS 
Susan Elizabeth Abies — Vicksburg, MS 
Timothy Dale Abies — Vicksburg, MS 
Ronald Eugene Abney — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Tharp Abney — Brandon, MS 
James Ellis Abraham II — Port Gibson, MS 
Betty Jo Abrams — Clinton, MS 
Karl A. Abrams — Ridgeland, MS 
Kelly Anne Abrams — Ridgeland, MS 
Robin Floyd Abron — Mendenhall, MS 
Stanley Keith Acey — Jackson, MS 
Andrew Patrick Achord — Jackson, MS 
Louise Mims Acker — Jackson, MS 
Edward Isaac Ackle — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Caroline Acree — Clinton, MS 
Mary Lynn McArthur Acres — Vicksburg, 

Betty Jean Adams — Jackson, MS 
Blanche Berry Adams — Vicksburg, MS 
Bob Adams — Raymond, MS 
Darrick Lee Adams — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Ann Easley Adams — Vicksburg, 

Deneen Oshea Adams — Jackson, MS 
Diane Cynthia Adams — Jackson, MS 
Jimmy C. Adams — Brandon, MS 
John Randall Adams — Jackson, MS 
Johnnie Glenn Adams — Brandon, MS 
Kenneth Dewayne Adams — Vicksburg, 

Kenneth Earl Adams — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Lynn Adams — Brandon, MS 
Lonnie Wayne Adams — Brandon, MS 
Rite Dell Adams — Crystal Springs, MS 
Roy Douglas Adams — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Bradley Adams — Jackson, MS 
Susan Bryant Adams — Pearl, MS 
Barbara Johnson Adcock — Ridgeland, 

Jane Marie Adcock — Richland, MS 
Jerry Dale Adcock — Pearl, MS 
Katharine Davis Adcock — Terry, MS 
Mark Ray Adcock — Clinton, MS 
Norma Shack Adcock — Richland, MS 
Phil Ervin Adcock — Terry, MS 
William Lawrence Adcock — Jackson, MS 
John Ernest Addington — Jackson, MS 
Merri Jonelle Adkins — Pearl, MS 
Jerry Peyton Agent — Jackson. MS 
James Albert Ahner — Vicksburg, MS 
Anna Taylor Ainsworth — Brandon, MS 
David Harold Ainsworth ■»— Pearl, MS 
Kenneth R. Ainsowrth — Jackson, MS 
Lloyce Franklin Ainsworth — Clinton, MS 
Richard Alton Ainsworth — Mendenhall, 

Riley Edward Ainsworth — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Theodore Ainsworth — Florence, MS 
Thomas Jacob Ainsworth — Sidon, MS 
John T. Akers — Clinton, MS 
Mark Peter Akers — Clinton, MS 
Bill Paul Akins — Edwards, MS 
Charles Akins — Edwards, MS 
Dandra L. Grubbs Akins — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Verlean Akins — Starkville, MS 
Thomas Hmn Albert — Fayette, MS 
Lynnis Edd Albin — Florence, MS 
Sarah K. Albritton — Clinton, MS 
Alesia Renee Alderman — Clinton, MS 
Myra Michelle Alderman — Clinton, MS 
Nanette Alderman — Terry, MS 
Robert Presley Alderman — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Alderman — Carthage, MS 
Russell Clayton Alderson — Terry, MS 
Helen Deloris Aldridge — Jackson, MS 
Steven Brady Aldy — Jackson, MS 
Angelia Michelle Alexander — Pearl, MS 
Brenda Louise P. Alexander — Bolton, MS 
Carol D. Alexander — Bentonia, MS 
David Earl Alexander — Jackson, MS 
Dee Lyn Alexander — Vicksburg, MS 
Edmond Patrick Alexander — Jackson, 

Fran Deloise Alexander — Jackson, MS 
Jacquelyn Reshell Alexander — Jackson, 

Judy Thames Alexander — Florence, MS 
Kenneth Gerald Alexander — Jackson, 

Kenneth Rhone Alexander — Jackson, MS 
Larry Alexander — Clinton, MS 
Lisa Michele Alexander — Jackson, MS 
Malcolm Alexander — Jackson, MS 

Marie Donnell Alexander — Vicksburg, 

Mary E. Ambrose Alexander — Vicksburg, 

Michael Alexander — Jackson, MS 
Robert Craig Alexander — Flowood, MS 
Wonna Ann Alexander — Jackson, MS 
Alton Steve Alford — Florence, MS 
Arthur Lee Alford — Pearl, MS 
Ashley Scott Alford — Pearl, MS 
Benjamin Travis Alford — Jackson, MS 
Betty Lou Lynn Alford — Pearl, MS 
Claudia Lynn Alford — Jackson, MS 
Frankie Edwin Alford — Brandon, MS 
john Donavon Alford — Morton, MS 
Pamela Moss Alford — Brandon, MS 
Rhonda Renee Alford — Morton, MS 
Thomas Wayne Alford — Raymond, MS 
Michele Alfred — Foxworth, MS 
Orvill Ray Allday Jr. — Morton, MS 
Adrian Eugene Allen — Jackson, MS 
Amy Lea Allen — Clinton, MS 
Angela Leigh Allen — Mt. Olive, MS 
Bridget Allen — Jackson, MS 
Carlton E. Allen — Brandon. MS 
Carmen Yvette Allen — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn J. Allen — Jackson, MS 
Clara Jefferson Allen — Jackson, MS 
Clifton Allen — Jackson, MS 
Emily Allen — Clinton, MS 
Faith Hill Allen — Brandon, MS 
Freddie Lee Allen — Jackson, MS 
Gary Dean Allen — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffrey Delin Allen — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Kaye Allen — Jackson, MS 
John S. Allen — Clinton, MS 
Lisa M. Allen — Vicksburg, MS 
Lorie Lee Allen — Pearl, MS 
Lynn Patrice Allen — Jackson, MS 
Michael David Allen — Vicksburg, MS 
Patty Lynn Allen — Pearl, MS 
Robert Carrol Allen — Mt. Olive, MS 
Roger Dale Allen — Vicksburg, MS 
Roger Terrill Allen — Pearl, MS 
Sheila Jane Layton Allen — Cary, MS 
Teresa Ann Allen — Jackson, MS 
Terry Lynne Allen — Meridian, MS 
Graland Anthony Allison — Florence, MS 
James Wayne Allison — Vicksburg, MS 
Peggy Arlise Allison — Jackson, MS 
Susan Elizabeth Allison — Vicksburg, MS 
Marvel Mabile Allred — Jackson, MS 
Micheal David Allred — Vicksburg, MS 
Vera Ruth Allred — Jackson, MS 
Patricia West Alman — Pelahatchie, MS 
Christopher Steven Alonzo — Vicksburg, 

Mary Nell Alonzo — Vicksburg. MS 
Ramona Jean Alston — Edwards, MS 
Luisa Ileana Alvarez — Natchez, MS 
Josephine Peters Alvis — Clinton. MS 
Randall Jearl Amason — Jackson, MS 
Jackie Falvey Amborn — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert H. Amborn — Vicksburg. MS 
Joseph Amiker — Jackson, MS 
Keri Lynne Amis — Brandon, MS 
Helen Ruth Amos — Jackson, MS 
Patsy Lynn Amos — Bolton, MS 
Shaunda Maria Amos — Grenada, MS 
Timothy Daniel Amos — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Johnson Andersen — Clinton, 

Bobbie Barber Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Darline M. Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Drexel Cain Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Gilbert Wayne Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Gina Renee Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Deason Anderson — Brandon, MS 
Gregory L. Anderson — Jackson, MS 
James William Anderson — Taylorsville, 

Janet A. Anderson — Ridgeland, MS 
Kenneth Thompson Anderson — Jackson, 

Kenneth Wayne Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Lorraine Anderson — Florence, MS 
Lula Mae Anderson — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Rawls Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Turner Anderson — Vicksburg, MS 
Nancy Yelverton Anderson — Jackson, 

Pamela Harvey Anderson — Brandon, MS 
Patricia Sampson Anderson — Jackson, 

Rayenl Veronica Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Raymond Barr Anderson — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert James Anderson — Yazoo City, MS 
Rose Havard Anderson — Vicksburg, MS 
Stephen Lee Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Tony Cochetie Anderson — Jackson, MS 
Wallace Kennon Anderson Jr. — Lake, MS 
Deborah Ainsworth Anding — Vicksburg, 

Sheldon Lee Anding — Jackson, MS 
Skipper Dale Anding — Jackson. MS 
Lori Ann Andrew — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Mahanes Andrew — Jackson, MS 

Jacquelin Williams Andrews — Jackson, 

James Michael Andrews — Magee, MS 
John Edwin Andrews — Jackson, MS 
Mary Pearl Andrews — Canton, MS 
Robert Stephen Andrews II — Jackson, 

Sharon Lynn Andrews — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Ann Andrews — Flora, MS 
Lamar Anthony Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Laverne Harrison Anthony — Jackson, 

Machelle Anthony — Jackson, MS 
Josie Aileen Antoine — Vicksburg, MS 
Polly Dunegan Antoine — Vicksburg, MS 
Lesa Donyelle Applegate — Brandon, MS 
Barbara Jean Appleby — Vicksburg, MS 
Gwendolyn Michelle Appleby — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Spencer Lee Arbuckle — Rosedale, MS 
William Joseph Arbuckle — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Joseph Arcemont — Brandon, MS 
Cheryl Len Archer — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Lynette Archie — Madison, MS 
Clifton Leanardo Ard — Jackson, MS 
Ronald Mitchel Ard — Jackson, MS 
Angelique Arinder — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Brown Arledge — Clinton, MS 
James Louis Armon — Jackson, MS 
Shelia Ann Armon — Jackson, MS 
Stanley Louis Armon — Jackson, MS 
Edith Carol Armstrong — Jackson, MS 
James Armstrong — Pinola, MS 
Janice Black Armstrong — Jackson, MS 
Kathy L. Armstrong — Vicksburg, MS 
Lawrence Lee Armstrong — Vicksburg, 

Phillip Carey Armstrong — New Hebron, 

Shelley Beth Armstrong — Benton, MS 
Wanda Kitsinger Armstrong — Florence, 

William James Armstrong — Jackson, MS 
Daryl R. Arnold — Jackson, MS 
George Steven Arnold — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Jean Arnold — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Jeanette Arnold — Jackson, MS 
Roy Lee Arnold Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Sirviria Arnold — Jackson, MS 
Jo Drake Arrington — Prentiss, MS 
Paul D. Arrington — Jackson, MS 
Yolanda Rigdon Arthur — Vicksburg, MS 
Marymeg Susan Artz — Vicksburg, MS 
Elouise Williams Ash — Tallulah, LA 
Patricia Ann Ashby — Vicksburg, MS 
Steven E. Asher — Jackson, MS 
Donna Kay Ashford — Jackson, MS 
Michael Ashford — Starkville, MS 
Andrew Clayton Ashley — Picayune, MS 
Bobby Ray Ashley — Redwood, MS 
Charles Larry Ashley — Jackson, MS 
David W. Ashley — Pearl. MS 
John Stanley Ashley — Vicksburg. MS 
Pam Caffey Ashley — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda G. Ashley — Jackson, MS 
Steven G. Ashley — Georgetown, MS 
Patricia Brown Ashmore — Florence, MS 
Thomas Franklin Ashworth Jr. — 

Jackson, MS 
Brenda S. Asken — Jackson, MS 
Lou Polk Askew — Raymond, MS 
Timothy Edward Atchison — Brandon, MS 
Richard Joseph Ates — Jackson, MS 
William Donald Ates — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Sue Holaday Atkins — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffery Wesley Atkins — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Lynn Atkins — Jackson, MS 
Billy Ray Atkinson — Carthage, MS 
Elsie Heffron Atkinson — Brandon, MS 
Mark Evans Atkinson — Jackson, MS 
Vanessa Yvette Atkinson — Jackson , MS 
Debra Morris Atwood — Jackson, MS 
Richard Atwood — Madison, MS 
William Groves Atwood — Pearl, MS 
Kenneth Edward Aucoin — Jackson, MS 
Jimmy Allen Ausborn — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Gail Austin — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Jeanene Austin — Vicksburg, MS 
Wanda Elaine Austin — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Autrey — Jackson, MS 
William Michael Autry — Forest, MS 
Richard Benedict Avers — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Rogers Ayers — Brandon, MS 
Deborah Joy Babb — Jackson, MS 
Judy Lynn Babb — Pearl, MS 
Kimberly Dawn Babb — Raymond, MS 
Raif Adel Badawi — Vicksburg, MS 
Scot Lee Baddley — Clinton, MS 
Tammy Denise Badeaux — Raymond, MS 
Tracey Jones Badz — Jackson, MS 
Irene B. Baggett — Jackson, MS 
Joe Darrell Baggett — Pearl, MS 
Deborah Leigh Bagley — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Short Bagley — Jackson, MS 
Delbert Lafayette Bagwell — Vicksburg, 

Virginia Kennedy Bailess — Vicksburg, 

Barbara Rochelle H. Bailey — Pearl, MS 
Brenda Jane Bailey — Jackson, MS 
Charles Eldon Bailey HI — Jackson, MS 
David Andrew Bailey — Jackson, MS 
David Randall Bailey — Clinton, MS 
Denise Michelle Bailey — Jackson, MS 
Eddie Davis Bailey — Jackson. MS 
Ginger L. Bailey — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerwood Deelinn Bailey Jr. — Jackson, 

June Lackey Bailey — Clinton, MS 
Karen Denise Bailey — Jackson, MS 
Larry Gene Bailey — Cleveland, MS 
Linda Ray Bailey — Clinton, MS 
Mary Ann M. Bailey — Jackson, MS 
Shirley M. Bailey — Vicksburg, MS 
William Edward Bailey — Morton, MS 
Willie R. Bailey — Jackson, MS 
Betty Kay Haynes Bain — Puckett, MS 
Betty Edwards Baker — Pearl, MS 
Charles Dean Baker — Brandon, MS 
Elvis Mackey Baker Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Janice Carol Baker — Pearl, MS 
Jewelle M. Baker — Jackson, MS 
Julie D. Baker — Jackson, MS 
Mac L. Baker — Raymond, MS 
Mary Suzanne Baker — Vicksburg, MS 
Penny Dee Baker — Raymond, MS 
Phoebe Day Baker — Brandon, MS 
Roy Clayton Baker — Vicksburg, MS 
Teresa Pevey Baker — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Glenn Baker — Natchez, MS 
Willie Earl Baker — Jackson. MS 
Miki Hori Baldridge — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Fay Baldwin — Camden, MS 
Margaret Jean Baldwin — Brandon, MS 
Meredith Marie Baldwin — Jackson, MS 
Harold Thomas Bales — Jackson, MS 
David Kent Ball — Florence, MS 
Frank Austin Ball — Vicksburg, MS 
Kelly L. Ball — Jackson. MS 
Louis Allen Ball — Madison. MS 
Mark Phelix Ball — Terry, MS 
Mary Collins Ball — Madison, MS 
Michael Ball — Prentiss, MS 
Philip Lance Ball — Terry, MS 
Tammy Lynn Ball — Jackson, MS 
Bruce Spencer Ballard — Raymond, MS 
Joe Barton Ballard — Raymond, MS 
Jon Paul Ballard — Jackson, MS 
Michael F. Ballard — Crystal Springs, MS 
Nancy Denise Ballard — Jackson, MS 
Roy Gerald Ballard — Jackson. MS 
Susan Elizabeth Ballard — Jackson, MS 
Charles Clifton Banes — Canton, MS 
Kenneth Norman Banes — Raymond, MS 
Richard Lei Banes — Jackson, MS 
Carleen Marie Bankester — Jackson, MS 
Dexter Keith Banks — Ridgeland. MS 
Dora Louise Banks — Clinton, MS 
Felix Domed Banks — Forest, MS 
Jaceson Banks — Raymond, MS 
Jacqueline Crawford Banks — Vicksburg, 

Jerry Dean Banks — New Hebron, MS 
Mary E. Banks — Vicksburg, MS 
Nannette Banks — Ridgeland, MS 
Rhonda Denise Banks — Canton, MS 
Rickey Leon Banks — Jackson. MS 
Stanley Banks — Jackson, MS 
Tina M. Banks — Jackson, MS 
Diana Jewel Bankston — Jackson. MS 
Dennis Ivan Bankston — Clinton, MS 
Mary Evelyn Bankston — Jackson, MS 
Michael Clyde Bankston — Brandon, MS 
Paul Louis Bankston — Clinton. MS 
Shane Gordon Bankston — Jackson, MS 
Rachel Mae Banyard — Jackson, MS 
Betty Michele Barber — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda Abraham Barber — Vicksburg, 

Terry Lynn Barber — Newton, MS 
Walter Lee Barber — Bolton, MS 
Bonnie Barcellona — Jackson, MS 
Edwina Cates Bardin — Ridgeland. MS 
Tonda Michelle Bardwell — Starkville, MS 
Joyce Smith Barfield — Jackson, MS 
Wynetta Yvetta Barfield — Marks. MS 
Lee Ann Arrington Bargery — Clinton, MS 
Tracey Cay Barham — Clinton, MS 
Juanita Buffington Barker — Clinton, MS 
Kristin Lea Barker — Jackson. MS 
Virginia Lynn Barker — Jackson, MS 
Warren Barker — Bolton, MS 
Wendell Joe Barker — Bolton. MS 
Barbera Hollowed Barkley — Jackson. MS 
Lenore B. Barkley — Vicksburg, MS 
Johnny Lee Barksdale — Jackson, MS 
Julian Ray Barksdale 111 — Madison, MS 
Magaline Cecile W. Barksdale — Jackson, 

Martha Crews Barksdale — Madison. MS 
Bernice Barlow — Florence, MS 
Bobby Harvey Barlow — Jackson. MS 

Directory / 295 

Howard Lynn Barlow — Clinton, MS 
Humphrey Mac Barlow — Vicksburg, MS 
Jimmy Dale Barlow — Jackson, MS 
Linda B. Barlow — Jackson, MS 
Robert Joseph Barlow — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Piercey Barlow — Clinton, MS 
Samuel Keith Barnacastle — Jackson, MS 
Renee Mechelle Barnard — Mt. Olive, MS 
Albert Barnes Sr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara Fagan Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Bobby Robinson Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Cecelia Suzette Barnes — Clinton, MS 
Crissa J. Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Denise Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Daniel Lee Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Darrell Duane Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Donald Edward Barnes — Vicksburg, MS 
Elizabeth Ratcliff Barnes — Pearl, MS 
Franz M. Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Charles Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Janice Schlerria Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Jeffrey R. Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Joe Springer Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Juanetta Yvette Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Judy Lynn Yates Barnes — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Jewel Barnes, Jackson, MS 
Mary Fortenberry Barnes — Florence, MS 
McKinley Gene Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Richard Carroll Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Rita Williams Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Lynn Barnes — Jackson, MS 
William Beck Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Willie Calvin Barnes — Jackson, MS 
Willie Lee Barnes — Jackson. MS 
Donald Joe Barnett — Ridgeland, MS 
Jerry Malcolm Barnett — Vicksburg, MS 
Joy L. Barnett — Jackson, MS 
Laura Charlotte Barnett — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Carol Barnett — Jackson, MS 
Mary Lois Dickerson Barnett — Jackson, 

Rae R. Barnett — Jackson, MS 
Sandy Bridgett Barnett — Jackson, MS 
Tony Edward Barnett — Edwards, MS 
Angela Sennett Barnette — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Barnette — Clinton, MS 
Antonio Barney — Jackson, MS 
Robin Beth Barnhill — Vicksburg, MS 
Rose Marie Barnum — Vicksburg, MS 
Mario Baroni III — Jackson, MS 
Chris Ben Barr — Gllen Allen, MS 
Hubert Barry Barr — Jackson, MS 
James Steven Barr — Jackson, MS 
Jason Timothy Barr — Pearl, MS 
Kenneth Ray Barr — Pearl, MS 
Mary Lucy Barr — Jackson, MS 
Vince Wilson Barr IV — Jackson, MS 
Dixie Porter Barrentine — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie Sanders Barrett — Jackson, MS 
Cindy Carol Barrett — Pearl, MS 
Debbie Lynn Barrett — Union, MS 
Kathy Elizabeth Barrett — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Barrett — Jackson, MS 
Mitchell Chad Barrett — Vicksburg, MS 
Traci Dawn Barrett — Pearl, MS 
Donna Swinnen Barron — Jackson, MS 
James W. Barron Jr. — Terry, MS 
Jaems Willard Barron — Terry, MS 
Betty A. Barrow — Canton, MS 
Mary J. Barrow — Jackson, MS 
Eric Scott Barthel — Jackson, MS 
Julie Kathleen Bartlett — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Barton — Raymond, MS 
Gary Miles Barton — Jackson, MS 
Kathryn Guilbert Barton — Vicksburg, MS 
Gregory Ray Barwick — Jackson, MS 
Dian H. Baskin — Brandon, MS 
Joan L. Baslow — Vicksburg, MS 
Catherine C. Wilson Bass — Clinton, MS 
Darlene Williams Bass — Jackson, MS 
Debbie Jean Bass — Pearl, MS 
Frances Lynn Bass — Terry, MS 
Johnny Allan Bass — Jackson, M8 
Karen Elizabeth Bass — Terry, MS 
Kathy Willis Bass — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary N. Sanders Bass — Vicksburg, MS 
Pamela Rene Bass — Pearl, MS 
Vera Nell Bass — Jackson, MS 
Walterine Bass — Jackson, MS 
Mindy Patrice Bassett — Raymond, MS 
Howard Batchelor — Vicksburg, MS 
Jennie Ruth Batchelor — Vicksburg, MS 
Kenneth Lee Batchelor — Jackson, MS 
Nina Adams Batchelor — Jackson, M8 
Anna Marie Bates — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Ann Bates — Jackson, MS 
Debra Ann Bates — Pearl, MS 
Elissa Ann Bates — Carthage, M8 
Jewel Wilson Bates — Morton, MS 
Pamela Joyce Bates — Morton, MS 
Paul Edward Bates — Morton, MS 
Sue Carole Bates — Jackson, M8 
Vickie Hillman Bates — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Bain Bath — Jackson, MS 
Roy Glen Batson Jr. — Jackson, MS 

Chantal Batten — Jackson, MS 
Bryan Conway Battenfield — Pearl, MS 
Gary Ray Battenfield — Pearl, MS 
Jacqueline E. Battenfield — Pearl, MS 
Barbara Rena Battle — Jackson, MS 
Craig Anthony Battle — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Howard Batton — Pearl, MS 
Kymble Raye Batton — Mendenhall, MS 
Nancy Rushing Batton — Mendenhall, MS 
John Michael Baucum — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Dale Baugh — Jackson, MS 
Esther Dubuisson R. Baugh — Jackson, 

Randall Scott Baugh — Ridgeland, MS 
Jerry G. Baughman Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Ronald Kevin Baughman — Brandon, MS 
Talmadge David Baughn — Jackson, MS 
Walter Duane Baughn — Jackson, MS 
Addison Dean Baxter — Jackson, MS 
Donna Carol Bayles — Carson, MS 
Robert Douglas Bayles — Carson, MS 
Erwin Alexis Baylot — Vicksburg, MS 
Leslie Smith Baylot — Vicksburg, MS 
Margaret Given Baylot — Vicksburg, MS 
James Caraway Bazor III — Jackson, MS 
Melisa Rebecca W. Bazor — Jackson, MS 
Bobby Eugene Bazzel — Vicksburg, MS 
Norval Virgil Beacham Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Charlotte Truss Beat — Jackson, MS 
Jeffrey Ross Beall — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Irene Beall — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Beall — Clinton, MS 
Shirley Mullins Beall — Jackson, MS 
Angela Denise Beats — Jackson, MS 
Donald Haskell Beam — Pearl, MS 
Jeanette Mack Beamon — Jackson, MS 
Allen Bennett Beard — Brandon, MS 
Antoinette Cornelia Beard — Jackson, MS 
Charles Beard — Jackson, MS 
Myra Evelyn Beard — Vicksburg, MS 
Rory Allen Beard — Vicksburg, MS 
Shelley Elizabeth Beard — Brandon, MS 
Sidney Lee Beard — Baton Rouge, LA 
Booker James Bearden Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Drake Bearden — Jackson, MS 
Charlene Gordon Bearden — Jackson, MS 
John Kevin Beasley — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Ann Beasley — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Nevels Beasley — Vicksburg, MS 
Steven Blaine Beasley — Utica, MS 
William Todd Beasley — Utica. MS 
Gale Sue Davis Beaty — Pearl, MS 
Violet Marie Beauchamp — Jackson, MS 
Bonnie Willingham Beaujan — Jackson, 

Bobbie Dennis Beaver — Florence, MS 
Laura Frances Beaver — Jackson, MS 
Lisabeth Jane Beaver — Jackson, MS 
Mary Margaret Beaver — Jackson, MS 
Donna Diller Beck — Pearl, MS 
Donna Marie Beck — Jackson, MS 
Robert Dale Beck — Jackson, MS 
Alisa Jane Beckham — Clinton, MS 
Sidney Beckham Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Victor Ray Beckley — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Carter Beckman — Madison, MS 
Barry Reed Bedells — Clinton, MS 
Patricia Reed Bedells — Clinton, MS 
Neva Eileene Bedwell — Brandon, MS 
Alon W. Bee Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Roosevelt Beechem — Jackson, MS 
Julie Marie Beeson — Brookhaven, MS 
Felicia Ann Belding — Jackson, MS 
Marcia Ann Belenchia — Jackson, MS 
Raymond Anthony Belisle — Bourg, LA 
Sandra Lynn Belk — Pearl, MS 
Stephanie lone Belk — Jackson, MS 
Bruce W. Belknap — Vicksburg, MS 
Andrea Richelle Bell — Jackson, MS 
Beulah Mae Bell — Jackson, MS 
C. D. Bell — Jackson, MS 
Calvin Jerome Bell — Jackson, MS 
Christopher Edward Bell — Brandon, MS 
Cynthia Denise Bell — Jackson, MS 
David Chade Bell — Jackson, MS 
David Kevin Bell — Clinton, MS 
Gloria Brown Bell — Jackson, MS 
Gwendolyn Jones Bell — Crystal Springs, 

Jean R. Bell — Jackson, MS 
Kerry Glenn Bell — Jackson, MS 
Lillie Darlene Bell — Jackson, MS 
Louise Kilgore Bell — Jackson, MS 
Melanie Jobe Bell — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Marie Bell — Clinton, MS 
Rachel Lynn Bell — Vicksburg, MS 
Raphael Jared Bell — Shelby, MS 
Roy Anthony Bell — Vicksburg, MS 
Tracy Ann Bell — Rolling Fork, MS 
Verlena Kaye Bell — Jackson, MS 
James Allen Bellinger — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Bendolph — Prichard, AL 
Lola Westbrook Benefield — Jackson, MS 
Charles Dean Benge — Ridgeland, MS 
Bernard Bennett — Jackson, MS 

Dennis Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Diane Crowder Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Kyle Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Evelyn Smith Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Fred L. Bennett Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Jeffery A. Bennett — Pearl, MS 
Jeffrey Thomas Bennett — Clinton, MS 
Johnnie Bernard Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Juanita Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Marianna Celeste Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Mary Bennett — Vicksburg, MS 
Milton Bennett — Madison, MS 
Robert Gregory Bennett — Vicksburg, MS 
Rosalind Yvette Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Sarah Teresh Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Tami Lea Bennett — Raleigh, MS 
Timothy Earl Bennett — Brandon, MS 
Toye Evelyn Sims Bennett — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Kay Benson — Brandon, MS 
Judith Ann Faulkner Bentley — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Becky Jo Benton — Mendenhall, MS 
D. Joan Benton — Brandon, MS 
George D. Benton Jr. — Pearl, MS 
Priscilla Ann Benton — Jackson, MS 
Rachelle Speegle Benton — Clinton, MS 
Tammy Jo Benton — Pearl, MS 
Tonya Denise Benton — Pearl, MS 
Nancy Pearl Berch — Jackson, MS 
Marie Brady Bergland — Clinton, MS 
Johanna Estelle Bergman — Clinton, MS 
Karen Beth Bernet — Jackson, MS 
Gale Ladawn Berninger — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Faye Berry — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Renee Berry — Jackson, MS 
Donald Ray Berry — Harrisville, MS 
Donna Ann Berry — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Chester Berry — Jackson, MS 
Fay Anne Berry — Jackson, MS 
James A. Berry — Braxton, MS 
Janice Berry — Pearl, MS 
Jonathan McAllister Berry — Vicksburg, 

Joyce A. Berry — Port Gibson, MS 
Katherine Marie Berry — Pearl, MS 
Laverne Berry — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Ellen Berry — Terry, MS 
Rhonda Lea Berry — Brandon, MS 
Ricky Stuart Berry — Jackson, MS 
Willie A. Berry — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Sellars Berrybill — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Melsheimer Berryman — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Howard Bessonette — Vicksburg, MS 
Lynn Benci Bessonette — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Lynn Bethany — Jackson, MS 
Gerald Wright Bethany — Vicksburg, MS 
Glenda Elaine Bethany — Jackson, MS 
Joyce B. Bethea — Jackson, MS 
David Alford Betts — Richland, MS 
Marcia Carol Betts — Brandon, MS 
Teresa Lynne Bevens — Jackson, MS 
Sheila F. Peoples Beyer — Brandon, MS 
Thomas Marion Biagioli — Raymond, MS 
Dorothy J. Bibbs — Jackson, MS 
Robert Lewis Bickley — Pearl, MS 
Charles Ritchie Biddle — Jackson, MS 
Eva Marie Biedenharn — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Clevenger Biermann — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Elizabeth Biggar — Vicksburg, MS 
Zenda D. Biggs — Vicksburg, MS 
Jami Lyne Bigham — Vicksburg, MS 
Trenton Wayne Bilbo — Clinton, MS 
Brenda Gail Bilbrew — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Marie Bilbrew — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Marie Bilbro — Carthage, MS 
Doris Smith Billingsley — Jackson, MS 
Mia Timera Billingsley — Jackson, MS 
James Barry Bingham — Vicksburg, MS 
Venetria Bingham — Terry, MS 
Gail Ann Bird — Vicksburg, MS 
Renae Elaine Emmorey Bird — Brandon, 

Robert Gregory Birdsong — Clarksdale, 

Walter Ernest Birdsong — Jackson, MS 
Martha Oferrall Bise — Jackson, MS 
Arnold Luther Bishop — Brandon, MS 
Becky Lynn Bishop — Pearl, MS 
Carla Rena Bishop — Edwards, MS 
Cindy Lee Bishop — Vicksburg, MS 
Clyde Austin Bishop — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Lynn Bishop — Clinton, MS 
Darryl Delindale Bishop — Edwards, MS 
Deborah Presley Bishop — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Lynn Bishop — Brandon, MS 
Jimmy Franklin Bishop — Madison, MS 
Karen Annette Bishop — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Bishop — Florence, MS 
Nancy Lynne Bishop — Florence, MS 
Susan McPherson Bishop — Vicksburg, 

Terrell P. Bishop — Jackson, MS 
Terry Lynn Bishop — Florence, MS 
Cary Don Bivins — Clinton, MS 

Robert Stephen Bivins — Clinton, MS 
Cynthia Jo Black — Jackson, MS 
David Allan Black — Jackson, MS 
Douglas Corrigan Black Jr. — Jackson, 

Jason Munn Black — Pearl, MS 
Joyce Garner Black — Jackson, MS 
Kimberley Jo Black — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Dianne Burns Black — Jackson, MS 
Mack Arthur Black — Jackson, MS 
Terance Black — Jackson, MS 
Susan Chestnut Blackburn — Jackson, 

William M. Blackburn — Raymond, MS 
Bonnie Ryan Blackmon — Jackson, MS 
Daphne Rena Blackmon — Jackson, MS 
Elaine Askew Blackmon — Jackson, MS 
Juanita Blackmon — Jackson, MS 
Lola Mae Blackmon — Jackson, MS 
Johnny Fletcher Blackstock — Jackson, 

Betty F. Blackwell — Florence, MS 
Daphine B. Blackwell — Vicksburg, MS 
David Stephen Blackwell — Brandon, MS 
Deborah A. Blackwell — Pearl, MS 
Larry David Blackwell — Jackson, MS 
Paula Delane Blackwell — Vicksburg, MS 
Vance Lamar Blackwell — Jackson, MS 
Mona L. Goff Blaine — Jackson, MS 
Ann L. Blair — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Dianne M. Blair — Florence, MS 
James Timothy Blair — Jackson, MS 
Julie Smith Blair — Pearl, MS 
Laura Elaine Blair — Canton, MS 
Henry Legrand Blake — Redwood, MS 
Thomas Edward Blake — Peart, MS 
Deborah Charlien Blakely — Jackson. MS 
Joel Ford Blakely — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Darrell Blakely — Jackson, MS 
William Eugene Blakely — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Luckett Blakeney — Terry, MS 
Douglas Michael Blakeney — Jackson, MS 
Jean Brasfield Blakeney — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Edward Blakeney — Columbia, MS 
Kenneth D. Blakeney — Jackson, MS 
Rick Diamond Blakeney — Jackson, MS 
William Robert Blakeney — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Thomas Mitchell Blalack — Pearl, MS 
George Gary Blalack — Brandon, MS 
Raymond Pruitt Blaiock — Brandon, MS 
Richard Allen Blaiock — Clinton, MS 
Todd Francis Blaiock — Clinton, MS 
Mark John Blanchard — Vicksburg, MS 
Edith Elizabeth Bland — Jackson, MS 

Edith Sanford Bland lackson, MS 

Vivian D. Bland — Edwards, MS 
Barbara Strickl Blankenship — Raymond, 

Jack A. Blankenship Jr. — Terry, MS 
Thomas Evans Blansett — Jackson, MS 
Miles Kermit Blanton — Jackson, MS 
James Mark Blasingame — Jackson, MS 
Betty Hester Blaylock — Jackson, MS 
Stacy Blaylock — Jackson, MS 
Mary Renfroe Blazier — Vicksburg, MS 
Lorraine Dudley Bleakeny — Madison, MS 
Frances R. Bliss — Vicksburg, MS . 
Joleen Jan Block — Port Gibson, MS 
Janice Lanette Blocker — Clinton, MS 
Robert Samuel Bloodworth Jr. — 

Jackson, MS 
John Wayne Blough — Brandon, MS 
Teresa Arlene Blough — Brandon, MS 
James Bradley Blount — Clinton, MS 
Letha Louise Smith Blount — Jackson, 

Linda Lynch Blue — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Renee Blue — Laurel, MS 
Walter L. Blue HI — Jackson, MS 
Metinda Maud Blum — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Edward Blurton — Canton, MS 
Molly Rodman Boa — Vicksburg, MS 
Otis Wayne Boatman — Brandon, MS 
Michael Eugene Boatright — Brandon, MS 
Mary Alice Bober — Jackson, MS 
Lori Ann Bobo — Pearl, MS 
Robert Neal Bodkins — Clinton, MS 
Jennifer Burnett Body — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Kaye J. Began — Jackson, MS 
Margaret Moody Bogard — Brandon, MS 
Cyntha T. Bohn — Jackson, MS 
Randall George Bokros — Jackson, MS 
Sinetta Ann Bolden — Jackson, MS 
Yvonne Buse Boleware — Jackson, MS 
Daniel L. Bolian — Jackson, MS 
David Ronald Bolian — Brandon, MS 
Juanita B. Boling — Vicksburg, MS 
Scott Neaves Boling — Jackson, MS 
Edna Jackson Bolls — Vicksburg, MS 
Angela Louise Bolton — Florence, MS 
George Bolton Jr. — Bolton, MS 
Juanita Marshall Bolton — Jackson, MS 
Larry Darnell Bolton — Jackson, MS 
Anita Deborah Bond — Norridge, IL 
Carolyn Lucille Bond — Vicksburg, MS 

296 / Directory 

Charlotte Louise Bond — Vicksburg, MS 
Doyle Glen Bond — Jackson, MS 
Krista Renee Bond — Brandon, MS 
Meredith Tiller Bond — Jackson, MS 
Valeria Annette Bonds — Pearl, MS 
James E. Bonney — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Marie Bonom — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Marie Booker — Jackson, MS 
Wayne Augustus Booker — Jackson, MS 
David Roy Boone — Vicksburg, MS 
Dorinda Dennis Boone — Clinton, MS 
Jackie S. Boone — Jackson, MS 
John Leonard Boone — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Spell Boone — Florence, MS 
Myra Boone — Pearl, MS 
John Gerard Booth — Vicksburg, MS 
Kiroberly Ann Booth — Morton, MS 
Michelle Booth — Morton, MS 
Tara Margueritte Booth — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Allen Bordeaux — Pearl, MS 
Kelley Rene Bordelon — Jackson, MS 
Garrett Edmond Borne — Jackson, MS 
Eileen Skare Borst — Clinton, MS 
Melissa Gayle Boshart — Terry, MS 
Geraldine Phoebe Bostic — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Adams Bostick — Jackson, MS 
Heloise Reed Bostick — Pearl, MS 
Rebecca Lynne Bostick — Brandon, MS 
Charles Ervin Boston — Columbia, MS 
James A. Boswell — Philadelphia, MS 
Robin Michelle Boswell — Jackson, MS 
Herman Grant Boteler Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Adams Boteler — Florence, MS 
Charles Andrew Bottemlller — Vicksburg, 

Jennier Browde Bottemiller — Vicksburg, 

Karen McLendon Bottin — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Ray Bottin Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Thomas Boulanger — Clinton, MS 
Alphonso Ray Bouldin — Jackson, MS 
Becky Ann Bounds — Terry, MS 
Herman Lay fa tte Bounds — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Bounds — Jackson, MS 
Suzanne Bounds — Kenner, LA 
Daniel John Bourgeois — Vicksburg, MS 
M. Roseanne C. Bourgeois — Pearl, MS 
Rebekah Toland Bourn — Jackson, MS 
Krista J. Bourne — Jackson, MS 
Laura Diane Bourne — Jackson, MS 
Debra Lynn Bournes — Silver Creek, MS 
Paul Lawrence Boutwell — Jackson, MS 
Rickey Bowden — Jackson, MS 
David Randel Bowen — Raleigh, MS 
James G. Bowen — Jackson, MS 
John Keith Bowen — Jackson, MS 
William Lee Bower — Clinton, MS 
Michael Todd Bowering — Flora, MS 
Angela Vivian Bowles — Raymond, MS 
Gregory C. Bowles — Jackson, MS 
Judy Leigh Bowles — Jackson, MS 
Jerry O. Bowlin — Mount Olive, MS 
Joseph Bryan Bowling — Jackson, MS 
Benita Faye Bowman — Jackson, MS 
Bess S. Bowman — Pelahatchie, MS 
David Lynn Bowman — Pelahatchie, MS 
Douglas Allen Bowman — Pearl, MS • 
Linda Harrison Bowman — Pearl, MS 
Lula Mae Bowman — Pocahontas, MS 
Marjorie Bingham Bowron — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Annette Box — Pearl, MS 
Ann Michelle Boyanton — Florence, MS 
Annie Louise Boyd — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Alan Boyd — Jackson, MS 
Deanna Julie Boyd — Clinton, MS 
Ernest Edward Boyd Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Evelyn Sue Boyd — Jackson, MS 
Felicia Ann Boyd — Brandon, MS 
Janie Marie Boyd — Natchez, MS 
Jennifer Lynn Boyd — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Helena Boyd — Corinth, MS 
Larry Wayne Boyd — Terry, MS 
Lorraine Elizabeth Boyd — Vicksburg. MS 
Martha A. Graham Boyd — Brandon, MS 
Nelda L. Boyd — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Gay Boyd — Clinton, MS 
Phyllis Deannae Boyd — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Lynn Boyd — Learned, MS 
Reena Rochelle Boyd — Carthage, MS 
Wallace H. Boyd — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Jean Boyer — Pearl, MS 
Sharron S. Boyer — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Boykin — Jackson, MS 
Charley E. Boykin — Clinton, MS 
David Clark Boykin — Florence, MS 
David Ronald Boykin — Jackson, MS 
Donna Ruth Boykin — Jackson, MS 
Irvin Howard Boykin — Pearl, MS 
Jerry Boykin — Jackson, MS 
Sonia Deeanne Boykin — Jackson, MS 
Rodney Eugene Boykin — Jackson, MS 
Marilyn Sue F. Boyles — Jackson, MS 
Tanya Lynne Boyles — Pearl, MS 
Edward Bozeman — Terry, MS 
Bryan Willis Brabston HI — Vicksburg, MS 

Thomas Eugene Brabston — Vicksburg, 

Alvin Douglas Bracey — Jackson, MS 
Darryl Bracey — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Bracey — Jackson, MS 
Twanda Gail Bracey — Tylertown, MS 
Douglas Ebb Bracken — Brandon, MS 
Robert Earl Braddy — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Luray Bradfield — Jackson, MS 
Arlis Lamar Bradford — Jackson, MS 
Betty Jo Bradford — Jackson, MS 
Charles Sebron Bradford — Jackson, MS 
Joe Marvin Bradford — Jackson, MS 
Michele Colette Bradford — Vicksburg, 

Susie Lucille Bradford — Jackson, MS 
Barbara N. Wade Bradley — Jackson, MS 
Camellia Bradley — Vicksburg, MS 
Elodia Burnett Bradley — Jackson, MS 
Gerald Franklin Bradley — Jackson, MS 
Harvey Ray Bradley — Jackson, MS 
Brad Bradshaw — Brandon, MS 
Carolyn Allen Bradshaw — Raymond, MS 
Frank Anthony Bradshaw — Jackson, MS 
Janice Simpson Bradshaw — Brandon, 

Juanita Carol Bradshaw — Jackson, MS 
Mark Alien Bradshaw — Raymond, MS 
Randall K. Bradshaw — Raymond, MS 
Jerry L. Brady — Jackson, MS 
Shirlene Brady — Pearl, MS 
Leann McBride Bragg — Ridgeland, MS 
Cassandra Brakefield — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Brian Brame — Brookhaven, MS 
Fanny Michell Bramlett — Braxton, MS 
Cotene Brand — Vicksburg, MS 
Martha Thompson Brandies — Pearl, MS 
Leigh Tindail Brannan — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Harvey Branning — Vicksburg, 

Lesia Marquette Brantley — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Darlene Brantley — Jackson, MS 
William Harvey Brantley — Jackson, MS 
Ray Branton — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Hayden Brasher — Pearl, MS 
Joe Ben Brassell — Pearl, MS 
Barbara Lynne Braswell — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Cooper Braswell — Terry, MS 
Vicki Irene Braswell — Brandon, MS 
Wesley Earl Bra tcher — CItica, MS 
Carolyn Delores Bratton — Jackson, MS 
Dana Louisia Bratton — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Bratton — Jackson, MS 
Robert Garlon Bratton — Jackson, MS 
Lona Corcoran Brat* — Pearl MS 
Charles David Bray — Vicksburg, MS 
Elizabeth Wells Bray — Vicksburg, MS 
Kim Yvonne Bray — Pelahatchie, MS 
Cheryl Ward Breazeale — Vaiden, MS 
Jacqueline Curry Breazeale — Jackson, 

Jamie Pauline Breazeale — Brandon, MS 
Robert Kavanaugh Breazeale — Port 

Gibson, MS 
Hettie Love Breckenridge — Clinton, MS 
Catherine Ann Breeden — Jackson, MS 
Clayton Scott Breeden — Jackson, MS 
Donna Haney Breeden — Vicksburg, MS 
Bobby R. Breedlove — Jackson, MS 
Barry Keith Breithaupt — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Edward Breithaupt — Vicksburg, 

H. Ray Breithaupt — Jackson, MS 
Judith Marie Breithaupt — Vicksburg, Ms 
Dana Leanne Breland — Redwood, MS 
Vickie Frazier Breland — Jackson, MS 
Paula N. Brent — Crystal Springs, MS 
Tracy Brent — Jackson, MS 
Deobrah Kay Brewer — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Tillman Brewer — Jackson, MS 
Dwayne Alan Brewer — Pearl, MS 
Hastel B. Brewer — Raymond, MS 
Hazel S. Brewer — Pearl, MS 
James Mike Brewer — Jackson, MS 
Janice Wells Brewer — Vicksburg, MS 
Jennifer Carol Brewer — Star, MS 
Joyce Stapleton Brewer — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Arthur Brewer — Terry, MS 
Michael James Brewer — Jackson, MS 
Rosie M. Brewer — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Renee Brewer — Jackson, MS 
Sherry L. Burkett Brewer — Vicksburg, 

Cynthia Lynn Brewster — Meridian, MS 
Darryl Allen Bria — Madison, MS 
Samuel Charles Bridgers — Raymond, MS 
Beverly Ann Bridges — Florence, MS 
Brenda Magee Bridges — Greenville, MS 
Carl Fritzgerald Bridges — Brookhaven, 

Carole Kyzer Bridges — Jackson, MS 
Connie Elaine Bridges — Raymond, MS 
Dorothy Marie Bridges — Port Gibson, MS 
Gregory Coleman Bridges — Clinton, MS 
James Edward Bridges — Vicksburg, MS 
James Randall Bridges — Pearl, MS 
James Russell Bridges — Pearl, MS 

Jimmy Carroll Bridges — Clinton, MS 
Kathryn Elizabeth S. Bridges — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Lois Dennette Bridges — Jackson, MS 
Lynn Cheryl H. Bridges — Braxton, MS 
Melinda Mize Bridges — Jackson, MS 
Norman Dale Bridges — Florence, MS 
Sharon A. Bridges — Harrisville, MS 
Ricky E. Briggs — Canton, MS 
Angela Katherine Bright — Brandon. MS 
G. Brandon Bright — Brandon, MS 
James Clyde Bright — Vicksburg, MS 
Jimmy Rogers Bright — Vicksburg, MS 
William Griffith Brinkley — Jackson, MS 
Albert P. Brinson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Theresa Brinson — Clinton, MS 
Gwendolyn Denise Brinston — Jackson, 

Felicia Kay Brisco — Jackson, MS 
Joseph M. Brisco — Vicksburg, MS 
Peggy Boone Brisco — Jackson, MS 
Linda M. Gonzalez Brissette — Brandon, 

Barry Lee Brister — Jackson, MS 
Caren Powell Brister — Ridgeland, MS 
Cynthia Diane Brister — Jackson, MS 
Michael Charles Brister — Raymond, MS 
Regina Zabodyn Brister — Clinton, MS 
Amanda Joyce Britt — Jackson, MS 
Billy Parker Britt — Clinton, MS 
David Clayton Britt — Jackson, MS 
David G. Britt — Jackson, MS 
Norris E. Britt — Jackson, MS 
Annie Mae Britton — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Britton — Canton, MS 
Elizabeth Scott Broad — Jackson. MS 
Deborah Marie Broadfoot — Jackson, MS 
Angelo Randolph Broados — CItica, MS 
Kenneth Ray Broadus — Ocean Springs, 

Lisa S. Broadus — Chicago, IL 
Donna G. Broadway — Jackson, MS 
Donna Lynn Broadway — Jackson, MS 
Norma Dell Broadway — Jackson, MS 
Norma Jill Broadway — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Marie Brocato — Jackson, MS 
Joycelyn Celeste Brock — Raymond, MS 
Kirsten Monet Brock — Raymond, MS 
Lise Ann Brock — Clinton, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Brock — Woodvitle, MS 
Willie Jean Brock — Vicksburg, MS 
Ricki Lynette Brogan — Clinton, MS 
Noble J. Brogdon Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Perry Lee Brogdon — Vicksburg, MS 
Tony N. Brogdon — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Jo Bromley — Vicksburg, MS 
Kristen Fay Bromley — Vicksburg, MS 
Nancy Hahn Bromley — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Wayne Bromley — Vicksburg, MS 
Georgia Marie Brookins — Jackson, MS 
Rickie Brookins — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Diane Brooks — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie Wilson Brooks — Clinton, MS 
Clyde David Brooks — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Kaye Brooks — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Thomas Brooks — Vicksburg, MS 
Daphne Brooks — Vicksburg, MS 
Doris Annette Brooks — Raymond, MS 
Edith Michelle Brooks — Mendenhall, MS 
Estella Williams Brooks — Vicksburg, MS 
John Michael Brooks — Hattiesburg, MS 
Karyn Delores Brooks — Vicksburg, MS 
Katherine Stater Brooks — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Kenneth Brooks — Clinton, MS 
S. Blair Brooks — Jackson, MS 
Steven Michael Brooks — Canton, MS 
Sue L. Brooks — Raymond, MS 
Deborah Smith Brookshire — Jackson, 

Brian Albert Broom — Madison, MS 
Madora Leigh Broom — Pearl, MS 
Francis Harrell Broome — Raymond, MS 
Jeanette Broome — CItica, MS 
Mavis L. Broome — Brandon, MS 
Sydney Diana Broome — Jackson, MS 
Willie Rose Broome — CItica, MS 
Johnny Lee Browder — Raymond, MS 
Alfonzo Brown — Ruleville, MS 
Alvin Edgar Brown — Jackson, MS 
Amy Joyce Childress Brown — Jackson, 

Angelia Michelle Brown — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Nathaniel Brown — Jackson, MS 
April Denise Brown — Jackson, MS 
Austin Wade Brown — Jackson, MS 
Avis Wyomie Brown — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Renee Brown — Jackson, MS 
Billie Monette Brown — Terry, MS 
Brenda Faye Brown — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Faye Brown — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Faye Brown — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Faye Brown — Jackson, MS 
Calvert H. Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Carl Albert Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Dianne Brown — Florence, MS 
Carolyn Lorain Brown — Jackson, MS 

Carolyn Marie Brown — Canton, MS 
Cassandra Anita Brown — Forest, MS 
Cecil James Brown — Carthage, MS 
Charlie Edward Brown — Brandon, MS 
Cherry Hill Brown — Jackson, MS 
Craig Williams Brown — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Adelia Brown — Brandon, MS 
Debra Hearn Brown — Pearl, MS 
Dennis Rudolph Brown — Mendenhall, MS 
Devon Brown — Jackson, MS 
Diane Brown — Clinton, MS 
Diane Jenelle Brown — Pearl, MS 
Donna M. Brown — Pearl, MS 
Doris McLaurin Brown — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Eric Wood Brown — Jackson, MS 
Ernest Devon Brown Jr. — Florence, MS 
Eusene Austin Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Fredrick Brown — Jackson, MS 
Gillis Brown — Edwards, MS 
Glenda Faye Brown — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Ann Brown — Canton, MS 
Grace Marie Brown — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Darren Brown — Raymond, MS 
Helen Annette C. Brown — Jackson, MS 
James Cooper Brown — Clinton, MS 
James Russell Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
James Russell Ian Brown — Pearl, MS 
Janice Brown — Canton, MS 
Janice Ellen Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeannine Hazlett Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerry Mitchell Brown — Brandon, MS 
Jewel Machelle Brown — Jackson, MS 
Jimmy Lawrence Brown — Clinton, MS 
Joann Tomiko Brown — Pearl, MS 
Karen Ann Crosson Brown — Jackson, MS 
Karen Diane Brown — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Douglas Brown Jr. — Jackson, 

Latonia Brown — Magee, MS 
Leona Cimfleet Brown — Mendenhall, MS 
Lester C. Brown — Meridian, MS 
Linda Hardy Brown — Jackson, MS 
Linda Sue Brown — Whitfield, MS 
Lorraine Brown — Jackson, MS 
Luther Davis Brown — Puckett, MS 
Margie Brown — Florence, MS 
Marsha Grubbs Brown — Pearl, MS 
Mary Eileen Brown — Jackson. MS 
Mary Ernestine Brown — Jackson, MS 
Mary Frances Brown — Natchez, MS 
Mary L. Brown — Jackson, MS 
Michael Alan Brown — Jackson, MS 
Michael D. Brown — Jackson, MS 
Michael Luther Brown — Braxton, MS 
Nancy Diann Lee Brown — Jackson, MS 
Patrick Clark Brown — Brandon, MS 
Perry Dean Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Regina Donnelly Brown — Jackson, MS 
Richard Allen Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Leighton Brown — Jackson, MS 
Risea Taronna Brown — Pearl, MS 
Rita Denise Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Earl Brown — Jackson, MS 
Robert Lester Brown — Pearl, MS 
Robin Danae Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Rose Marie Brown — Jackson, MS 
Samantha Jewell Brown — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Ammons Brown — Terry, MS 
Sandra Faye Brown — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Jo Brown — Pelahatchie, MS 
Sharron Annette Brown — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Ann Brown — Jackson, MS 
Stanley Edwin Brown — Jackson, MS 
Stanley Hayes Brown — Prentiss, MS 
Stepfanie Delois Brown — Brandon, MS 
Steven Mark Brown — Brandon, MS 
Terise Summers Brown — Vicksburg, MS 
Tonya Wynette Brown — Jackson, MS 
Traci Barnes Brown — D Lo, MS 

Versy Charles Brown lackson, MS 

Von Nita Brown — Jackson, MS 
William Joseph Brown — Picayune, MS 
William Virgil Brown — Jackson, MS 
Wilma Jean Brown — Clinton, MS 
Brenda Kay Browning — Valley Park, MS 
Donna Sue Browning — Valley Park, MS 
Kim Janette Browning — Clinton, MS 
John Toliver Bruce — Brandon, MS 
Lee E. Wells Bruce — Jackson, MS 
Richard Todd Bruce — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Denise Bruce — Clinton, MS 
Angie Brumfield — Clinton. MS 
Kimberly Yvonne Brumfield — Jackson, 

Patsy Burt Brunei — Madison, MS 
Michael Thomas Brunk — Jackson, MS 
Jenny Marie Bruno — Brandon, MS 
Charles Mallory Brunson — Jackson, MS 
Corinthia Ellen W. Brunson — Terry, MS 
Susan Elizabeth Brunson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Burkes Brunt — Kosciusko. MS 
Dianne Miller Bryan — Jackson, MS 
Eldridge Leon Bryan — Vicksburg, MS 
Eldridge Leon Bryan II — Vicksburg, MS 
Felix Eugene Bryan — Vicksburg. MS 

Directory / 297 

Foy Pittman Bryan — Jackson, MS 
Helen Harrison Bryan — Vicksburg, MS 
John Douglas Bryan — Jackson, MS 
Julia Jopp Bryan — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Ann Bryan — Vicksburg, MS 
Suzette Plaisance Bryan — Jackson, MS 
William Gregory Bryan — Vicksburg, MS 
Aaron Frederick Bryant — Jackson, MS 
Cathryn Bryant — Raymond, MS 
Darren Thomas Bryant — Clinton, MS 
David Hilton Bryant — Jackson, MS 
Debbie Bryant — Jackson, MS 
Debra Deloise Bryant — Jackson, MS 
Doreen Elizabeth Bryant — Clinton, MS 
Douglas Leon Bryant — Vicksburg, MS 
Freida Jumper Bryant — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Haden Bryant — Jackson, MS 
Hope Elizabeth Bryant — Brandon, MS 
Howard Glenn Bryant — Vicksburg, MS 
James Carl Bryant — Jackson, MS 
James Charles Bryant — Port Gibson, MS 
Nancy Bell Bryant — Tougaloo, MS 
Rick Bryant— Vicksburg, MS 
Sharon Berry Bryant — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Helen Bryant — Raymond, MS 
Wendy Sharon Bryant — Jackson, MS 
Chris Elizabeth Bucci — Vicksburg, MS 
Julius Buchanan — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Blum Buchanan — Jackson, MS 
Thelma Norwood Buchanan — Vicksburg, 

William Thomas Buchanan — Jackson, 

Kathy Morlett Buchanon — Jackson, MS 
Eugene Kirt Buchs — Raymond. MS 
David Lee Buck — Jackson, MS 
Charles Ray Buckley — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Ann Buckley — Jackson, MS 
Lonas Scott Buckley — New Hebron, MS 
Paul Dean Buckley — Jackson, MS 
Wanda Adams Buckley — Jackson, MS 
William Ray Buckley Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Monett Hymethia Buckner — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Budz — Jackson, MS 
Timothy J. Buehler — Vicksburg, MS 
Robin Elise Buelow — Brandon, MS 
Charles L. Bufkin — Vicksburg, MS 
Ellis Bufkin — Jackson. MS 
Henry Delmar Bufkin — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Buie — Pearl, MS 
Brian Todd Bullard — Jackson, MS 
Keith Allen Bullard — Pearl, MS 
Lanetta Shantelease Bullie — Jackson, 

Melinda Ruth Bullock — Crystal Springs, 

Robert A. Bullock — Pearl, MS 
Leslie Jean Bully — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Farrell Bumpas — Brandon, MS 
William Henry Bumphis — Jackson, MS 
Dorian Bunch — Jackson, MS 
Velma C. Bunch — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerry Bunley — Raymond, MS 
Bettye Jene Bunton — Bolton, MS 
Emily Page Buntyn — Clinton, MS 
Vicki Lorraine Buntyn — Jackson, MS 
Irene June Bunyard — Morton, MS 
Rebecca E. Burch — Jackson, MS 
Tina Deneen Burch — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Karen Burchfield — Jackson, MS 
Verne Burden — Vicksburg, MS 
Fredie Earl Burdine Jr. — Yazoo City, MS 
Joseph Lamar Burdine — Yazoo City, MS 
James Bure — Vicksburg, MS 
Eleanor M. Burgess — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Sanford Burgess — Jackson, MS 
Paul Dewhitt Burgess — Jackson, MS 
Sondra Lynn Burgess — Clinton, MS 
Steven Charles Burgess — Jackson, MS 
David Leonard Burk — Jackson, MS 
Terrie Ann Burke — Jackson, MS 
George Burkes Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Angela Marie Burkett — Jackson, MS 
Blanche Fountain Burkett — Jackson, MS 
Lynndell Gai Burkett — Brandon, MS 
Sarah Graham Burkett — Brandon, MS 
Terri Esta Burkett — Brandon, MS 
Walter R. Burkett — Mendenhall, MS 
William V. Burkett — Jackson, MS 
Regina Colleen Burkley — Natchez, MS 
Brnda Kay Burks — Forest, MS 
Lydia Darlene Burks — Jackson, MS 
Pernessa Burks — Flora, MS 
Tommy W. Burleson — Jackson, MS 
James Allison Burnett — Brandon, MS 
Loretta Burnett — Vicksburg, MS 
Phillip Leroy Burnett — Jackson, MS 
Robert Doub Burnette — University, MS 
Christopher Lee Burnham — Vicksburg, 

Darryl Burnham — Vicksburg, MS 
Elizabeth Anne Burnham — Forest. MS 
John Lowery Burnham — Pearl, MS 
Marilyn Stevenson Burnham — Brandon, 

Thomas D. Burnley — Jackson, MS 

Anthony Glenn Burns — Ridgeiand, MS 
Billy Van Burns — Delhi, LA 
Bruce Wayne Burns — Learned, MS 
Donna Vance Burns — Brandon, MS 
Edna Faye Burns — Jackson, MS 
Eugenia Morrison Burns — Jackson, MS 
Glaynail Burns — Jackson, MS 
James Donald Burns — Brandon, MS 
Janice Marie Burns — Pearl, MS 
Sheri Lynn Burns — Jackson, MS 
Winfred Clayton Burns — Pearl, MS 
Denise Lorraine Burrell — Raymond, MS 
Jeffrey David Burrell — Pearl, MS 
Percy L. Burrell — Flora, MS 
Bobbye Leigh Burril — Forest, MS 
Constance Overcash Burris — Brandon, 

Gency Landrum Burris — Ctinton, MS 
Gency Ruth Burris — Clinton, MS 
Lisa Calhoun Burrough — Jackson, MS 
Nita P. Burrough — Vicksburg, MS 
Larry James Burroughs — Jackson, MS 
Sharon R. Garcia Burrows — Vicksburg, 

Allen D. Bruse — Jackson, MS 
Darryl Lynn Burse — Jackson, MS 
Ann Stamps Burton — Jackson, MS 
Bryan S. Burton — Flora, MS 
Edsel Lee Burton — Vicksburg, MS 
Gay Darnette Burton — Tougaloo, MS 
Lloyd Alvin Burton — Tougaloo, MS 
Mary M. Burton — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Burton — Tougaloo, MS 
Vivian Elaine Burton — Mendenhall, MS 
Weese E. Burton — Vicksburg, MS 
Angle Busby — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Faye Busby — Vicksburg, MS 
James N. Busby — Jackson, MS 
James Orlan Busby — Clinton, MS 
Jeffery Lee Busby — Raymond, MS 
Timothy Dean Busby — Pearl, MS 
Allen David Bush — Pearl, MS 
Gary Cooper Bush — Vicksburg, MS 
John A. Bush — Haziehurst, MS 
Melton Corey Bush — Clinton, MS 
Sherry Lynn Bush — Pearl, MS 
William Wootton Bush — Brandon, MS 
Robert Joseph Busick — Brandon, MS 
Andrea Lee Butler — Jackson, MS 
Calvin Jeronemo Butler — Natchez, MS 
Carolyn Marie Butler — Vicksburg, MS 
Dwayne Isaac Butler — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Watts Butler — Jackson, MS 
Fay Elizabeth Butler — Vicksburg, MS 
Gloria Jean Butler — Jackson, MS 
Janice Tanner Butler — Haziehurst, MS 
Jerry G. Butler — Jackson, MS 
Juanita Butler — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Holloway Butler — Jackson, MS 
Lauri Butler — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Newman Butler — Jackson, MS 
Mary Arnetta Butler — Bolton, MS 
Nancy Owens Butler — Vicksburg, MS 
Patrick Wayne Butler — Jackson, MS 
Patrick Weber Butler — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Henry Butler Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Tammie Lynne Butler — Jackson, MS 
Therese Anne Butler — Jackson, MS 
Tonya Denise Butler — Jackson, MS 
Tracye Regina Butler — Jackson, MS 
Vanessa Butler — Jackson, MS 
Yvette Butler — Bolton, MS 
George Allen Butts — Redwood, MS 
Roy Herbert Butts — Raymond, MS 
Stephen Douglas Butts — Clinton, MS 
Shelly Jean Buxton — Vicksburg, MS 
Mark Talbot Buys — Vicksburg, MS 
Glynis Lee Byars — Clinton, MS 
Tracy C. Byas — Canton, MS 
Leonard Ray Byers — Clinton, MS 
Cynthia Renee Bynum — Magee, MS 
Dianne Young Bynum — Pearl, MS 
James David Bynum — Jackson, MS 
Larry D. Bynum — Jackson, MS 
Paula Anne Bynum — Pearl, MS 
Sandra Gertrude Bynum — Mendenhall, 

Theresa F. Bynum — Raymond, MS 
Betty Lee Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Janae Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Gregory D. Byrd — Jackson, MS 

Jackie Marie Byrd — Harrisville, MS 
James Earl Byrd — Terry, MS 
Jamie Wayne Byrd — Ridgeiand, MS 
Leonard Oliver Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Libby Ann Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Linda Adams Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Randy Lee Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Ravin Ladon Byrd — Shaw, MS 
Rboert Ottis Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Sheri Denise Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Raymond Byrd — Jackson, MS 
Lee Turssell Byrne — Vicksburg, MS 
Joseph B. Cabell III — Jackson, MS 
Willie Charles Cable — Jackson, MS 

James Benedict Caden — Ridgeiand, MS 
Audrey Bonita Cage — Jackson, MS 
Debra Rena Cage — Vicksburg, MS 
Janice Duncan Cain — Clinton, MS 
Sue P. Cain — Jackson, MS 
Wendy Denise Cain — Jackson, MS 
Wyonda L. Cain — Madison, MS 
Louis Joseph Calamia — Whitfield, MS 
Minda Elizabeth Calcote — Natchez, MS 
Angela Carol Calder — Brandon, MS 
Bernice Boyd Caldwell — Canton, MS 
Cavid Jason Caldwell — Carthage, MS 
Giron Oneal Caldwell — Clinton. MS 
James Michael Caldwell — Vicksburg, MS 
June Fountain Caldwell — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Johnson Caldwell — Jackson, MS 
Matthew Eli Caldwell — Vicksburg, MS 
Jane Pittman Calhoun — Vicksburg, MS 
Ora Y. Calhoun — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Lee Calhoun — Jackson, MS 
Tena Pace Calhoun — Clinton, MS 
Virginia Ruth Calhoun — Natchez, MS 
Amy Katherine Callahan — Jackson. MS 
Christopher Lee Callahan — Clinton, MS 
John Steven Callahan — Clinton, MS 
Carol Ann Manceaux Callaway — Pearl, 

J. C. Callender Jr. — Mendenhall, MS 
Harold Douglas Calloway Jr. — Jackson, 

Mart Anthony Calvert — Madison, MS 
Lisa Lacey Camel — Jackson, MS 
Cherlyn Reynolds Cameron — Vicksburg, 

Deborah Michelle Cameron — Jackson, 

Carl Farr Campbell — Vicksburg, MS 
Carl Randolph Campbell — Jackson, MS 
Catherine Marie Campbell — Brandon, MS 
Craig Steven Campbell — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Huschka Campbell — Vicksburg, 

Elbert Lee Campbell — Port Gibson, MS 
Joey Wayne Campbell — Pearl, MS 
Kevin John Campbell — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Jan Campbell — Jackson, MS 
Lonnie Randall Campbell — Florence, MS 
Lydia J. Daniels Campbell — Jackson, MS 
Mark Sanders Campbell — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard E. Campbell — Clinton, MS 
Robert Leverne Campbell — Vicksburg, 

Sharon Ann Campbell — Jackson, MS 
William Richard Campbell Jr. — Jackson, 

Jana Melissa Canady — Jackson, MS 
Vivian Joyce Cannimore — Brandon, MS 
Calvin Cannon — Florence, MS 
Carol Henley Cannon — Jackson, MS 
David Harold Cannon — Jackson, MS 
James Lafayette Cannon — Canton, MS 
Jimmie Lynn Cannon — Pearl, MS 
Richard Blaine Cannon — Clinton, MS 
Sherry Elizabeth Cannon — Clinton, MS 
Kimberly Byars Cano — Jackson, MS 
Thomas M. Canterbury — Jackson, MS 
Betty Sue Cantwell — Jackson, MS 
Rita Faye Cantwell — Jackson, MS 
Edith Watson Caples — Vicksburg, MS 
Louise Nichols Caraway — Jackson, MS 
Robert Anthony Caraway — Raymond, 

Judy W. Carballo — Jackson, MS 
William Craig Carby — Jackson, MS 
Anita Louise Cardwell — Natehez, MS 
Bennie Edward Carey — Jackson, MS 
Danny Ray Carlile — Crystal Springs, MS 
Barbara Ann Carlisle — Bolton, MS 
Carla Ann Carlisle — Vicksburg, MS 
Rhonda Carlisle — Clinton, MS 
Teresa Marie Carlock — Clinton, MS 
Christine Marie Carlson — Jackson, MS 
Gary Allen Carlson — Jackson, MS 
Allan Kendrick Carmean — Clinton, MS 
Robert Edward Carmean — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Jean Carmichael — Brandon, MS 
Virginia Ann Carmichael — Brandon, MS 
Mina Ray Carollo — Jackson, MS 
Angela Janiene Carpenter — Jackson, MS 
Bobby Glen Carpenter — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Armon Carpenter — Jackson, MS 
Christopher Scott Carpenter — Madison, 

Cynthia Annette Carpenter — Jackson, 

Cynthia Gale Carpenter — Jackson, MS 
Donna Taylor Carpenter — Vicksburg, MS 
Gregory Wright Carpenter — Jackson. MS 
Lorie Marie Carpenter — Jackson, MS 
Louis Lemar Carpenter Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Mitchell E. Carpenter — Jackson, MS 
Rita Jo Carpenter — Jackson, MS 
Wade Hawkins Carpenter Jr. — Clinton, 

Betty Crutch Carr — Jackson, MS 
James Woodley Carr — Pearl, MS 
Nancy Haney Carr — Redwood, MS 

Patrice Ann Carr — Florence, MS 
Rufus Carlos Carr — Clinton, MS 
Shelley Lynn Carr — Vicksburg, MS 
David Woodard Carraway — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Elizabeth M. Carraway — (Itica, 

Joyce Waneta Carraway — Vicksburg, MS 
Kenneth Payne Carraway — Bassfield, MS 
Mary Carole Carraway — Jackson, MS 
Tina Louise Carraway — Raymond, MS 
Michael Terry Carrick — Vicksburg, MS 
Vivian Leigh Oquin Carrico — Vicksburg, 

Judy Hicks Carrigan — Bentonia, MS 
Charles Richard Carroll — Vicksburg, MS 
Jean T. Carroll — Jackson, MS 
John William Carroll — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Lynn Carroll — Vicksburg, MS 
Pauline Leto Carroll — Brandon, MS 
William Randal! Carroll — Pearl, MS 
Russell Allen Carruth — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Jean Carson — Jackson, MS 
Darlene Linson Carson — Vicksburg, MS 
Fulton C. Carson — Edwards, MS 
John Kyle Carson — Jackson, MS 
Mary L. Brit ton Carson — Madison, MS 
Penny Ann Carson -— Jackson, MS 
Billy Mike Carter — Madison, MS 
Bobbie Jean Carter — Vicksburg, MS 
Edna Carter — Raymond, MS 
James Lee Carter — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Emmet t Carter, Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Leon W. Carter — Florence, MS 
Linda Diane Carter — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Jeannette Carter — Jackson, MS 
Mary Joyce Carter — Magee, MS 
Ollie R. Baker Carter — Jackson, MS 
Penny Marie Pinner Carter — Vicksburg, 

Phyllis Gay Carter — Yazoo City, MS 
Richard Lee Carter — Jackson, MS 
Richard Scott Carter — Jackson, MS 
Rita F. Carter — Jackson, MS 
Rosa Lee Carter — Vicksburg, MS 
Rutha Mae Carter — Jackson, MS 
Vincent Patrick Carter — Jackson, MS 
Candice Michele Cartwright — Brandon, 

Pamela Nelson Cartwright — Natchez, MS 
Quinten Raymond Carver — Yazoo City, 

Audley Pearlie Case — Natchez, MS 

Barbara Kendrick Case — Jackson, MS 
Claude Jefferson Case — Jackson, MS 
Mamie Louise Case — Canton, MS 
Mark Talmadge Case — Clinton, MS 
Mary Shannon Case — Natchez, MS 
Michael Anthony Case — Jackson, MS 
Nina C. Case — Jackson, MS 
Randy J. Case — Jackson, MS 
Robert Marlow Case Jr. — Madison, MS 
Valerie Shaughn Case — Jackson, MS 
Barbee Smith Cassell — Port Gibson, MS 
David Robert Castle — Raymond, MS 
Loretta Caston — Vicksburg, MS 
Rodney Delane Caston — Jackson, MS 
Rodney Ben Caswell — Pearl, MS 
Jimmy Roy Catchings — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Elaine Catchings — Jackson, MS 
Ruby Lynn Catchings — Haziehurst, MS 
Michelle Harrison Cathey — Jackson, MS 
Nan Hollingsworth Catlin — Jackson, MS 
Eloise Ford Cattlin — Vicksburg, MS 
Ann M. Causey — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Wayne Causey — Jackson, MS 
Luvilla Causey — Jackson, MS 
Michael Shane Causey — Jackson, MS 
Joe Alan Cauthen — Jackson, MS 
Sharron Annette Cauthen — Philadelphia, 

James Randall Cavanaugh — Jackson, 

Bruce Ellis Cavett — Bolton, MS 
Catherine Cavett — Bolton, MS 
Patricia Ann Cavett — Jackson, MS 
Willie Frank Cavett — Jackson, MS 
Larry Gene Caviness — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert E. Cawthorn — Haziehurst, MS 
Jeffrey Richard Cecchetti — Vicksburg, 

David Brian Cessna — Vicksburg, MS 
Emma Miller Cessna — Vicksburg, MS 
Stella Farmer Cessna — Jackson, MS 
C. M. Chaffman — Pelahatchie, MS 
Sheila Hunt Chaffman — Pelahatchie, MS 
Jerry Oneal Chalk — Madison, MS 
Charles Allen Chambers — Pearl, MS 
Christy Joy Chambers — Carthage, MS 
Hazel B. Chambers — Jackson, MS 
Jennie Mae Chambers — Vicksburg, MS 
Lucius Marvin Chambers — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Scott Chambers — Vicksburg, MS 
Nora Lee Coleman Chambers — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Leon Chambliss — Jackson, MS 
Steven Paul Chambliss — Port Gibson, MS 

298 / Directory 

Karolyn Anderson Champion — Jackson, 

Lanier Champion — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Maria Champion — Flora, MS 
Sandra Kaye Champion — Terry, MS 
Stephanie Stringer Champion — Terry, 

Steven Liles Champion — Clinton, MS 
Dawn Marie Champlin — Brandon, MS 
Albert Darrell Chance — Clinton, MS 
James Edward Chance — Jackson, MS 
John Calvin Chance — Canton, MS 
Deborah Gay Hughes Chandler — 

Kosciusko, MS 
James Aaron Chandler — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffery Darrell Chandler — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Darlene Chandler — Florence, MS 
Todd Hastings Chandler — Jackson, MS 
Jane Chaney — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Faye Chaney — Magee, MS 
Melvin H. Chaney — Jackson, MS 
Claudette Lee Channel! — Vicksburg, MS 
Joe E. Channell — Vicksburg, MS 
Conerly Jerome Chapman — Jackson, MS 
David Leigh Chapman — Brandon, MS 
Dennis Dale Chapman — Taylorsville, MS 
James E. Chapman — Pearl, MS 
Joe Cass Chapman — Jackson, MS 
John Eugene Chapman — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Maurice Chapman — Jackson, 

Kenny A. Chapman — Brandon, MS 
Melanie Chapman, Brandon, MS 
Michael Craig Chapman — Terry, MS 
Nora Joyce Chapman — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Chapman — Pearl, MS 
Richard Alan Chapman — Clinton, MS 
Richard Joel Chapman — Jackson, MS 
Rita Cay Chapman — Jackson, MS 
William Joseph Chapman — Jackson, MS 
Beverly McNeil Chappell — Jackson, MS 
Brenda S. Chappell — Pearl, MS 
Helen Jean Charleston — Terry, MS 
Kathy Bennette Charleston — Terry, MS 
Mary Jane Charleston — Terry, MS 
John Bell Chase — CItica, MS 
Lauree McDonald Chase — Jackson, MS 
Virginia McDowell Chassaing — Pearl, MS 
Bharat Bushan Chatkara — Jackson, MS 
Kavinder K. Chatkara — Jackson, MS 
Gregory R. Chatman — Jackson, MS 
William Hoyt Chavers — Brandon, MS 
Jennifer Kaye Cheatham — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Clay Cheeks — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Cheeks — Canton, MS 
Elizabeth Matthews Chenault — 

Vicksburg. MS 
Charla Fay Cheney — Vicksburg, MS 
Madeline Pugtf Cheney — Vicksburg, MS 
Lubertha Brown Chess — Jackson, MS 
Edith L. Chibuzor — Jackson, MS 
Bessie Schnetzier Childers — Vicksburg, 

Gerald Martin Childers — yicksburg, MS 
Richard Allen Childers II — Brandon, MS 
Rhonda Michelle Childres — Clinton, MS 
Edward D. Childress Jr. — Madison, MS 
Gail Marie Childress — Jackson, MS ' 
Harry McCullough Childs — Vicksburg, 

Janice Sills Childs — Jackson, MS 
Lillie Anne Childs — Vicksburg, MS 
Bernard Wn Chill Jr. — Brandon, MS 
Jerry Ann Chiplin — Vicksburg, MS 
Viola B. Chiplin — Vicksburg, MS 
Basil Franklin Chisholm — Jackson, MS 
Chris Ray Chisolm — Sanders ville, MS 
Patricia Diann Chisholm — Jackson, MS 
Sreeni Ram Chittoor — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Edward Christian — Jackson, MS 
Gerald Antonio Christian — Vicksburg, 

Jerry Earl Christian — Raymond, MS 
Jo Ella Christian — Jackson, MS 
John Moss Christian — Tallulah, LA 
Linda Bonham Christian — Vicksburg, MS 
Tracy Lynn Christian — Vicksburg, MS 
Kim Christie — Pearl, MS 
Gloria Annette Christmas — Brandon, MS 
Racine Christmas — Clinton, MS 
Sandra Jean Christmas — Clinton, MS 
Grace Chu — Vicksburg, MS 
Pamela Frances Churchill — Clinton, MS 
Rita H. Clack — Jackson, MS 
Keith Channing Clair — Jackson, MS 
Diana L. Clanton — Jackson, MS 
Roger Clifford Clapp Jr. — Florence, MS 
Pamela Lynn Clardy — Carthage, MS 
Alice Rebecca Clark — Edwards, MS 
Avis Morrison Clark — Raymond, MS 
Brenda Conway Clark — Jackson, MS 
Chris Dean Clark — Jackson, MS 
Deborah An Clark — Brandon, MS 
Debra Jean Clark — Clinton, MS 
Doris Annette Clark — Jackson, MS 
Erma Vanerson Clark — Jackson, MS 
Flynn A. Clark — Vicksburg, MS 

Geneva Clark — Terry, MS 
George Willis Clark — Brandon, MS 
Holly Renee Clark — Pearl, MS 
June Glass! Clark — Vicksburg. MS 
Kimberly Dee Clark — Raymond, MS 
Lena Michele Clark — Pearl, MS 
Mark Brett Clark — Jackson, MS 
Martin Roy Clark — Brandon, MS 
Mary West Boozer Clark — Raymond, MS 
Pete Massengill Clark — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Leigh Clark — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie Levell Clark — Jackson, MS 
Sarah Virginia Clark — Jackson, MS 
Scott Alan Clark — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Leigh Clark — Vicksburg, MS 
William Jeff Clark — Raymond, MS 
David Robert Clarke — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Clarke — Jackson, MS 
James Allen Clary — Natchez, MS 
Leo Jay Clasby — Homer, LA 
Anthony Bernard Clay — Edwards, MS 
Blaine Alan Clay — Clinton, MS 
Clifton Lemuel Clay — Jackson, MS 
Curtis Chester Clay — Jackson, MS 
Melvin Lee Clay — Jackson, MS 
Robert Clay Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Rose Mary Clay — Jackson, MS 
Samuel Maurice Clayton — Jackson, MS 
William Edward Clayton Jr. — Madison, 

Cynthia Lynn Clearman — Jackson, MS 
Hailie Willis Clement — Jackson, MS 
Jarald Scott Celement — Crystal Springs, 

Betty Gay Joest Clements — Jackson, MS 
Martha Jane Clemmons — Jackson, MS 
James Hillard demons — CItica, MS 
Linda Jean Clerk — Jackson, MS 
Chris Shawn Clesi — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Leon Cleveland — Yazoo City, MS 
John Emery Cleveland — Jackson, MS 
Marvin Dee Cleveland — Jackson, MS 
Tina Ainsworth Cleveland — Jackson, MS 
William Bryan Clevenger — Clinton, MS 
Myrene Cliburn — Jackson, MS 
Grant L. Clifford — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Lee Clifford — Jackson, MS 
Robert Charles Clifford — Clinton, MS 
Dorothy Jean Clincy — Madison, MS 
Lula Mae Clincy — Jackson, MS 
Terri Taylor Clincy — Jackson, MS 
Sarah Ames Clinton — Jackson, MS 
Novie Marie Cloninger — Pearl, MS 
Christina Louise Clough — Jackson, MS 
Kelli Elizabeth Clower — Jackson, MS 
Lane Gibson Clower — Raymond, MS 
Juan Pierre Cloy — Jackson, MS 
Hazel Veroncie Clunan — Yazoo City, MS 
Michael Dale Clyde — Vicksburg, MS 
John Willis Coalter — Jackson. MS 
Kimberly Paige Coalter — CItica, MS 
Kimberly Kay Coates — Clinton Hinds, 

Daniel Lavern Coats — Pearl, MS 
Susanne Shuttleworth Coats — Jackson, 

Woodard H. Coats III — Jackson, MS 
Annette Cobb — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Renee Cobb — Jackson, MS 
Karen Holmes Cobb — Tallulah, LA 
Melissa Ann Cobb — Clinton, MS 
Randall Keith Cobb — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Patrick Cobb — Vicksburg, MS 
Karin Michel Cochran — Jackson, MS 
Michael Ray Cochran — Carthage, MS 
Roger Trent Cockerill — Clinton, MS 
Betty Carol Cockrell — Florence, MS 
George Richard Cockrell — Vicksburg, MS 
Janice Camille Cockrell — Vicksburg, MS 
Lois Tyler Cockrell — Rolling Fork, MS 
Sandra Leonard Cockrell — Jackson, MS 
John Austin Cocroft — Raymond, MS 
John William Cocroft — Raymond, MS 
Emery Jay Cody — Jackson, MS 
Lucinda Gay Cody — Jackson, MS 
Alva Lewis Coffey — Florence, MS 
Billie W. Coffey — Jackson, MS 
Christina Katrina Coffey — Jackson, MS 
Curtis Edward Coffey — Florence, MS 
Michael Keith Coffey — Madison, MS 
Morris Lee Coffey — Jackson, MS 
Betty Jean Coffie — Vicksburg, MS 
Tommy Lee Coffie — Vicksburg, MS 
Levi R. Coffing — Vicksburg, MS 
Lula M. Cogan — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Clayton Coggins — Jackson, MS 
Virginia D. Coin — Pearl, MS 
Deborah Olive Coins — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Denise Coker — Pearl, MS 
Allen D. Cole — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie Amandra Cole — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Ann Cole — Jackson, MS 
Paul Dion Cole — Jackson, MS 
Tom Edgar Cole — Edwards, MS 
Van Carroll Cole Jr. — Braxton, MS 
Audrey Coleman — Jackson, MS 

Audrey Potryne Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Bernette Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Bridget Wilmat Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Elease Coleman — Vicksburg, MS 
Christopher Lummie Coleman — Madison, 

Clara Davidson Coleman — Vicksburg, 

Clarence Ray Coleman — Harriston, MS 
David Christopher Coleman — Madison, 

Debbie Ann Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Dianne Jackson Coleman — Vicksburg, 

Dora Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Ernest Lavon Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Fonzie Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Herman Coleman — Jackson, MS 
James Harris Coleman — Madison, MS 
Leslie Diane Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Michael Joseph Coleman — Meadville, MS 
Phillip David Coleman Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Phillip David Coleman Sr. — Jackson, MS 
Susan Allen Coleman — Vicksburg, MS 
Wanda Kay Coleman — Jackson, MS 
Willie Mae Coleman — Vicksburg, MS 
Sheree Jo Coley — Jackson, MS 
Wayne Edgar Coley — Jackson, MS 
William Eugene Coley — Natchez, MS 
Amy Darlene Collier — Clinton, MS 
Andre Collier — Jackson, MS 
Angela D. Collier — Brandon, MS 
Billy Vance Collier — Jackson, MS 
Larry Collier Jr. — Brandon, MS 
Celinda Vonsharon Collins — Jackson, 

Cheryl Lynn Collins — Clinton, MS 
Deborah Lynne Collins — Clinton, MS 
Edward Noel Collins — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Collins — Jackson, MS 
Frank Collins Jr. — Terry, MS 
Gregory Alan Collins — Vicksburg, MS 
Jacqueline Laverne Collins — Jackson, 

John J. Collins — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Collins — Clinton, MS 
Micheal Christopher Collins — Jackson, 

Patricia Ann Collins — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Bradley Collins — Brandon, MS 
Sarah B. Singleton Collins — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Diane Collins — Jackson, MS 
Trudy Collins — Jackson, MS 
Max Harold Collum — Jackson, MS 
Reisa Burge Collum — Brandon, MS 
Carol Ann Collums — Pearl, MS 
David Keith Colyer — Jackson, MS 
Reathia Sue Comans — Clinton, MS 
Lisa Ruth Combs — Jackson, MS 
Bradley Mark Comes — Vicksburg, MS 
Army A. Comfort — Jackson, MS 
Sheri R. Comfort — Morton, MS 
William Webb Comola — Jackson, MS 
James Wayne Cone — Magee, MS 
John Clyde Conerly Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Marianne Marble Conerly — Vicksburg, 

Annie Burt Confer — Jackson, MS 
Ellen Gay Conley — Jackson, MS 
Mark Anthony Conley — Pearl, MS 
Glenn Thomas Conn — Jackson, MS 
Larry Owen Conn — Jackson, MS 
Robert Dale Conn — Pelahatchie, MS 
Patricia Johnson Connelly — Clinton, MS 
Robert Charles Connelly — Clinton, MS 
Sharon Lynn Conner — Quitman, MS 
William O Connor — Jackson, MS 
Gwendolyn Jean Connor — Vicksburg, MS 
Carl Gregory Conway — Jackson, MS 
Danella Raworth Conway — Vicksburg, 

James Anthony Conway Jr. — Clinton, 

Steven V. Coody — Vicksburg, MS 
Katherine Anne Coogan — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Edward Cook — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara File Cook — Brandon, MS 
Barbara Thompson Cook — Clinton, MS 
Darren Randall Cook — Brandon, MS 
Erwin Scott Cook — Brandon, MS 
John B. Cook — Vicksburg, MS 
John Brabston Cook Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Joseph Anthony Cook — Clinton, MS 
Karen Elizabeth Cook — Utica, MS 
Kyle Foster Cook — Jackson, MS 
Lila Hamilton Cook — Brandon, MS 
Lisa L. Cook — Jackson, MS 
Matt Alan Cook — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Helen Cook — Canton, MS 
Nancy Rebecca Speyerer Cook — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Ora Lee Cook — Vicksburg, MS 
Ralph Edgar Cook — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Harold Cook — Richland, MS 
Roxanne Amy Cook — Jackson, MS 
Theresa Louise Cook — Madison, MS 
Martin Andrew Cooke — Jackson, MS 

Michael Greg Cooke — Jackson, MS 
Sally Phinney Cooke — Vicksburg, MS 
Judy Juliet Cooks — Jackson, MS 
Hazel Embry Cooley — Pearl, MS 
James Carl Cooley Jr. — Pearl, MS 
Teresa S. Curry Cooley — Jackson, MS 
Theresa Marie Cooley — Jackson, MS 
Bradley D. Coonfield — Vicksburg, MS 
Ann Marie Dunn Cooper — Vicksburg, MS 
Christine Cooper — Crystal Springs, MS 
Connie Harris Cooper — Vicksburg, MS 
David Wayne Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Eddie Earl Cooper — Vicksburg, MS 
Ember Fitzgerald Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Francis C. Cooper Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Geneva Cook Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Homer Woodford Cooper II — Jackson, 

Jack G. Cooper — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffery Scott Cooper — Clinton, MS 
Joe Thomas Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Cooper — Morton, MS 
Lance Michael Cooper — Decatur, MS 

Linda Kaye Ward Cooper — Hollandale, 

Lucy Branch Cooper — Terry, MS 
Marshall Guy Cooper — Clinton, MS 
Nathaniel Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Brown Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Richard George Cooper — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Alton Cooper — Brandon, MS 
Robert Lance Cooper — Clinton, MS 
Sherry Mitchell Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Sonji R. Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Stacey Avara Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Van Cooper — Canton, MS 
Tina Louise Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Laverne Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Willie A. Cooper — Jackson, MS 
Richard Christopher Cope — Yazoo City, 

Arlon Scott Copeland — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Ann Copeland — Vicksburg, MS 
Lee Ann Copeland — Jackson, MS 
Lisabeth Anne Copeland — Clinton, MS 
Sheri Lynn Copeland — Jackson, MS 
Susan Leigh Copeland — Jackson, MS 
Terence Lee Copeland — Jackson, MS 
Larry Douglas Copelin — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Jean Copland — Clinton, MS 
Shirley W. Corder — Crystal Springs, MS 
Connie Green Corkern — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Ketchum Corkern — Clinton, MS 
Margaret Tuttle Corley — Jackson, MS 
Peggy Wallace Corley — Clinton, MS 
Robin Malley Corley — Florence, MS 
Annette Anderson Cornelius — Madison, 

Anthony Lloyd Cornelius — Jackson, MS 
Herman Cornelius Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Maxine Evelyn Cornelius — Jackson, MS 
Dene Glenda Corner — Clinton, MS 
John Corner — Clinton, MS 
Michael Anthony Correro — Vicksburg, 

Carol Kathryn Corrothers — Jackson, MS 
Donna Bliss Cortezie — Edwards, MS 
Charles Edward Cossett — Port Gibson, 

Linda A. Cost — Clinton, MS 
John Michael Costello — Florence, MS 
Deborah Ann Cotten — Ridgeland, MS 
Rebecca Kay Cotten — Jackson, MS 
Annie Jewel Cotton — Jackson, MS 
Bernadine Cotton — Clinton, MS 
John Wedgwood Cotton — Port Gibson, 

Robert Dewayne Cotton — Yazoo City, 

Sherry Eve Cotton — Brandon, MS 
Tambra Anita Cotton — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Ann Cotton — Yazoo City, MS 
James M. Coughlin — Jackson, MS 
Dianne Course — Jackson, MS 
Robert Steve Course — Raymond, MS 
Antone Jerome Courtney — Florence, MS 
Dottie D. Gregory Courtney — Jackson, 

Harold Dean Courtney — Pearl. MS 
Peggy Blackwell Courtney — Pearl, MS 
Karen Courts — Jackson, MS 
Walter J. Courts — Jackson, MS 
Cedric Karl Cousin — Jackson, MS 
Karen Lee Cousins — Vicksburg, MS 
Mavis Elmria Cousins — Florence, MS 
Diane Montgomery Coverson — Edwards, 

Benjamin W. Covert III — Jackson, MS 
Karen Gay Covington — Brandon, MS 
Robert Covington — CItica, MS 
Robin Camille Covington — Clinton, MS 
Hurene Cowan — Flora. MS 
Julie L. Jacklica Cowan — Vicksburg, MS 
Arthur Dwight Coward — Pearl, MS 
David Emmette Coward — Brandon, MS 
Michele Bryant Coward — Clinton, MS 

Directory / 299 

Christopher Allen Cowart — Vicksburg, 

John Paul Cowie — Brandon, MS 
Judy Lynne Cowling — Vicksburg, MS 
Candyce Renee Cos — Vicksburg, MS 
David Cox — Jackson, MS 
Jean Baddley Cox — Pearl, MS 
Jeff David Cox — Brandon, MS 
Julie Sellers Cox — Clinton, MS 
Katrina Marie Cox — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Ann Cox — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Leah Cox — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Jack Cox — Clinton, MS 
Gene Mel Coxwell Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Betty Gibbons Craft — Brandon, MS 
Charles Hugh Craft — Pearl, MS 
Gregory Yelverton Craft — Clinton, MS 
Harry Kendall Craft — Richland, MS 
Hazel D. Craft — Utica, MS 
Lisa Dawn Craft — Hattiesburg, MS 
Rose Evelyn Craft — Mendenhall, MS 
Rowan R. Craft — Richland, MS 
Sharon Lynette Craft — Pearl, MS 
Sheila Cornell Craft — Jackson, MS 
Van Steven Craft — Magee, MS 
Ruth Brinson Craig — Florence, MS 
David Christopher Crain — Brandon, MS 
George Donald Crain — Puckett, MS 
Jennifer Anne Crain — Clinton, MS 
Robert Thomas Crain — Puckett, MS 
Patricia Ann Craine — Brandon, MS 
Carolyn Bryson Crane — Vicksburg, MS 
Winfred Jerome Crane — Jackson, MS 
Hugh Rodger Craney Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Michael Todd Cranford — Jackson, MS 
Kelly Renee Crapps — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Crapps — Sandhill, MS 
Sherry L. Crapps — Brandon, MS 
Susan Joyce Crapps — Canton, MS 
Bobby Dee Crawford — Pearl, MS 
Deborah Leigh Crawford — Magee, MS 
Elizabeth Virginia Crawford — Greenville, 

Ellen White Crawford — Jackson, MS 
Guy Threatt Crawford — Jackson, MS 
Jeff Edward Crawford — Jackson, MS 
Judith A. O. Crawford — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Logan Crawford — Clinton, MS 
Lloyd Kevin Crawford — Clinton, MS 
Pamela W. Crawford — Yazoo City, MS 
Robert Bryan Crawford — Raymond, MS 
Scott William Crawford — Pearl, MS 
Susan Hawkins Crawford — Jackson, MS 
Ted Jeffery Crawford — Jackson, MS 
Terry Ann Crawford — Vicksburg, MS 
Felisha Damene Creamer — Durant, MS 
Michael John Crechale — Raymond, MS 
Tracy Carleen Creekmore — Jackson, MS 
Guy Wesley Creel — Flora, MS 
Mary Nell Herrington Creel — Flora, MS 
Betty J. Crenshaw — Brandon, MS 
Joe Michael Crenshaw — Richland, MS 
Randall Wayne Crenshaw — Jackson, MS 
Donald Ray Cresswell — Bentonia, MS 
Jimmie Creswell — Jackson, MS 
Franklin Edward Crevitt — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra M. Crevitt — Vicksburg, MS 
Travis Eugene Crimm — Yazoo City, MS 
Ralph Jackson Criss — Jackson, MS 
Cindy Lee Crist — Jackson, MS 
Danny Wayne Crocker — Yazoo City, MS 
Lola Jean Crocker — Jackson, M8 
Michael Scott Crockett — Jackson, MS 
Brendia Faye Crook — Flora, MS 
Cecil Thomas Crosby — Vicksburg, MS 
Dianne Jackson Crosby — Vicksburg, MS 
Janice Nichols Crosby — Pearl, MS 
Kimberly Susan Crosby — Jackson, MS 
Marilyn Ellen Crosby — Richland, M8 
Neil Davis Crosby — Richland, MS 
Donald Joseph Cross — Vicksburg, MS 
Gigi Yvette Cross — WoodviUe, MS 
Ginger Carson Crosswhite — Jackson, MS 
Darren Michael Crotchett — Brandon, MS 
Timothy Perkins Crothers — Vidalia, LA 
Michael Steve Crotwell — Morton, MS 
Ollie 8teven Crouther — Raymond, M8 
Jerry Wayne Crow — Vicksburg, MS 
Arvis William Crowder Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Judy E. Wilson Crowder — Terry, MS 
Melinda Ann Crowell — Clinton, MS 
Alton Michetl Crowley — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Michelle Crowley — Jackson, M8 
Willie Crowner — Jackson, M8 
Carl Keence Crowther — Vicksburg, M8 

Belinda Elisa Crudup lackson, MS 

Donna Lynn Crum — Jackson, MS 
Harvel Thomas Crum — Hernando, MS 
Julie Beth Crum — Jackson, M8 

Teresa Elisabeth Crum lackson, MS 

Johnny Lee Crump — Hazlehurst, MS 
Pearline Crump — Jackson, M8 
Charles D. Crumpton — Jackson, M8 
Greg Harmon Cruse — Raymond, M8 
Washington Cruthirds — Vicksburg, M8 
Margaret Dedeaux Cruz — Jackson, M8 

Donna Smart Cryer — Jackson, MS 
Betty Ann Culbert — Jackson, MS 
Valynda Bufkin Culley — Vicksburg, MS 
Deanna Corinne Culpepper — Carthage, 

Julia Virginia Culpepper — Jackson, MS 
Marsha Lorri Culpepper — Jackson, MS 
Melea Cole Culpepper — Clinton, MS 
Johnny Dwight Culver — Crystal Springs, 

Cynthia Dupree Cumberland — Florence, 

Michael Scott Cumberland — Florence, 

Betty Turnage Cumby — Madison, MS 
Margery Ann Cummings — Brandon, MS 
George Clark Cummins Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Lucille F. Cummins — Jackson, MS 
Margo Elizabeth Cummins — Brandon, MS 
Maria Evans Cummins — Talluiah, LA' 
William Aaron Cummins — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Virginia Cunningham — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Claire P. Cunningham — Vicksburg, MS 
John Lee Cunningham — Vicksburg, MS 
Victor Vincent Cunningham — Madison, 

Kevin E. Cupit — Natchez, MS 
Jennifer Holley Curcio — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Diane Curd — Vicksburg, MS 
Trudy L. Cure — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Elaine Currie — Utica, MS 
Paul Warren Currie — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Jeannine Currie — Jackson, MS 
William Elbert Currie Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Shelby Ann Gibson Curry — Vicksburg, 

Carolyn Dianne Curtis — Raymond, MS 
Chad Powell Curtis — Utica, MS 
Dawn Rene Curtis — Clinton, MS 
Lucille M. Curtis — Vicksburg, MS 
Nancy Fowler Curtis — Vicksburg, MS 
Sterling Douglas Curtis — Vicksburg, MS 
Steven Mark Curtis — Utica, MS 
Susan Virginia Curtis — Jackson, MS 
Tammy S. Curtis — Vicksburg, MS 
Timmy Dale Curtis — Vicksburg, MS 
Deanna Elisabeth Cusick — Pearl, MS 
Tracey Valynn Dabbs — University, MS 
Lisa Maraman Dabney — Vicksburg, MS 
Marilyn Riggs Daggett — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Michelle Daley — Jackson, MS 
Robert Charles Daley — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Crimm Dalton — Clinton, MS 
Dane Dampeer — Mendenhall, MS 
Bessie Kelly Dangerfield — Clarksdale, 

Frankie Lee Daniel — Jackson, MS 
Jennette Daniel — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Murray Daniel — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Walker Daniel — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Andrew Daniel — Pearl, MS 
Sarah Louise Daniel — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Ann Daniel — Jackson, MS 
Willie Jame Daniel — Raymond, MS 
Amanda Cathrine Daniels — Jackson, MS 
David Ward Daniels — Vicksburg. MS 
Hazel McKenzie Daniels — Terry, MS 
John Henry Daniels — Utica, MS 
Kenneth Lawrence Daniels — Pearl, MS 
Kenneth M. Daniels — Greenville, MS 
Michael Daniels — Clinton, MS 
Phillip A. Daniels — Jackson, MS 
Vergie Wells Daniels — Jackson, MS 
Lori Ann Danks — Jackson, MS 
Jann Beasley Dann — Pearl, MS 
Dorman Earl Dansby — Jackson, MS 
Karen Denice Dantzler — Vicksburg, MS 
Jim Joseph Daquilla Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Andrewlene Caston Darby — Jackson, MS 
John Calvin Darby — Hernando, MS 
Margaret Gordon Dardeau — Vicksburg, 

Bernastine Darden — Vicksburg, MS 
Clarence Edward Darden — Jackson, MS 
Tina Marden Darden — Jackson, MS 
Tommie Fay Darsey — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Diane Dassing — Jackson, MS 
Paule Denise Daughety — Jackson, MS 
Lillian Jean Daughtery — Vicksburg, MS 
Lonnie Franklin Daughtery — Vicksburg, 

Jason Edward Dauphin — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Warned Davenport — Morton, MS 
Michael Patrick Davern — Vicksburg, MS 
Jamelia Ann David — Jackson, MS 
Angela Denise Davidson — Madden, MS 
Anita Blanche Davidson — Terry, MS 
Darryl Dean Davidson — Brandon, MS 
Edith Smithhart Davidson — Vicksburg, 

Glenn Jackson Davidson — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Elaine Davidson — Jackson, M8 
Teresa Gail Davidson — Madden, MS 
Amanda Jones Davis — Clinton, MS 
Betty Sue Mundy Davis — Ridgeland, MS 

Betty W. Davis — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Pritchett Davis — Vicksburg, MS 
Billy Wayne Davis — Jackson, MS 
Brenda S. Davis — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Ray Davis — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia K. Davis — Bolton, MS 
Debra Davis — Canton, MS 
Delores Davis — Terry, MS 
Denese Louis Davis — Jackson, MS 
Donna Renee Davis — Clinton, MS 
Dorothy Winston Davis — Jackson, MS 
Dwarn Davis — Jackson, MS 
Eddie Dean Davis — Vicksburg, MS 
Emma Ruth Davis — Jackson, MS 
Eugene Davis Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Eula Faye Davis — Raymond, MS 
Fleming Gary Louis Davis — Canton, MS 
Flora Williams Davis — Jackson, MS 
Geraldine Davis — Jackson, MS 
Glen Otis Davis — Jackson, MS 
Howard Davis — Talluiah, LA 
Jacqueline Renett Davis — Jackson, MS 
Janice Lynnette Davis — Jackson, MS 
Janice Peak Davis — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerome Davis — Jackson, MS 
Jim W. Davis — Jackson, MS 
Johnnie Lee Davis — Vicksburg, MS 
Josephine Davis — Terry, MS 
Juanita Davis — Jackson, MS 
Karen Smith Davis — Jackson, MS 
Kattie Mae Davis — Clinton, MS 
Kevin Douglas Davis — Clinton, MS 
L. L. Davis — Brandon, MS 
Letecia Teresa Davis — Jackson, MS 
Linda Hobson Davis — Pearl, MS 
Lucille Davis — Jackson, MS 
Margaret Elizabeth Davis — Jackson, MS 
Melvin Davis — Clinton, MS 
Mildred Sandra Davis — Jackson, MS 
Pamela M. Permenter Davis — Jackson, 

Patricia J. Davis — Jackson, MS 
Priscilla Davis — Bolton, MS 
Rebecca Lou Davis — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Earl Davis — Florence, MS 
Robert Lloyd Davis — Brandon, MS 
Rosie Mae Davis — Vicksburg, MS 
Ruthie Faye Davis — Pearl, MS 
Sherrick Anthony Davis — Jackson, MS 
Stacy Arnold Davis — Jackson, MS 
Tina Davis — Jackson, MS 
Van Dulles Davis — Jackson, MS 
Veljo Elaine Davis — Vicksburg, MS 
Vicki L. Baker Davis — Jackson, MS 
West Davis — Jackson, MS 
William Earl Davis — Jackson, MS 
Willie Bridget Davis — Jackson, MS 
Virginia Kay Dawson — Jackson, MS 
Joan Carol Day — Jackson, MS 
Robert William Day — Terry, MS 
Roland Andrew Day — Bentonia, M8 
Sandra Farmer Dazell — Clinton, MS 
Herbert Curtis Dean — Jackson, Ms 
Janet Lynn Dean — Clinton, MS 
Joyce M. Dean — Vicksburg, MS 
Pamela Larche Dean — Jackson, MS 
Peter Dwane Dean — Jackson, MS 
Samuel Jeffery Dean — Pearl, MS 
Cassandra Dear — Brandon, MS 
Ethel Lee Dear — Jackson, MS 
Ferlicia Marshale Dear — Brandon, MS 
Terri Thomas Dear — Florence, MS 
Timothy Carl Dear — Florence, MS 
Valerie Renee Dear — Brandon, MS 
Donna Carol Dearman — Jackson, MS 
Drew Allen Dearman — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Jo Deason — Jackson, MS 
Dottie 8. Deceit — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Fay Dedeaux — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Strong Dedmon — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Glenn Dedmon — Pearl, M8 
Jeanne G. Deen — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Dale Deen — Mendenhall, MS 
Kenneth Loran Dees — Vicksburg, MS 
Regina Dawn Dees — Brandon, MS 
Laura J. Degraw — Brandon, MS 
Valle Yavonne Monea Del — Yazoo City, 

Bonnie Marie Delancy — Braxton, MS 
Susan Lynn Delancy — Clinton, MS 
Terri Ann Deloach — Clinton, MS 
Johnnie Wilkins Deloatch — Jackson, MS 
Hilda Carr Demartin — Jackson, MS 
Karen Ann Demauro — Jackson, MS 
Gerald Antoine Deneau — Clinton, M8 
Gloria Ann Denley — Jackson, MS 
Brenda J. Denney — Brandon. MS 
Margaret Cantin Dennis — Vicksburg, M8 
Mary Lisa Dennis — Forest, M8 
Stephen George Dennis — Jackson, MS 
llona Marie Denny — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Denny — Jackson, MS 
Marion B. Denny Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Hilton Denson — Jackson, MS 
Bridget Carol Denson — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Montgomery Denson — Jackson, 

Kimberly Burnham Denson — Jackson, 

Michael Alexander Denson — Jackson, 

Mike! W. Denson — Clinton, MS 
Vicki Lynn Denson — Louisville, MS 
Vicky Carter Denson — Jackson, MS 
Hayden Segrest Dent — Vicksburg, MS 
Lee Bethea Dent — Bolton, MS 
Eddie Richard Denton — Jackson, MS 
Ann Homan Depoyster — Pearl, MS 
Bill Whatley Depriest — Clinton, MS 
Diane Derivaux — Jackson, MS 
Patrick Brett Derossette — Vicksburg, MS 
David Leslie Derrick — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna C. Derrick — Vicksburg, MS 
Lilla Denise Derrick — Brandon, MS 
Lynda Ezelle Derrick — Madison, MS 
Sharon Watford Derriso — Vicksburg, MS 
Vidyut Nayan Deshpande — Clinton, MS 
Ronald E. Despain — Brandon, MS 
Deborah Kaye Desper — Terry, MS 
Jeffrey James Dessommes — Clinton, MS 
Amonte Mandell Devine — Jackson, MS 
Hadasah Devine — Florence, MS 
Marietta Cummings Devine — Jackson, 

Nathan Randolph Devine — Madison, MS 
Yahala Devine — Florence, MS 
Darryl Richard Devlin — Jackson, MS 
Doris Compere Dew — Vicksburg, MS 
Tammy Helen Dew — Pearl, MS 
John Luther Dewitt Jr. — Flowood, MS 
Lisa Virginia Dewitt — Brandon, MS 
Michael Anthony Diaz — Jackson, MS 
Angela Olivia Dicken — Jackson, MS 
Darla Anne Dickerson — Georgetown, MS 
James Kenneth Dickerson Jr. — Whitfield, 

Melissa James Dickerson — Brandon, MS 
Jan C. Dickey — Brandon, MS 
Frances Brown Dickson — Jackson, MS 
Jamy Emile Dickson — Jackson, MS 
Larry David Dickson — Vicksburg, MS 
Larry David Dickson Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael J. Dickson — Newton, MS 
Donald Jeffrey Dieckman — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Ellen Diehl — Pearl, MS 
Lisa Halderman Dieth — Jackson, MS 
Mary Ferguson Diggs — Jackson, MS 
Mildred Nevels Diggs — Vicksburg, MS 
Jack Henry Dildine — Vicksburg, MS 
Barry Dwayne Dill — Jackson, MS 
Fannie Mae Dillard — Flora, MS 
Frank Dillard — Pelahatchie, MS 
Marilyn Gayle Dillard — Jackson, MS 
Robert Cole Dillard — Clinton, MS 
Angela Barbara Dillon — Mendenhall, MS 
Darron La von Dillon — Jackson, MS 
Jeane Elizabeth Dillon — Lexington, MS 
Melanie Jane Dillon — Utica, MS 
Laura Suzanne Dilmore — Clinton, MS 
Lisa Renee Dinkins — Jackson, MS 
William Woodruff Dinkins — Canton, MS 
Donalea Dinsmore — Jackson, MS 
Robert Wesley Dinsmore — Jackson, MS 
Benny Ray Dismuke — Jackson, MS 
Debra Loggins Dismuke — Jackson, MS 
Laura Catherine Distefano — Natchez, MS 
Michael Penn Ditto — Vicksburg, MS 
Berlene Dixon — Jackson, MS 
Betty Ann Welch Dixon — Vicksburg, MS 
Ceola Dixon — Whitfield, MS 
Cleola Dixon — Whitfield, MS 
Libby Ann Dixon — Clinton, MS 
Loviett Dixon Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Mardie O. Dixon — Jackson, MS 
Mary White Dixon — Jackson, MS 
Morris Lovett Dixon — Jackson, MS 
Sherron Faye Dixon — Jackson, MS 
Sheryl Barden Dixon — Hazlehurst, MS 
Theresa Dixon — Jackson, MS 
David Russell Doan — Clinton, MS 
Diana D. Dobbins — Vicksburg, MS 
Tanya Sheree Dobbs — Forest, MS 
Eric H. Dobson — Jackson, MS 
Reginald Dobson — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Jean Dodd — Jackson, MS 
John E. Dodd — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Elizabeth Dodson — Pearl, MS 
Rachel Kathy Dodson — Vicksburg, MS 
Camille Carolla Doiron — Vicksburg, MS 
Julie Lizabeth Doiron — Vicksburg, MS 
Maralyn S. Dolan — Brandon, MS 
Michael Andrew Domingue — Vicksburg, 

Jason Paul Dominick — Brandon, MS 
Dorothy Lucille Domino — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis White Domino — Jackson, MS 
Alexandria Devon Donahue — Jackson, 

Wanda Kaye Donahue — Jackson, MS 
Janice Donald — Pearl, MS 
Jerry Wayne Donald — Pearl, MS 
Marie Lee Donald — Pearl, MS 

300 / Directory 

Robert Lewis Donald — Terry, MS 
Daisy Beatrice Donaldson — Jackson, MS 
Robert Lester Donaldson — Jackson, MS 
Denise Donelson — Jackson, MS 
Joe Ann Donelson — Jackson, MS 
Jeanette Donerson — Bolton, MS 
Hadley Royce Donnell — Mendenhall, MS 
Lisa Marie Donohue — Vicksburg, MS 
Joan Coomes Donovan — Vicksburg, MS 
David Mitchell Dooley — Utica, MS 
Albert Jacob Dornbusch — Vicksburg, MS 
Jane Celowee Dornbusch — Vicksburg, 

Kenneth Glyn Dorsey — Madison, MS 
Wyile Lee Dorsey — Jackson, MS 
Stanley Leon Dortch — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Lee Doss — Roxie, MS 
Walter Doss — Vicksburg, MS 
Warren Stanley Doss — Jackson, MS 
Lyman Allen Dossett — Natchez, MS 
Yvonne Fernald Doster — Jackson, MS 
James P. Dotson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Net Dotson — Vicksburg, MS 
Micheal Anthony Dotson — Vicksburg, MS 
Steve Presie Dottery — Jackson, MS 
Carl Douglas — Sicily Island, LA 
Cassandra Rochelle Douglas — Jackson, 

Cedric A. Douglas — Vicksburg, MS 
Cleotha Fay Douglas — Jackson, MS 
Donya Douglas — Jackson, MS 
Edward Eugene Douglas — Vicksburg, MS 
John Leland Douglas — Jackson, MS 
Karen Darlene Douglas — Brandon, MS 
Lisa Diann Douglas — Pearl, MS 
Roy Windell Douglas — Jackson, MS 
Julia Ann Douglass — Clinton, MS 
Dean Williamson Dove — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Amos Dove — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Elizabeth Dove — Jackson, MS 
Janice Kay Dover — Jackson, MS 
Arthur James Downing — Raymond, MS 
David S. Downing — Jackson, MS 
Donna Dee Downing — Florence, MS 
Gwen Denise Downing — Raymond, MS 
Hetga S. Downing — Brandon, MS 
Melodee Downing — Jackson, MS 
Donal Ray Downs — Terry, MS 
Jimmy Downs — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Lou Doyle — Yazoo City, MS 
Sherry Hope Dozier — Brandon, MS 
William Glenn Dozier — Itta Bena, MS 
Carol Drake — Jackson, MS 
Larry Drake — Jackson, MS 
Terry George Drake — Brandon, MS 
Gregor Wilson Drane — Natchez, MS 
Bettie Lue Draper — Vicksburg, MS 
Henrycene Nichols Drone — Bolton, MS 
Lynnell Drones — Jackson, MS 
Varnell Drones — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Drummonds — Raymond, MS 
Lakshmi Dubey — Clinton, MS 
Lori Michele Dubuisson — Vicksburg, MS 
Cindy K. Ducker — Jackson, MS 
Constantina L. Ducksworfh — Laurel, MS 
Vanessa Ducksworth — Mendenhall, MS 
John Hugh Duckworth — Waco, TX 
Peggy Elois Duckworth — Pearl, MS, 
Alan Gregory Duclos — Vicksburg, MS 
Blanche Harvey Dudley — Jackson, MS 
Donald Ray Duerson — Jackson, MS 
Reochell Duffin — Port Gibson, MS 
Cecilia Ann Dugas — Jackson, MS 
Belinda Eldridge Duke — Florence, MS 
Decunda Dacita Duke — Raymond, MS 
Glenda Gilmore Duke — Raymond, MS 
Gregory David Duke — Brandon, MS 
Lori Ann Duke — Jackson, MS 
Ernestine Dukes — Jackson, MS 
Greg Wayne Dukes — Jackson, MS 
James Earl Dukes — Jackson, MS 
John Mark Dukes — Pearl, MS 
Kevin Thomas Dukes — Clinton, MS 
Maria Robinson Dukes — Florence, MS 
Melissa Nell Dukes — Morton, MS 
Morgan Darrel Dukes — Vicksburg, MS 
Nellie J. Dukes — Jackson, MS 
Roxanne Dukes — Jackson, MS 
Steven Lawrence Dukes — Jackson, MS 
Wyndetl Keith Dukes — Jackson, MS 
Alfred Lee Dulaney — Vicksburg, MS 
Corean Dulaney — Raymond, MS 
Earnestine Jones Dulaney — Vicksburg, 

Frank Stacey Dulaney — Terry, MS 
Becky Russell Dumas — Pearl, MS 
Charles Allison Dumas — Prentiss, MS 
Stacy Ann Dunavant — Jackson, MS 
James Elvin Dunaway — Pearl, MS 
Melissa Irene Dunaway — Jackson, MS 
Wendie Ann Dunbar — Vicksburg, MS 
Ava Hallberg Duncan — Vicksburg, MS 
John B. Duncan — Brandon, MS 
Carolyn J. Dungan — Vicksburg, MS 
William Alton Dunigan — Pearl, MS 
Presley Lee Dunlap — Jackson. MS 

Sherry Lynn Dunlap — Pearl, MS 
Sophie M. Dunlap — Raymond, MS 
Keith Fitzgerald Dunn — New Orleans, LA 
Robert Michael Dunn — Jackson, MS 
Russell Dunn Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Timothy R. Dunn — Jackson, MS 
Alberta Steen Dunson — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Poche Duplessis — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Jean Durham — Raymond, MS 
James David Durham — Clinton, MS 
Julia Lee Durham — Jackson, MS 
Max David Durham — Jackson, MS 
Rao V. H. Durisala — Jackson, MS 
Hywatha Ann Durr — Jackson, MS 
James Samuel Durr — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Dieter Durr — Jackson, MS 
David Edward Durst — Vicksburg, MS 
Myra Anita Duvall — Greenville, MS 
Carolyn Ann Dyar — Raymond, MS 
Tina Dyer — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Luann Dyess — Star, MS 
Monica Lynn Dyess — Jackson, MS 
Vickey Lynn Dyess — Pelahatchie, MS 
Sheila Hutchison Dykes — Jackson, MS 
Tina Hazzlerigg Dykes — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Kaye Dyson — Jackson, MS 
Margie Dyson — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Elaine Dyson — Jackson, MS 
Clarence Wayne Eady — Jackson, MS 
Charles Robert Eakes — Jackson, MS 
Earnestine Ealy — Jackson, MS 
Sonya Anita Eanes — Brandon, MS 
Alice Claire Earle — Clinton, MS 
Belinda G. Earls — Morton, MS 
Lisa Lynn Earls — Jackson, MS 
George Timothy Earnest — Ridgeland, MS 
William E. Earnhart III — Madison, MS 
Janice Newman Easley — Jackson, MS 
Leo Easley — Raymond, MS 
Susan Oliver Easley — Ridgeland, MS 
Rita Carol Easom — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Renae Easter — Jackson, MS 
Ruby H. Easter — Jackson, MS 
Darryt Glenn Easterling — Jackson, MS 
Joann Easterling — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Allen Easterling — Clinton, MS 
Teresa Gail Easterling — Morton, MS 
Sharon Eastland — Brandon, MS 
Sheila Ann Eastman — Vicksburg, MS 
Delia Deloris Eatmon — Vicksburg, MS 
Lauri Lewis Eaton — Clinton, MS 
Leslie Elizabeth Eaton — Jackson, MS 
Ray Leroy Eaton — Jackson, MS 
Roy Aaron Eaton — Vicksburg, MS 
William Jonathan Eaton — Clinton, MS 
William Robert Eaton Jr. — Raymond, MS 
Mark Darrell Eaves — Florence, MS 
Thomas Christopher Eaves — Jackson, 

Teresa A, Echols — Pearl, MS 
Kerry David Eckman — Jackson, MS 
Leslie McGehee Edgar — Flora, MS 
Signe Ellen Edhedgard — Jackson, MS 
Alva Grey Edmondson — Edwards, MS 
Robin Neal Edmondson — Jackson, MS 
Gary Owen Edmonson — Jackson, MS 
Janis Doolittle Edmonson — Madison, MS 
Thomas Carl Edmonson — Jackson, MS 
Barbara J. Edwards — Vicksburg, MS 
Bill Edwards — Brandon, MS 
Boyd Quinn Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Ann Edwards — Clinton, MS 
Cathy Smith Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Clifton Todd Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Emery Mayne Edwards Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Gaylin Gwyn Edwards — Natchez, MS 
Hampton Lee Edwards — Greenville, MS 
Jennifer Lee Edwards — D Lo, MS 
Jonathan R. Edwards IV — Pelahatchie, 

Joseph David Edwards — Florence, MS 
Karen Denise Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Karreen Quinn Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Leanne Edwards — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Dawn Edwards — Brandon, MS 
Lisa Love Edwards — Clinton, MS 
Lynne Marie Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Mary Henderson Edwards — Bolton, MS 
Melonie L. Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Ola Soula Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Rose Edwards — Port Gibson, MS 
Robert Durward Edwards Jr. — Pearl, MS 
Theresa Gail Edwards — Jackson, MS 
William Clayton Edwards — Jackson, MS 
William Joel Edwards — Jackson, MS 
Willie E. Edwards — Hermanville, MS 
Robert Keith Ehrhardt — Vicksburg, MS 
Dayna T. Eichelberger — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Nicole Eichelberger — Jackson, 

Glyndon Thornhill Eiler — Pearl, MS 
Barry Dwaine Flam — Vicksburg, MS 
Henry Ernest Elam — Jackson, MS 
Lelia Wy vette L. Elbert — Jackson, MS 
Don Joseph Eldridge — Vicksburg, M8 
Marilyn Monroe Eldridge — Jackson, MS 

William Wayne Eldridge — Canton, MS 
Thomas Henry Elkins — Morton, MS 

Debra A. Ellard — Madison, MS 

Joe Randell Ellingburg — Brandon, MS 

Leslie Ray Home Ellington — Jackson, 

Lee Ann Elliott — Raymond, MS 
Renda Gaye Elliott — Jackson, MS 
Steve Lee Elliott — Raymond, MS 
Terri Larae Elliott — Florence, MS 
Alice Denice Ellis — Yazoo, MS 
Betty Pearl McDaniel Ellis — Pearl. MS 
Brenda Dent Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Christine Lynn Ellis — Clinton, MS 
Connie Jean Ellis — Raymond, MS 
Danny Earl Ellis — Vicksburg, MS 
David Ray Ellis — Vicksburg, MS 
Dearbria Arneater Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Doris Jean Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Haywood F. Ellis Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Joyce M. Ellis — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathy Purpera Ellis — Vicksburg, MS 
Kattie Mae Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Kelly Jennene Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Kim Renee Ellis — Utica. MS 
Lloyd Donald Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Patsy Ann Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Peggy Ann Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Riley L. Ellis — Hermanville, MS 
Ruby Lee Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Rufus Ellis — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Ellis — Vicksburg, MS 
John Michael Ellison — Lexington, MS 
B. Sue Elmore — Clinton, MS 
Rowan Johnny Elmore — Vicksburg, MS 
Darrell Royce Elsea — Vicksburg, MS 
Demi Lee Emerson — Vicksburg, MS 
Elizabeth Marge Emerson — Vicksburg, 

Patricia Anne Emerson — Brandon, MS 
Shannon Rebecca Emerson — Vicksburg, 

Harry Willard Emery — Vicksburg, MS 
Lori Noble Emery — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael David Emery — Jackson, MS 
John William Emory III — Madison, MS 
Thomas Robert Emory — Jackson, MS 
Deborah L. England — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Turner England — Vicksburg, MS 
Edward Arthur England — Utica, MS 
Robert Lee England — Vicksburg, MS 
Robin Renee English — Vicksburg, MS 
Joe Glenn Enochs — Vardaman, MS 
Melissa Kaye Enochs — Pearl, MS 
Michael Loren Ensign — Pelahatchie, MS 
Deborah Nutt Enzweiler — Jackson, MS 
Donna S. Epperson — Jackson, MS 
Alma Maria Epps — Vicksburg, MS 
Berlinda Mae Epps — Jackson, MS 
Rejana Renee Epps — Lexington, MS 
Edwin Alvin Erlbacher — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert E. Errington — Pearl, MS 
Tonia Taylor Erves — Vicksburg, MS 
Darryl Eric Ervin — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Dane Ervin — Brandon, MS 
Laura Faye Ervin — Jackson, MS 
Mary Taylor Ervin — Jackson, MS 
Saundra Denise Ervin — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Jean Essex — Brandon, MS 
Winfred Katez Essix — Jackson. MS 
Karin Gail Estes — Flora, MS 
Mary Elaine Estes — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Todd Est ess — Jackson, MS 
Kara Etheridge — Jackson, MS 
Suzie Lynn Etheridge — Redwood, MS 
Judith Lori Hunt Ethridge — Vicksburg, 

Angela Michele Etter — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Marie Ettinger — Vicksburg, MS 
Elva McBride Eubanks — Clinton. MS 
Linda Jean Eubanks — Jackson, MS 
Peggy Taylor Eubanks — Madison, MS 
Phaeiolis Gracelyn Eubanks — Jackson, 

Tracey Jo Eubanks — Pearl, MS 
Sharon Felecia Eudy — Jackson, MS 
Willard Brewnell Eure — Brandon, MS 
Arkon Leyron Evans — Canton, MS 
Barbara Ann Evans — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara Anne Harris Evans — Jackson, 

Barbara Gail Evans — Jackson, MS 
Charlene L. Evans — Jackson.MS 
Charles Henry Evans Jr. — Madison, MS 
Charles Evans Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Charles Lee Evans — Pearl, MS 
Corine Evans — Vicksburg, MS 
Darrell Dewayne Evans — Bolton, MS 
Emma Benton Evans — Jackson, MS 
Francis Renee Evans — Jackson, MS 
Frank Edward Evans — Jackson, MS 
Harry William Evans — Jackson, MS 
Houston H. Evans III — Jackson, MS 
Jeanette Denise Evans — Forest, MS 
Joan Evans — Jackson, MS 
John Orville Evans III — Vicksburg, MS 

Joyce H. Evans — Pearl, MS 
Julia Marie Evans — Crystal Springs, MS 
Kimberly Rachell Evans — Jackson.MS 
Lisa Janell Evans — Jackson, MS 
Lon L. Evans — Jackson, MS 
Michael Darby Evans — Jackson, MS 
Odis Daniel Evans — Jackson, MS 
Patti Elizabeth Evans — Clinton, MS 
Phil Dewayne Evans — Pearl, MS 
Rebecca Lynn Evans — Pearl, MS 
Rosaline Quette Evans — Canton. MS 
Sandra Alford Evans — Brandon, MS 
Sarah Stinnett Evans — Pearl, MS 
Sharon Kay Evans — Jackson, MS 
Sheila L. Evans — Vicksburg, MS 
Shelley Ann Evans — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Edward Evans — Jackson, MS 
Betty Latham Everett — Jackson, MS 
Connie S. Everett — Clinton, MS 
Gary Lynn Everett — Pelahatchie, MS 
Howard R. Everett — Canton, MS 
Jeanette P. Everett — Canton, MS 
Jonathan Scott Everett — Vicksburg, MS 
Susann Trites Everett — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Michael Everitt — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Gail Expose — Columbia MS 
Glen Douglas Ezell — Vicksburg, MS 
David Wayne Ezelle — Elinton, MS 
Van N. Fairchild — Hazlehurst, MS 
Barry Dwayne Faircloth — Jackson, MS 
Alfredia Lynn Fairley — Jackson, MS 
Debra Kay Fairley — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Lindsey Fairley — Richland, MS 
Daphne Rae Falls — Jackson, MS 
Jo Ann Golmon Falvey — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Jean Fancher — Edwards, MS 
Jeffrey Owen Faries — Jackson, MS 
Philip Reid Faries — Brandon, MS 
Larry Mose Farish — Jackson, MS 
Alton Wayne Farmer Jr. — Monroe, LA 
Clarence Stephen Farmer — Vicksburg, 

Danny Paul Farmer — Ridgeland, MS 
Freda McCarter Farmer — Vicksburg, MS 
James Kimble Farmer — Jackson, MS 
Jim James Farmer — Clinton, MS 
Joanna Michelle Farmer — Vicksburg, MS 
Larry Farmer — Jackson, MS 
Nathaleen N. Farmer — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Doreen Farmer — Brandon, MS 
Thurlow Charles Farnsworth — Clinton, 

David Alan Farr — Clinton, MS 
Freida G. Farr — Clinton, MS 
Debra Lanelle Farrar — Clinton, MS 
Robert A. Farrell — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Derden Farris — Jackson, MS 
Lavandus Karl Faulkner — Jackson, MS 
Laura Elizabeth Fealko — Pearl, MS 
Jacqueline Fears — Jackson, MS 
James Patrick Featherston — Jackson, 

Rebecca Ann Featherston — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Ann Feild — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie L. Felton — Vaughan. MS 
Steven Michael Felts — Jackson, MS 
Tracy Annette Felts — Waynesboro, MS 
Linda Elliott Feltus — Jackson, MS 
Tracy Ann Fenwick — Vicksburg, MS 
Samuel Timothy Feraci — Canton, MS 
David Ferguson — Vicksburg, MS 
James Bruce Ferguson — Kosciusko, MS 
James Casey Ferguson — Grenada, MS 
Judith Waugh Ferguson — Brandon, MS 
Karen Ann Ferguson — Clinton, MS 
Karen Lynn Ferguson — Jackson, MS 
Mollie Jeannine Ferguson — Vicksburg, 

Rosie Mae Ferguson — Utica, MS 
Ruby Lee Ferguson — Vicksburg, MS 
Sharon Marie Ferguson — Jackson, MS 
Betty White Feroben — Pearl, MS 
James Bailey Feroben — Pearl, MS 
Deborah Estep Ferry — Jackson, MS 
Tom Calvin Fetezer — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Jo Fettet — Vicksburg, MS 
Catherine Lynn O. Field — Vicksburg, MS 
Cathryn Maureen Field — Vicksburg, MS 
Mitchell Dale Field — Natchez, MS 
Rodney Alton Fielder — Port Gibson, MS 
Terry Jeffries Fielding — Jackson, MS 
Carla Denise Fields — Vicksburg, MS 
John Reese Fields — Vicksburg, MS 
John Reese Fields — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Leon Fields — Edwards, MS 
Pamela Diane Fields — Clinton, MS 
Evelyn Yvonne Fifer — Jackson, MS 
Judy Elaine Fifield — Jackson, MS 
James Lawrence Fikes — Decatur, MS 
Gerald Earrol File — Jackson, MS 
Dawn McBeth Fillingame — Florence, MS 
Benjamin F. Finison Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Lee George Fink — Jackson, MS 
Perry Drew Finklea — Jackson. MS 
Pamela Jean Finnegan — Florence. MS 
Cynthia Marie Finney — Vicksburg, MS 

Directory /301 

L. P. Fischer — Canton, MS 
Beverly Faye Fisher — Utica, MS 
Bobbie Patricia F. Fisher — Brandon, MS 
David E. Fisher — Jackson, MS 
David Ramsey Fisher — Brandon, MS 
Derrick Todd Fisher — Jackson, MS 

Eddie James Fisher Jr. lackson, MS 

Gladysteen Fisher — Jackson, MS 
Judith Ann Graham Fisher — Pearl, M8 
Renette D. Fisher — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Dale Fisher — Jackson, MS 
Willie Ann Coleman Fisher — Jackson, MS 
John Austin Fitzer — Pearl, MS 
Everett Eugene Fitzgerald — Pearl, MS 
Scot Micheal Fitzgerald — Severna Park, 

Karen Forrester Fitzhugh — Jackson, MS 
Rachel L. Fitzhugh — Terry, MS 
Beverly Dodge Fitzroy — Clinton, MS 
George Flaggs Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Judy F. Flake — Jackson, MS 
Robert W. Flanagan — Jackson, MS 
William Lloyd Flanagan — Raymond, MS 
Allison Poyner Fleming — Vicksburg, MS 
John Bryce Fleming — Clinton, MS 
Kenneth Scott Fleming — Pearl, MS 
Machelle Fleming — Jackson, MS 
Robbie Jackson Fleming — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Jefferson Fleming — Jackson, MS 
Craig Emerson Fletcher — Jackson, MS 
Fredrick Standley Fletcher — Tallulah, LA 
Sidney Neil Fletcher — Vicksburg, MS 
James Stephen Flickner — Pearl, MS 
Martha Gayle Flint — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Warren Flippin — Canton, MS 
Barbara Gore Florence — Jackson, MS 

Floyd Albert Florence lackson, MS 

Catherine Christina Flowers — Jackson, 

Jeffrey Lance Flowers — Jackson, MS 
John Robert Flowers — Clinton, MS 
Lester Ray Flowers — Utica, MS 
Maude Elizabeth Flowers — Jackson, MS 
Tommy Thomas Fulton Flowers — 

Clinton, MS 
Wanda Lou Flowers — Utica, MS 
Bridgette Ann Floyd — Jackson, MS 
Johnny M. Floyd — Vicksburg, MS 
Joseph Charles Floyd — Brandon, MS 
Lamar Floyd — Jackson, MS 
Lee Ann Floyd — Sardis, MS 
Paula Denise Floyd — Mendenhall, MS 
Sordia Carr Floyd — Terry, MS 
Steve Lewis Floyd — Jackson, MS 
Charles Flumm — Jackson, MS 
Amy Denise Flynt — Jackson, MS 
Edward Alan Foil — Jackson, MS 

Melinda Kay Foil lackson, MS 

Jimmie Garner Folk — Tallulah, LA 
Steve M. Foller — Clinton, MS 
Moira Villarreyes Fong — Vicksburg, MS 
Ricky Lynn Fontaine — Jackson, MS 
Mary Evelyn Fooshee — Jackson, MS 
Josephine Forbes — Jackson, Ms 
Patricia K. Forbes — Foxowrth, MS 
Virginia Ann Forbes — Jackson, MS 
Charlene Hanna Ford — Jackson, MS 
Darlene Ford — Jackson, MS 
David Alan Ford — Clinton, MS 
Debbie Lee Ford — Jackson, MS 
Debbie Lynn Ford — Jackson, MS 
Donald Dewitt Ford — Learned, MS 
Donald Gene Ford — Jackson, MS 
Donna Lee Cullen Ford — Clinton, MS 
Ellen Carole Ford — Jackson, Ms 
Ginger Ann Ford — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Michelle Ford — Ridgeland, 

Norma Kay Ford — Jackson, MS 
Pearllene Johnson Ford — Jackson, MS 
Randi Rachelle Ford — Jackson, MS 
Renetta Ford — Madison, MS 
Richard Hunt Ford — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Ford — Jackson, MS 
Shonda Michel Ford — Jackson, MS 
Valrie Diana Ford — Jackson, MS 
Yolanda Cobbs Ford — Jackson, MS 
Cullie Monette Foreman — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Jones Foreman — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Renee Forest — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Styers Forget — Brandon, MS 
June Lindquist Forler — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Gene Forler — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Henry Forsythe — Clinton, MS 

Anthony Edward Fortenberry lackson, 

Cynthia Denise Fortenberry — Magee, MS 
Deanne Blan Fortenberry — Jackson, MS 
Douglas Ray Fortenberry — Florence, MS 
Gloria Hudgins Fortenberry — Jackson, 

Leisha Ann Fortenberry — Jackson, MS 
Lorrie Ann Fortenberry — Pelahatchie, 

Mary L. Fortenberry — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Lewis Fortenberry — Pearl, MS 

Tommy Eugene Fortenberry — Clinton, 

William Coleman Fortenberry — Jackson, 

Stephen Frank Fortner — Clinton, MS 

John Rayford Fortson lackson, MS 

Emma Carter Fortune — Brandon, MS 
Roxie Ann Fortune — Louin, MS 
Connie A. Foshee — Terry, MS 
Becky Anne Foster — Jackson, MS 
Bennie Lee Foster — Jackson, MS 
Betty Ettret Foster — Vicksburg, MS 
Emily Jean Foster — Clinton, MS 
Eric Anthony Foster — Edwards, MS 
Felicia Annette Foster — Jackson, MS 
Floyd Fennon Foster — Jackson, MS 
Ira Paul Foster — Tallulah, LA 
Jerrilyn Agetha Foster — Natchez, MS 
Rhonda Felicia Foster — Jackson, MS 
Robin D. Foster — Jackson, MS 
Toni Darlene Foster — Clinton, MS 
Sharron Kathleen Foutz — Jackson, MS 
Sue McNamara Fowler— Vicksburg, MS 
Aaron Lynn Fox — Florence, MS 

Dee Ellen Fox lackson, MS 

Gregory Lynn Fox — Magee, MS 
Nelda Jean D. Fox — Jackson, MS 
Robert Franklin Fox — Canton, MS 
Thelma Bailey Frail — Jackson, MS 
Colleen Ann Fraiser — Jackson, MS 
Paul D. Fraiser II — Yazoo City, MS 
Russell Ray Fraiser Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Jo Ann Franco — Vicksburg, MS 
Marea Diane Franco — Vicksburg, MS 
Paul F. Franco — Vicksburg, MS 
Therese Ann Franco — Vicksburg, MS 
Allen Louis Frank — Jackson, MS 
George Albert Frank — Jackson, MS 
Bobby Joe Franklin — Vicksburg, MS 
Brooks Douglas Franklin — Jackson, MS 
Donald Earl Franklin — Jackson, MS 
Ethel Thomas Franklin — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffrey Franklin — Jackson, MS 
Paula Patricia Franklin — Vicksburg, MS 
Sylvester Franklin — Jackson, MS 
Veronica Eleanor Franklin — Jackson, MS 
Connie Jo Frazier — Jackson, MS 
David Earl Frazier — Jackson. MS 
Elicia Frazier — Jackson, MS 
Eric Franklin Frazier — Clinton, MS 
Lynch Frazier — Crystal Springs, MS 
Phares E. Frazier — Jackson, MS 
Robert Carlton Frazier — Clinton, MS 
Ronald Gerald Frazier Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Sharon Lynn Frazier — Braxton, MS 
Winnie Virginia Frazier — Jackson, MS 
Leonard Ray Frederick — Clinton, MS 

Ravinder Samuel Fredericks lackson, 

Debra Kay Freeman — Jackson, MS 
Donna Oakes Freeman — Raymond, MS 
Eva Linda Freeman — Lorman, MS 
Kenneth Joseph Freeman — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Marchelle Freeman — Jackson, MS 
Louise P. Freeman — Crystal Springs, MS 
M. Scott Freeman — Clinton, MS 
Melody Rose Freeman — Jackson, MS 
Paul Johnson Freeman Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Rita Birdsong Freeman — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Lewis Freeman — Clinton, MS 
Beverly Joan Freeny — Pearl, MS 
Charles Gary French — Vicksburg, MS 
Kay Rivers King French — Forest, MS 
Sharon Ann French — Son, MS 
Kathryn B. Friar — Vicksburg, MS 
Cindy Carlet Friday — Jackson, MS 
Glenella Denise Friday — Jackson, MS 
Sherrilyn Friend — Pearl, MS 
Dale Ray Friley — Vicksburg, MS 
Randy Wayne Friley — Vicksburg, MS 
William Clifford Fryer — Jackson, MS 
Alfreda Ree Fulgham — Jackson, MS 
Colleen Margaret Fulgham — Jackson, MS 
James E. Fulkerson — Jackson, MS 
Billy Dwayne Fuller — Vicksburg, MS 
Darryl Wayne Fuller — Jackson, MS 
Frances Faye Fuller — Jackson, MS 
Loretta W. Fuller — Jackson, MS 
Steven David Fuller — Bolton, MS 
Sue Elyn Fuller — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Alan Fuller — Jackson, MS 
William Russell Fuller — Vicksburg, MS 
Angela Loriene Fullington — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Hargett Fulton — Brandon, MS 
Julius M. Funchess — Jackson, MS 
Jenny R. Hart Fuqua — Pearl, MS 
Sherryn Deneice Fuquay — Bentonia, MS 
Sharon Kay Furgerson — Jackson, MS 
Nellie Daniels Furlow — Jackson, MS 
Karen Chaney Furman — Jackson, MS 
Larry Paul Furr — Clinton, MS 
Lisa Gail Furr — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Furr — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Allen Furr — Clinton, MS 

Warren Elray Fuselier Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Julie K. Fussell — Brandon, MS 
Dora Ann Gaddis — Bolton, MS 
Flanda Faye Gaddis — Bolton, MS 
Gay N. Gaddis — Jackson, MS 
Henry Gaddis Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Jack Taylor Gaddis — Pearl, MS 
Wayne Gaddis — Bolton, MS 
Bruce Gaines — Jackson, MS 
David L. Gaines — Clinton, MS 
Donald Jerome Gaines — Pearl, MS 
Herman Benjamin Gaines — Fayette, MS 
Jane Ann Gaines — Raymond, MS 
Lynda Faye Gaines — Raymond, MS 
Michael James Gaines — Pearl, MS 
Saliie Carole Galbreath — Vicksburg, MS 
Dyna Patrice Gale — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Ann Gale — Jackson, MS 
Janie Marie Galey — Vicksburg, MS 
Angela Jumun Galloway — Jackson, MS 
Byron Dean Galloway — Pearl, MS 
Deloris Galloway — Jackson, MS 
Rosie Ann Galloway — Jackson, MS 
William Douglas Gambill — Jackson, MS 
David Alexander Gamble — Vicksburg, 

Charles Richard Gambrell — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Wilson Gammill — Jackson, MS 
Marcus Burks Gandy — Jackson, MS 
Steven Todd Gangawere — Pearl, MS 
James Evans Gann — Jackson, MS 
Terri Morris Gann — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Michael Gannim — Flora, MS 
Norma Cheryl Gannon — Clinton, MS 
Norman Creighton Gannon — Clinton, MS 
Catherine Anne Gant — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Laverne Gant — Vicksburg, MS 
Patricia Louise Garbo — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Jean Gardner — Vicksburg, MS 
Dana T. Prisock Gardner — Clinton, MS 
Danny Ray Gardner — Jackson, MS 
Jack Meibron Gardner — Brandon, MS 
Janet Leigh Gardner — Vicksburg, MS 
Marty Stephen Gardner — Madison, MS 
Sheila Letesa Gardner — Braxton, MS 
Wanda Harbin Gardner — Braxton, MS 
Lawrence Allan Garling — Jackson, MS 
Carroll Douglas Garner — Pearl. MS 
Cary Neil Garner — Pearl, MS 
Delories Lee Garner — Bolton, MS 
Harry Eugene Garner — Jackson, MS 
Michael Anthony Garner — Jackson, MS 
Minnie Bonnie Garner — Jackson, MS 
Richard Brian Garner — New Hebron, MS 
Laura Leigh Garren — Pearl, MS 
Angella Faith Garrett — Richland, MS 
Fred Shelby Garrett — Jackson, MS 
Michael Fitzgerald Garrett — Jackson, MS 
Michael Jermon Garrett — Vicksburg, MS 
Mickey Cleothas Garrett — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Breazeale Garrett — Terry, MS 
Teresa Ann Garrett — Canton, MS 
Jimmie Lee Garrison — Jackson, MS 
Sally Belle Garrison — Starkville, MS 
Carolyn Garvis — Jackson, MS 
Lynda Finley Gary — Jackson, MS 
Michael J. Gary Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Leah Faith Gasaway — Brandon, MS 

Melanie Joy Gaston lackson, MS 

Diane Rains Gastrell — Vicksburg, MS 
Sam Gregory Gastrell — Vicksburg, MS 
David Gater — Jackson, MS 
Diane Lizabeth Gates — Vicksburg, MS 
Gene Hampton Gates — Canton, MS 
Greta Deniece Gates — Raymond, MS 
Martha Long Gates — Brandon, MS 
Patricia Ann Gates — Jackson, MS 
Ricky Lee Gates — Brandon, MS 
Joseph Chet Gatewood — Raymond, MS 
Anne Toy Clark Gathings — Jackson, MS 
Gerri Ann Gathright — Vicksburg, MS 
Ann Edwards Gatiin — Jackson, MS 
John Alan Gatiin — Jackson, MS 
Shelby Jean Gatiin — Jackson, MS 
Sybil Maurice Gatiin — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Lynn Gatiin — Jackson, MS 
Diane French Gaugush — Vicksburg, MS 
Katrina Gayden — Pearl, MS 
Peggy Shows Gayle — Pearl, MS 
Jerry Lee Geary — Vicksburg, MS 
Beverly Carol Geiger — Jackson, MS 
Jana Renee Geiger — Clinton, MS 
Myrna Smith Geiger — Jackson, MS 
David James Gentry — Florence, MS 
Mary Katina Gentry — Raymond, MS 
William Mark Gentry — Raymond, MS 
Melinda Jean George — Raymond, MS 

Michael Thomas George lackson, MS 

William H. Gerk — Florence, MS 
Charles T. Germany — Vicksburg, MS 

Robert Young Gerrard lackson Hinds, 

Bobby Ray Geter — Vicksburg, MS 
Marvin Leroy Geter — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael David Gettinger — Vicksburg, MS 

Carol N. Gholston — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Ann Giardina — Jackson, MS 
George Edward Gibbons — Clinton, MS 
Rita Wyatt Gibbons — Jackson, MS 
Alfred Howard Gibbs — Vicksburg, MS 
Edmond Eugene Gibbs — Vicksburg, MS 
Ona Sykes Gibbs — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Gail Gibson — Jackson, MS 
Christene Gibson — Jackson, MS 
Debra Ann Gibson — Jackson, MS 
Dwight Stacy Gibson — Brandon, MS 
Elizabeth Ford Gibson — Jackson' MS 
Jeff Scott Gibson — Clinton, MS 
John Hunter Gibson — Jackson, MS 
Julie Karen Gibson — Clinton, MS 
Kathy Ann Gibson — Terry, MS 
L. Dina Rena Gibson — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie Carol Gibson — Terry, MS 
Shirley Ann Gibson — Jackson, MS 
Tyronious A. Gibson — Terry, MS 
Zaom L. Jr. Gibson — Jackson, MS 
Debra Burns Giddens — Jackson, MS 
Jill Dianne Giddens — Jackson, MS 
Alice Oneal Gilbert — Edwards, MS 
Daniel Christopher Gilbert — Jackson, 

Donna Carol Gilbert — Jackson, MS 

Jane McKenzie Gilbert lackson, MS 

Patricia Parks Gilbert — Brandon, MS 
Robin Deanna Gilbert — Jackson, MS 
Stacy Shawn Gilbert — Vicksburg, MS 
Wayde Emery Gilbert — Madison, MS 
William M. Gilbert — Madison, MS 
Timothy Gilchrist — Vicksburg, MS 
James Rickey Gilcrease — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Ann Gilder — Jackson, MS 
James Robert Giles — Vicksburg, MS 
Joe Bailey Giles — Vicksburg, MS 
Wanda Fay Giles — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara Thomas Gill — Brandon, MS 
tee Warren Gill — Pearl, MS 
Leslie Dean Gill — Pascagoula, MS 
Michael Edward Gill — Florence, MS 
Ricky D. Gill — Pearl, MS 
Tony Dale Gill — Pearl, MS 
William David Gill — Raymond, MS 
Janet Mahaffey Gillentine — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Wren Gilliam — Vicksburg, MS 
Gary D. Gillian — Jackson, MS 
Vernon Scott Gillis — D Lo, MS 
Dudley David Gilmore — Jackson, MS 
Karl Milton Gilmore — Pearl. MS 
Patricia Ann Gilmore — Jackson, MS 
Percy Lee Gilmore — Port Gibson, MS 
Robert David Gilmore — Clinton, MS 
Vickey Lynn Gilmore — Jackson, MS 
Corina Sue Ginger — Brandon, MS 
Mark Everett Ginn — Jackson, MS 
Ryan Keith Ginn — Jackson, MS 
Ted J. Giordano — Pelahatchie, MS 
Ira Gipson — Jackson, MS 
Jon Michael Gipson — Jackson, MS 
Lekathryn Johnson Gipson — Jackson, 

Lesia Denise Gipson — Flowood, MS 
Quint Donnell Gipson — Jackson. MS 
Mark Andrew Glrard Jr. — Jackson, MS 
John Girdle — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Giurintano Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Larry Glanton — Tampa, FL 
Janis Kay Glascock — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann James Glasper — Vicksburg, 

Ellen Denise Glass — Florence, MS 
Joel Clyde Glass — Star, MS 
Kathryn Gray Glass — Florence, MS 
Ronald Glass — Florence, MS 
Terrence Dean Glass — Florence, MS 
Debra Elisabeth Glassco — Vicksburg, MS 
Jennifer Marie Glassco — Vicksburg, MS 
Dalton H. Glatt Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Gary Wayne Gleason — Clinton, MS 
Jody Lee Gleason — Jackson, MS 
Madge Owens Gleason — Jackson, MS 
Susan Lynn Gleason — Jackson, MS 
Stanley Dale Gleese — Vicksburg, MS 
Barry Dornell Glover — Jackson, MS 
Evan Blair Glover — Brandon, MS 
Ward Glover Jr. — Raymond, MS 
Laurin Denise Godfrey — Clinton, MS 
Michael Joseph Godfrey — Jackson, MS 
Anna Terwilleger Godwin — Tallulah, LA 
Michael Scott Godwin — Ridgeland, MS 
Jane Reeves Goff — Ridgeland, MS 
Sandra Kay Goff — Gautier, MS 
Sheri Ann Goff — Jackson, MS 
Tina Marie Goff — Pearl, MS 
Sarah Leah Goforth — Union, MS 
Theresa Dianne Goings — Vicksburg, MS 
Kevin Lee Goins — Jackson, MS 
David Lionel Goldman — Jackson, MS 
Raymond Edward Goldman — Jackson, 

Sandra Renea Goldman — Jackson, MS 
John Paul Goldsborough — Brandon, MS 
Don L. Good — Jackson, MS 

302 / Directory 

Brenda Lee Goode — Jackson, MS 
Miles Ray Goode Jr. — Bolton; MS 
Joyce D. Gooden — Natchez, MS 
Louis Earl Gooden — Natchez, MS 
David Cecil Goodin — Vicksburg, MS 
Diane Vernette Goodloe — Canton, MS 
Harry Alan Goodman — Vicksburg, MS 
Patricia Lynette Goodman — Mendenhall, 

James Harold Goodnight — Jackson, MS 
Karen Lynn Evans Goodnight — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Marjorie Florence Goodsell — Jackson, 

Keith Harold Goodson — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Denize Goodwin — Jackson, MS 
Robert Bruce Goodwin — Vicksburg, MS 
Rodger Dale Goodwin — Jackson, MS 
William Dale Goodwin — Jackson, MS 
Mary Virginia Gorday — Jackson, MS 
James Kevin Gordin — Jackson, MS 
Angela Renee Gordon — Port Gibson, MS 
Deborah Pettigrew Gordon — Jackson, 

Gina Lynn Gordon — Morton, MS 
Ginger Lu Gordon — Jackson, MS 
Mary Dora 1 1 a Gordon — Durant, MS 
Peggy Taylor Gordon — Jackson, MS 
Robert Nathan Gordon Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Roy Lane Gordon — Crystal Springs, MS 
Tamara Jayne Gordon — Vicksburg, MS 
Todd Samuel Gordon — Vicksburg, MS 
Vivian Keeler Gordon — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Brent Gordy — Jackson, MS 
John Frank Gordy — Jackson, MS 
Scott Gordy — Jackson, MS 
Trade Ann Gordy — Jackson, MS 
Charles George Gore Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Spinnen weber Gorski — Clinton, 

Nancy Dorrell Goshorn — Vicksburg, MS 
Gladys Lou S. Gottschalck — Raymond, 

Donald Jarvis Gould — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas L. Gould Jr. — Jackson, MS 
William Harold Gould — Jackson, MS 
Carleskine Gowdy — Flora, MS 
James Robert Gowdy — Canton, MS 
Mary Ellen Gowdy — Jackson, MS 
Theodore William Gowdy — Canton, MS 
Vicky Altoennette Gowdy — Flora, MS 
Elaine Cox Goza — Richland, MS 
John A. Goza — Brandon, MS 
Michael Glen Goza — Pearl, MS 
Renate Graban — Jackson, MS 
Frank Howard Grabinski — Madison, MS 
Laura Alice Grace — Jackson, MS 
William Eugene Grace — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Hancock Graczyk — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Toinette R. Grady — Jackson, MS 
Virginia Mae Grady — Vicksburg, MS 
Nancy Welch Graef — Jackson, MS 
Ellen Annette Grafton — Vicksburg, MS 
Lauren Evans Grafton Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Andrew Nichols Graham — Whitfield, MS 
Anthony Lee Graham — Chieftand, FL 
Baidy Thomas Graham — Jackson, MS 
Cecil H. Graham — Pearl, MS . 

Cinderella Graham — Jackson, MS 
John Darrell Graham — Jackson, MS 
Karla Meyer Graham — Jackson, MS 
Linda Graham — Jackson, MS 
M. Alisa Graham — Pearl, MS 
Mandy Sue Graham — Canton, MS 
Marvin William Graham — Clinton, MS 
Mitzi Mignonne Graham — Raymond, MS 
Patricia Ann Graham — Jackson, MS 
Phillip David Graham — Madison, MS 
Robert Howard Graham — Jackson, MS 
Suann Graham — Forest, MS 
Theo Levertis Graham — Chiefland, FL 
Tonya Fay Graham — Jackson, MS 
Johnny Lee Graise — Port Gibson, MS 
Percy Graise — Port Gibson, MS 
Rosie Mary Graise — Port Gibson, MS 
Deborah Kelly Granat — Vicksburg, MS 
Ruthie Williams Granderson — Jackson, 

Jeanette Hillman Granger — Pearl, MS 
Bobby Kenneth Grant — Flora, MS 
Charles E. Grant — Sandhill, MS 
Deborah Bishop Grant — Mendenhall, MS 
Derby Ann Grant — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Mae Grant — Jackson, MS 
Frances M. L. Grant — Canton, MS 
Jerry Eckles Grant — Clinton, MS 
Robbie Yvette Grant — Jackson, MS 
Robert Emmett Grant — Jackson, MS 
Terri Lynn Grant — Vicksburg, MS 
Yvonne Grant — Jackson, MS 
Alford Grantham — Jackson, MS 
Barry W. Grantham — Jackson, MS 
Christopher A. Grantham — Jackson, MS 
Diane Renee Grantham — Bush, LA 
Douglas Earl Grantham — Jackson, MS 

Gay Wynn Grantham — Jackson, MS 
James Vern Grantham — Gulfport, MS 
Joel Carey Grantham — Vicksburg, MS 
Keith Wayne Grantham — Florence, MS 
Linda Davis Grantham — Jackson, MS 
Lori Layne Grantham — Jackson, MS 
Michael L. Grantham — Pearl, MS 
Richard Conrad Grantham — Jackson, MS 
Richard Herman Grantham Jr. — Jackson, 

Terri Lynn Grantham — Jackson, MS 
Therese Marie Grantham - - Jackson, MS 
Adena Maria Graves — Clinton, MS 
Alethia Bucketew Graves — Morton, MS 
Arlene Sharp Graves — Clinton, MS 
Dena Abels Graves — Florence, MS 
Eugene Gregory Graves — Brandon, MS 
Gea Baker Graves — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Joy Graves — Jackson, MS 
James Edward Graves — Jackson, MS 
Joel Graves — Vicksburg, MS 
Kellye Jean Graves — Brandon, MS 
Kirk Anthony Graves — Natchez, MS 
Lawrence J. Graves — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Howard Graves — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Joyce Graves — Jackson, MS 
Sonja Thigpen Graves — Jackson, MS 
Geoffrey lnwood Gravius — Clinton, MS 
Brenda Carol Gray — Jackson, MS 
Bridget Martis Gray — Jackson, MS 
Bridget Ranee Gray — Jackson, MS 
Charlie Leroy Gray Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Charlotte Ruffin Gray — Jackson, MS 
Darnell Gray — Jackson, MS 
Diane Zanora Gray — Jackson, M8 
Geralline Gray — Vicksburg, MS 
Gregory Lynn Gray — Jackson, MS 
Helen Walker Gray — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Levon Gray — Jackson, MS 
John Edwin Gray — Pearl, MS 
Johnny Joel Gray — Vicksburg, MS 
Leonard James Gray — Jackson, MS 
Lewis Victor Meyer Gray — Jackson, MS 
Linda Spann Gray — Jackson, MS 
Louis Gray Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Louise Simon Gray — Vicksburg, MS 
Marie Gray — Vicksburg, MS 
Marino Michel Gray — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Loretta Gray — Jackson, MS 
Michael Allen Gray — Jackson, MS 
Michael Eugene Gray — Jackson, MS 
Ormeta Adams Gray — Jackson, MS 
Richard Fred Gray — Jackson, MS 
Richard Wayne Gray Jr. — Pearl, MS 
Ruth Everitt Gray — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Sullivan Gray — Vicksburg, MS 
Stephanie Ladina Gray — Vicksburg, MS 
Valeria Ann Gray — Clinton, MS 
Vertina Brown Gray — Jackson, MS 
Vidia Renee Gray — Jackson, MS 
Walter Dewayne Gray — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Craig Grayson — Brandon, MS 
Richard Grayson — Vicksburg, MS 
Alvin Kirby Green — Edwards, MS 
Andrew Jackson V. Green — Vicksburg, 

Barbara Annett Green — Canton, MS 
Carmen Elizabeth Green — Clinton, MS 
Coleman Dejarnette Green — Jackson, MS 
Craig Steven Green — Jackson, MS 
David James Green — Clinton, MS 
Deborah Ann Green — Vicksburg, MS 
Dennis Green — Braxton, MS 
Diane Lacey Green — Vicksburg, MS 
Earnest A. Green — Jackson, MS 
Evelyn Kennedy Green — Jackson, MS 
Gary Lane Green — Clinton, MS 
Georgia Marie Green — Jackson, MS 
Gwendolyn Smith Green — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Ida Carol Green — Crystal Springs, MS 
J. W. Green — Jackson, MS 
Jacky Leeron Green — Edwards, MS 
Janie Delois Green — Ridgeland, MS 
Joy M. Green — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Celeste Green — Jackson, MS 
Leanne Thomasson Green — Vicksburg, 

Leonard Carl Green — Jackson, MS 
Lorraine Green — Fayette, MS 
Margaret Faye Green — Jackson, MS 
Micheal Jerome Green — Ridgeland, MS 
Minerva Merritt Green — Jackson, MS 
Patrick Green — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda Lynn Green — Pearl, MS 
Robert Green — Florence, MS 
Robert Earl Green — Vicksburg, MS 
Ronnie Levon Green — Raymond, MS 
Sandra Dianne Green — Raymond, MS 
Sharon Beazeale Green — Clinton, MS 
Shelia Denise Green — Bolton, MS 
Tamara Joyce Green — Vicksburg, MS 
Timothy Green — Jackson, MS 
Tina Harris Green — Clinton, M8 
Travis L. Green — Jackson, MS 
Dawn Kimberly Greenberger — Gulfport, 

Eric Leonard Greene — Jackson, MS 
Henry Leland Greene III — Jackson, MS 
Richard S. Greene — Jackson, MS 
William Micheal Greene — Clinton, MS 
Angela Denean Greenlee — Jackson, MS 
Mary Hatch Greenwaldt — Ridgeland, MS 
John Hal Greenwood — Jackson, MS 
Henry Kyle Greer — Clinton, MS 
Kent Dyke Greer — Utica, MS 
Mary Ann Greer — Port Gibson, MS 
Patricia Ann Greer — Jackson, MS 
Scotty Edmond Greer — Clinton, MS 
Shannon Hollis Greer — Vicksburg, MS 
Larry D. Greganti — Vicksburg, MS 
Judith Ann Matthews Gregg — Jackson, 

Michael Terry Gregg — Jackson, MS 
Amma Katherine Gregory — Jackson, MS 
George Duval Gregory — Vicksburg, MS 
James Matthew Gregory — Carthage, MS 
Emily Yvonne Grenn — Pearl, MS 
Ricky Joel Gressett — Chunky, MS 
Jon Stanley Grey — Pearl, MS 
Wayne Dolan Grey — Redwood, MS 
Stephen Ray Grice — Pearl, MS 
Andrea Suzanne Griffin — Vicksburg, MS 
Arlene Griffin — Jackson, Ms 
Aundra Deangelo Griffin — Bolton, MS 
Belinda Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Bessie Gasque Griffin — Bolton, MS 
Betty Jean Griffin — Canton, MS 
Cheryl Dennise Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Debora Ann Griffin — Vicksburg, MS 
Dessie Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy E. Griffin — Ridgeland, MS 
Gabriel Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Gordon Clay Griffin — Vicksburg, MS 
Jacqueline Regina Griffin — Jackson, MS 
James Griffin — Canton, MS 
Jeanette Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Juanita Gail Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Judith Elaine Griffin — Pearl, MS 
Lisa Jo Griffin — Ridgeland, MS 
Lucretia Denice Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Marlene Hall Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Mary Pul lam Griffin — Pearl, MS 
Sheila Ann Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Sidney Griffin Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Susan Renee Griffin — Vicksburg, MS 
Vivian Griffin — Jackson, MS 
Walter Dale Griffin — Bolton, MS 
Claude Anthony Griffing — Jackson, MS 
Benjamin Holt Griffith — Jackson, MS 
Charles Elous Griffith — Jackson, MS 
Daniel Keith Griffith — Jackson, MS 
Nanette Griffith — Prentiss, MS 
Sandra Denise Griffith — Jackson, MS 
Steffi Antonia Griffith — Sanatorium, MS 
Vivian Griffith — Jackson, MS 
Ian Jerome Griffiths — Jackson, MS 
Frances Marie Grillo — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Philip Grillo — Jackson, MS 
Jeff Grimes — Vicksburg, MS 
Eleta Willbanks Grimmett — Indianola, 

Sharon Grisham — Jackson, MS 
Vernestine Williams Grisham — Flora, MS 
J. W. Grishby — Jackson, MS 
Zona Doyle Grissom — Pearl, MS 
Heather Anne Grittman — Brandon, MS 
Becky Jane Grizzard — Florence, MS 
Paula Dianne Grogan — Jackson, MS 
Twittle Laure Gros — Vicksburg, MS 
Elizabeth Anne Grosche — Brandon, MS 
Deloris Anderson Gross — Vicksburg, MS 
Shirley Anita Gross — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Kay Grove — Vicksburg, MS 
Benita Jo Groves — Vicksburg, MS 
Boyd Russell Groves — Vicksburg, MS 
Carmen E. Grubbs — Jackson, MS 
Roger Orville Grubbs — Hazlehurst, MS 
Connie Gail Grudzinskas — Brandon, MS 
Mary Gruich Gruich — Ridgeland, MS 
Lynn Cantrell Guerrant — Jackson, MS 
Steve Emory Guerrant — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Ann Guice — Vicksburg, MS 
Melvin Galenski Guice — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Allen Guillory — Clinton, MS 
Nina Rea Guillot — Pearl, MS 
Patricia Minis Gulledge — Clinton, MS 
Elana Brown Gullett — Vicksburg, MS 
P. Delilah Wright GuUett — Vicksburg, MS 
Ronald James Gullett — Vicksburg, MS 
Clark E. Gulley — Vicksburg, MS 
Belinda Joanna Gurley — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Lynn Guthrie — Yazoo City, MS 
Marlene Guthrie — Vicksburg, MS 
Synthia L. Guthrie — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Lewis Guy — Florence, MS 
Robyn Norris Guy — Ridgeland, MS 
Bobbie Smith Guyton — Jackson, MS 
Earl T. Guyton — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda Lynn Guyton — Jackson, MS 
Ruth Gangawere Guyton — Jackson, MS 
Linda Bovay Hadala — Vicksburg, MS 

Amy Elizabeth Haddad — Jackson, MS 
Edward Neal Haddon — Jackson, MS 
Dena Michelle Haddoz — Florence, MS 
Alice Joy Haerer — Jackson, MS 
Bobbette Haggard — Jackson, MS 
Rosean Haggard — Jackson, M8 
Ruth E. Devendorf Haggard — Brandon, 

Tamra Shahn Haggard — Clinton, MS 
Dedria June Haguewood — Jackson, MS 
Dixie Lynn Haguewood — Jackson, MS 
James Russell Hailey — Jackson, MS 
Billy P. Haimes — Jackson, MS 
Lillian E. Haimes — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Lou Haines — Jackson, MS 
Daryl Preston Hajj — Jackson, MS 
Denise Marlene Halbach — Raymond, MS 
Judith Halcomb — Raymond, MS 
Jon Duncan Hale — Brandon, M8 
Edith Ann Hales — Jackson, M8 
Kenneth Bryan Hales — Utica, MS 
Leslie Dear Hales — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Carol Hales — Jackson, MS 
Steven Mark Hales — Utica, MS 
Terri Monday Hales — Jackson, MS 
Angela R. Haley — Vicksburg, MS 
Beverly Ann Haley — Vicksburg, MS 
Dorothy Frances Halford — Clinton, MS 
James Louis Halford — Vicksburg, MS 
Barry Dee Hall — Jackson, MS 
Cecelia V. Hall — Winona, MS 
Cherry Deann Hall — Jackson, MS 
Donna Frances Hall — Pearl, MS 
Felicia Diane Hall — Pearl, MS 
Fenn P. Hall — Vicksburg, MS 
Gregory W. Hall — Brandon, MS 
Helen Lee Hall — Jackson, MS 
Jalane Welsh Hall — Pearl, MS 
James Thomas Hall — Mendenhall, MS 
John Michael Hall — Utica, MS 
Joseph Todd Hall — Jackson, MS 
Kelley Renee Hall — Crystal Springs, M8 
L. Parker Hall — Vicksburg, MS 
Leslie L. Hall — Jackson, MS 
Linda Johnson Hall — Vicksburg, MS 
Pamelia Manita Hall — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Annette Hall — Jackson, MS 
Patticia Twente Hall — Jackson, MS 
Richard Allen Hall — Clinton, MS 
Sammie Lee Hall Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Denise Hall — Vicksburg, MS 
Sharon Renee Hall — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Ross Hall — Jackson, MS 
Timothy C. Hall — Brandon, MS 
Tina B. Hall — Jackson, MS 
Mark Harlan Hallberg — Vicksburg, MS 
David Wayne Hallman — Crystal Springs, 

Sheree Denise Hallman — Vicksburg, MS 
Billy Joe Hallmark — Brandon, MS 
James Curtis Hallum — Jackson, MS 
Roger Lee Halmstad — Canton, MS 
Frances C. Ham — Jackson, MS 
David Edward Hamaker — Terry, MS 
Randal W. Hambrick — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Ann Hamil — Jackson, MS 
Bob Allen Hamil — Madison, MS 
Ralph Stephen Hamil — Jackson, MS 
Anita Grace Hamilton — Hattiesburg, MS 
Carolyn Dianne Hamilton — Jackson, MS 
Mary J. Hamilton — Jackson, MS 
Susan Hall Hamilton — Clinton, MS 
Sylvia Anna Hamilton — Jackson, MS 
Julie Reeves Hamlin — Jackson, MS 
Otha Lee Hamlin — Anguilla, MS 
Lisa Marie Hamm — Newton, MS 
Mechelle K. Hamm — Florence, MS 
Carola Short Hammack — Jackson, MS 
Karen Ann Hammett — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Susan Hammond — Mendenhall, 

Stephen Scott Hammons — Forest, MS 
Deborah Dianne Hampton — Vicksburg, 

Dorothy Evans Hampton — Jackson, MS 
James A. Hampton — Bolton, MS 
Mary A. Lowery Hampton — Vicksburg, 

Michael Donnell Hampton — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Kay Hampton — Pearl, MS 
Jackie Sue Hanchey — Jackson, MS 
Delena Maureen Hancock — Raymond, MS 
James Andrew Hancock — Jackson, MS 
James David Hancock — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Dale Hancock — Jackson, MS 
Randy Wayne Hancock — Jackson, MS 
Martha D. Hand — Terry, MS 
Henry Lewis Handelman — Jackson, MS 
Mary Louise Handford — Jackson, MS 
Jackie A. Handy — Canton, MS 
Brooke Vaughn Hanegan — Jackson, MS 
Trade Renee Hanes — Jackson, MS 
Beatrice Haney — Jackson, MS 
Gladys N. Haney — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeanette Arthur Haney — Madison, MS 
Paul Scott Haney — Jackson, MS 

Directory / 303 

Sammie Elouise Haney — Vicksburg, MS 
Teresa Cravens Haney — Jackson, M8 
Arthur David Hankins — Jackson, MS 
Jimmy Hankins — Jackson, MS 
Margaret Faye Hankins — Jackson, MS 
Maud Elizabeth Hanks — Vicksburg, MS 
Mitchell D. Hanlon — Jackson, MS 
Michael Scott Hanna — Bolton, MS 
Bobby F. Hannah — Brandon, MS 
Barbara Lee Hannon — Vicksburg, MS 
Betty Roberson Hannon — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Casey Hansbarger — Clinton, MS 
Carsten Hansen III — Brandon, MS 
Michele Marie Hansen — Jackson, MS 
Susan Oenise Hansen — Jackson, MS 
Shirley James Hanshaw — Vicksburg, MS 
Terry Callahan Hanson — Jackson, MS 
William Allan Hanson — Jackson, MS 
Geraldine Haralson — Jackson, MS 
Robert Clinton Haralson — Pearl, MS 
Deanna June Harbold — Brandon, MS 
Yvonne Dixon Hardee — Brandon, MS 
Robert Lawrence Harden — Vicksburg, MS 
Sharon Angela Harden — Jackson, MS 
Cindy Bennett Hardesty — Vicksburg, MS 
Angel Galine Hardin — Jackson, MS 
Catherine Elizabeth Hardin — Clinton, MS 
Jimmy Coker Hardin Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Robert Westley Hardin — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie A. Hardin — Jackson, MS 
Almeade Evans Harding — Jackson, MS 
Michael Adams Harding — Jackson, MS 
Robert Garland Harding — Vicksburg, MS 
Carol Vickers Hardwick — Jackson, MS 
Betty Terry Hardy — Jackson, MS 
Cathy Birdsong Hardy — Clinton, MS 
Charlie Hardy — Jackson, MS 
Currin L. Hardy — Crystal Springs, MS 
John Benjamin Hardy — Vicksburg, MS 
Lee Breland Hardy — Jackson, MS 
Linda Fay Hardy — Vicksburg, MS 
Phillip R. H. Hardy — Jackson, MS 
William Corinthian Hardy — Jackson, MS 
Charles E. Hargrave — Vicksburg, MS 
Gladys Janean Harkins — Vicksburg, M8 
James Travis Harkins — Jackson, MS 
Laurie Summerlin Harkins — Jackson, MS 
Timothy E. Harkins — Jackson, M8 
Kathy Glyn Harkness — Jackson, MS 
Gail Williamson Harlan — Clinton, MS 
Amy Howard Harmon — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Lynn Harmon — Jackson, MS 
Ben Irvin Harper — Jackson, M8 
Betty Pender Harper — Clinton, MS 
Cynthia Bryant Harper — Brandon, MS 
Darlene Harper, Jackson, MS 
Davey Wendell Harper — Utica, MS 
Diane Baker Harper — Clinton, MS 
Eddie James Harper — Bolton, MS 
Ethel Washington Harper — Jackson, MS 
Jeffery Lorenzo Harper — Jackson, MS 
Jo Anne Harper — Jackson, MS 
Judy Thompson Harper — Vicksburg, MS 
Kevin Aubrey Harper — Meridian, MS 
Linda Faye Harper — Jackson, MS 
Lonnie Harper — Jackson, MS 
Lou Ann Harper — Brandon, Ms 
Mary Angela Harper — Clinton, MS 
Mildred Harper — Jackson, MS 
Percy Berry Harper — Columbia, MS 
Ronnie Harper — Florence, MS 
Shirley Ferguson Harper — Jackson, MS 
Jeff Marvin Harr — Jackson, M8 
Ruth E. Jamison Harrel — Vicksburg, M8 
Burna Dean Harrell — Bolton, MS 
Guy Clarke Harrell Jr. — Ridgeland, MS 
Judy Faye Harrell — Ridgeland, M8 
Larry Stephen Harrell — Jackson, M8 
Martha Lou Harrell — Ridgeland, MS 
Randy Wayne Harrell — Brandon, MS 
Teresa Lynn Harrell — Brandon, MS 
Thad Austin Harrell — Carthage, M8 
Tommy Glenn Harrell — Lena, M8 
Travis Ray Harrell Jr. — Brandon, MS 
Amy Lynn Harrelson — Jackson, M8 
Ruby L. Greene Harried — Jackson, MS 
Dawn Stella Harrigill — Pearl, M8 
Donald Louis Harrington — Natchez, MS 
Linda Harrington — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Mitchell Harrington — Jackson, 

Aaron Land Harris — Clinton, M8 
Alice Manning Harris — Flora, MS 
Angela Morris Harris — Jackson, MS 
Anneshia Machelle Harris — Jackson, M8 
Benjamin Harris — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Deloris Harris — Vicksburg, MS 
Bruce Earl Harris — Learned, MS 
Carl Edward Harris — Vicksburg, M8 
Charley C. Harris — Jackson, MS 
Dai Darlene Harris — Clinton, M8 
Denise Lanee Harris — Jackson, MS 
Derwin Marico Harris — Jackson, MS 
Dwuane Wesley Harris — Yazoo City, MS 
Essie Harris — Jackson, M8 
Fredrick Harris — Jackson, M8 

Genice Kelly Harris — Jackson, MS 
Holly Halstead Harris — Vicksburg, MS 
Inester Price Harris — Jackson, MS 
Ivory Jean Harris — Jackson, MS 
James Coleman Harris Jr. — Clinton, MS 
James Edwin Harris — Raymond, MS 
James T. Harris — Jackson, MS 
John A. Harris — Jackson, MS 
John Alfred Harris — Jackson, MS 
John Jay Harris — Vicksburg, MS 
Joyce Harris — Vicksburg, MS 
L. Bernell Harris — Jackson, MS 
Levon Harris — Jackson, MS 
Lori Susan Harris — Morton, MS 
Marion Harris Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Mary Amanda Harris — Jackson, MS 
Narvelene Crowder Harris — Lorman, MS 
Nicki Boutwell Harris — Satartia, MS 
Patricia Ann Harris — Jackson, MS 
Queenie Harris — Vicksburg, MS 
Roderick Kelvin Harris — Jackson, MS 
Roger B. Harris — Jackson, MS 
Ruthie Mae Harris — Jackson, M8 
S. Dorlene Osborne Harris — Jackson, MS 
Sheila Lynette Harris — Jackson, MS 
Tina Harris — Jackson, MS 
Tommy Harris — Jackson, M8 
Tracy Lea Harris — Mendenhall, MS 
Velma Ree Harris — Jackson, MS 
Vemessa Harris — Jackson, MS 
Barbara A. Harrison — Jackson, MS 
Brian Kipling Harrison — Brandon, MS 
Catherine Shepherd Harrison — Jackson, 

Jimmy Dean Harrison — Vicksburg, MS 
Joanne Matthews Harrison — Clinton, MS 
John Edward Harrison — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathy Lynn Harrison — Clinton, M8 
Larry J. Harrison — Jackson, MS 
Lester W. Harrison — Clinton, MS 
Mary Ann Smith Harrison — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda Gay Harrison — Raymond, MS 
Rosa L. Harrison — Vicksburg, MS 
Stanley Steven Harrison — Jackson, MS 
Susan P. Harrison — Vicksburg, M8 
Suzanne Harrison — Clinton, MS 
Charles Newton Harrist III — Brandon, MS 
Alice Lagrone Hart — Jackson, MS 
Debbie Catherine Hart — Jackson, MS 
Hal Tyrone Hart — Jackson, MS 
John Franklin Hart — Jackson, MS 
Robert Henry Hart — Jackson, MS 
Samuel David Hart — Pearl, MS 
Shirley Ann Hart — Madison, MS 
James Lawrence Hartfield — Madison, MS 
Lynn Hartfield — Florence, MS 
Henry Harold Hartford — Jackson, MS 
Christine Jordan Hartley — Jackson, MS 
Linn Ray Hartman — Pearl, M8 
Patricia Ann Reed Hartman — Vicksburg, 

Anita Ruth Day Hartsock — Jackson, MS 
Jo Allyn Hartweli — Raymond, MS 
Angela L. Hartzog — Prentiss, MS 
Dorothy Walter Hartzog — Vicksburg, MS 
Lori Alison Hartzog — Pascagoula, MS 
Alberta Lynn Harvey — Terry, MS 
Angela Robinson Harvey — Jackson, MS 
Betty Lori Harvey — Forest, MS 
Daniel L. Harvey — Jackson, MS 
Jessica Elaine Harvey — Terry, MS 
Jimmie Lee Harvey — Jackson, MS 
Joni Lea Harvey — Vicksburg, MS 
Kermit Leonard Harvey — Jackson, MS 
Laurie Phelps Harvey — Brandon, M8 
Lloyd Patrick Harvey — Winnsboro, LA 
Melissa Anne Harvey — Florence, MS 
Stanley L. Harvey — Jackson, MS 
Willie James Harvey — Brandon, M8 
James Tyrone Harwell — Clinton, M8 
Beth Brennan Haskins — Vicksburg, MS 
Terri Alene Haskins — Puckett, MS 
Joe Lawrence Hasson Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Jody Keith Hatcher — Jackson, M8 
Richard Michael Hatem — Vicksburg, MS 
Tracy Lynn Hathcock — Lexington, MS 
Abb Louis Hatten — Brandon, MS 
Deborah Yates Hauptman — Jackson, MS 
Robert Foster Hauptman — Jackson, MS 
Nannette M. Hauser — Raymond, MS 
Jesse M. Havard Jr. — Natchez, MS 
Mattye Williams Havard — Vicksburg, MS 
Nellie Rose Havens — Crystal Springs, MS 
Robert Dean Haver — Vicksburg, MS 
Alfred Cecil Hawkins Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Charles David Hawkins — Forest, MS 
Deborah Carol Hawkins — Brandon, MS 
Evelyn Delois Hawkins — Jackson, MS 
Fredia Jean Hawkins — Jackson, MS 
John David Hawkins — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Denise Hawkins — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Jane Hawkins — Pearl, MS 
Roger Dale Hawkins — Clinton, M8 
Tina Jeanne Hawkins — Jackson, M8 
Sherry Hawn — Fitler, MS 
Angela Denise Hawthorne — Brandon, MS 

Margaret Melvin Hawthorne — Jackson, 

Tracy Leigh E. Hawthorne — Florence, MS 
Lunifred Dean Hay — Utica, MS 
Pamela Lynn Hayden — Jackson, MS 
Robert Alan Hayden — Brandon, MS 
Albert Hayes — Jackson, MS 
Ann Prestyne Hays — Jackson, MS 
Betty Hull Hayes — Jackson, MS 
Cassandra Hayes — Jackson, MS 
Charles Harrison Hayes — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Melinda Hayes — Jackson, MS 
Keith Albert Hayes — Jackson, MS 
Michael Irvin Hayes — Jackson, MS 
Russell William Hayes — Canton, MS 
Martha Elizabeth Hayman — Jackson, MS 
Christine Lambert Haynes — Jackson, MS 
Glenna K. Williams Haynes — Jackson, 

Hilda Alberta Haynes — Tougaloo, MS 
Ladonna Machell Haynes — Silver Creek, 

Richard A. Haynes — Jackson, MS 
David Michael Hays — Canton, M8 
Frank J. Hays — Jackson, MS 
Curtis Read Haywood — Pearl, MS 
Brent Allen Head — Jackson, MS 
Betty C. Headley — Vicksburg, MS 
Mark Lemly Headley — Port Gibson, MS 
Julie Lynn Headrick — Jackson, MS 
Thomas L. Healey — Terry, MS 
Denise Lynn Heaman — Jackson, MS 
Charles Ermis Heard — Hazlehurst, MS 
Christie Olivia Heard — Brandon, MS 
Cora Mitchell Heard — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Lavingbouze Heard — Jackson, 

Edison Heard — Clinton, MS 
Loretta Thomas Heard — Bolton, MS 
Margaret Heard — Jackson, MS 
Angela Michelle Hearn — Vicksburg, MS 
Danette Idelle Hearn — Vicksburg, MS 
Pamela C. Hearn — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Lacy Hearn — Pearl, MS 
Thresa Mitchell Hearn — Jackson, MS 
Shelia Lorraine Hearron — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Abies Hearst — Jackson, MS 
Daniel Charles Heasley — Jackson, MS 
Laha Sanchez Heath — Vicksburg, MS 
Rita Sue Heath — Jackson, MS 
Deanna Christine Hebert — Vicksburg, MS 
Sherriil Denise Hebron — Vicksburg, MS 
Bobby V. Hedgepath — Brandon, MS 
Dorothy B. Hedgepath — Brandon, MS 
Michael Hedrick — Vicksburg, MS 
Penny Hedrick — Jackson, MS 
Leigh Anne Heftia — Jackson, MS 
Ramona Gainey Heggins — Morton, MS 
Gloria Elizabeth Heinol — Canton, MS 
Aubrey Waller Heldenbrand — Vicksburg, 

Nick Cornell Heldenbrand — Pearl, MS 
Debra Ann Helmintoller — Clinton, MS 
Avis Marie Helmuth — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffrey Stuart Helton — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Hemby — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Lynn Hemby — Peart, MS 
Martha Bond Hemphill — Jackson, MS 
Bertha Watson Henderson — Bolton, MS 
Bettye Elaine May Henderson — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Allen Henderson — Madison, MS 
Chris Allen Henderson — Jackson, MS 
Claudia Horn Henderson — Jackson, MS 
Donald Kirk Henderson — Jackson, MS 
James Wendell Henderson — Jackson, MS 
Janet Patricia Henderson — Jackson, MS 
John James Henderson — Vicksburg, MS 
Joyce Darlene Henderson — Bolton, MS 
Julia Mae Henderson — Vicksburg, MS 
Laura Leigh Henderson — Raymond, MS 
Loretta Evorn Henderson — Flora, MS 
Michael Scott Henderson — Brandon, MS 
Michelle Laverine Henderson — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Patricia Fitzgibb Henderson — Pearl, MS 
Perry Jean Henderson — Raymond, MS 
Robert Montgomery Henderson — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Rutha Mills Henderson — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Jean Henderson — Raymond, MS 
Thylia M. Henderson — Jackson, MS 
Charles Tommy Hendon Jr. — Jackson, 

Irm Jean Sanders Hendon — Tallulah, LA 
Karen Renee Hendrick — Jackson, MS 
Charlene Hendricks — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Lee Hendrickson — Calhoun, MS 
Glenda Jones Hendrix — Yazoo City, MS 
John Linton Hendrix — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda Kay A. Hendrix — Vicksburg, MS 
Willie George Hendrix — Starkville, MS 
Alice Lynn Henegan — Vicksburg, MS 
Catherine Dykes Henegan — Vicksburg, 

Beverly Henley — Jackson, MS 
Dedra Ann Henley — Vicksburg, MS 

Michael Lance Henley — Vicksburg, MS 
William Miles Henley — Vicksburg, MS 
Martha Ann Robinson Henne — Jackson, 

Leland Lamar Hennington — Vicksburg, 

Gregory Alan Henriques — Jackson, MS 
Dwayne Anthony Henry — Jackson, MS 
Georgia S. Henry — Jackson, MS 
Jessie Theresa Henry — Jackson, MS 
John Maxie Henry — Pearl, MS 
Kenneth Wayne Henry — Jackson, MS 
Onquah Renoir Henry — Vicksburg, MS 
Paulette Romana Henry — Terry, MS 
Ruthie Mae Henry — Carthage, MS 
Ann Brent Henson — -Madison, MS 
Ava N. Henson — Pearl, MS 
C. L. Henson II — Jackson, MS 
Mary S. Herbert — Jackson, MS 
Alfred A. Hergetbagwandat — Clinton, 

Margaret L. Hermann — Vicksburg, MS 
C. A. Hern — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Eugene Hernandez — Brandon, 

Billy Lloyd Herrin — Clinton, MS 
Albirda Coveta Herring — Jackson, MS 
Francis Clayton Herring — Brandon, MS 
John Scott Herrington — Jackson, MS 
Johnny Robert Herrington ■ — Clinton, MS 
Sandra Kaye B. Herrington — Magee, M8 
Sandra Lynn Herrington — Magee, MS 
Bobby Joe Herrod Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
John Benjamin Herrod — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Faye Herrod — Winona, MS 
Tecia Renee Herrod — Vicksburg, MS 
Denise Herron — Prentiss, MS 
Mary Silence Herron — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Ann Herron — Clinton, MS 
Johnny Hesselberg — Vicksburg, MS 
A. Lamar Hester Jr. — Jackson, MS 
James W. Hester Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Allen Hester — Vicksburg, MS 
Reba Jannette Hester — Jackson, MS 
William Allen Hester — Vicksburg, MS 
William Steve Hester — Pelahatchie, MS 
Calvin Rex Hewitt — Jackson, MS 
Leandrew Hewitt Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Theoplis Hewitt — Jackson, MS 
Michelle Darlane Heyn — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Michael Hickman — Vicksburg, 

Cherita Yvonne Hickman — Jackson, MS 
Jana Renee Hickman — Crystal Springs, 

Michael Edward Hickman — Jackson, MS 
Ruby Lucile Hickman — Jackson, MS 
Alma Shel ton Hicks — Jackson, MS 
Amy Bowen Hicks — Jackson, MS 
Don Hicks — Florence, MS 
Elaine Hicks — Vicksburg, MS 
George M. Hicks — Pearl, MS 
Hope Love Hicks — Jackson, MS 
Keena O. Hicks — Jackson, MS 
Kelly Jean Hicks — Clinton, MS 
Sylvester Junior Hicks — Herman ville, 

Tawonna Jean Hicks — Jackson, MS 
Vincent Earl Hicks — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Hickson — Clinton, MS, 
Darcy Kay Higgins — Brandon, MS 
Josie Irene Higgins — Utica, MS 
Madelyn Marshall Higgins — Edwards, MS 
Joann S. Higgs — Raymond, MS 
Ray H. Higgs — Raymond, MS 
Stephanie Therese Hightower — Jackson, 

Robert Bura Hilbun — Florence, MS 
Abbie Sue Hilderbrand — Bentonia, MS 
Cary Lecharles Hill Jr. — Madison, MS 
Charles Leon Hill — Clinton, MS 
Dale S. Hill — Utica, MS 
Danny Earl Hill — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Janice Hill — Jackson, MS 
Desmarie Teague Hill — Jackson, MS 
Donna Hale Hill — Vicksburg, MS 
Gayle Renee Hill — Jackson, MS 
Glenn Everett Hill — Jackson, MS 
Glenn Hanilton Hill — Jackson, MS 
Glyn Phillip Hill — Port Gibson, MS 
Gregory Scott Hill — Brandon, MS 
Gwendolyn Paulette Hill — Jackson, MS 
J. Rebecca Hill — Brandon, MS 
Jacqueline Elaine Hill — Pearl, MS 
Jane A. Hill — Vicksburg, MS 
Janet Corbello Hilt — Brandon, MS 
Janice Anita Hill — Jackson, MS 
Janice Faye Hill — Jackson, MS 
Jimmy Dale Hilt — Jackson, MS 
Kevin B. Hill — Jackson, MS 
Linda Fullilove Hill — Jackson, MS 
Mary Coin Hill — Monticello, MS 
Maurice Leon Hill Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Melanie Renee Hill — Yazoo City, MS 
Michelle Lynn Hill — Jackson, MS 
Mollie Jean Hill — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Smith Hill — Pearl, MS 

304 / Directory 

Robert Earl Hill — Brandon, MS 
Ronald Edward Hill — Edwards, MS 
Ronald F. Hill — Vicksburg, MS 
Samuel Charles Hill — Jackson, MS 
Sherell A. Hill — Jackson, MS 
Sherman Ly dell Hill — Jackson, MS 
Steven Michael Hill — Clinton, MS 
Susie Mae Hill — Raymond, MS 
Clndary Vernell Hill — Jackson, MS 
William Jeffrey Hill — Florence, MS 
Willie Mae Hill — Vicksburg, MS 
Cayle Singleton Hilley — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Lisa Hillman — Jackson, MS 
Timothy J. Hilt — Jackson, MS 
Edwin L. Hilton — Jackson. MS 
Frances Renee Hilton — Mendenhall, MS 
Gary Day Hilton — Pearl, MS 
Kristl Denise Hilton — Pearl, MS 
Margaret Jordan Hilton — Jackson, MS 
Christine Hines — Jackson, MS 
Danny Ray Hines — Jackson, MS 
Earnest Lenwood Hines — Tougaloo, MS 
Floyd Lee Hines — Tougaloo, MS 
Stacey Deneen Hinesiey — Jackson, MS 
Chandra Denita E. Hinkle — Vicksburg, 

David Hinkle — Vicksburg, MS 
Leslie Wayne Hinson — Natchez, MS 
Melvin Ray Hinson — Vicksburg, MS 
Sherri Lynn Hinson — Clinton, MS 
Keith Bradley Hintoa — Summit, MS 
Evelyn Weems Hitt — Yazoo City, MS 
John William Hoatland — Raymond, MS 
Deborah Jo Hobbs — Terry, MS 
Lyle Sanford Hobbs — Jackson, MS 
Charles Olen Hobby — Clinton, MS 
Donna McGee Hobby — Brandon, MS 
Annie Mae Hobson — Pearl, MS 
Bernice M. Hobson — Brandon, MS 
Gloria Jean Hobson — Brandon, MS 
Jerome Charles Hobson — Brandon, MS 
Nancy Nanette Hobson — Flora, MS 
Odell Hobson — Brandon, MS 
Patricia Gail Hobson — Pearl, MS 
Ruth S. Hobson — Jackson, MS 
Rae Nell Hockett — Philadelphia, MS 
Donna Marie Hocutt — Jackson, MS 
Loraine Reeves Hocutt — Jackson, MS 
Constria Rosha Hodge — Clinton, MS 
Elijah Hodge Jr. — Edwards, MS 
Feli* Antonio Hodge — Vicksburg, MS 
Frances Coleman Hodge — Kosciusko, MS 
Pearlie M. Lynn Hodge — Flowood, MS 
William Edward Hodge — Vicksburg, MS 
Cheryl Dean Hodges — Raymond, MS 
Darryl Wayne Hodges — Jackson, MS 
Doris Ann Hodges — Lexington, MS 
Jimmy Lee Hodges — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Ward Hodges — Jackson, MS 
Mary Ellen Hodges — Eupora, MS 
Rhonda Gail Hodges — Jackson, MS 
Thomas L. Hodges — Forest, MS 
William Neal Hodges — Jackson, MS 
Tommie Lynn Hodo — Delta, LA 
Heidrun Peggy Hoffman — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathleen Jane Hoffman — Jackson, MS 
Owen Lee Hoffman — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Louis Hoffman — Jackson, MS 
Waiter Miles Hoffman — Pearl, MS 
James Henry Hoffmann — Clinton, MS 
Colin Augustus Hogan — Jackson, MS 
Mary Wroten Hogan — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael E. Hogan — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Josey Hoke — Brandon, MS 
Sherry Marian Hoke — Brandon, MS 
Alan Neal Holbrook — Vicksburg, MS 
Stacey Lynn Holbrook — Crystal Springs, 

Brad Millard Holcomb — Flora, MS 
Dianne Dean Holcomb — Jackson, MS 
Jeff Stephen Holcomb — Jackson, MS 
Delphine Lewis Holden — Jackson, MS 
Ernest Todd Holden — Raymond, MS 

Donald Clifford Holder lackson, MS 

Larry Wayne Holder — Morton, MS 
Mary Weathersby Holder — Jackson, MS 
Laura Leigh Holderfield — Jackson, MS 
Dorinda Culpepper Holeman — Brandon, 

Patricia Lynn Holiday — Clinton, MS 
Dale Holifield — Forest, MS 
Dennon Rogers Holifield — Jackson, MS 
Michael Edward Holifield — Jackson, M8 
Alison Dawn Holland — Jackson, MS 
Charles Keith Holland — Rldgeland, MS 
Frances Zorn Holland — Vicksburg, MS 
Gloria Sullivan Holland — Brandon, MS 
Janice Burton Holland — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Carol Holland — Raymond, MS 
Samuel Grady Holland — Jackson, MS 
William Keith Holland — Vicksburg, MS 
Margie Anna Hollarn — Jackson, MS 
David Lee Holley — Florence, M8 
Gene Giles Holley — Macon, MS 
Lisa Chapman Holley — Jackson, MS 
William Mark Holley — Flora, M8 

James Holliday — Jackson, M8 
James Craig Holliday — Jackson, MS 
Jo Olene Holliday — Vicksburg, MS 
Peggy Porter Holliday — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Richard Holliday — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Clifford Hollifield — Forest, MS 
Stacy Dee Hollifield — Forest, MS 
Sarah Ellis Hotliman — jackson, MS 
Michael Shane Hoilingsworth — Lake, MS 
Richard A. Hoilingsworth — Harperville, 

Edwin Stanley Hollins — Flora, MS 
Eugene Hollins — Flora, MS 
Kathleen Hollins — Flora, MS 
Donald Gary Hollis — Pearl, MS 
Joyce Lynn Hollkamp — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Ann W. Holloway — Valley Park, 

Jimmy Wade Holloway — Brandon, MS 
Randall Dale Holloway — Brandon, MS 
Thomas Ray Hollo well — Vicksburg, MS 
Steve Allen Holly — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Marie Holman — Jackson, MS 
Holly Faye Holman — Jackson, MS 
A. Margaret Holmes — Jackson, MS 
Annette Holmes — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Ann Holmes — Crystal Springs, 

Deborah Elaine Holmes — Madison, MS 
Dianne Richelle Holmes — Jackson, MS 
Eva Ruth Holmes — Port Gibson, MS 
Glenda Bryant Holmes — Pearl, MS 
Michael Dwayne Holmes — Jackson, MS 
Michael Lynn Holmes — Jackson, MS 
Ophelia Holmes — Jackson, MS 
Rotanda Ann Holmes — Pearl, MS 
Rosie Taylor Holmes — Jackson, MS 
Stephanie Dalette Holmes — Canton, MS 
Terrie Lynn Holmes — Jackson, MS 
William Thomas Holmes — Jackson, M8 
James William Holt — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda Wallace Holton — Jackson, MS 
Sheila Stratton Holtsinger — Jackson, MS 
Richard C. Holy field — Brandon, MS 
Edna Brown Honeysucker — Jackson, MS 
Angelia M. Hood — Jackson, MS 
Jane Hyde Hood — Anguilla, MS 
Jimmie Carnell Hood Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Roy Hood — Terry, MS 
Scott Alvie Hood — Jackson, MS 
Susan Carol Hood — Yazoo City, MS 
Wanda Hensley Hood — Jackson, MS 
Rochelle Hooford — Jackson, MS 
April Hooker — Piney Woods, MS 
Rose Edna Hooker — Prentiss, MS 
Clara Mae Hooper — Jackson, MS 
Frederick Louis Hooper — Vicksburg, MS 
Ida Pearl Hoover — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Williams Hoover — Natchez, MS 
Virginia Nance Hoover — Pickens, MS 
Frank H. Hope Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Alice Marie Hopkins — Greenwood, MS 
Antonio Cortez Hopkins — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Elizabeth Hopkins — Polkvilte, 

Cliff Arnold Hopkins — Clinton, MS 
Eva Lynn Hopkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Frederick Fritz Hopkins — Bolton, MS 
Janice Marie Hopkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Mark Montgomery Hopkins — Rt 4 

Morton, MS 
Rodger Martin Hopkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Teresa Fisher Hopkins — Taltulah, LA 
Ron Gilbert Hopton — Clinton, MS 
Debbie Gail Horn — Jackson, MS 
Mary Lou Home — Jackson, MS 
Sheila Ann Hornsby — Jackson, MS 
Dorcas A. Horst — Jackson, MS 
Alma Jean Horton — Jackson, MS 
James Courtney Horton HI — Jackson, MS 
Justin Keith Horton — Florence, MS 
Susan Rene Horton — Harperville, MS 
Teresa Antionette Horton — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Nelson Horwer — West Point, MS 
Guy L. Hosford 111 — Jackson, MS 
Diane Lynn Hossie — Clinton, MS 
Linda Marie Hossie — Clinton, MS 
Michael Hayes Hossley — Jackson, MS 
Daniel Alex Houston — Jackson, MS 
Jessie James Houston — Jackson, MS 
Chris Howard — Lena, MS 
David William Howard — Clinton, MS 
Demetria Cledith Howard — Jackson, MS 
Doris Fay Shaw Howard — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerrldine Howard — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Machelle Howard — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Kaye Howard — Brandon, MS 
Therman Lilix Howard Jr. — Ridgeland, 

Willie T. Howard — Vicksburg, MS 
Janie L. Howell — Jackson, M8 
John Carl Howell — Jackson, MS 
Kimbra Taylor Howell — Jackson, MS 
Linda Darden Howell — Brandon, MS 
Martha Nan Howell — Vicksburg, MS 
Rhonda Lane Howell — Brandon, M8 

Stacy Elizabeth Howell — Vicksburg, MS 
Chris M. Howie — Jackson, MS 
Albert Lehan Hoxie Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Beverly Shai Hubbard — Raymond, MS 
Jacqueline Carolina Hubbard — Jackson, 

John C. Hubbard — Ridgeland, MS 
Lillie Elizabeth E. Hubbard — Jackson, 

Ruth King Hubbard — Jackson, MS 
Timothy J. Hubbard — Edwards, MS 
Will James Hubert — Vicksburg, MS 
Ben Francis Hudgens — Clinton, MS 
Rebecca Terrell Hudgins — Jackson, MS 
Rodney Onbel Hudgins — Jackson, MS 
Alicia Lynn Hudson — Clinton, MS 
Bobby Darryl Hudson — Jackson, MS 
Charles S. Hudson — Pearl, MS 
Deborah D. Hudson — Vicksburg, MS 
Doris Jean Hudson — Jackson, MS 
Evonne Loewenberg Hudson — Vicksburg, 

H. B. Hudson — Pickens, MS 
James E. Hudson — Jackson, MS 
Janice Stampley Hudson — Port Gibson, 

John Patrick Hudson — Pearl, MS 
Kerry Wayne Hudson — Brandon, MS 
Mildred Veronica Hudson — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda Renah Hudson — Clinton, MS 
Vicki Lynne Hudson — Jackson, MS 
Perry Donell Huell — Vicksburg, MS 
Valerie Ann Huereca — Tupelo, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Huff — Pearl, MS 
Gwendolyn Jane Huff — Jackson, MS 
Jacquelyne Huff — Jackson, MS 
Mark Douglas Huff — Brandon, MS 
Minnie Pearl Huff — Jackson, MS 
Richard David Huff — Jackson, MS 
Connie Lawanda Huffman — Pelahatchie, 

Gerald Eugene Huffman — Brandon, MS 
Joe Frank Huffman — Jackson, MS 
Angelia Beatrice Huff master — Jackson, 

Jean I. Huffmaster — Pearl, MS 
Billy Warren Hughes — Lawrence, MS 
Clara Theresa Hughes — Carthage, MS 
Connie Percival Hughes — Anguilla, MS 
Edith Gennette Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Edward Jerome Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Fannie Marie Hughes — Jackson, MS 
James Weldon Hughes — Madison, MS 
Jamie Richards Hughes — Madison, MS 
Kathy Lavern Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Kurt Wayne Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Bernhardt Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Mary Kathryne Hughes — Pearl, MS 
Patricia Ann Hughes — Forest, MS 
Ray Scott Hughes — Clinton, MS 
Rhonda Blackwell Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Robin Yvonne Hughes — Vicksburg, MS 
Roy Vincent Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Darlene Hughes — Jackson, MS 
Robert Blake Hughey — Vicksburg, MS 
Carol Renee Hughley — Vicksburg, MS 
Carol Diane Hulin — Jackson, MS 
Clara Odie Hulitt — Jackson, MS 
Bertha Dearing Hull — Vicksburg, MS 
Grace Givens Hull — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Redmon Hull Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Patricia Beverly Hull — Florence, MS 
Stephen Campbelle Hull — Jackson, MS 
Veronica McCann Hull — Jackson. MS 
John R. Hulsebosch — Bolton, MS 
Laura Leboeuff Hulsebosch — Bolton, MS 
James Christian Hulsman — Jackson, MS 
Gary Martain Hultz — Jackson, MS 
Dianna Humphries — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Alexander Hunsucker — Greenville, 

Catherine Wills Hunt — Brandon, MS 
La Jo Waynette Hunt — Brandon, MS 
Patricia Ann Hunt — Vicksburg, MS 
Stacey Anne Hunt — Brandon, MS 
Brenda Faye Hunter — Canton, MS 
Deborah Ann Hunter — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Hunter — Jackson, MS 
Willie Jean Hunter — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Lynn Hurley — Jackson, MS 
Steven Clark Hurley — Vicksburg, MS 
Beverly W. Hurst — Pearl, MS 
David A. Hurst — Jackson, M8 
Jack Lamar Hurst — Vicksburg, MS 
Lula Kennedy Hurst — Jackson, MS 
Thomasine Wince Hurston — Jackson, MS 
Ella Marie Husbands — Clinton, MS 
Skeet Dale Huskey — Vicksburg, MS 
Terry Leigh Hust Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Howard Boise Hutchens — Vicksburg, MS 
William R. Hutcherson — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Lee Hutchins — Jackson, MS 
Laverne Hutchins — Carthage, MS 
Lavinia Hutchins — Carthage, MS 
Maggie Thompson Hutchins — Jackson, 


Peter Scott Hutchins — Clinton, MS 
Rhonda Gail Hutchinson — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Carl Hutchinson — Jackson, MS 
Charlotte S. Hutchison — Jackson, MS 
Jeff Sanders Hutchison — Jackson, MS 
Ronald A. Hutchison — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Tucker Hutto — Vicksburg, MS 
Gerry Hutton — Raymond, MS 
Walter Hutton — Jackson, MS 
Cleo Yvette Huval — Vicksburg, MS 
Melissa Watson Hux — Jackson, MS 
David Scott Hyche — Braxton, MS 
Jan C. Hylander Jr. — Terry, MS 
Pamela Matlock Hyslop — Brandon, MS 
Chukwuemeka H. Ikeanyionwu — 

Jackson, MS 
Trina Rachelle Ikerd — Meadville, MS 
Deborah Louise Imboden — Jackson, MS 
Mark Leon Ingle — Florence, MS 
Barbara Marble Ingram — Carthage, MS 
Bryan David Ingram — Clinton, MS 
Cornelius Ingram — Jackson. MS 
Dee Andrea Ingram — Jackson, MS 
James Jason Ingram — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Herrington Ingram — Vicksburg, MS 
Martha Gaye Ingram — Mize, MS 
Todd Russell Ingram — Clinton, MS 
Sandra Hull Inman — Clinton, MS 
Paul Lee Irby — Morton, MS 
Geoffery Lee Ireland — Jackson, MS 
Corinna Tompkins Irons — Vicksburg, MS 
Glenn Alan Irvin — Raymond, MS 
Lurlene Blakley Irvin — Jackson, MS 
Sonja Lolesa Irvin — Jackson, MS 
Davis Griffin Irwin Jr. — Bentonia, MS 
Joan Baddley Ishee — Pearl, MS 
Mark Davis lshee — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Roark Isonhood — Benton. MS 
Kimberly Sue Itatiano — Vicksburg, MS 
Anna Lisa Jabour — Vicksburg, MS 
David Gerard Jabour — Vicksburg, MS 
Adonis Elmore Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Agnes Marie Jackson — Terry, MS 
Alice Charleston Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Allison Jackson — Natchez, MS 
Andre Demond Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Andrea Fashun Jackson — Canton, MS 
Anthony Pettit Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Williams Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Betty Torti Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
Beverly Lynn Cook Jackson — Florence, 

Bobbie Ann Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Brigette Renee Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Calvin Clark Jackson Jr. — Florence, MS 
Carolyn Burnett Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Denice Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Claudia Jean Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia C. Jackson — Crystal Springs, 

Cynthia Luckett Jackson — Canton, MS 
Darlene Renee Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
Daryl Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Ann Austin Jackson — Jackson, 

Donna Denise Jackson — Brandon, MS 
Ethel Deneen Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Evelyn Kay Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
Glenda Commer Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Anthony Jackson — Port Gibson, 

Harvey Vernon Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Inez Dent Jackson — Braxton, MS 
Jackie Rena Jackson — Jackson, MS 
James Jackson Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
James Stephen Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Jimmie Matthew Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Elaine Jackson — Clinton, MS 
Kenney Clay Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Wayne Jackson — Clinton, MS 
Kimberly L. Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Marilyn G. Jackson — Crystal Springs, 

Martha Ann Jackson — Crystal Springs, 

Mary Fuqua Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Michael Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Wayne Jackson — Natchez, MS 
Mitchell Ray Jackson — Pearl. MS 
Montez Wade Jackson — Florence, MS 
Pearlie Pauline Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
Phyllis M. Jackson — Crystal Springs, MS 
Ray Jackson, Terry, MS 
Robert Gregg Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Robert McCoy Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
Shila Vocha Jackson — Braxton, MS 
Tammy Lynn Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Terry Mack Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
Valerie Cole Jackson — Natchez. MS 
Wanda Jean Jackson — Vicksburg, MS 
William Alvin Jackson Jr. — Vicksburg, 

William Curtis Jackson — Jackson, MS 
Jeanine Tip Jacob — Giville, MS 
Barbara T. Jacobs — Pearl, MS 
Barry Leroy Jacobs — Pearl, MS 

Directory / 305 

Melissa Jacobs — Jackson, MS 
Willie Lee Jacobs — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Varnell Jameel — Jackson, MS 
Angela Ceciel James — Vicksburg, MS 
Carl Edward James — Vicksburg, MS 
Cecilia Ann James — Pearl, MS 
Clarence Jeffery James — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Lance James — Jackson, MS 
Daniel Tyrone James — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Lynn James — Jackson, MS 
George Michael James — Jackson, MS 
Jeffrey Shonnon James — Brandon, MS 
Joseph Wayne James — Pearl Rankin, MS 
Larry Earl James — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Louanne James — Jackson, MS 
Melvin Lewis James — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Walker James — Jackson, MS 
Shelby Buford James — Vicksburg, MS 
Sherry Ann James — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Lynn James — Crystal Springs, 

Wendy Williford James — Brandon, MS 
Larfaye Jamison — Clinton, MS 
Larry Donnell Jamison — Jackson, MS 
Linda Fay Jamison — Jackson, MS 
Valerie Overstreet Jamison — Jackson, 

Patty Delay Janos — Jackson, MS 
Jamie Dean Janour — Vicksburg, MS 
Roston Collins Jarrell Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Shirley Zimmer Jarrell — Vicksburg, MS 
Shirley Zimmer Jarrell — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomasita Hayes Jarrell — Jackson, MS 
David Gerard Jaskolski — Madison, MS 
Dwan T wart Ta Jaynes — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Wadford Jayroe — Ridgeland, MS 
Elaina Marie Jefferis — Madison, MS 
Carmel C. Jefferson — Vicksburg, MS 
Jimmy Jefferson Jr. — Jackson, MS 
John Hamilton Jeffreys — Yazoo City, MS 
Alfreda Jenkins — Pearl, MS 
Alisha Yvette Jenkins — Pearl, MS 
Bethany Margaret Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Betty Jean Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie Nell Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Bobby Gary Jenkins — Canton, MS 
Bridgette Denise Jenkins — Pearl, MS 
Burnette Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Charles Vernon Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Christai Dawn Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Christopher Stanley Jenkins — Jackson, 

Claudia Lee Johnson Jenkins — Jackson, 


Cynthia Priscilla Jenkins lackson, MS 

Dia Lynn Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Donald L. Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Horace Leon Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Isreal Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Dianne Jenkins — Jackson, 

James Kevin Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Otis Randall Jenkins — Ridgeland, MS 
Sharon Lynelle Jenkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Stanley Ray Jenkins — Pearl, MS 
Susan Marie Jenkins — Rolling Fork, MS 
Thomas K. Jenkins — Meridian, MS 
Timothy Neil Jenkins — Ridgeland, MS 
Vicky Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
William E. Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Willie Levon Jenkins — Jackson, MS 
Elaine O. Jenks — Vicksburg, MS 
Billy Jessee Jennings — Jackson, MS 
Michael Andrew Jennings — Vicksburg, 

Robert L. Jennings — Morton, MS 
Jennifer Suzanne Jernigan — Clinton, MS 
Laura Olivia Jett — Raymond, MS 
Therese Kathleen Jett — Jackson, MS 
Beatrice Elane Jim — Carthage, MS 
Beverly Ann Jimerson — Jackson, M8 
Jerry G. Jimerson — Jackson, MS 
Mark Anthony Jimerson — Jackson, MS 
Christopher Dale Jimmerson — Jackson, 

Anita Colleen Jirikowic — Jackson, MS 
Terry Victor Jobe — Vicksburg. MS 
Leigh Ann Johns — Jackson, MS 
Randy Mitchael Johns — Jackson, MS 
Albert Michael Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Aldewin Theo Johnson — Brandon, MS 
Allyne Johnson — Jackson, M8 
Almetha Johnson — Raymond, MS 
Alphonso Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Amy Margaret Johnson — Brandon, MS 
Andy Lee Johnson — Pearl, MS 
Barbara Louise Johnson — Holly Bluff, 

Barbara Lynn Johnson — Jackson, M8 
Barbara Sue Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Beth Ann Wright Johnson — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Betty Marie Johnson — Hazlehurst, MS 
Brenda Denise Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Lois Johnson — Walnut Grove, 


Brenda Mason Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Brett Jon Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Carlton Andrew Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Celestine Rose Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Charles Johnson — Canton, MS 
Charles Lee Johnson — Pattison, MS 
Cheryl Denise Johnson — Canton, MS 
Chester L. Johnson — Port Gibson, MS 
Clara Johnson — Raymond, MS 
Claudette Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Cleveland Fernando Johnson — Jackson, 

Collest Clifton Johnson — Pelahatchie, 

Constance Miller Johnson — Vicksburg, 

Cora Leigh Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Curtis Eugene Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Lynne Johnson — Brandon, MS 
Danny Lee Johnson — Madison, MS 
David Earl Johnson — Jackson, MS 
David Leonard Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Denise Hendricks Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Dennis Bernard Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Earnest McCoy Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Edgar Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Elmina Mosetey Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Elugy Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Elwin Leon Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Emma Jean Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Emmitt Lloyd Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Era Thompson Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Eric Lloyd Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Eugene Johnson Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Felicia Logan Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Floyd Johnson — Hermanvile, MS 
Freda Faye Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Gill Johnson — Columbus, MS 
Glynis Dimetra Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Harold Johnson — Braxton, MS 
Henri Sue Bishop Johnson — Florence, 

Jacqueline Ann Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Annette Johnson — Jackson, 

James Douglus Johnson — Jackson, MS 
James Kenneth Johnson — Clinton, MS 
Janice E. Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Jeannette Robinson Johnson — Edwards, 

Jeffery Lorenzo Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Jerome Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Jessie Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Johnny Lee Johnson — Utica, MS 
Jon David Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Toop Johnson — Brandon, MS 
Julius Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Karl Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Katherine Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Katrina Cachelle Johnson — Canton, MS 
Kenneth Wayne Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Kerry Lynn Hobson Johnson — 

Pelahatchie, MS 
Laurie A. Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Letricia Lynne Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Levertis Leo Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Linda R. Johnson — Madison, MS 
Lisa Singleton Johnson — Clinton, MS 
Lizzie Marie Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Lola Mae Perrault Johnson — Vicksburg, 

Loretta E. Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Lovarise Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Lynda Kaye Johnson — Raymond, MS 
Martha Lou Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Joan Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Lee Johnson — Bolton, MS 
Melvin Leroy Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Michelle Therese Johnson — Valley Park, 

Mickey Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Miriam Jane Johnson — Florence, MS 
Nancy Pearce Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Nola Griffing Johnson — Clinton, MS 
Pamela Poley Johnson — Madison, MS 
Pamela Renee Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Philip Norman Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Ralph E. Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Regina Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Renita Marie Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Rhonda Kaye Johnson — Port Gibson, MS 
Richard Johnson — Prentiss, MS 
Ronald Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Johnson — Pearl, MS 
Sandra Elaine Johnson — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Laverne Johnson — Canton, MS 
Sandra Newman Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Shelley Renee Johnson — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Valerie Dianne Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Valerie M. Hill Johnson — Yazoo City, MS 
Vanessa Eugenia Johnson — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Velma Kathryn Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Vickey Victoria Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Wanda Diana Johnson — Jackson, MS 

Willie Johnson — Edwards, MS 
Yolanda Gail Johnson — Jackson, MS 
Caroline Coomes Johnston — Vicksburg, 

Edward Boteler Johnston — Vicksburg, 

Everett Michael Johnston — Jackson, MS 
Kathryn L. Johnston — Terry, MS 
Leigh Anne Johnston — Brandon, MS 
Paul Wayne Johnston Sr. — Vicksburg, 

Randall Edward Johnston — Clinton, MS 
Robert L. Johnston — Brandon, MS 
Dianne Denise Joiner — Raymond, MS 
Evelyn Ann Joiner — Raymond, MS 
Holly Halbach Joiner — Terry, MS 
Lawrence Benjamin Joiner — Jackson, MS 
Mary Ann Joiner — Raymond, MS 
Roddy Scott Joiner — Jackson, MS 
Steve Joiner — Raymond, MS 
Tracey Joiner — Pelahatchie, MS 
Cathy Sue Jokisch — Jackson, MS 
Kathy L. Jolley — Pearl, MS 
Peggie A. Jolley — Utica, MS 

Herbert M. Jolly lackson, MS 

Albert James Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Aletha Jones — Jackson, MS 
Alice McKenzie Jones — Jackson, MS 
Alonzo Jones — jackson, MS 
Ancy James Jones — Jackson, MS 
Angelia Deneen Jones — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Craig Jones — Jackson, MS 
Archie Cleavland Jones — Jackson, MS 
Arthur James Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Aspasra Hugetta Jones — Clinton, MS 
Audrey De Ann Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Barry Marcus Jones — Jackson, MS 
Belinda S. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Ben Block Jones II — Jackson, MS 
Bethany Lea Jones — Jackson, MS 
Betty C. Jones — Carthage, MS 
Bettye Delores Jones — Jackson, MS 
Bobby Dell Jones — Jackson, MS 
Brian Douglas Jones — Raymond, MS 
Brian Kendall Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Carl Everett Jones — Yazoo City, MS 
Carta Elizabeth Jones — Jackson, MS 
Cassandra Rena Jones — Jackson, MS 
Charlotte McDonald Jones — Jackson, 

Christopher Neal Jones — Jackson, MS 
Christopher Woody Jones — Clinton, MS 
Cloria Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Connie Tate Jones — Jackson, MS 
Cyndi Kay Jones — Pearl, MS 
Cynthia Jones — Terry, MS 
Cynthia Ann Jones — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia K. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Nash Jones — Jackson, MS 
Darnell Jones — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Michele Jones — Jackson, MS 
Debra Leigh Jones — Mendenhall, MS 
Delia Denise Jones — Pelahatchie, MS 
Derek Willard Jones — Bentonia, MS 
Donald Wayne Jones — Jackson, MS 
Doris Jean Gross Jones — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy J. McMurtery Jones — Canton, 

Dorothy Jeanette Jones — Valley Park, 

Douglas Paul Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Earnest Lee Jones — Brandon, MS 
Earnestine Jones — Jackson, MS 
Elisha L. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth J. Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Elvira Zena Jones — Jackson, MS 
Eric Bradford Jones — Jackson, MS 
Evelean Jones — Flora, MS 
Felecia Annette Jones — Biloxi, MS 
Fredrick Keven Jones — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Bruce Jones — Florence, MS 
Gwinette Burks Jones — Jackson, MS 
Hansel A. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Helen Ruth Johnson Jones — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Evans Jones — Jackson, MS 
James Charles Jones — Raymond, MS 
James Marcus Jones Jr. — Mendenhall, 

James Matthew Jones — Clinton, MS 
James Vanard Jones — Flora, MS 
Jamie Maureen Jones — Jackson, MS 
Jeanette Simmons Jones — Jackson, MS 
Jeff H. Jones — Brandon, MS 
John H. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Judith Marie Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Julia Mae Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Karl Bernard Jones — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Jones — Prentiss, MS 
Katie Mae Jones — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly June Jones — Jackson, MS 
Kinton Marlton Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Kristy Yyonne Jones — Pearl, MS 
Laura Lynn Jones — Pearl, M8 
Laurie Leigh Jones — Jackson, MS 
Lee Ann Jones — Jackson, MS 
Lee Edward Jones — Tougaloo, M8 

Lester Kurt Jones — Lake, MS 
Levion Jones — Canton, MS 
Lewis Brinson Jones — Clinton, MS 
Linda Jones — Jackson, MS 
Linda L. Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda McCarthy Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Trussell Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Gayle Jones — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Lynn Jones — Brandon, MS 
Lisa Reams Jones — Clinton, MS 
Louis H. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Lula Mae Jones — Jackson, MS 
Marjorie Anne Jones — Florence, MS 
Marvin Douglas Jones — Florence, MS 
Mary Ann Jones — Jackson, MS 
Mary Ellis Jones — Jackson, MS 
Mattie Mae Jones — Jackson, MS • 
Melvin R. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Michael Jones — Raymond, MS 
Michael Edward Jones — Bolton, MS 
Mickey Jones — Raymond, MS 
Namonan Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Nancy Lou Jones — Leland, MS 
Olga Lynn Jones — Terry, MS 
Patricia Ann Jones — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Lewis Jones — Jackson, MS 
Patsy Ann Jones — Jackson, MS 
Paula Lynn Jones — Jackson, MS 
Paula Peterce Jones — Pearl, MS 
Perry Jean Jones — Jackson, MS 
Perry L. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Richard Hollis Jones — Jackson, MS 
Richard Wells Jones — Jackson, MS 
Robert Madison Jones Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Rodney Maurice Jones — Brandon, MS 
Rose Young Jones — Jackson, MS 
Rosemary Kea Jones — Clinton, MS 
Roy Clayton Jones — Jackson, MS 
Ruth Needham Jones — Brandon, MS 
Samantha Jones — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Denise Jones — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Denise Jones — Bolton, MS 
Sandra Denise Jones — Jackson, MS 
Sarah Young Jones — Brandon, MS 
Sean L. Jones — Louise, MS 
Sharon Dean Jones — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Jernigan Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Shelia Kaye Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Sheri Abercrombie Jones — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Berryhill Jones — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Denise Jones — Benton, MS 
Shirley S. Jones — Pearl, MS 
Steven Carl Jones — Jackson, MS 
Sylvester Jones — Jackson, MS 
Tanya Marie Jones — Jackson, MS 
Terrell Leroy Jones — Jackson, MS 
Thelma Mildred Jones — Yazoo, MS 
Thomas Glen Jones — Clinton, MS 
Tina Marie Jones — Clinton, MS 
Tommy Lee Jones — Jackson, MS 
Tonja A. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Tonya Kay Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Towney C. Jones — Pickens, MS 
Travis Lynn Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Van Keith Jones — Terry, MS 
Verna Marie Jones — Jackson, MS 
Vernon Dwayne Jones — Pearl, MS 
Virginia Hewitt Jones — Jackson, MS 
William Dwayne Jones — Jackson, MS 
Willie Claud Jones — Yazoo, MS 
Willie Earl Jones — Jackson, MS 
Wilson Bell Jones — Vicksburg, MS 
Yleta R. Jones — Jackson, MS 
Albert Leo Jordan — Vicksburg, MS 
Allison Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Betty Ann Jordan — Durant, MS 
Carolyn Mauck Jordan; — Vicksburg, MS 
Charla Mitchell Jordan — Brandon, MS 
Diane May Jordan — Vicksburg, MS 
Eric Mitchell Jordan — Pearl, MS 
Jane Bcale Jordan — Madison, MS 
Jocelyn Ledora Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Joseph C. Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Judith Louise Jordan — Clinton, MS 
Julia Lynn Jordan — Jackson. MS 
Kathryn Lynn Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Kay Teresa Jordan — Clinton, MS 
Kaylin Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Lillian Mosby Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Michael Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Myrtis M. Jordan — Brandon, MS 
Ronald Van Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Sharon K. Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Steve Alan Jordan — Vicksburg, MS 
Theadore Jordan Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Todd Everett Jordan — Clinton, MS 
William Marcus Jordan — Vicksburg, MS 
Willie Bernard Jordan — Jackson, MS 
Jacquelyn Remona Jorden — Clinton, MS 
Mary Kelley Jourdan — Vicksburg, MS 
Ronnie Lloyd Jowers — Raymond, MS 
Morris Steven Joyce — Jackson, MS 
Donald W. Joyner — Vicksburg, MS 
Gary Eugene Joyner — Vicksburg, MS 
Margaret Howard Joynt — Ridgeland, MS 

306 / Directory 

Sharon Brown Judson — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert James Julian — Florence, MS 
Dixie Reaves Justice — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas A. Kainz — Raymond, MS 
Nirmal K. Kalsi — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Lee Kammer — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Cothern Kane — Jackson, MS 
Sunuia Gay Bynum Kanengiser — 

Brandon, MS 
John Walter Kappler — Vicksburg, MS 
Angela Dell Karnes — Clinton, MS 
Cynthia Miles Kaskie — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Shearin Katzenmeyer — Pearl, MS 
Minerva Jean Kaylor — Hazlehurst, MS 
James Ben Kazel — Brandon, MS 
Martha Camllle Ellis Kazery — Terry, MS 
Michael Francis Kearney — Clinton, MS 
Albert Thomas Keen — Jackson, MS 
Steven Paul Keen — Vicksburg, MS 
Vonda Patrick Keen — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Charlene Keenan — Jackson, MS 
Mary Nannette Keenan — Jackson, MS 
Jerald Byron Keene — Brandon, MS 
Tereca Susan Keene — Brandon, MS 
Jan Elizabeth Keenum — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Darlene Keeton — Jackson, MS 
Connie Bachman Kegerreis — Vicksburg, 

John Huddleston Keith — Carthage, MS 
Kelly Paige Keith — Jackson, MS 
Kerry Glenn Keith — Jackson, MS 
Michelle Melton Keith — Clinton, MS 
Stephanie Ann Keller — Jackson, MS 
James Marvin Kelley — Vicksburg, MS 
Ron Wayne Kelley — Clinton, MS 
Amanda Prine Kelly — Raymond, MS 
Andrew Curtis Kelly — Jackson, MS 
Barry Vernord Kelly — Clinton, MS 
Carolyn Sue Gilliam Kelly — Vicksburg, 

Charles Edward Kelly — Jackson, MS 
Christopher Alexander Kelly — Raymond, 

Debra Sue Kelly — Pearl, MS 
Dye Ann Crain Kelly — Jackson, MS 
Gregory David Kelly — Clinton, MS 
Jacqueline Kelly — Port Gibson, MS 
James Henry Kelly — Jackson, MS 
James Lyndon Kelly — Carthage, MS 
Jane Turner Kelly — Raymond, MS 
Jennifer Ann Kelly — Clinton, MS 
Jerome Kelly — Bolton, MS 
Kenneth Ray Kelly — Jackson, MS 
Lloyd Kelly — Canton, MS 
Michael Ray Kelly — Vicksburg, MS 
Ralph Edward Kelly — Jackson, MS 
Rochelle Kelly — Brandon, MS 
Shelia Faye Mason Kelly — Bolton, MS 
William Matthews KeUy — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Elaine Kelty — Madison, MS 
Charlotte Ann Kemp — Jackson, MS 
James Edward Kemp Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Naomi Applewhite Kency — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Yvonne Kendall — Jackson, MS 
John Marcus Kendrick — Edwards, MS 
Mary B. Kendrick — Yazoo City, MS 
Priscilla Ann Kendrick — Terry, MS 
Richard Lee Kendrick — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Ann S. Kennebrew — Jackson, 

Alan Clark Kennedy — Clinton, MS 
Darrell Weldon Kennedy — Jackson, MS 
Frederick J. Kennedy — Jackson, M8 
James Garland Kennedy Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Janet Carol Kennedy — Pearl, MS 
Jimmy Daryl Kennedy — Pearl, MS 
Lee H. Kennedy — Brandon, MS 
Lillie Jo Kennedy — Jackson, MS 
Margaret K. Kennedy — Jackson, MS 
Michael Wayne Kennedy — Clinton, MS 
Regina Ann Kennedy — Pearl, MS 
Richard Leon Kennedy Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Sara Shontena Kennedy — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Texidor Kennedy — Utica, MS 
Kelly Ann Kenney — Clinton, M8 
Brenda Kay Kenny — Jackson, MS 
Noreen P. Kenny — Jackson, M8 
James F. Kent — Jackson, MS 
Ray Larwence Kent Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Viereather Kent — Raymond, MS 
Jeff James Kenyon — Jackson, MS 
Susan Diane Kerce — Jackson, MS 
Luanne Blaser Kerlin — Brandon, M8 
Henry Grady Kersh III — Jackson, MS 
Janice Leigh Kersh — Brandon, MS 
Carnell Key — Carrollton, GA 
Sallie M. Key — Jackson, MS 
Bennie Gerald Keyes — Pearl, MS 
Dixie P. Keyes — Clinton, MS 
James B. Keyes — Clinton, MS 
John William Keyes — Clinton, MS 
Russell Benjamin Keyes — Clinton, MS 
William Andrew Keyes — Clinton, MS 
Alice Kersh Keys — Jackson, MS 

George W. Keys Jr. — Pearl, MS 
Kimberly Denise Keys — Florence, MS 
Joseph Arwine Key wood — Jackson, MS 
Ty Canh Kha — Jackson, MS 
Bassam Joe Khalaf — Jackson, MS 
Ivan Atta Kianl — Terry, MS 
Bobbie Kay Kibble — Oxford. MS 
James Andrew Kidd — Jackson, MS 
Joycelynn Belle Kidd — Jackson, MS 
Richard James Kilburg — Brandon, MS 
James Leroy Kilgore — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Gaye Killebrew — Jackson, MS 
Marcus Eugene Killebrew — Forest, MS 
Melissa Gale Killen — Vicksburg, MS 
Carole Montgo Killingsworth — Port 

Gibson, MS 
Book Sun Kim — Jackson, MS 
Hyum Jung Kim — Clinton, MS 
Sung Jin Kim — Jackson, MS 
James Pat Kimble — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Rena Kimble — Yazoo City, MS 
Estil Edward Kimbrell — Flora, MS 
Henry Bernard Kimbrough — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Renee Kimbrough — Jackson, 

Janice Carole Kinabrew -*- Pearl, MS 
Darlene Deneane Kincaid — Carthage, MS 
Elisa Mae Kincaid — Carthage, MS 
Ofilia Varela Kindley — Vicksburg, MS 
Annette King — Edwards, MS 
Barbara King — Jackson, MS 
Bobby Kendale King — Jackson, MS 
Candace Marie King — Vicksburg, MS 
Curtis Lee King — Brandon, MS 
Daphaney Ann King — Pelahatchie, MS 
David Jeffrey King — Clinton, MS 
Deborah Pilcher King — Jackson, MS 
Deirdre La Rose King — Jackson, MS 
Donzia Louise King — Vicksburg, MS 
Dorothy Bradley King — Jackson, MS 
Douglas Alan King — Jackson, MS 
Gayla Lynette King — Jackson, M8 
Jessie King — Port Gibson, MS 
Margaret Elaine Minnis King — Brandon, 

Margrett Bernell King — Jackson, MS 
Marilyn Denise King — Jackson, Ms 
Melinda Majors King — Jackson, MS 
Michael Allen King — Lexington, MS 
Peggy Downs King — Clinton, MS 
Philip Scott King — Clinton, MS 
Randy Davis King — Clinton, MS 
Richard Curtis King — Jackson, MS 
Richard Lee King — Greenville MS 
Richard Luther King Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Rickey R. King — Fayette, MS 
Ronnie E. King — Clinton, MS 
Rosie Lee King — Flora, MS 
Samuel King — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Ann King — Jackson, MS 
Sherri King — Jackson, MS 
Stacie May King — Clinton, MS 
Timothy Eric King — Jackson, MS 
Trent King — Jackson, M8 
Anthony Maurice Kinnard — Jackson, MS 
Marjorie C. Kinnebrew — Vicksburg, MS 
Stephen Lance Kinnebrew — Vicksburg, 

Gregory A. Kinsley — Jackson, MS 
Cathy Jean Kirby — Brandon, MS 
Lana Starr Kirk — Clinton, MS 
Lenaee Hope Kirk — Clinton, MS 
Lisa Dawn Kirk — Yazoo City, MS 
Lori Jan Kirk — Yazoo City, MS 
Shirley Ann Kirk — Clinton, MS 
Jeffrey John Kirkham — Vicksburg, MS 
Bruce Kirkland — Madison, MS 
Craig Howard Kirkland — Madison, MS 
Joann Gwen Kirkland — Canton, MS 
Linda Obannon Kirkley — Vicksburg, MS 
Tony Wayne Kirkley — Carson, MS 
John Michael Kirklin — Vicksburg. MS 
Doris Rowland Kirschenbaum — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Thomas Kirschenbaum — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Lee Kiser — Pelahatchie, MS 
Christopher Elon Kitchens — Yazoo City, 

Clarence Jerome Kitchens — Jackson, MS 
Jay Paul Kitchens — Vicksburg, MS 
Sherry Dee Kitchens — Jackson, MS 
Billy Wayne Klaas — Jackson, MS 
Stacey Kay Klaus — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara Linzy Kline — Vicksburg, MS 
Gloria Londen Kline — Vicksburg, MS 
Kimberly Ann Knapp — Jackson, M8 
Ben Eric Knight — Brandon, M8 
Brett Alan Knight — Jackson, MS 
Denise Pearlie Knight — Yazoo — ity, MS 
Gregory David Knight — Jackson, M8 
Joseph Brent Knight — Jackson, M8 
Joyce Hall Knight — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathy Marie Knight — Yazoo City, MS 
Katie Renae Knight — Pelahatchie, MS 
Leila Ann Knight — Vicksburg, M8 
Mable Knight — Jackson, MS 

Nancy Brewer Knight — Canton, MS 
Pamela Pinter Knight — Brandon, MS 
Posie Coleman Knight — Jackson, MS 
Roosevelt Knight — Pearl, MS 
Rosemary Evelyn Knight — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Jean Knott — Jackson, MS 
Billy Earl Knott — Jackson, MS 
Calvin Daniel Knott — Greenwood, MS 
Cedric Lamone Knott — Jackson, MS 
Jeffery Lee Knott — Jackson, MS 
Patsy Saulter Knowles — Jackson, MS 
Georgia Turner Knox — Vicksburg, MS 
Joseph William Knox Jr. — Jackson, MS 
George Oliver Koerber — Jackson, MS 
Lawrence Hennessey Koestler — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Leo Vick Koestler III — Vicksburg, MS 
Paul Gregory Koestler — Vicksburg, MS 
David Wayne Kohler — Philadelphia, MS 
Bertha Ragsdale Kolb — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathy Warner Kolb — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Evans Kolb — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Jay Kornrumpt — Jackson, MS 
Toni Ann Koskie — Jackson, MS 
Michael Edward Kotowski — Vicksburg, 

Tammy Lorraine Kotsonaros — Pearl, MS 
Judith Karen Krabbe — Jackson, MS 
Wilhelm Erich Kraemer — Pearl, MS 
David Sebastain Kraft — Madison, MS 
Lisa Marie Kraft — Madison, MS 
Margaret Cecelia Kraft — Madison, MS 
Elma Lanore Kranzman — Vicksburg, MS 
Edna A. Kreuz — Raymond, MS 
William Joseph Kreuz — Raymond, MS 
Diane Marie Krieg — Pearl, MS 
Diane Mudge Krisman — Vicksburg, MS 
Lori Lynn Kruntorad — Clinton, MS 
Debbie Alford Kuhn — Pearl, MS 
Sidney Allen Kuhn Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie H. Kukor — Jackson, MS 
Raymond Matthew Kulhary — Vicksburg, 

Mindy Louise Kunz — Jackson, MS 
Pat Blankenship Kuykendall — Brandon, 

Susan Carol Kuykendall — Vicksburg, MS 
Russell W. Kyle — Corinth, M8 
Bonnie Russell Kyles — Jackson, MS 
Flora Denise Kyles — Bolton, MS 
Patricia Deering Kyles — Jackson, MS 
Lowrey Calvin Kyzar — Edwards, MS 
Mary F. Lacey — Pearl, MS 
Harry Thomas Lack — Terry Hinds, M8 
Kimberly Rives Lackey — Pearl, MS 
Steven Scott Lackey — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Nichols Lacy — Brandon, MS 
Dora L. Lacy — Forest, MS 
Felesha Lynn Lacy — Jackson, MS 
Terrye Nichols Lacy — Vicksburg, MS 
Lewis Scott Lafhameyer — Brandon, MS 
Timothy Charles Lafhameyer — Brandon, 

Cicero Lahatte — Vicksburg, MS 
Steve Dale Lahatte — Vicksburg, M8 
Linda Wolfe Lail — Jackson, MS 
James Wiley Laird — Clinton, MS 
John Keith Lamar — Crystal Springs, MS 
Jerry Brent Lamb — Vicksburg, MS 
Jimmy Dickson Lamb — Brandon, MS 
Tracey Hutchins Lamb — Jackson, MS 
Carol Lynn Lambert — Jackson, MS 
Diane Michelle Lambert — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Lambert — Jackson, MS 
Lester Denise Lambert — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Day Lamberth — Jackson, MS 
Valarie Lynn Lamburth — Jackson, MS 
Charles Yates La mere — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Renee Lampkin — Jackson, MS 
Robin Renee Lampkin — Sturgis, MS 
Sharon Donovan Lampkin — Vicksburg, 

Sherry Dianne Lampkin — Jackson, M8 
William Jeffery Lampkin — Morton, MS 
Janice Marie Lampley — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Sue Lancaster — Clinton, MS 
Chellie Purvis Lancaster — Vicksburg, MS 
David Wesley Lancaster — Corinth, MS 
Joy Jean Lancaster — Raymond, MS 
Karen Lancaster — Raymond, MS 
Mary Glynn Lancaster — Bolton, MS 
Gloria Maddox Land — Durant, MS 
Lynda R. Land — Jackson, MS 
Melinda Rose Land — Jackson, MS 
Patti Nell Landers — Vicksburg, MS 
Samuel Troy Landers — Vicksburg, MS 
Cecil Willard Landrum — Clinton, MS 
Griffin Donovan Landrum — Clinton, MS 
Clarence Lane — Vicksburg, MS 
Judy Elise Lane — Jackson, MS 
Leigh Carolyn Lane — Clinton, MS 
Lora Lynn Lane — Clinton, MS 
Marvin Dale Lane — Clinton, MS 
Ronald Earl Lane — Pearl, MS 
Wynter Elizabeth Lane — Jackson, MS 
Betty Powers Lang — Canton, MS 

Carolyn P. Lang — Morton, MS 
Danny Joe Lang — Carthage, MS 
Homer Tracy Lang — Pearl, MS 
Kathryn Dianne Lang — Carthage, MS 
Pamela Diane Jones Langham — 

Mendenhall, MS 
Clint Walker Langley — Prentiss, MS 
Ginger Kay Langley — Clinton, MS 
Charla Gail Langston — Clinton, MS 
Holds H. Langston — Jackson, MS 
Howard Arnold Langston — Jackson, MS 
Marsha Lynn Langston — Jackson, MS 
Connie Denise Lanier — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Key Lanier — Vicksburg, M8 
Shauna Keith Lannoy — Madison, MS 
Lorrie M. Lanphere — Jackson, MS 
Janet Gottfried Lansen — Brandon, MS 
Joe P. Lariccia — Clinton, MS 
Janet Renee Larriraore — Jackson, MS 
Linda Lee Larry — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Rabbitt Larson — Vicksburg, MS 
Leslie Burleson Larue — Jackson, M8 
Janet Marie Laseter — Morton, MS 
Tina Sue Lasseter — Jackson, MS 
Alfred Edward Lassiter Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Carolyn Shedd Lassiter — Vicksburg, MS 
Rosemary Phillips Lassiter — Jackson, 

Brenda Gerald Laster — Jackson, MS 
John Tracy Laster — Duck Hill, MS 
Michael Gordon Laster — Duck Hill, MS 
Denise Shaw Latham — Forkville, MS 
Eileen Latham — Terry, MS 
Robin Latham — Terry, MS 
Stanley Levon Latham — Terry, MS 
Teresa Ann Latham — Terry, MS 
Steve Wayne Latt — Vicksburg, MS 
Robin Linn Laughlin — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Dewayne Laury — Jackson, MS 
Evelyn Teresa Laury — Jackson, MS 
Ron Joseph Lawler — Vicksburg, M8 
Carolyn Darlene Lawrence — Brandon, 

Edwin L. Lawrence Jr. — Canton, MS 
James Eugene Lawrence — Redwood, MS 
James Michael Lawrence — Florence, MS 
Kenneth Wilson Lawrence — Raymond, 

Luster M. Lawrence — Vicksburg, MS 
Phillip Alan Lawrence — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Lurick Lawrence — Vicksburg, MS 
Calvin Lawson — Raymond, MS 
James Henry Lawson — Jackson, MS 
Malinda Hill Lawson — Jackson, MS 
Martha Michelle Lawson — Raymond, MS 
Yolonda Marie Lawyer — Vicksburg, MS 
Christy Ann Lay — Pearl, MS 
Sylvia Denise Lay — Jackson, MS 
Paul Lay shock — Clinton, MS 
Nan Winnie Layton — Mendenhall, MS 
Darlene Denise Laza — Raymond, MS 
Minh Quang Le — Jackson, MS 
Gwen Elaine Leach — Brandon, M8 
John Michael Leach — Lake, MS 
Kimberly Maine Leach — Jackson, MS 
Robert Charles Leach — Jackson, MS 
Queen Esther Leamous — Jackson, MS 
Carta Jean Leavell — Jackson, M8 
Georgeann Vandenbro Leavell — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Kenneth Hayes Leavell — Terry, MS 
Mary Kyzar Leavell — Terry, MS 
Shirlee Ann Leber — Clinton, M8 
Noel David Leblanc — Jackson, MS 
Karen Sue Lebouef — Natchez, MS 
Martin Earl Lebouef — Natchez, MS 
Carlos Lebron — Vicksburg, MS 
Carlos Juan Lebron — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Francis Ledlow — Flora, MS 
Brenda M. Ellis Ledoux — Jackson, MS 
Beau Fitzhugh Lee — Clinton, MS 
Carlos Lee — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Lucille Benson Lee — Jackson. 

Constance Lynn Luczak Lee — Jackson, 

Dan McKinnon Lee — Jackson, MS 
Dana Chrystine Lee — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Lynn Lee — Pearl, MS 
Deborah Sue Lee — Vicksburg, MS 
Debra Ann Lee — Jackson, MS 
Edith Elizabeth Lee — Bay Springs, MS 
Francis Monroe Lee — Vicksburg, MS 
Gerald Dewayne Lee — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Jean Lee — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Faye Lee — Jackson, MS 
James Robert Lee — Pearl, MS 
Jessie James Lee — Edwards, MS 
Johnnie Walter Lee — Jackson. MS 
Landre Preston Lee — Forkville, MS 

Lila Paulette Lee lackson, MS 

Lillian Lee — Jackson. MS 
Long Lee — Jackson, MS 
Mattie Jean Lee — Bolton, MS 
Michael Warren Lee — Clinton. MS 
Mona Denise Lee — Clinton. MS 

Directory / 307 

Robin Smith Lee — Jackson, MS 
Roger Earl Lee Jr. — Florence, MS 
Russ Olen Lee — Brandon, MS 
Sandra Ann Lee — Jackson, MS 
Sara SaUey Lee — Clinton, MS 
Sherie Ann Lee — Flora, MS 
Thomas Lindsey Lee — Redwood, MS 
Toni Tenera Lee — Wesson, MS 
Vanessa Von Lee — Terry, MS 
Willie G. Lee — Pearl, MS 
Ann Marie Leese — Vicksburg, MS 
Charlotte Ann Leflore — Jackson, M8 
Randy Leflore — Jackson, MS 
Shelia Ann Leflore — Jackson, MS 
Neal Holt Leftwich — Jackson, MS 
Gerald Wayne Legge — Batesville, MS 
Gail Leggett — Jackson, MS 
Laurie Grace Leggett — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Parkman Leggett — Clinton, MS 
Vickie Case Leggett — Jackson, MS 
Wendy Lynn Leggett — Pearl, MS 
Mark Anthony Leggette — Pearl, MS 
Carol A. Lehman — Vicksburg, MS 
Edna Nichols Leist — Vicksburg, MS 
Ronny Eugene Leist — Lyon, MS 
Stephen Michael Lembo — Jackson, MS 
Mary Ann Lemesh — Jackson, MS 
Roger Karol Lemesh — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Lynn Leming — Pearl, MS 
Benjamin Samuel Lemmon Jr. — Jackson, 

Linda Lee Leonard — Yazoo City, MS 
Robert Hugh Leonard — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Janell Leonard — Jackson, MS 
Wesley Lowell Leonard — Brandon, MS 
Laura Hemphill Lesbo — Jackson, MS 
Michael David Leshe — Jackson, MS 
Carra Sue Lestage — Vicksburg, MS 
John Adams Lester — Jackson, M8 
Sarah Martin Lester — Jackson, M8 
Diana Lynne Letterman — Jackson, MS 
Martha Mayfleld Lever — Vicksburg, MS 
Lee Maverick Leverette — Jackson, M8 
Deborah Faye Levi — Jackson, MS 
Claudell Levy — Jackson, M8 
Harry Earl Levy — Jackson, MS 
Alan Jerome Lewandowski — Jackson, 

Al Ray Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Angela Kay Lewis — Brandon, MS 
Annie Ruth Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Mitchell Lewis — Vicksburg, MS 
Bertha Mae Lewis — Edwards, MS 
Betty J. Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Bettye Jean Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Cecil Carl Lewis — Port Gibson, MS 
Clarabel Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Marie Lewis — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Pauiette Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Cynthia Pearl Lewis — Jackson, MS 
David William Lewis — Natchez, M8 
Dennis Wayne Lewis — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Marie Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Doris Ann Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Evelyn Louise Lewis — Clinton, MS 
Fannie Mae Lewis — Bolton, MS 
Frankie Lee Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Gary 8cott Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Georgette A. Lewis — Rolling Fork, MS 
Gregory Charles Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Homer Michelle Lewis — Pearl, MS 
James Ray Lewis — Vicksburg, M8 
Jeraldine Williams Lewis — Florence, M8 
Jerry Emmett Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Windell Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Joann Lashell Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Joanna Harris Lewis — Bolton, M8 
John Owen Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Robert Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Julie Suzanne Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Kenneth Ray Lewis — Brandon, M8 
Lee Anne White Lewis — Brandon, M8 
Leonard Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Lillie Mae Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Lorraine Corley Lewis — Pearl, M8 
Lynda Carol Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Mary Linda Lewis — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Moore Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Norman Lynn Lewis — Edwards, MS 
Patricia Ann Lewis — Clinton, M8 
Penny Hudson Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Rachel Denise Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Richard Mark Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Rickie L. Lewis — Raymond, M8 
Robert L. Lewis — Raymond, M8 
Ronnie Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Ronnie Orlando Lewis — Jackson, MS 

Sandra Harrington Lewis — Vicksburg, 

Scarlett Ann Lewis — Pearl, M8 
Scott Anthony Lewis — Jackson, MS 
8l M8 tave Watrisyovon Lewis — Jackson, 

Sharon McSwain Lewis — Pearl, M8 
Stanley Jerome Lewis — Jackson, M8 
8ylvester Lewis — Bolton, M8 

Tammy Jo Lewis — Jackson, M8 
Thomas Estus Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Tonie Renaldo Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Vanessa Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Velma Jean Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Wayne L. Lewis — Jackson, MS 
William Bradley Lewis — Jackson, MS 
Theresa Sue Lhamon — Vicksburg, MS 
Melba Dollar Lichte — Florence, MS 
Elvis Liddell — Crystal Springs, MS 
Carol Ann Lieb — Jackson, MS 
Patricia M. Lieb — Florence, MS 
Renee Mitchell Liebl — Jackson, MS 
Deanna Rae Liebsack — Florence, MS 
Jeffrey Leon Liedke — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Yvonne Liggins — Vicksburg, MS 
Cindy Sharp Light — Jackson, MS 
Linda Joyce Lightcsy — Jackson, MS 
Bobby Ann Lighter — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Dianne Lightle — Ridgeland, MS 
Cynthia Jo Liles — Jackson, MS 
Juliet Angela Dorado Lilly — Jackson, MS 
Lee Ann Lilly — Pearl, MS 
Jack C. Lind — Jackson, MS 
James F. Lind — Jackson, MS 
Helen M. Lindenmuth — Hazlehurst, MS 
Mariquita Lindley — Brandon, MS 
Michael Bowen Lindley — Jackson, MS 
George Michael Lindsay — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Kent Undsey — Vicksburg, MS 
Delia Louise Lindsey — Jackson, MS 
Gayla Lynn Lindsey — Morton, MS 
Jerry Lee Lindsey — Jackson, MS 
Micheal Lindsey — Jackson, M8 
Tressie Madora Lindsey — Vicksburg, MS 
Jenorice Linear — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Scott Linn — Clinton, MS 
John Maurice Linnell III — Clinton, MS 
Lonnie Linson — Jackson, MS 
Ruth D. Lipscomb — Vicksburg, MS 
Levorn Lipsey Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Vorneal Lipsey — Canton, MS 
Beverly Lipton — Brandon, MS 
David Eli Lipton — Brandon, MS 
Gaynell Willoughby Lisenbe — Pearl, MS 
Scotty Lane Lisenbe — Pearl, MS 
Steven Charles Lisenbe — Brandon, MS 
Charles A. Lister — Raymond, MS 
Catherine Monahan Little — Pearl, MS 
David Jeffrey Little — Mendenhall, MS 
Derian Devell Little — Jackson, MS 
Don Little — Clinton, MS 
Douglas Ray Little III — Vicksburg, MS 
Ethel M. Little — Vicksburg, MS 
Kimberly Ann Little — Pearl, MS 
Ronald Buford Little — Florence, MS 
Ruby Dukes Little — Magee, MS 
Tonyah Ann Little — Clinton, MS 
Earnestine Littleton — Jackson, MS 
Felicia Renee Littleton — Jackson, MS 
Sam Edmund Littleton — Clinton, MS 
Sheila Y. Littleton — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Dianne Carter Lloyd — Jackson, 

Freda Murrell Lloyd — Jackson, MS 
Melinda Joyce Lloyd — Utica, MS 
Peggy Ann Lloyd — Jackson, MS 
John Andrew Loboda — Vicksburg, MS 
Gail Annette Lobue — Hammond, LA 
James Willie Lock — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Ficklin Lock — Jackson, MS 
John Daniel Loftin — Jackson, MS 
Van Taylor Loftin — Jackson. MS 
Viney Mae Garrett Loftin — Jackson, MS 
James Huson Jr. Lofton — Vicksburg, MS 
Kevin Michael Lofton — Clinton, MS 
Lynn Lofton — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie Ann Logan — Bolton. M8 
Clavorn Logan — Jackson, MS 
Connie K. Gwinn Logan — Clinton, MS 
Jeanle Carol Logan — Yazoo City, MS 
Penney Kay Logan — Brandon, M8 
Jonathan Tullos Loggans — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Roby Loggins — Jackson, MS 
Charlotte Denise Lomack — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Diane Long — Yazoo City, MS 
Clifford Owen Long — Vicksburg, MS 
Debra Kezsey Long — Jackson, MS 
Emily H. Long — Vicksburg, MS 
Flora M. Long — Vicksburg, MS 
Gloria J. Long — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Kaye Long — Jackson, M8 
Robert Lee Long — Madison, MS 
Scot Edward Long — Hazlehurst, MS 
Stella Harris Long — Vicksburg, M8 
Todd Rudolph Long — Vicksburg, MS 
Tom Rowland Long — Jackson, M8 
Mark Steven Longgrear — Canton, M8 
Darlene Longino — Monticello, M8 
Nancy Lourraine Longstreet — 

Greenwood, M8 
Cynthia Rena Loper — Pearl, MS 
Jan White Loper — Pearl, MS 
Lisa Louise Lorch — Brandon, MS 
David Collins Lord — Raymond, MS 
Gertrude E. Lorthridge — Jackson, MS 

Angela Joy Lott — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Ann Lott — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Ann Lott — Clinton, MS 
Ricky Len Lott — Brandon, MS 
Tamela Gillis Lott — Vicksburg, MS 
Carneil Louisville — Jackson, MS 
Arthur Lee Love — Jackson. MS 
Beverly Ruble Love — Vicksburg, MS 
Doretha Love — Jackson, MS 
Edmund Dink Love — Raymond, MS 
James Dale Love — Vicksburg, MS 
John Love — Jackson, MS 
Marguerite Jones Love — Jackson, MS 
Martin Earl Love — Jackson, MS 
Randolph Love — Jackson, MS 
Rodney Dwayne Love — Jackson, MS 

Theresa Annette Thomas Love 

Jackson, MS 
Wilburn Hughes Love — Tchula, MS 
Shelia Lovelace — Prentiss, MS 
Vivian Dianne Lovelace — Jackson, MS 
Cathy Barr Lovett — Raymond, MS 
Daisy Mae Loving — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeff E. Lovorn — Jackson, MS 
Russell Ming Low — Canton, MS 
Bobbie Jo Schulte Lowe — Brandon, MS 
Charles Gregory Lowe — Pearl, MS 
Donna Lynn Lowe — Pearl, MS 
James A. Lowe Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
John L. Lowe — Clinton, MS 
Kecia Dehaven Lowe — Jackson. MS 
Stefany Denise Lowe — Port Gibson, MS 
Donald Scott Lowery — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Lynn Lowery — Brandon. MS 
Ruth L. Lowery — Vicksburg, MS 
Tlmmy Wayne Lowery — Brandon, MS 
M. Beth Lowry — Jackson, MS 
Pequita Lynn Lowry — Pearl, MS 
Julian Barry Lowther — Clinton, MS 
Christopher Gerald Loyd — Pattison, MS 
Erin Royal Luby — Brandon, MS 
Julian Ray Luby — Brandon, MS 
Gloria Jean Lucas — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Ann Lucas — Brandon, MS 
Annie Bruce Lucious — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Joyce Luckett — Chicago, 1L 
Demitri Alesia Luckett — Jackson, MS 
Hudson Luckett Jr. — Jackson. MS 
Wesley Bilbo Luckey Jr. — Brandon. MS 
Vickie Lynne Lucky — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Ann Luebbert — Brandon, MS 
Shelby Woznick Luffman — Jackson, MS 
William Hamilton Luft — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Barksdale Luftig — Canton, MS 
Sergio Luiz Lugo — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Anne Luke — Pearl, MS 
Pamela Luke— Jackson, MS 
Alton Ray Lum — Jackson, MS 
Angela Kay Luro — Jackson. MS 
Mary Beth Lum — Port Gibson, MS 
William Douglas Lum — Port Gibson, MS 
Edwin Arnold Lumbley Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Dina Richelle Lumpkin — Pearl, MS 
Emily Suzane Lumpkin — Jackson. MS 
Marcia Tabb Lumpkin — Jackson, MS 
Alexander Anthony Luna — Jackson, MS 
Michael Vincent Lunardini — Jackson, MS 
W. Lloyd Lunceford — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia East Lundstrom — Jackson, MS 
David Karl Lundy — Jackson, MS 
Barry Kirk Lunn — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Elise Lunn — Jackson, MS 
L °MS Me " erville Luns^rd — Vicksburg, 

David Quitman Luper — Brandon, MS 
Shannon G. Lurate — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Parnell Lusk — Jackson, MS 
Jessie Luster Jr. — Jackson, MS 
John Williams Luter — Jackson, MS 
Donna Renee Lutrick — Braxton, MS 
Troy Ben Lutrick — Jackson, MS 
Richard Erastus Luttrell — Jackson, MS 
Gary Rollins Lyford — Florence, MS 
Shi Anne Raenelle Lyke — Jackson, MS 
Richard Kermit Lykins — Jackson, MS 
Anna L. Lyle — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Lyle — Jackson, MS 
James David Lyle — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Ann Lyle — Pearl, MS 
Stanley David Lyle — Pearl, MS 
Brett Duane Lyles — Brandon, MS 
Minnie L. Lyles — Jackson, MS 
Robert Woodrow Lyles — Jackson, MS 
Tommy Howie Lynch — Jackson, MS 
Bonnie Freeman Lynn — Vicksburg, MS 
Georgia Gaye Lynn — Vicksburg, MS 
John Moss Lyon — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Margaret Lyons — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Allen Lyons — Vicksburg, MS 
Wanda Cochran Lyons — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Jean Mabry — Jackson, MS 
Carl Lanier Machen — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathryn Lucinda Machost — Bolton, MS 
Barbara Albert Mack — Crystal Springs, 

Cassandra Jean Mack — Edwards, MS 
Deborah Denise Mack — Edwards, MS 

Edwin Layton Mack — Crystal Springs, 

Linda Phillips Mack — Jackson, MS 
Millie Lee Whitfield Mack — Jackson, MS 
Ned Mack — Bolton, MS 
Tara Surima Mack — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Faye Macklin — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Macko — Brandon, MS 
Richard Carson Madain — Jackson, MS 
Yasamin Madani — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Jimenez Maddox — Brandon, MS 
Kermit Reno Madison — Jackson, MS 
Melinda Kristen Madsen — Vicksburg. MS 
Cynthia Lynn Madura — Jackson, MS 
Alvilda Merritt Magee — Jackson, MS 
April Denise Magee — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Lynn Magee — New Hebron, MS 
Darel Quinn Magee — Jackson, MS 
Eugene Magee Jr. — Columbia, MS 
Gerald Bernard Magee — Vicksburg, MS 
Glenda Faye Magee — Jackson, MS 
Howard Magee — Jackson, MS 
James Robert Magee — Magee, MS 
Kenneth Dwayne Magee — Jackson, MS 
Mary Nell Magee — Jackson, MS 
Michael Charles Magee — Jackson, MS 
Mickey Lee Magee — New Hebron, MS 
Paul Eric Magee — Mendenhall, MS 
Phyllis Denise Magee — Jackson, MS 
Stephanie Magee — Monticello, MS 
Stephen Andrew Magee — Jackson, MS 
Willie J. Magee — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Anne Magruder — Jackson, MS 
Linda Loraine Magruder — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas John Magusiak — Clinton, MS 
Jack Morris Mahaffey — Jackson, MS 
Marshall Davis Mahaffey — Jackson, MS 
Michael Lamar Mahaffey — Pearl, MS 
Oletha Mahaffey — Jackson, MS 
Angela Dawn Maher — Okolona, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Maher — Clinton, MS 
Karen Agnes Mahoney — Vicksburg, MS 
Kevin Richard Mahoney — Port Gibson, 

Bentley Sanders Maisel — Columbia. MS 
Marcus Dewitt Majure — Jackson, MS 
Sheila Anne Malavasi — Lambert, MS 
Sumita Malhotra — Clinton, MS 
Fred Anthony Malik — Vicksburg, MS 
Dannette Elaine Mallard — Jackson, MS 
Debra Ann Mallard — Goergetown, MS 
Nanette Darnell Mallard — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis C. Mallard — Georgetown, MS 
Genevieve McManus Mallery — Vicksburg, 

Cloyce Jeffcoat Mallett — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Lynn MaUett — Jackson, MS 
Darlene Mallett — Utica, MS 
Zina Juannette Malley — Florence, MS 
Betty Lou Malone — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Wade Malone — Pearl, MS 
Ruth Anne Malone — Jackson, MS 
George Lamont Maloney — Jackson, MS 
Jean Cavette Malpass — Jackson, MS 
George Taylor Malvaney — Jackson, MS 
Micheal Mance — Jackson, MS 
Shelia Dianne Mance — Jackson, MS 
William Scot Mancil — Florence, MS 
John Andrew Mangialardi — Jackson, MS 
Dana Carol Mangum — Raymond, MS 
Denise Mangum — Mendenhall, MS 
J. Lee Mangum — Brandon. MS 
James Hardy Mangum — Jackson, MS 
Lory Ann Mangum — Florence, MS 
Robert Craig Mangum — Jackson, MS 
Rosie Marie Mangum — Jackson, MS 
Shewona Velette Mangum — Pearl, MS 
Brian Roland Mann — Brandon, MS 
Charles Lynwood Mann — Brandon, MS 
Mary Kathryn Mann — Clinton. MS 
Michael Owen Mann — Brandon, MS 
Zarata Denise Mann — Lawrence, MS 
Alan Lamar Manning — Jackson, MS 
Candice Keys Manning — Pearl, MS 
K Ms er ' ey Su * aDne Mannir »0 — Jackson, 
Sherrie Lynne Manny — Jackson, MS 

Walter Earl Manny lackson, MS 

Cynthia Lorraine Manogin — Jackson, MS 
Clyde Mansell — Clinton, MS 
John Arthur Mansell — Vicksburg, MS 
Peggy Harvey Mansell — Clinton' MS 
William Kyle Manton — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Manuel — Jackson, MS 
Robert Michael Manuel — Pearl, MS 
Darlean Manyfield — Clinton. MS 
Frances White Maples — Brandon. MS 
Vivian Dawn Reed Marble — Vicksburg, 

Robert Gilbert Marbra Jr. — Utica, MS 
Peggy Matherne Marcel — Brandon, MS 
Margaret Stephens Marker — Jackson, 

Anna Marie Markle — Brandon, MS 

308 / Directory 

Mary Felton Markley — Brandon, MS 
David Joel Marks — Gulfport, MS 
Fred Walley Marks — Jackson, MS 
Josephine Diane Marks — Jackson, MS 
Phillip Olen Marks — Brandon, MS 
Mark William Marley — Jackson, MS 
David Charles Marsalis — McComb, MS 
Deborah White Marsalis — Jackson, MS 
Christine Ann Marsh — Jackson, MS 
Andrea Carol Marshall — Isola. MS 
Barbara Miller Marshall — Clinton, MS 
Carl Wayne Marshall — Jackson, MS 
Danny Harris Marshall — Clinton, MS 
Daphne Lynn Marshall — Jackson, MS 
Debbie Renee Marshall — Vicksburg, MS 
Elsie Marie Price Marshall — Vicksburg, 

Garry Lynn Marshall — Starkville, MS 
Gwendolyn Durham Marshall — Jackson, 

Jerry Stanton Marshall — Vicksburg, MS 
Laura Louise Marshall — Jackson, MS 
Michael Tyrone Marshall — Jackson, MS 
Pearl Marshall — Jackson, MS 
Perry Marshall — Edwards, MS 
Polly Mchann Marshall — Raymond, MS 
Robert Royan Marshall — Raymond, MS 
Robin Ann Marshall — Clinton, MS 
Richard Lamoin Martar - — Eudora, AR 
Angela M. Martin — Flora, MS 
Betty Sue Martin — Utica, MS 
Brenda Lenora Martin — Vicksburg, MS 
C. W. Martin — Vicksburg, MS 
Cheryl Ann Martin — Brandon, MS 
Cheryl Lynn Martin — Jackson, MS 
Clare Johnson Martin — Jackson, MS 
Dale Eugene Martin — Jackson, MS 
Daniel Anthony Martin — Raymond, MS 
Devitt Lowther Martin — Pearl. MS 
Donnie R. Martin — Jackson, MS 
Evelyn Harper Martin — Jackson, MS 
Frances Edmonds Martin — Brandon, MS 
George A. Martin — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Fay Martin — Vicksburg, MS 
Gwendolyn Mangum Martin — Jackson, 

Jacqueline Denise Martin — Vicksburg, 

Jacqueline Marie Martin — Clinton, MS 
James Martin — Vicksburg, MS 
Joe Ann Martin — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Hamrick Martin — Jackson, MS 
Kaye Lynn Martin — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Paul Martin — Port Gibson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Martin — Brandon, MS 
Kimberly Ann Martin — Bentonia, MS 
Lisa Joy Martin — Pearl, MS 
Lu Anne Martin — Jackson, MS 
Lucy Joy Martin — Silver City, MS 
Malcome Wayne Martin — Citica, MS 
Marcarol Martin — Utica, MS 
Mark Dwight Martin — Jackson, MS 
Martha Haney Martin — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Alice Martin — Jackson, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Martin — Crystal Springs, 

Maude Martin — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Joy Martin — Ridgeland, MS 
Melissa L. Martin — Clinton, MS ' 
Minnie Lee Martin — Vicksburg, MS 
Rhoda Virginia Martin — Terry, MS 
Robert Martin — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Clayton Martin — Pearl, M8 
Robert Lyndalph Martin II — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Sullivan Martin — Morton, MS 
Tania Marie Martin — Jackson, M8 
Tony Ray Martin — Yazoo City, MS 
Troy Alan Martin — Natchez, MS 
Trudy May Martin — Vicksburg, MS 
Vicki Lynn Martin — Jackson, MS 
Wanda Gwyn Martin — Pearl, MS 
William R. Martin — Bentonia, MS 
Allen R. Martinson — Madison, MS 
Ernestine G. Marx — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Joy Maschoff — Jackson, MS 
Gerry Myron Mashaw — Pearl, MS 
Frank Albert Mashburn Jr. — vicksburg, 

Joe Neal Mashburn — Pelahatchie, MS 
Marvis McFarland Mashburn — Bolton, 

Carey McGuire Mask — Vicksburg, MS 
Daniel Kevin Mason — Clinton, MS 
Dorothy E. Mason — Brandon, MS 
Fred Stewart Mason — Vicksburg, MS 
George Clay Mason — Jackson, MS 
Janice Doreen Mason — Jackson, MS 
Joyice Ann Mason — Flora, MS 
Julette Mason — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Joan Mason — Jackson, MS 
Phillis Diane Mason — Jackson, MS 
Regjna Faye Mason — Jackson, MS 
Robert Lane Mason — Raymond, MS 
Sandra Hampton Mason — Jackson, MS 
Tara Lynne Mason — Jackson, MS 
Waylan Rochell Mason — Jackson, MS 
Bryan C. Massey — Magee, MS 

Dave Travis Massey — Jackson, MS 
Donna Kay Massey — Pearl, MS 
James Jeffrey Massey — Pelahatchie, MS 
Janet Leigh Massey — Morton, MS 
Linda Sue Massey — Jackson, MS 
Michael Kevin Massey — Jackson, MS 
Paul A. Massey — Vicksburg. MS 
Terrl Sabrina Massey — Morton, MS 
Bertha Lynn Massingill — Jackson, MS 
Dana Johnson Matheny — Jackson, MS 
Robert Dean Matheny — Brandon, MS 
Mary Mathes — Jackson, MS 
George Wade Mathews — Jackson, MS 
Laura Ann Mathews — Jackson, MS 
Dana Ann Mathis — Clinton, MS 
James Randal Mathis — Jackson, MS 
Johnny Edward Mathis — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Marie Mathis — Vicksburg, MS 
Mattie Darlene Mathis — Crystal Springs, 

Mike R. Mathis — Jackson, MS 
Norway Matory — Tougaloo, MS 
Jacob Vincent Matrick — Jackson, MS 
Angela Dawn Matthews — Jackson, MS 
Betty Johnson Matthews — Vicksburg, 

Brenda D. Matthews — Pearl, MS 
Greg Gibson Matthews — Clinton, MS 
James Kenneth Matthews — Jackson, MS 
John Eric Matthews — Jackson, MS 
Vanessa Gray Matthews — Yazoo City, 

William E. Matthews — Jackson. MS 
Winona Wyman Matthews — Raymond, 

Trichia Wegmann Mattox — Clinton, MS 
Debra Shawn Matuszewski — Jackson, 

Toni L. Matuszewski — Jackson, MS 
Billy Jake Maulden — Pearl, MS 
Debbie Jean Mauldin — Yazoo City, MS 
Susan Poorman Maury — Brandon, MS 
Zotia Mae Maxey — Vicksburg, MS 
Anthony Quitman Maxwell — Pearl, MS 
Betty Joyce Maxwell — Jackson, MS 
Laurie Sue Maxwell — Madison, MS 
Marie Caraway Maxwell — Raymond, MS 
Vernon V. Maxwell Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Angela Lynn May — Terry, MS 
Candyce Ann May — Jackson, MS 
Carl Rodney May Sr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Keith May — Clinton, MS 
Chris May — Vicksburg. MS 
Debra Jo May — Florence, MS 
Deloris Brannon May — Madison, MS 
Foster Willie May HI — Tallulah, LA 
Frank Anthony May — Vicksburg, MS 
Herman Lewis May Jr. — Brandon, MS 
Jill Marie May — Florence, MS 
John Curtis May — Mendenhall, MS 
Ken Lamar May — Richland, MS 
Mike Keith May — Pearl, MS 
Pamela Raines McLeod May — Vicksburg, 

Perry Charles May — Pearl, MS 
Ricky Earl May — Jackson, MS 
Ronald Hamilton May — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandy Carol May — Mendenhall, MS 
Steven Wayne May — Vicksburg, MS 
Tamala Dee May — Jackson, MS 
Tami Bourne May — Pearl, MS 
Tina Marie May — Lexington, MS 
William Timothy May — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Mayers — Brandon, MS 
George Alan Mayers — Natchez, MS 
Bobbie Mayes — Pearl, MS 
Clinton Mayes Jr. — Jackson, MS 
David Charles May field — Clinton, Mb 
Frances Amelia R. Mayfield — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Gregory Mayfield — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeannie Carol Mayfield — Jackson, MS 
Susan Baker Mayfield — Clinton, MS 
Stephen Todd Mayne — Jackson, MS 
Mercedes Choles Maynor — Jackson, MS 
Donna Taylor Mayo — Raymond, MS 
Lee Cloud Mayo — Raymond, MS 
Barbara Luretha Mays — Jackson, Ms 
Darlean Mays — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Ka Mays — Jackson, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Maziarz — Clinton, MS 
Randy D. McAda — Jackson, MS 
Linda Buckley McAdory — Pearl, MS 
Curtis R. McAfee — Brandon, MS 
Laura Marie McAliley — Jackson, MS 
Angela Christine McAlister — Raymond, 

Stephanie Dawn McAlister — Vicksburg, 

Douglas Lavell McAllister — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Selena McAllister — Jackson, MS 
Mike Rollin McAllister — Raymond, MS 
Ellen A. McAlpin — Vicksburg, MS 
Randy Taylor McAlpin — Jackson, MS 
Anna Margaret McArthur — Jackson, MS 
Helen McArthur — Jackson, MS 
Natalie B. McBeath — Jackson, MS 

Kenneth Wayne McBeth — Carthage, MS 
Patrick Street McCaffrey Sr. — Vicksburg, 

Timothy Joseph McCaffrey — Vicksburg, 

Todd Michael McCaffrey — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara A. McCain — Jackson, MS 
Frank H. McCain — Jackson, MS 
Michael Keith McCain — Florence, MS 
Peggy Harrison McCain — Florence, MS 
Vera Elaine McCain — Vicksburg, MS 
Treadwell McCallister — Gautier, MS 
Paul Earl McCallum II — Jackson, MS 
Timothy David McCarthy — Brandon, MS 
Gregory McCarty — Jackson, MS 
Laura nee Davis McCarty — Clinton, MS 
Mary Jo McCary — Vicksburg, MS 
James Lynn McCaskill — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerry Davis McCearley — Vicksburg, MS 
Gladys Winters McClain — Vicksburg, MS 
Marjorie Joan McClellan — Brandon, MS 
Joan M. McClelland — Jackson, MS 
Claudean McClendon — Forrest, MS 
Granard McClendon — Jackson, MS 
John Louis McClendon — Clinton, MS 
Randy Reginald McClendon — Escatawpa, 

Booker T. McClenty — Jackson, MS 
Peggy Denene McClenty — Jackson, MS 
Peggy Wallace McClintock — Jackson, MS 
Mary Suzanne McClung — Clinton, MS 
Michael Wayne McClung — Clinton. MS 
Thomas Glen McClung — Clinton, MS 
Albirtha Maybeli McClure — Jackson, MS 
Helen Marie McClure — Jackson, MS 
Linda Bowen McClure — Ridgeland, MS 
Paula A. McClure — Belzoni, MS 
Margaret Foster McCluskey — Yazoo City, 

Carrie Jean McCollum — Brandon, MS 
Cathy McCollum — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Ann McCollum — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Pullin McCollum — Jackson, MS 
James Franklin McCollum — Jackson, MS 
Joan Robinson McCollum — Jackson, MS 
Lawander Ann McCollum — Jackson, l»»S 
Melissa Berry McCollum — Jackson, MS 
Steven Fletcher McCool — Jackson, Ms 
Connie Purvis McCord — Clinton, MS 
Nan F. McCorkle — Pearl, MS 
Jolly Jeannette McCornell — Brandon, 

Alice Faye McCoy — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Jeanette McCoy — Terry, MS 
Catherine A. McCoy — Jackson, MS 
James Randolph McCoy — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Carl McCoy — Puckett, MS 
Jetty G. McCoy — Madison, MS 
John Timmerson McCoy — Pearl, MS 
Jon Clark McCoy — Madison, MS 
Karen Vanessa McCoy — Jackson, MS 
Kent Douglas McCoy — Greenville, MS 
Kim D. McCoy — Florence, MS 
Peggy Shawn McCoy — Yazoo City, MS 
Lora Elaine McCrary — Brandon, MS 
Rosalyn V. McCrary — Pearl, MS 
Deborah Snowden McCraw — Pearl, MS 
Karen Renee McCraw — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Darlene McCraw — Clinton, MS 
Patrick Lee McCraw — Jackson, MS 
Tressie Lee McCraw — Brandon, MS 
Deborah Euniece McCray — Jackson, MS 
Diana McCree — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Lynn McCrory — Jackson, MS 
John Charles McCrory — Brandon, MS 
June Lynn Phipps McCubbin — Ridgeland, 

Betty J. McCue — Brandon, MS 
Jerri Thornton McCullough — Vicksburg, 

Susan Marie D. McCullough — Jackson, 

Geanette McCullum — Jackson, MS 
Betty Jeffcoats McCurdy — Morton, MS 
Shawn Raeleen McCurley — Jackson, MS 
Rinette McCurty — Forest, MS 
John Michael McDade — Clinton, MS 
Clayton Douglas McDaniel — Florence, 

Mildred Renee McDaniel — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert James McDaniel — Vicksburg, MS 
Sam McDaniel — Port Gibson, MS 
Trudy Cousins McDaniel — Vicksburg, MS 
William Ray McDaniel — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Ann McDevitt — Vicksburg. MS 
Cynthia Diane McDill — Jackson. MS 
Ann Stewart McDonald — Collins. MS 
Bobby Lee McDonald — Vicksburg, MS 
Dennis Lamar McDonald — Canton, MS 
Douglas Gregory McDonald — Vicksburg, 

Helen Lorraine C. McDonald — Clinton, 

James Allen McDonald — Jackson, MS 
James Napoleon McDonald — Jackson, 

John E. McDonald — Brandon, MS 

Johnnie Paige McDonald — Jackson, MS 
Julie Ann McDonald — Clinton, MS 
Karei McDonald — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Pascal McDonald — Clinton, MS 
Kimberly Dawn McDonald — Clinton, MS 
Michael Edward McDonald — Terry, MS 
Samarra Ellen F. McDonald — Jackson, 

Sylvester McDonald — Lorman, MS 
Taffi Jean McDonald — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Merritt McDonnell — Jackson, MS 
Tom McDonough — Brandon, MS 
Mariah McDougal — Jackson, MS 
Michelle Marie McDougal — Vicksburg, 

Lisa Faye McDougles — Jackson, MS 
Devin Walter McDowell — Jackson, MS 
Julane H. McDowell — Jackson, MS 
Tracy Lynn McDuff — Vicksbur,g MS 
Cassandra McDuffey — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Earl McDuffey — Jackson, MS 
Regina Ann McElhenney — Vicksburg, MS 
Dennis John McElroy — Madison, MS 
Jerry Edward McElroy — Madison, MS 
Linda Diane McElroy — Madison, MS 
Mary Katherine McElroy — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Dawn McElroy — Brandon, MS 
Willie Mae McElroy — Jackson, MS 
Milton R. McFarland — Canton, MS 
Patrick Oneil McFarland — Edwards, MS 
Linda Barton McFatter — Vicksburg, MS 
John Earl McGahey Jr. — Raymond, MS 
Bruce McGee — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Ann McGee — Jackson, MS 
Dennis McGee — Vaughan, MS 
Elaine Cagle McGee — Braxton, MS 
Henry Earl McGee — Terry, MS 
Johnny R. McGee — Pelahatchie, MS 
Kendell McGee — Terry, MS 
Morris Gregory McGee — Raymond, MS 
Patricia Dees McGee — Florence, MS 
Stacey Darlene McGee — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Lynne McGee — Jackson, MS 
Carl H. McGehee — Edwards, MS 
Michael Benjamin McGehee — Jackson, 

Jerry Lane McGilberry — Brandon, MS 
Jannette McGill — Jackson, MS 
Myra Lynn McGinty — Jackson, MS 
Alena Ann McGowan — Vicksburg, MS 
Catherine Ruth McGowan — Jackson, MS 
Dewey Ladale McGowan — clinton, MS 
Elizabeth Knight McGowan — Jackson, 

Margie Louise McGowan — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Lynn McGowan — Jackson, MS 
William Edward McGowan — Terry, MS 
Hoyt S. McGrath — Jackson, MS 
William Wade McGraw — WoodvUle, MS 
Celeste S. McGregor — Flora, MS 
Phyllis M. McGregor — Clinton, MS 
Jack Wilson McGrew — Natchez, MS 
Charles McGriggs — Utica, MS 
Tammie Marie McGriggs — Utica, MS 
Alice Ruth McGruder — Jackson, MS 
Edwin McGruder — Canton, MS 
Gretchen Latrice McGruder — Jackson, 

Charlotte Pittman McGuffee — Clinton, 

Renee Smith McGuffee — Vicksburg, MS 
Russell W. McGuffee Jr. — Utica, MS 
Billie Ruth Jeffer McGuffie — Vicksburg, 

Jacqueline Kellye McGuffie — Vicksburg, 

Catherine Keefe McGuire — Jackson, MS 
Marilyn Scott McHuley — Jackson, MS 
Braggio Mclnnis — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy B. Mclnnis — Vicksburg, MS 
Frederick Earl Mclnnis — Jackson, MS 
Glen Mclnnis — Jackson, MS 
James Wesley Mclnnis — Jackson, MS 
John Carr Mclnnis Jr. — Raymond. MS 
Rachel Berkley Mclnnis — Vicksburg. MS 
Victor Erwin Mclnnis — Vicksburg. MS 
James Russell Mcintosh — Jackson, MS 
Eunice Shaw Mclntyre — Bolton. MS 
Patricia Ann Mclntyre — Jackson, MS 
David Al McKay — Pelahatchie. MS 
George William McKay — Brandon, MS 
Kristy Denise McKay — Jackson, MS 
Linda Elizabeth McKay — Vicksburg, MS 
Steven Barry McKay — Jackson, MS 
William Carl McKay — Jackson, MS 
Charlotte Chireen McKee — Brandon, MS 
David Curtiss McKee — Jackson. MS 
John Randolph McKee — Jackson, MS 
Mark Allen McKee — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Lynn McKee — Jackson, MS 
Veronica Mylene McKee — Brookhaven, 

Scott C. McKeen — Clinton, MS 
Randy McKennis — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Marie McKenny — Georgetown, MS 
Edith Pearl McKenzie — 


Directory / 309 

Edward H. McKie — Yazoo City, MS 
Jack Monroe McKinCey — Star, MS 
Nancy Elizabeth McKinley — Jackson, MS 
Julie Ann McKinney — Natchez, MS 
Oannette Thomas McKinsey — Jackson. 

Pam Darlene McKlemurry — Jackson, MS 
Herbert McKnight — Vicksburg. MS 
Kathy Corbin McKnight — Vicksburg, MS 
William Bradley McKnight — Jackson, MS 
Master David McLaughlin — Jackson, MS 
Ellen Outlaw McLaurin — Clinton, MS 
Gary Alan McLaurin — Jackson, MS 
Hugh Hollingsworth McLaurin — Clinton, 

Sidney W. McLaurin — Mendenhall, MS 
Angela Marie McLelland — Jackson, MS 
Barry Garrett McLemore — Jackson, MS 
John L. McLemore — Jackson, MS 
Michael Eugene McLendon — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Gregory McLendon — Pearl, MS 
Brenda Faye McLeod — Mendenhall, MS 
Deanie Griffith McMaster — Vicksburg, 

Paul Garvin McMaster — Vicksburg, MS 
Vicki Lynn McMaster — Vicksburg, MS 
Arvis L. McMillan — Florence, MS 
Deborah Jane McMillan — Clinton, MS 
Kathy Lynn McMillan — Jackson, MS 
Lynda Louise McMillan — Clinton, MS 
Paige Marie McMillan — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Ann Dendy McMillan — Kosciusko. 

James T. McMillian — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Neal McMillin — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Rutan McMullan — Jackson, MS 
Helen Louise McNain — Edwards, MS 
Andrew Clark McNair — Vicksburg, MS 
Joel Anthony McNair — Jackson, MS 
John Mark McNair — Jackson, MS 
Mary Elizabeth McNair — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Hancock McNair — Jackson, MS 
Raphael Dwayne McNair — Pelahatchie. 

Kristine O. McNamara — Vicksburg, MS 
Laura Catherine McNamara — Vicksburg, 

Harry Lynn McNatt — Florence, MS 
John Otis McNeal — Jackson, MS 
Laurie Ella McNeece — Jackson, MS 
William Darryl McNeer — Lexington, MS 
Deborah G. McNeil — Jackson, MS 
Delores McNeil — Vicksburg, MS 
Felicia Kaye McNeil — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Sue McNeil — Brandon, MS 
Lyndon C. McNeil — Jackson, MS 
Magdalene Buckley McNeil — Jackson, 

Timothy McNeil — Jackson, MS 
Claude Neil McNeill — Jackson, MS 
Paula Ann McNeill — Jackson, MS 
Michael Patrick McNichol — Jackson, MS 
Steven McNiel — Madison, MS 
Anne Adams McNulty — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Gilbert McPeake — Pearl, MS 
Herbert F. McPhail — Raymond, MS 
John Chrisopher McPhail — Mendenhall. 

Troy Devon McPhail Jr. — Bogue Chitto. 

Rhonda Douglas McPherson — Jackson 

Michael Wayne McQueen — Pearl, MS 
Nancy McQueen — Greenville, MS 
Thomas McQueen — Greenville, MS 
Aretha Cross McQuirter — Clinton, MS 
James Marshall McCrae — Jackson, MS 
Janet Causey McRae — Brandon, MS 
Curtis Doyle McCraney — Clinton. MS 
Terry Lynn McCraney — Clinton. MS 
Kelvin F. McCravin — Vicksburg. MS 
Craig Stewart McReynolds — Brandon 

James Stewart McReynolds — Brandon, 

Rhaelea Pankey McReynolds — Brandon 

Keith Cardell McRoberts — Jackson, MS 
Ina Louise McWain — Brandon, MS 
Sammy Dean McWhirter — Jackson, MS 
Steven James McWhorter — Pearl, MS 
Charles Richard McWilliams — Jackson 


Kevin Ray McWilliams — Jackson, MS 
Alfred McWright Jr. — Canton, MS 
Darryl J. Meacham — Raymond, MS 
Mildred Marie Meacham — Jackson, MS 
A. Dewayne Meadows — Pearl, MS 
Cheryl L. Meadows — Jackson, MS 
Dattie Marie Meadows — Vicksburg, MS 
Margaret Lagrace Meadows — Pearl, MS 
Randolph Mealey — Woodville, MS 
Christopher Ford Means — Morton, MS 
Christopher Vance Means — Brandon, MS 
Peggy Thames Means — Brandon, MS 
Bobbie Jerelene Measells — Morton, MS 
Nancy Craith Measels — Pearl, MS 
Terri Lynn Meek — Madison, MS 

Allen Curtis Meeks — Clinton, MS 
Ernestine Meeks — Flora, MS 
Joan Rena Meeks — Vicksburg, MS 
Lula Pearl Meeks — Durant, MS 
Roger C. Meeks — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Gail Meeler — Brandon, MS 
Mary Amborn Melsheimer — Vicksburg, 

Jannie Stapleton Melvin — Brandon, MS 
Kelly Blake Mendrop — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Malcolm Menefee — Jackson, MS 
Derek Lee Merchant — Jackson, MS 
George Kirkland Merchant — Forest. MS 
Rhonda Darlene Merchant — Flora, MS 
Robert Lee Merchant — Brookhaven, MS 
Susanne Aleng Merchant — Jackson, MS 
William L. Merchant — Jackson, MS 
Peter Adrian Mercier — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Edgerton Merithew — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Patrick John Merithew — Vicksburg, MS 
Dolores Alexander Merrell — Vicksburg, 

Marie Saucier Merrell — Brandon, MS 
Cindy Lea Merritt — Jackson, MS 
Edward Lee Merritt — Jackson, MS 
Elton Lockett Merritt — Natchez, MS 
Janet Janotta Merritt — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Thomas Merritt — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Frank Messina — Jackson, MS 
McNair Orrick Metcalfe — Natchez, MS 
Jeri G. Meteer — Brandon, MS 
Willie N. Meteer — Brandon, MS 
Melissa Ann Methvin — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Nan Metz — Jackson, MS 
Cindy Ann Metzger — Brandon, MS 
Sandra Lee Metzger — Brandon, MS 
Rhonda Denise Meyer — Jackson, MS 
Janie Bryant Meyers — Jackson, MS 
Jacquline Michael — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Devon Michael — Jackson, MS 
Valerie Evon Michael — Clinton, MS 
Charles Vail Middleton — Clinton, MS 
David L. Middleton — Vicksburg, MS 
John Vail Middleton — Clinton, MS 
Linda Regan Middleton — Vicksburg, MS 
Patricia Salmon Middleton — Vicksburg, 

William Alfred Middleton — Jackson, MS 
Toni Rawls Miggins — Jackson, MS 
Joy Hill Mihalyka — Vicksburg, MS 
Joey Lynn Mikell — Jackson, MS 
Melven Felicia Mikell — Jackson, MS 
Mark Steven Miksa — Jackson, MS 
Charles Fredrick Milan — Jackson, MS 
Patsy R. Milan — Jackson, MS 
Virginia Lavesta Milano — Bolton, MS 
Brenda D. Lebeau Miles — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Diane Miles — Jackson, MS 
Edna Jewel Miles — Canton, MS 
Misty Carolyn Miles — Greenville, MS 
Robin Denise Miles — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Jeff Miley — Jackson, MS 
Annie Mae Miller — jackson, MS 
Barbara White Miller — Clinton. MS 
Carol Jean Miller — Jackson, MS 
Charlene Duberry Miller — Jackson, MS 
Charles H. Miller — Brandon, MS 
Connie Loureen Miller — Pearl, MS 
Cynthia Anne Miller — Brandon, MS 
David Miller — Jackson, MS 
David J. Miller — Jackson, MS 
David Lee Miller — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Rogers Miller — Vicksburg, MS 
Debra Eileen Miller — Jackson, MS 
Debra K. Atkins Miller — Canton. MS 
Donna Gail Miller — Pearl, MS 
Ella R. Miller — Jackson, MS 
Fredie Padget Miller — Jackson. MS 
Harvie Miller — Jackson, MS 
Henry Kevin Miller — Clinton, MS 
Jackie Vernell Miller — Jackson. MS 
James Jarret Miller — Jackson, MS 
Jamie Faye Galloway Miller — Clinton, 

John T. Miller — Morton, MS 
Kimberly Anne Miller — Clinton, MS 
Leslie Gail Miller — Vicksburg, MS 
Lester Joe Miller — Vicksburg, MS 
Lucy Mae Miller — Jackson, MS 
Lyon H. Miller — Greenville. MS 
Melissa Denise Miller — Jackson, MS 
Michael Ray Miller — Jackson, MS 
Michael Wayne Miller — Pearl, MS 
Patricia M. Miller — Yazoo City, MS 
Penny Virginia Miller — Redwood, MS 
Rebecca Creel Miller — Yazoo City, MS 
Rebecca McCrary Miller — Morton, MS 
Regina Miller — Jackson, MS 
Roger Alan Miller — Brandon, MS 
Ruby Mae Miller — Jackson, MS 
Shelia Renee Miller — Clinton, MS 
Stephanie Anne Miller — Jackson, MS 
Susan Nicholson Miller — Terry. MS 
Susan Singer Miller — Vicksburg, MS 
Theresa Ann Miller — Ocean Springs, MS 

Timothy Carl Miller — Jackson. MS 
Tyler Harold Miller — Clinton, MS 
Valerie Lynn Miller — Vicksburg, MS 
Verena Ries Miller — Jackson, MS 
William Barreth Miller — Vicksburg, MS 
William Kevin Miller — Pearl, MS 
Neal Edward Milligan — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Lofton Milliken — Vicksburg, MS 
Ethel Carol Mills — Jackson, Ms 
Jeffery Brian Mills — Brandon, MS 
Johnny Ray Mills — Jackson, MS 
Madeleine Mary Anne Mills — Raymond, 

Preston Kraft Mills — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Lennett Millsap — 

Taylorsville, MS 
David Marvin Millsaps Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Gloria Teer Milner — Pearl, MS 
Inda Reynolds Milner — Jackson, MS 
James David Milner — Pearl, MS 
James W. Milner — Yazoo City, MS 
Glenda An Milton — Jackson, MS 
Shari Anntionette Milton — Jackson, MS 
James C. Mims — Jackson, MS 
Minnie Mims — Jackson, MS 
Andrew Miner — Terry, MS 
Bobby Miner — Jackson, MS 
James Earl Miner — Jackson, MS 
Ray Lynn Miner — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Ann Minor — Jackson, MS 
Desounza Minor — Morton, MS 
Erma Lee Minor — Vicksburg, MS 
Jessie Mae Patterson Minor — Jackson. 

Theresa Ann Minor — Jackson, MS 
Bonitha Mechelle Minter — Jackson, MS 
Vernon Minton — Jackson, MS 
Virginia Anne Minton — Clinton, MS 
Melissa Ann Minyard — Jackson, MS 
Roger Mister — Jackson, MS 
April Dawn Mitchell — Clinton. MS 
Barbara Bullard Mitchell — Clinton, MS 
Barbara Garrett Mitchell — Brandon, MS 
Billy Joe Mitchell — Terry, MS 
Brenda Felicia Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
Emily Kay Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
James Eddie Mitchell — Brookhaven, MS 
Jeanne Lynn Mitchell — D Lo, MS 
Jo N. Stringer Mitchell — Tylertown, MS 
Joan Fox Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
Johnny Lee Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
Karen Denise Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Patrick Mitchell — Jackson, Ms 
Lisa Faye Mitchell — Lawrence, MS 
Patricia Jobe Mitchell — Herman ville, MS 
Penny Louise Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
Richard Henry Mitchell Sr. — Ridgeland, 

Robert Paul Mitchell — Pearl, MS 
Ronald R. Mitchell — Brandon, MS 
Russell Allen Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
Ruthie Lyons Mitchell — Jackson. MS 
Shelby Wilson Mitchell — Clinton, MS 
Timothy Eugene Mitchell — Terry, MS 
Vergie Lee Cain Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
William Aubrey Mitchell — Jackson, MS 
William Clyde Mitchell — Raymond, MS 
Willie Mitchell Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Sherna Fay Mixon — Jackson, MS 
Von Anthony Mixon — Vicksburg, MS 
Allen Jerome Mize — Jackson, MS 
Jeanette Brannon Mize — Pearl, MS 
Bruce Alan Mizelle — Jackson, MS 
Cindy Kirkwood Mizelle — Jackson, MS 
Jameline Jordan Moak — Brandon, MS 
Lori L. Graham Moak — Pearl, MS 
Patricia Ann Moak — Jackson, MS 
David Norman Mobley Sr. — Vicksburg, 

James Daryl Mobley — Pearl, MS 
Robert E. Mobley — (Itica, MS 
Willie B. Pete Monsou Mobley — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Joseph John Mocknick — Vicksburg, MS 
Jill Ann Moeller — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Dale Moffatt — Clinton, MS 
Teresa Marie Moffatt — Clinton, MS 
Sharon B. Mohr — Vicksburg, MS 
John David Molpus — Jackson, MS 
Phil B. Monaghan — Jackson, MS 
Joy Elaine Moncure — (Itica, MS 
Kimberly Diane Moncure — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Monday — Yazoo City, MS 
Bettye Jean C. Montgomery — Pearl, MS 
Cynthia Ann Montgomery — Jackson, MS 
Doug Michael Montgomery — Clinton, MS 
George Percy Montgomery — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Aleisa Montgomery — Jackson. 

Karen Smith Montgomery — Jackson, MS 
Monica Ruth Montgomery — Vicksburg, 

Patricia Ann Montgomery — Raymond, 

Scott Carlisle Montgomery — Jackson 

Terri D. Montgomery — Jackson, MS 
Vincent Karleel Montgomery — Jackson, 

Sarah K. Monts — Bolton, MS 
Deborah Brinson Moody — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Lynn Moody — Jackson, MS 
Jefferay Edward Moody — Brandon, MS 
Kim Emory Moody — Jackson, MS 
Terri Watson Moody — Vicksburg, MS 
Amber Moon — Columbia, MS 
Beverly Maddox Moon — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Hope Mooney — Jackson, MS 
Tina Louise Mooney — Pearl, MS 
Alene Sterling Moore — Jackson, MS 
Alice Whitten Moore — Jackson, MS 
Angela Darlene Moore — Jackson, MS 
Artherine J. Moore — Yazoo City, MS 
Barbara Joan Moore — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Denise Moore — Jackson, MS 
Billie H. Jefferson Moore — Yazoo Citv, 

Brian Sullivan Moore — Port Gibson, MS 
Carolyn Denise Moore — Pearl, M8 
Cenith Patricia Moore — Jackson, MS 
Charlene Wester Moore — Vicksburg, MS 
Connette Moore — Bolton, MS 
Connie Louise Moore — Vicksburg, MS 
Darryl Buron Moore — Jackson, MS 
Deanna Lynn Moore — Vicksburg, MS 
Emma J. Moore — Jackson, MS 
Eric Tyrome Moore — Jackson, MS 
Ethel M. Moore — Jackson, MS 
Fredell Fabare Moore — Jackson, MS 
George Elliott Moore Jr. — Carthage, MS 
Glenda Alyce Moore — Pearl, MS 
Irma D. Moore — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Brown Moore — Jackson, MS 
James Mitchell Moore — Vicksburg, MS 
Janice Virginia Moore — Jackson, MS 
Jennie Faye Moore — Flora, MS 
Jerry Moore — Jackson, MS 
John Blondell Moore — Prentiss, MS 
John Charles Moore — Jackson, MS 
John H. Moore — Jackson, MS 
Justin Lynn Moore — Vicksburg, MS 
Kattie Larshall Moore — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Robert Moore — Jackson, MS 
Larry Darnell Moore — Jackson, MS 
Lee Andrew Moore — Jackson, MS 
Linda Diane Moore — Jackson, MS 
Lindberg W. Moore — Jackson, MS 
Lynn Moore — Vicksburg, MS 
Mardella Moore — Jackson, MS 
Melanie Carole Moore — Jackson, MS 
Orpah Wynn Moore — Canton, MS 
Pamela Jane Moore — Jackson, MS 
Patti Rene Moore — Jackson, MS 
Randall Scott Moore — Canton, MS 
Randy Moore — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Caryl Moore — Vicksburg, MS 
Reginald Lafloyd Moore — Jackson, MS 
Samuel Kevin Moore — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Mae Moore — Flora, MS 
Susan Foley Moore — Jackson, MS 
Tamara Moore — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Leigh Moore — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Lanette Moore — Brandon, MS 
Terry Wayne Moore — Carthage, MS 
Theodore Moore — Jackson, MS 
Tina Delores Moore — Terry, MS 
Tony C. Moore — Jackson, MS 
Troy Anthony Moore — Jackson, MS 
Vance Sims Moore — Jackson, MS 
Vanessa Moore — Jackson, MS 
Viola M. Moore — Hermanville, MS 
Vivien Sessums Moore — Pearl, MS 
William Walter Moore III — Jackson, MS 
Willie Moore — Vicksburg, MS 
Jim Benson Moorehead — Jackson, MS 
Larry Mitchell Moorehead Jr. — Jackson, 

John Wilson Modrhead IV — Vicksburg, 

Deanna Lynn Moran — Pearl, MS 
Helen Louise Moran — Jackson, MS 
William Howard Mordecai — Vicksburg, 

Debbie Jo Morehead — Pearl, MS 
Debra P. Morehead — Pearl, MS 
Melisa Lynne Morehead — Morton, MS 
Stacy Annette Morehead — Pearl, MS 
Susan Lynn Morelli — Jackson, MS 
Anita Eubanks Morgan — Richland, MS 
Anthony Jarome Morgan — Jackson, MS 
Barry Lee Morgan — Florence, MS 
Bret Boren Morgan — Yazoo City, MS 
Donna Rene Donald Morgan — Jackson, 

Elois P. Morgan lackson, MS 

Fredrick Lee Morgan — Vicksburg, MS 
Glenda Pearl Morgan — Vicksburg, MS 
Helen Perkins Morgan — Jackson, MS 
Jean Clemmer Morgan — Jackson, MS 
John C. Morgan — Jackson, MS 
John Thomas Morgan — Jackson, MS 
Julian Earl Morgan — Vicksburg, MS 

310/ Directory 

Karen Billingsley Morgan — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Edward Morgan — Pearl, MS 
Mary Alice Morgan — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Morgan — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Carol Morgan — Mendenhall, MS 
Melvin Morgan — Vicksburg, MS 
Mike Wallace Morgan — Yazoo City, MS 
Minnie B. Morgan — Vicksburg. MS 
Susan Darlene Morgan — Braxton, MS 
Susan Kersh Morgan — Jackson, MS 
Tena Marie Morgan — Jackson, MS 
John Edward Morganti — Jackson, MS 
Nancy T. Morganti — Jackson, MS 
Richard Phillip Morgigno — Pearl, MS 
Lauralee Michele Morphis — Madison, MS 
Alvin Bernard Morris — Brandon, MS 
Anthony Nelson Morris — Pearl, MS 
Augustus Morris — Jackson, MS 
Carl Odet Morris — Clinton, MS 
Chris Ann Morris — Clinton, MS 
Diane Morris — Jackson, MS 
Diane Bell Morris — Jackson, MS 
Donald Ervin Morris — Brandon, MS 
James M. Morris — Clinton, MS 
Joey Glynn Morris — New Hebron, MS 
Karon Jean Morris — Pearl, MS 
Larry Morris — Flora, MS 
Lavonde Kaye Morris — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Dianne Morris — Florence, MS 
Michael Morris — Terry, MS 
Raymond Joe Morris — Clinton, MS 
Robert Lee Morris — Brandon, MS 
Robert Maurice Morris — Clinton, MS 
Robin Kay Morris — Jackson, MS 
Scott Wayne Morris — Clinton, MS 
Thames Wren Morris — Jackson, MS 
Billy Carl Morrison — Jackson, MS 
Dwight Lane Morrison — Madison, MS 
Jan Gilmore Morrison — Madison, MS 
Larry Wayne Morrison — Clinton, MS 
Lorraine Phillips Morrison — Utica, MS 
Norman Wayne Morrison — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Robinson Morrison — Yazoo City, 

Sammle Lee Morrison — Vicksburg, MS 
Kelly Elizabeth Morrissey — Vicksburg, 

Bobbie Ann Bingham Morrow — Vicks-urg, 

Kelly Ann Morrow — Jackson, MS 
Lacey Franklin Morrow — Jackson, MS 
Randall D. Morrow — Jackson, MS 
William Austin Morrow — Jackson, MS 
Paul Bradley Morse — St, Joseph, LA 
Jennifer Denise Morton — Clinton, M8 
Judy Hubbard Morton — Clinton, MS 
Stan D. Morton — Pearl, MS 
Steven Edward Moseley — Jackson, MS 
Alyne Shears Moses — Raymond, MS 
Alan Scott Mosley — Jackson, MS 
Christopher David Moss — Jackson, MS 
Larry Dean Moss — Pearl, MS 
Lisa Renae Moss — Canton, MS 
Nina Carol Moss — Jackson, MS 
Russell Marvin Moss — Brandon, MS 
Rosemary Rivera Motichek — Vicksburg, 

Mickey Jon Mott — Jackson, MS 
Nancy T. Mot tola — Brandon, MS 
Lindy L. Marshall Moulder — Jackson, MS 
Denise Carol Moulds — Jackson, MS 
Henry Hartfield Mounger — Jackson, MS 
Lillie OIlie Mozee — Jackson, MS 
Julian Krull Mucha — Vicksburg, MS 
Hazel Louise Mudgett — Clinton, MS 
Lena Kay Muha — Madison, MS 
Carolyn Lindsey Muirhead — Pearl, MS 
Tonya Lynn Muirhead — Yazoo City, MS 
Tracy Lynn Muirhead — Vicksburg, MS 
Kevin Lewis Mulholland — Brandon, MS 
Edwin Bryan Mullen — Jackson, MS 
Katie Dean Mullen — Madison, MS 
Teresia Maria Mullen — Jackson, MS 
Wendy Kimberly Mullen — Raymond, MS 
Douglas H. Mullens — Jackson, MS 
Fay Maxwell Mulligan — Raymond, MS 
Kitty Faye Mulligan — Crystal Springs, 

David Denvel Mullins — Pearl, MS 
David Taylor Mullins — Flora, MS 
Lillie Darnell Mullins — Pearl, MS 
Terrel Ray Mullins — Florence, MS 
Corinne Kurzmann Munn — Mendenhall, 

Thomas Lance Munn — Mendenhall, MS 
Cynthia Dianne Munsey — Jackson, MS 
Howard F. Murff — Jackson, MS 
Anita Stokes Murphey — Jackson, MS 
John Smith Murphey III — Jackson, MS 
Thomas V. Murphey — Pelahatchie, MS 
Alice Marie Murphy — Jackson, MS 
Newell Rogers Murphy III — Vicksburg, 

David Allen Murray — Clinton, MS 
Michelle Andrea Murray — Jackson, MS 
Sue King Murray — Clinton, MS 

Thomas Dairy I Murray — Lorman, MS 
Leonard Murrell — Vicksburg, MS 
Debrah Ann J. Murriel — Jackson, MS 
Ledell Murriel — Jackson, MS 
Vashti CI. Muse — Raymond, MS 
Angela Denise Myers — Jackson, MS 
Catherine Michelle Myers — Jackson, MS 
Florence Lorraine Myers — Brandon, MS 
Hazel Buchholtz Myers — Vicksburg, M8 
Hyrtecene Ruffin Myers — Brandon, MS 
Jeffrey Laurence Myers — Jackson, MS 
John Fitzgerald Myers — Flowood, MS 
Karen Ford Myers — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Joyce Myers — Pearl, MS 
Kevin Ross Myers — Florence, MS 
Lisa M. Myers — Jackson, MS 
Lucretia Faye Myers — Florence, MS 
Michael Anthony Myers — Brandon, MS 
Ray William Myers — Jackson, MS 
Ricky Bob Myers — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Myers — Jackson, M8 
W. Genelle Stanley Myers — Vicksburg, 

Carolyn Lynette Myies — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Jean Myles — Utica, MS 
Rodney Myles — Brandon, MS 
Sharon Lynette Myles — Jackson, MS 
Francis Byron Myrick — Clinton, MS 
Patsy Poley Myrick — Jackson, MS 
Ann Marie Nail — Whitfield, MS 
Patricia Rae Nail — Whitfield, MS 
Cathy Lynn Nance — Natchez, MS 
Kenneth Warren Nance — Jackson, MS 
Scott D. Nance — Clinton, MS 
Margaret Ann Napolion — Vicksburg, MS 
Christopher Ray Nash — Brandon, MS 
Cynthia Finney Nash — Vicksburg, MS 
Donald Lee Nash — Florence, MS 
Jacqueline Nash — Jackson, MS 
Lorundo Nash — Kosciusko, MS 
Mike Hunter Nash — Jackson, MS 
Valerie Williams Nash — Vicksburg, MS 
William Don Nash — Hazlehurst, MS 
Willie Howard Nash — Jackson, MS 
John Abraham Nassour — Vicksburg, MS 
Anite Sue Nations — Jackson, MS 
Anna Carolyn Nations — Jackson, MS 
James Kevin Nations — Raymond, MS 
Robin Dwayne Nations — Jackson, MS 
Gilda Naylor — Flora, MS 
Alva Ray Nazary — Jackson, MS 
Marilyn Deloris Nazary — Jackson, MS 
Edward James Neal — Yazoo City, MS 
Emmett Ryan Neal — Vicksburg, MS 
Frances Williams Neal — Jackson, MS 
Gerald Catledge Neal — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Harold Neal — Clinton, MS 
Jerrie Lynn Neal — Jackson, MS 
Lurenzo Neal — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Banes Neal — Pelahatchie, MS 
Mary Frances Neal — Pelahatchie, MS 
Mona Breithaupt Neal — Vicksburg, MS 
Rebecca Heep Neal — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Neal — Port Gibson, MS 
Robert Bell Neal — Jackson, MS 
Sanquinetta Calcote Neal — Vicksburg, 

June Faye Needham — Jackson, MS 
Mary Helen Needham — Brandon, MS 
Dana Anne Neely — Bentonia, MS 
Jeff D. Neely — Florence, M8 
Lauren Ruth Neely — Florence, MS 
Pamela Lynn Neely — Brandon, MS 
Thomas Milton Neely — Brandon, MS 
Dale Alan Neilson — Brandon, MS 
Allen James Nelson — Raymond, MS 
Bonnie J. Nelson — Pelahatchie, MS 
Charles Lilliard Nelson — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Lynn Nelson — Edwards, MS 
Edward Dale Nelson — Magee, MS 
Jane Thames Nelson — Vicksburg, MS 
Jencie Ana Nelson — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerome L. Dennis Nelson — Jackson, MS 
John Stanley Nelson — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Ray Nelson — Brandon, MS 
Larry Anthony Nelson — Jackson, MS 
Laverne Nelson — Vicksburg, MS 
Mark Thomas Nelson — Brandon, MS 
Robert Bryan Nelson — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Alfred Nelson Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Thomas Barton Nelson — Jackson, MS 
Willie James Nelson — Jackson, MS 
Julius Nervis — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathryn Ann Nesteruk — Madison, MS 
Charles Joseph Netherland — Jackson, 

Willie Netler — Port Gibson, MS 
David Lee Nettle — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Lea New — Brandon, MS 
Kathleen Michele Newby — Jackson, MS 
Alonzo Lewis Newell Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Cathy Collins Newell — Jackson, MS 
Cathy Denettle Newell — Jackson, MS 
Deanna Elaine Newell — Vicksburg, MS 
Derrick Lamar Newell — Jackson, MS 

Dorothy Louise Newell — Jackson, MS 
Willie Newell — Kosciusko, MS 
Dana Lynne Newman — Utica, MS 
Dorothy J. Newman — Jackson, MS 
George David Newman — Jackson, MS 
Jeffery Noland Newman — Utica, M8 
Johnny Lang Newman — Clinton, MS 
Kimberly Ann Newman — Richland, M8 
Linda M. Newman — Clinton, MS 
Bettie Jane Newsom — Bolton, MS 
Deborah Faye Newsom — Jackson, M8 
Marily Bolden Newsome — Jackson, MS 
Sherill Ann Newsome — Jackson, MS 
Bryan Lamar Newton — Yazoo City, MS 
George W. Newton — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Howard Newton — Jackson, M8 
Linda C. Newton — Clinton, M8 
Marcus Newton — Yazoo City, MS 
Reed Chandler Newton — Yazoo City, MS 
Li Ai Ngo — Jackson, MS 
Hoang V. Nguyen — Pearl, MS 
Thuan Chi Nhan — Jackson, MS 
Peggy O. Niblett — Jackson, MS 
Brian Craig Nicholson — Pearl, MS 
Barbara Ann Nicholas — Raymond, MS 
Bertha W. Nichols — Pearl, MS 
Cheryl Ann Nichols — Jackson, M8 
Dianna Purvis Nichols — Jackson, MS 
Edna Mae Davis Nichols — Jackson, MS 
Eloise Nichols — Jackson, MS 
Gaylon Micfaeal Nichols — Jackson, MS 
James E. Nichols — Brandon, MS 
Juanita Lyle Nichols — Pearl, MS 
Lisa Janine Nichols — Jackson, MS 
Ronald Gregg Nichols — Brandon, MS 
Steven Scott Nichols — Brandon, MS 
William C. Nichols — Brandon, MS 
Anna Nora Nicholson — Vicksburg, MS 
Brian Craig Nicholson — Pearl, MS 
Charles Warren Nicholson Jr. — Jackson, 

Ellen Steen Nicholson — Star, MS 
Mary E. Nicholson — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Renee Nickson — Yazoo City, MS 
James Magruder Niell — Jackson, MS 
Carol Aikens Nimon — Jackson, MS 
Billy Dalton Nix — Pearl, MS 
Billy Dalton Nix Jr. — Pearl, MS 
Martha Nix — Vicksburg, MS 
Rocky Leon Nixon — Jackson, MS 
John David Noble — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Ann Noble — Vicksburg, MS 
Louanne Noble — Jackson, MS 
Richard Earl Noble — Clinton, MS 
Janet Sue Nobiin — Jackson, MS 
Deanna Hood Noe — Jackson, MS 
Donna Shreve Noel — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Louis Nolan — Jackson, MS 
Maxine Anderson Nolen — Raymond, MS 
Harold C. Noll — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Robinson Noone — Jackson, MS 
Kelly E. Norman — Brandon, MS 
Linda Denise Norman — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Bennett Norman — Jackson, MS 
Shannon Norman — Jackson, MS 
James Richard Norrell — Jackson, M8 
Lavonne Norrell — Pattison, MS 
Carol Chapuis Norris — Jackson, MS 
Eric Dwight Norris — Jackson, MS 
Marvin Matthews Norton — Glen Allan, 

Bernard Norwood — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Kay Norwood — Pearl, MS 
Brenda Kaye Norwood — Florence, MS 
Cecil Lamar Norwood — Jackson, MS 
David Jerome Norwood — Starkville, MS 
Gwyndolyn Dianne Norwood — 

Mendenhall, MS 
Karen Diane Norwood — Clinton, MS 
Kelly Denise Norwood — Clinton, MS 
Sheila Helena Norwood — Jackson, MS 
Mary Louise Nosser — Vicksburg, MS 
Sonia Hibou Nosser — Vicksburg, MS 
Ann Ezell Nowell — Vicksburg, MS 
Gary Quinn Nowell — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Burkes Nowell — Pearl, MS 
Mark William Nowell — Jackson, MS 
Marsha Dawn Nowell — Jackson, MS 
Wayne Thomas Nowell Sr. — Vicksburg, 

James W. Null — Pearl, MS 
Dennis Elias Nunez — Raymond, MS 
Martha Lucia Nunez — Raymond, MS 
Therington Henry Nunnally — Vicksburg, 

Ronald Keith Nunnelee — Brandon, MS 
Larry Winded Nunnery — Jackson, MS 
Therlene Thomas Nutall — Yazoo City, MS 
Jeffrey S. Nutt - Jackson, MS 
Melissa Gay Nutt — Morton, MS 
Kathleen Mullen Nutting — Vicksburg, MS 
Angelo Theo Nuzzo — Jackson, MS 
Sherrie Ann Washingt Nwakor — 

Jackson, MS 
Allen Nye — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathleen Davis Nye — Vicksburg, MS 

Daniel Duane Nyitrai — Pearl, MS 
Andrew John O'Dell — Jackson, M8 
Robert Garland Oakes — Raymond, MS 
Janice Marie Obaner — Jackson, MS 
Columbus Obanner Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Dena Marie Obannon — Forest, MS 
Ruth L. Obannon — Vicksburg, MS 
Candace Jean Obarr — Jackson, M8 
Wayne Ellis Obrian — Florence, M8 
Richard Barrett Obriant — Brandon, MS 
Kristin Carroll Obrien — D Lo, MS 
Michael Fulton Obryan — Brandon, MS 
Martha Martin Ocain — Canton, MS 
Frances Briscoe Ocallaghan — Jackson, 

George Stephen Ochodnicky — Jackson, 

Greg Charles Oconnor — Vicksburg, M8 
Leigh Shannon Oconnor — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Ray Odell — Canton, MS 
Gregory Scott Oden — Brandon, M8 
Marcia Archer Oden — Brandon, MS 
Marilyn Hilton Oden — Jackson, M8 
Angela Lovtte Odie — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Kerry Odie — Jackson, MS 
Kimberley Cherle Odie — Jackson, M8 
Cathy Elizabeth Odom — Pearl, MS 
Charles W. Odom — Florence, MS 
David Lee Odom — Jackson, M8 
Debbie Rickman Odom — Jackson, M8 
Derrick Cranston Odom — Jackson, MS 
Gerald Adolphos Odom — Jackson, MS 
James A. Odom — Jackson, MS 
Laura Denise Phillips Odom — Jackson, 

Mary Elizabeth Odom — Jackson, M8 
Nancy Hollingsworth Odom — Florence, 

Ricky Odom — Hillsboro, MS 
Gwendolyn Denise Ogden — Jackson, M8 
Debra Lynne Oggs — Jackson, M8 
Linda Hull Ogle — Vicksburg, MS 
Sabrina Hooper Oglesbee — Jackson, MS 
Amy Louise Oglesby — Vicksburg, MS 
Norman Frederick Oglesby — Vicksburg, 

Jody Parsons Ogletree — Raymond, MS 
Robin Michelle Ogwynn — Pearl, MS 
Sentia Percell Ohara — Jackson, MS 
Arnold L. Olander — Pelahatchie, MS 
Rebekah Eugenia Olander — Pelahatchie, 

John McPhale Oldenburg — Vicksburg, 

Karen L. Oldfield — Jackson, MS 
Lora Lynee Oldham — Terry, MS 
Margie Diane Oliver — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael James Oliver — Clinton, M8 
Bobbie Dean OIlie — Flora, M8 
Phyllis S. Phillips OIlie — Canton, M8 
Donna Nettles Olson — Jackson, MS 
Janice Marlene Oneal — Jackson, MS 
Louis Oneal — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara F. Oneil — Jackson, MS 
Bonnie Colleen Oneill — Jackson, MS 
Owen Gregory Oneill — Jackson, MS 
Darline Clark Onyeche — Jackson, MS 
Angela Brock Opiela — Bolton, MS 
Ted Anton Opiela Jr. — Utica, MS 
James Franklin Oquinn Jr. — Union 

Church, MS 
Donna Bradley Orear — Jackson, MS 
James Kenneth Ororke — Florence, MS 
James Russell Orr — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Jean Orr — Vicksburg, MS 
Rodney Jay Osborn — Clinton, MS 
Thomas Hodge Osborn — Vicksburg, MS 
Timothy Wade Osborn — Clinton, MS 
Charles Lewis Osborne — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Bussell Osborne — Ridgeland, 

Donna Beth Osborne — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Colie Osborne — Jackson, MS 
Robert Charles Osgood — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Johnnie Doyle Oswalt — Jackson, MS 
Patsy Dear Ousby — Jackson, MS 
Robert Mitchell Ousts — Vicksburg, MS 
James Norris Overby — Brandon, MS 
Perry N. Overby — Brandon, MS 
Arthur Joe Overman — Jackson, MS 
Geraldine King Overstreet — Jackson, MS 
Tara Dawn Overton — Clinton, MS 
Jacquelyn A. Owen — Jackson, MS 
Linda Carol Owen — Jackson, MS 
Lottie Faye Owen — Durant, MS 
Patsy Stigall Owen — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Dustin Owen — Natchez, MS 
Dana Marie Owens — Jackson, MS 
Daryl L. Owens — Raymond. MS 
David Owens — Vicksburg, MS 
Henry Lee Owens — Pearl, MS 
Phillette Diann Owens — Jackson, MS 
Robert Edwin Owens — Pelahatchie, MS 
Victor Leonard Owens — Louisville, KY 
Brent Cecil Oxley III — Raymond, MS 
Rosalynn M. Pa'Askeyopoulou — 

Directory/ 311 

Jackson, MS 
Danny Lavelle Pace — Vicksburg, MS 
Diana Rae Pace — Vicksburg, MS 
Joel T. Pace — Jackson, MS 
Melinda Swisher Pace — Jackson, MS 
Paula J. Pace — Jackson, MS 
Robert Stanley Pace — Lake, MS 
Virginia Carol Brister Pace — Jackson, 

Warren Anderson Pace — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Lynn Pagan — Jackson, MS 
Gavin Wayne Pagan — Vicksburg, MS 
James C. Pagan Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Marsha Delean Page — Bay Springs, MS 
Paula K. Page — Brandon, MS 
Perry Jack Page — Florence, MS 
Rockey Colbert Page — Pearl, MS 
Johnny L. Paige — Raymond, MS 
Percy L. Paige — Jackson, MS 
Thelma Harris Paige — Pearl, MS 
William Robert Paine — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerry Williams Painter — Brandon, MS 
Linda Lee Painter — Clinton, MS 
Helen P. Pake — Jackson, MS 
Vincent J. Palermo — Vicksburg, MS 
Andrew Craig Palmer — Clinton, MS 
Carl Palmer — Brandon, MS 
Columbus Palmer — Vicksburg, MS 
David Lee Palmer — Flora, MS 
Derrick Leroy Palmer — Vicksburg, MS 
Gwendolyn Benton Palmer — Jackson, MS 
Jeffrey Lynn Palmer — Vicksburg, MS 
John Norris Palmer — Jackson, M8 
Joyce Jones Palmer — Jackson, M8 
Judy Rhone Palmer — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Maudine Palmer — Brandon, MS 
Loretta Palmer — Bolton, MS 
Robert H. Palmer — Jackson, MS 
Sara Brown Palmer — Crystal Springs, 

Sharon J. Palmer — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Lafay Palmer — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Pampley — Vicksburg, MS 
Michelle Renee Pampley — Vicksburg, MS 
Phyllis Richmond Pannell — Brandon, MS 
Linda Joyce Pantall — Madison, MS 
Angela Rita Pardue — Jackson, MS 
Joe Ellis Parish Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Nell Park — Redwood, MS 
Mary Jane Park — Jackson, MS 
Patti Wells Park — Madison, MS 
Paul R. Park — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Price Park — Vicksburg, MS 
Anita Parker — Jackson, MS 
Bettie Ann Parker — Yazoo City, MS 
Betty J. Parker — Vicksburg, MS 
Carl Gregg Parker — Clinton, MS 
Charles Wyman Parker Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Claudia Porter Parker — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Lynn Parker — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy E. Burton Parker — Redwood, MS 
Freddie Lee Parker — Jackson, MS 
Joretha Parker — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Michael Parker — Jackson, MS 
Marcus Dale Parker — Puckett, MS 
Monica Tracy Parker — Vicksburg, MS 
Patty Chisholm Parker — Pearl, MS 
Peggy Sue Parker — Vicksburg, M8 
Rebecca Lynn Parker — Monticello, MS 
Tommie Lee Parker — Jackson, MS 
Tracey A. Parker — Jackson, MS 
Velma Jean Parker — Jackson, MS 
William Grant Parker — Raymond, MS 
Melissa Renee Parkerson — Pearl, MS 
Steve D. Parkman — Jackson, MS 
Ken Mason Parks — Bolton, MS 
Lewis Edward Parks — Jackson, MS 
Michael Greer Parks — Jackson, MS 
Alisa Marlene Parrett — Vicksburg, MS 
Teresa Reshea Parrett — Vicksburg, MS 
Tina Marie Hanks Parris — Vicksburg, M8 
Jesse Therrell Parrish — Jackson, MS 
Frank Connor Parsons — Jackson, MS 
Willie Parsons — Vicksburg, M8 
Dwight Keith Partridge — Jackson, MS 
Kathryn Elliott Patchana — Vicksburg, 

Jeanette Renae Pate — Pearl, MS 
Sonja Marie Pate — Jackson, M8 
Stephen Lynn Pate — Jackson, MS 
Lillie Felicia T. Patenotte — Yazoo City, 

Fannie Mae Patrick — Jackson, M8 
Henry Earl Patrick — Pearl, MS 
Irish Frenett Patrick — Forest, MS 
James Lamar Patrick — Hazlehurst, MS 
Jerrell Luke Patrick — Jackson, M8 
Johnna Shawn Patrick — Vicksburg, M8 
Joseph Steven Patrick — Canton, M8 
Mattle Vee Patrick — Jackson, MS 
Angela Renee Patterson — Raymond, MS 
Betty Patterson — Vicksburg, MS 
David Marshall Patterson — Jackson, M8 
Dorothy Brown Patterson — Jackson, MS 
Douglas Eugene Patterson — Jackson, MS 
Fred Douglas Patterson — Brandon, M8 

Henry Gregg Patterson — Jackson, MS 
Judith Elizabeth Patterson — Jackson, 

Karen Lynn Patterson — Vicksburg, MS 
Kemp O. Rorke Patterson — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Meal Patterson — Brandon, MS 
Laura Patrice Patterson — Jackson, MS 
Paul Glennon Patterson — Whitfield, MS 
Roderick Irl Patterson — Canton, MS 
Stephanie D. Patterson — Vicksburg, MS 
Vincent Earl Patterson — Jackson, MS 
Janice Marjorie Lyn Patti — Jackson, MS 
Charles Edward Patton — Jackson, MS 
Laverne Piggs Patton — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Marie Patton — Jackson, MS 
Richard Patton — Jackson, MS 
Ronald Lorenza Patton — Jackson, MS 
Victoria C. Patton — Jackson, MS 
Walter Lee Patton — Clinton, M8 
Albert Lee Pa tike — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathleen Corrigan Payment — Jackson, 

Carolyn Evette Payne — Jackson, MS 
David Charles Payne — Utica, MS 
David Edward Payne — Jackson, MS 
Henry L. Payne — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Kay Payne — McAdams, MS 
Mary Beth Payne — Pearl, MS 
Sheron Ann Payne — Richland, M8 
Sherrell Jo Payne — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Michael Payne — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Yvonea Payton — Jackson, MS 
Mark Eric Peacher — Brandon, MS 
Elaine Danay Peacock — Mendenhall, MS 
Mary Michelle Peacock — Florence, MS 
Stephen Demont Peacock — Pearl, MS 
Teres Marie Peacock — Vicksburg, MS 
Greg Pearce — Flora, MS 
Brenda Faye Pearl — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Pearson — Pearl, MS 
Jeffrey Todd Pearson — Florence, MS 
John Franklin Pearson — Jackson, MS 
Linnie Haynes Pearson — Jackson, MS 
Richard Harry Pearson — Vicksburg, MS 
Wyolene Tate Pearson — Jackson, MS 
Robert James Peavie — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Peavy — Clinton, MS 
Elsie Ann Butler Peay — Rolling Fork, MS 
Andrea Denise Pecanty — Natchez, MS 
Norma Fay Walker Pechioff — Terry, MS 
Rose M. Peck — Vicksburg, MS 
Cheryl Peddicord — Vicksburg, MS 
Alvin Lee Peden — Jackson, MS 
Cecil W. Peden — Flora, MS 
Walter Howard Peden — Jackson, MS 
Debbie Kay Pee — Pearl, MS 
Audrey Leroy Peeples — Vicksburg, MS 
Van Alan Peeples — Jackson, MS 
David Allen Pell — Jackson, MS 
Marsha Kay Pendarvis — Jackson, MS 
George Phillip Pender — Pearl, MS 
Sheila Ann Peninger — Pearl, MS 
James Shannon Penn — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Lee Penn Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Amanda Rose Pennebaker — Vicksburg, 

Ernest Lee Pennebaker [II — Vicksburg, 

Flora Hurst Pennington — Pearl, MS 
Jamie Lynn Pennington — Pearl, MS 
John Glenn Pennington — Pearl, MS 
Kathryn Rene Pennington — Natchez, MS 
Kimberly Darlene Pennington — Pearl, MS 
Carolyn Babb Peoples — Pearl, MS 
Crescentia Carol Peoples — Mendenhall, 

Gerald Glen Peoples — Pearl, MS 
Robert David Peoples — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie L. Peoples — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Moore Peoples — Jackson, MS 
Marianna Dew Pepper — Vaughan, MS 
Stanford Ward Pepper Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Tim W. Pepper — Yazoo City, MS 
Joann Percy — Jackson, MS 
Carol Anne Perea — Jackson, MS 
Berdia M. Perkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Cassandra Regina Perkins — Jackson, MS 
Deeneen Perkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathryn Winstead Perkins — Pearl, MS 
Latosica Marie Perkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Perkins — Starkville, MS 
Margie Irene Perkins — Utica, M8 
Marietta Perkins — Jackson, MS 
Marilyn Perkins — Utica, MS 
Nancy C. Perkins — Jackson, MS 
Robert L. Perkins — Edwards, MS 
Shirley Ann Perkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Thelma Harris Perkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Michael Perkins — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Lynn Perrette — Brandon, MS 
Wanda Barfield Perrier — Vicksburg, M8 
Carl Edward Perry — Jackson, MS 
Edna F. Perry — Canton, M8 
Karen Holcomb Perry — Clinton, MS 
Lisa Ann Perry — Vicksburg, MS 
Major Jones Perry III — Vicksburg, MS 

Robert Shillo Perry — Tougaloo, MS 
Stephen Andrew Perry — Jackson, MS 
Victavia Perry — Tougaloo, MS 
William Tracy Perry Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Adam Wayne Peters — Raymond, MS 
Bonnie Cape Peters — Vicksburg, MS 
Donnie Jean Peters — Jackson, MS 
Edward Ken Peters — Jackson, MS 
Kathleen Hodges Peters — Brandon, MS 
Leslie Carole Peters — Jackson, MS 
Anita Louise Peterson — Vicksburg, MS 
David Robert Peterson — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Smith Peterson — Vicksburg, 

Janice Ruth Peterson — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Elaine S. Peterson — Carthage, 

Carnal Peter Petro Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Ruth Pettey — Jackson, MS 
Delrner Lee Pettigrew — Lena, MS 
John Walter Pettigrew — Jackson, MS 
Thelma Louise Pettis — Bentonia, MS 
Judy Lynn Pettit — Jackson, MS 
Pennye J. Pettit — Clinton, MS 
Mary Raines Pettus — Jackson, MS 
Robert Mills Pettus — Brandon, MS 
Evelyn Marie Pettway — Vicksburg, MS 
Garnett Walter Pettway — Vicksburg, MS 
Sidney Stevens Petty — Vicksburg, MS 
Benny Nelson Pevey Jr. — Braxton, MS 
Hien Van Phan — Vicksburg, MS 
Mai Thi Phan — Pearl, MS 
Ngoc Van Phan — Pearl, MS 
Bea Lynn Pharr — Vicksburg, MS 
Bettye Barnette Pharr — Vicksburg, MS 
Stephonie Lashel Pheal — Canton, MS 
Gina Schwinler Phelps — Jackson, MS 
Steven Anthony Phelps — Jackson, MS 
Clara Phillips PhiUey — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Joseph Phillips — Pearl, MS 
Billy Joe Phillips Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Evan Matthew Phillips — Jackson, MS 
Frankie Nichols Phillips — Jackson, M8 
Hugh Walley Phillips — Crystal Springs, 

Jeffrey Stephen Phillips — Clinton, MS 
John Lester Phillips Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Joseph Robert Phillips — Jackson, MS 
Kimberley Michelle Phillips — Madison, 

Lori Elaine Phillips — Clinton, MS 
Margie Rea Phillips — Sallis, MS 
Mylinda J. Phillips — Camden, MS 
Nelda Shereen Phillips — Pearl, MS 
Richard Scott Phillips — Morton, MS 
Robert Clyde Phillips — Vicksburg, MS 
Roland Alan Phillips — Jackson, MS 
Sheila Denise Phillips — Pearl, MS 
Trent Corwin Phillips — Jackson, MS 
Vivian Diane Phillips — Clinton, MS 
Wesley Leon Phillips — Jackson, MS 
Felicia Sasser Philpot — Madison, MS 
Douglas Edward Phipps — Brandon, MS 
Ngo Bich Phuong — Jackson, MS 
Salvo A. Piazza — Lorman, MS 
Phyllis G. Pickell — Pelahatchie, MS 
Donald Pickens — Jackson, MS 
Eddie Dwayne Pickens — Yazoo City, MS 
David Lance Pickering — Florence, MS 
Rebecca Boone Pickering — D Lo, MS 
TommY Jay Pickering . Jackson, MS 
Ellis B. Pickett — Vicksburg, MS 
Felicia Olivette Pickett — Crystal Springs, 

Michael Varner Pickett — Jackson, MS 
Paul Jonathan Pickett — Raymond, MS 
Una Dianne Pickett — Jackson, MS 
Gerald Haley Pickle Jr. — Canton, MS 
Lori Lynn Pickle — Clinton, MS 
Stacie Maria Picon — Raymond. MS 
Anita Staats Pierce — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Watkins Pierce — Jackson, MS 
Charlotte Martin Pierce — Clinton, MS 
Clarence Aubrey Pierce — Lexington, MS 
Debra Yvonne Pierce — Vicksburg, MS 
Errol Tyrone Pierce — Fayette, MS 
Frank Gordon Pierce — Walnut Grove, MS 
James Albert Pierce Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Mary Lynn Pierce — Canton, MS 
William Michael Pierce — Lexington, MS 
Gregg Alan Pigg — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Mack Pigg — Carthage, MS 
Larry L. Pigg — Carthage, MS 
Lynn Johnson Pigg — Vicksburg, MS 
William Bradley Pigg — Vicksburg, MS 
Estella Piggs — Jackson, MS 
Charles Dwayne Pike — Clinton, MS 
Milton Anthony Pilate — Jackson, MS 
David Mitchell Pilgrim — Clinton. MS 
James Daniel Pilgrim — Pearl, M8 
Teresa L. Pilgrim — Jackson, MS 
Linda McCafferty Pine — Jackson, MS 
Regina Ann Pinion — Jackson, M8 
Ada Leona Pink ham — Pearl, MS 
Farshaun C. Pinkston — Palatka, PL 
Mary Burks Pipes — Vicksburg, MS 

Sarah Burks Pipes — Vicksburg, MS 
H. Lois Pipkin — Jackson, MS 
Mark Joseph Pipkin — Florence, MS 
Jean Ann Anderson Pippins — Jackson, 

William Emmett Plrie — Clinton, MS 
Sharon Renee Pitchford — Jackson, MS 
Sheila Karren Pitchford — Vicksburg, MS 
Sherryl Renee Pitchford — Jackson, MS 
Barbara M, Pittman — Clinton, MS 
Betty Catherine Pittman — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Ann Pittman — Columbia, MS 
Donna Lynn Pittman — Pearl, MS 
James Lee Pittman — Brandon, MS 
James Richard Pittman — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Jones Pittman — Vicksburg, MS 
Jolanda Pittman — Jackson, MS 
Laura Smith Pittman — Jackson, MS 
Michael Jones Pittman — Ridgeland, MS 
Regina Pittman — Pearl, MS 
Rita Pittman — Pearl, MS 
Victoria Lynne Pittman — Clinton, MS 
Billy Charles Pitts Jr. — Crystal Springs, 

Elizabeth Tanner Pitts — Jackson, MS 
Julie Ann Pitts — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Micheal Pitts — Jackson, MS 
Michael Lavern Pitts — Jackson, MS 
Norma Jane Nichols Pitts — Florence, MS 
Rodney Nelson Pitts — Jackson, MS 
Sue Magee Pitts — Jackson, MS 
William Harold Pitts — Mobile, AL 
Denise Harold Placer — Vicksburg, MS 
Helen Dawn Plaster — Star, MS 
Shelley Louise Plett — Vicksburg, MS 
Tammy Raechel Plummer — Jackson, MS 
Charles L. Plumpp — Jackson, MS 
Darlene Fay Plunket — Jackson, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Plunkett — Yazoo City, 

Lester Victor Poe — Starkville, MS 
Linda Carol Pogue — Jackson, MS 
Russell J. Poirrier — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Ann Polk — Canton, MS 
Edward Forrest Polk — Prentiss, MS 
Larry Darnell Polk — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Kay Polk — Jackson, MS 
Patty Callahan Polk — Clinton, M8 
Susan Farmer Polk — Raymond, MS 
Janis Kaye Polley — Vicksburg, MS 
Peggy S teen Polley — Vicksburg, MS 
Alynda Dawn Ponder — Jackson, MS 
Flossie Nora Ann Ponder — Vicksburg, MS 
Marianne Ponder — Jackson, MS 
Robert Price Ponder — Brandon, MS 
Charles David Pontheiux — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Gerard Ponthieux — Raymond, 

Karen Elizabeth Poole — Jackson, MS 
Daniel John Pooley — Jackson, MS 
Robert Gregory Poore — Clinton, MS 
Charles Randall Pope — Jackson, MS 
Clayton Carzell Pope — Columbia, MS 
Danny Lawrence Pope — Braxton, MS 
Lori Ann Pope — Jackson, MS 
Melvin Anthony Pope — Terry, MS 
Shirley Sautters Pope — Pearl, MS 
Steve Ralph Pope — Pearl, MS 
Wendy Layne Pope — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Timothy Porch — Pearl, MS 
Deborah Gail Porch — Pearl, MS 
Linda J. Porch — Jackson, MS 
Charles William Porter — Jackson, MS 
Daphne Elaine Porter — Jackson, MS 
David Bernard Porter — Jackson, MS 
Dory Elaine Porter — Valley Park, MS 
Jerome Porter — Jackson, MS 
Joy Forbes Porter — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Faye Porter — Bolton, MS 
Rose Mary Porter — Jackson, MS 
Stanley Porter — Star, MS 
Tina Owens Porter — Jackson, MS 
Viki Lynn Porter — Vicksburg, MS 
Arlene Susan Portzer — Vicksburg, MS 
Cheryl Antonia Posey — Jackson, MS 
Joy Gail Posey — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Lynn Posey — Clinton, MS 
Steve Lewis Posey — Jackson, MS 
Tulane Elzey Posey III — Jackson, MS 
Virgil Richard Posey Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Christine Marie Posusta — Jackson, MS 
Evelyn Loretta Potter — Bentonia, MS 
Patrick Odell Potter — Jackson, MS 
Susan Speairs Potter — Yazoo City, MS 
Nancy Ann Potts — Jackson, MS 
Anne Betty Powell — Pearl, MS 
Billy George Powell — Jackson, MS 
Caroline Powell — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Karen Powell — Jackson, M8 
James Luckett Powell II — Jackson, MS 
Janice Powell — Terry, MS 
Judy Munn Powell — Pearl, MS 
Julie Gay Powell — Georgetown, MS 
Keni Deanna Powell — Jackson, MS 
Marquis Lyneal Powell — New Hebron, M8 
Mary Etta Powell — Crystal Springs, MS 

312 /Directory 

Minnie Lee Johnson Powell — Lexington, 

Money Powell Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Loutrica Powell — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Sherry Meschell Powell — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Sondra Elaine Powell — Jackson, MS 
Sundra McGloster Powell, Jackson, MS 
Terry S. Powell — Jackson, MS 
Willie Mae Bradley Powell — Jackson, MS 
Carol Kerns Powers — Brandon, MS 
David Andrew Powers — Vicksburg, MS 
Edward Douglas Powers — Jackson, MS 
Machelle Powers — Canton, MS 
Ty Baxter Powers — Pearl, MS 
Stephen Arthur Pranger — Vicksburg, MS 
Tana Lyn Prassel — Jackson, MS 
Elworth L, Prentis — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Faye Prentiss — Vicksburg, MS 
Donald Eugene Prentiss — Vicksburg, MS 
Johnny Ray Presley — Florence, MS 
Kelly Denise Presley — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Hartley Presley — Vicksburg, MS 
Wanda Fay Presley — Florence, MS 
Bryan Edward Presson — Clinton, MS 
Cheri Lisa James Presson — Jackson, MS 
John Paul Prestage — Brandon, MS 
Catherine Rieffel Prevost — Jackson, MS 
John Michael Prewitt — Clinton, MS 
Ronald Ray Prewitt — Florence, MS 
Stanley Eugene Prewitt — Clinton, MS 
Alice Buckley Price — Bassfield, MS 
Andrea MacDonaid Price — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Price — Silver Creek, MS 
Charles Edward Price — Vicksburg, MS 
Cindy P. Price — Jackson, MS 
David Carlton Price — Brandon, MS 
David E. Price — Jackson, MS 
John Anthony Price — Jackson, MS 
John Edward Price — Ridgeland, MS 
John Paul Price — Mendenhall, MS 
Karen Annette Price — Jackson, MS 
Ken Dale Price — Jackson, MS 
Lora Anntoinette Price — Jackson, MS 
Mary Catherine Price — Brandon, MS 
Michael Gregory Price — Vicksburg, MS 
Mitiz Patreece Price — Jackson, MS 
Nina Carrol Price — Terry, MS 
Phyllis Lee Price — McComb, MS 
Sandra Denise Price — Vicksburg, MS 
Steve Wesley Price — Jackson, MS 
Terry Len Price — Jackson, MS 
Theresa L. Price — Jackson, MS 
Vern Stephens Price — Clinton, MS 
Shirley Pope Priddy .— Rolling Fork, MS 
Marion Suzanne Pridgen — Jackson, MS 
Delia N. Priest — Pearl, MS 
Bobby Gene Priester — Jackson, MS 
Adam A. Prim — Jackson, MS 
Samantha A. Prim — Raymond, MS 
Shannon Eileen Primeaux — Dallas, TX 
Deb Scott Primos — Jackson, MS 
Karl Bellmont Prince — Jackson, MS 
Linder Britt Prince — Vicksburg, MS 
Robin Rocheiie Prince — Jackson, MS 
Sonya Lee Prince — Madison, MS 
Joseph Lynwood Prine — Jackson, -MS 
Jeanette Mickel Pringle — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Dillon Prisock — Jackson, MS 
Vicki Camille Prisock — Jackson, MS 
David Mark Pritchard — Columbia, MS 
Julia Marie Pritchett — Vicksburg, MS 
Bobbie Brown Proctor — Brandon, MS 
Curtis West Proctor — Jackson, MS 
Karen Lee Prosser — Vicksburg, MS 
Bradley Keith Provence — Vicksburg, MS 
Doris Jean Galey Province — Vicksburg, 

Sherry Rose Pruden — Clinton, MS 
Paul Pruett — Richland, MS 
Jeanette Marie Prusaitis — Vicksburg, MS 
Pierre Andrew Pryer — Jackson, MS 
Dennis Eugene Puckett — Clinton, MS 
Eleanor Puckett — Vicksburg, M8 
Janice Lee Puckett — Raymond, MS 
John Scott Puckett — Brandon, M8 
Karen Lynn Roy Puckett — Pearl, MS 
Lesia E. Puckett — Jackson, MS 
Terry J. Puckett — Raymond, MS 
Terry Markham Puckett — Jackson, MS 
Timothy John Puckett — Jackson, MS 
Tom Charles Puckett — Jackson, MS 
James Arnall Pugh — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Rene Pugh — Canton, MS 
Perry Alan Pugh — Vicksburg, MS 
Robbie Denise Pullins — Prentiss, MS 
Douglas Eugene Purdy — Pascagoula, MS 
Derrick Lerone Purnell — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Buck Purnell — Jackson, MS 
Frank Cameron Purviance — CItica, MS 
Becki Lataine Purvis — Jackson, MS 
Doyle Wayne Purvis — Vicksburg, MS 
Dwayne Purvis — Brandon, MS 
Kathy Juone Purvis — Carthage, MS 
Richard Allan Purvis — Clinton, MS 

Robert Emery Purvis — Vicksburg, MS 
Suzanne R. Purvis — Canton, MS 
Lee Eugene Putman — Vicksburg, MS 
Nancy J. Putman — Vicksburg, MS 
Sharon Kaye Putnam — Yazoo City, MS 
Brian Keith Pyle — Port Gibson, MS 
David Burnell Pyron — Natchez, MS 
David Scott Pyron — Jackson, MS 
Donald Ried Quarles — Pearl. MS 
Helen Anthony Quarles — Pearl, MS 
Linda Joy Quattlebaum — Okolona, MS 
Sonya K. Quibodeaux — Jackson, MS 
Sarah Louise Quick — Florence, MS 
Edna Mae Quinn — Jackson, MS 
Gwendolyn Persella Quinn — Jackson, MS 
Leroy Anthony Quinn — Jackson, MS 
Amy Lynne Quinnelly — Florence, MS 
Karen Michele Rabalais — Jackson, MS 
Leon Benedict Rabalais — Jackson, MS 
Vicki Mason Rabb — Vicksburg, MS 
Louise Picarlello Race — Vicksburg, MS 
Steven John Rachel — Brandon, MS 
Kathleen L. Radon — Brandon. MS 
William Frederick Radon — Brandon, MS 
Melissa Jane Raffield — Madison, MS 
Steve Paul Raftopoulos — Jackson, MS 
Minnie B. Ragan — Redwood, MS 
Pamela Astin Ragan — Vicksburg, MS 
Danielle Smith Ragsdale — Vicksburg, MS 
Donald E. Ragsdale — Sandhill, MS 
Ella Jean Ragsdale — Jackson, MS 
Halley Jo Ragsdale — Vicksburg, MS 
Rose Helen Ragsdale — Jackson, MS 
Cary Hartwell Raiford — Vicksburg, MS 
G. Dan Rainer — Brandon, MS 
Marianne Dearman Rainer — Brandon, MS 
Dinah Thomson Raines — Vicksburg, MS 
Sammie Lee Rainey — Vicksburg, MS 
Sybil Dawn Rainey — Jackson, MS 
Stephanie Ann Ramagos — Natchez, MS 
Renee Carol Ramos — Clinton, MS 
Edward Whitson Rampy — Jackson, MS 
Granville Parker Ramsay — Vicksburg, 

Joel Payne Ramsay — Jackson, MS 
John Stanton Ramsdell — Brandon, MS 
Lenora Elizabeth Ramseur — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Lynn Ramsey — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Eustace Ramsey — Clinton, MS 
Rebecca Elaine Ramsey — Jackson, MS 
Henry Perez Rancifer — Jackson, MS 
Karen Lazell Rand — Jackson, MS 
Margaret Rand — Jackson, MS 
• Betty Louise Randall — Richland, MS 
Charlie Ray Handle — Jackson, MS 
Annie Diggs Randolph — Tallulah, LA 
Yolanda S. Randolph — Brandon, MS 
Scarlett Melissa Raney — Nesbit, MS 
Demetric Rankin — Florence, MS 
James Matthew Rankin — Raymond, MS 
Thomas S. C. Rankin — Jackson, MS 
Vera Anita Rankin — Lorman, MS 
Odetta Vivian Rankins — Mendenhall, MS 
Katheleen Ransom — Pocohantas, MS 
Rubie Maietta Ransom — Jackson, MS 
Tammie D. Ransom — Crystal Springs, 

Jimmy Charles Rapp — Clinton, MS 
James Robert Rasberry — Canton, MS 
Joseph Bryan Rasberry — Canton, MS 
Sandra Mizell Rasberry — Canton, MS 
Janice Bockhorst Rasch — Vicksburg, MS 
Essie Mae Rash — Jackson, MS 
Floy Breeland Ratcliff — Brandon, MS 
Joel Samuel Ratcliff — Brandon, MS 
Pamela Ratcliff — Jackson, MS 
Robert Graves Ratcliff — Madison, MS 
Aietha Ratliff — Jackson, MS 
Leroy Ratliff — Jackson, MS 
Michele Denise D. Ratliff — Jackson, MS 
Paul H. Ratliff — Bolton, MS 
Josephine Dorothy Raulston — 

Ridgeland, MS 
Eric E. Rawlings — Vicksburg, MS 
Deveon Rawls — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Alease Rawls — Jackson, MS 
Robert Dewayne Rawls — Jackson, MS 
Tansy Michelle Rawls — Jackson, MS 
David Andrew Rawlyk — Calgary, Canada 
Bojames E. Ray — Jackson, MS 
Brenda J. Ray — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Sue Ray — Jackson, MS 
Brian Scott Ray — Clinton, MS 
Edwin Dalton Ray — Clinton, MS 
Jacquetta Kethley Ray — Vicksburg, M8 
James F. Ray — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Louise Ray — Jackson, MS 
M. Brodie Ray — Jackson, MS 
Marie Portell Ray — Jackson, MS 
Mark Andrew Ray — Jackson. MS 
Minnie Denise Ray — Jackson, MS 
Sonia Ranell Ray — Vicksburg, MS 
Virginia D. Ray — Vicksburg, MS 
Wendy K. Ray — Jackson, MS 
Randall Glen Raybon — Pearl, MS 
Cindy Rihner Rayborn — Vicksburg, MS 

Timothy Lynn Rayborn — Vicksburg, MS 
Stephen Warren Rayburn — Edwards, MS 
Robert Stephen Ray field — Jackson, MS 
Al Preston Rayford — Jackson, MS 
Reall Rayford — Jackson, MS 
Mary Ann Gregory Read — Vicksburg, MS 
Amy Camille Gaston Ready — Ridgeland, 

Anne Marie Reaves — Vicksburg, MS 
John Alan Reaves — Clinton, MS 
Lora Lea Reaves — Clinton, MS 
Virginia Ann Walker Rebert — Vicksburg, 

Terry David Rector — Vicksburg, MS 
Lamon Rosha Redd — Brandon, MS 
Stuart A. Redd — Laurel, MS 
Robert Howard Redden — Jackson, Ms 
Laura Mae Reddick — Jackson, MS 
Lillie Beatrice Reddick — Jackson, MS 
Vergenas Willis Reddick — Jackson, MS 
Jo Ann Bradley Redding — Jackson, MS 
Dixie Grey A. Redditt — Vicksburg, MS 
Helen Ruth Redditt — Vicksburg, MS 
Martha Davidson Redditt — Vicksburg, 

Nita Joy Redditt — Redwood, MS 
Lucy Rogenia Redfern — Florence, MS 
Hugh Curry Redhead — Jackson, MS 
Edward Wayne Redmond — Utica, MS 
Fredrick W. Redmond — Port Gibson, MS 
Claudett Reece — Forest, MS 
Cydny Paige Reed — Vicksburg, MS 
Edward Lee Reed — Jackson, MS 
Elwyn Carter Reed — Wood ville, MS 
Fletcher Laveil Reed — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Laveil Reed — Jackson, MS 
lone Arnold Reed — Vicksburg, MS 
Judith Whetstone Reed — Jackson, MS 
Julius Lament Reed — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Denise Reed — Vicksburg, MS 
Mayonie Reed — Pearl, MS 
Pamela Rose Reed — Fayette, MS 
Paul Joseph Reed — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Reed — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert William Reed — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Abies Reed — Vicksburg, MS 
Shirley Marie Reed — Jackson, MS 
Sylvia Louise Reed — Edwards, MS 
Tonja Marie Reed — Utica, MS 
Wayne Reed — Carthage, MS 
William Daniel Reed — Edwards, MS 
Nancy Denise Reedy — Pearl, MS 
Corbert Deroy Reese 111 — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Rochell Reese — Jackson, MS 
Suzanne Reese — Brandon, MS 
Brenda Renee Reeves — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Carol Reeves — Florence, MS 
Debra Kay Reeves — Peart, MS 
Geneva D. Reeves — Raymond, MS 
James Thomas Reeves — Jackson, MS 
Lela Pearl Reeves — Jackson, MS 
Leo Patrick Reeves — Pearl, MS 
Melissa Lynn Reeves — Vicksburg, MS 
Darryl Wayne Reginal — Jackson, MS 
Roderick Lee Reginal — Jackson, MS 
Terrell Keith Reginald — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffrey Mark Reichenbach — Vicksburg, 

Marilyn Laird Reichenbach — Vicksburg, 

Vivian Leteice Reid — Jackson, MS 
Margaret Heard Reihle — Jackson, MS 
Carl Hubert Reinhardt — Jackson, MS 
Christina Ann Reinhardt — Lena, MS 
Heidi Marie Reinhart — Pelahatchie, MS 
Christopher Mayo Reistle — Jackson, MS 
Harry Cecil Remington — Yazoo City, MS 
Kamela Lynn Remsen — Jackson, MS 
Damon Christopher Renaldo — Pearl, MS 
Patrick Hart Renegar — Jackson, MS 
Angela Wynn Renfroe — Flora, MS 
Joel Wilson Renfroe — Pearl, MS 
Tommy Joe Renfroe — Canton, MS 
Joseph Todd Renfrow — Morton, MS 
Francine Joyce Renninger — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Faye Repulse — Jackson, MS 
Tina Robin Rester — Richland, MS 
Barbara Carroll Reves — Raymond. MS 
Birdie Clarene Reynolds — Pearl, MS 
Leonard Reynolds — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Kaye Reynolds — Vicksburg, MS 
Stacy L. Reynolds — Jackson, MS 
James Rheay — Jackson, MS 
Gail Donnell Rhett — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Eldridge Rhoads — Ridgeland, 

Angela Jean Rhodes — Florence, MS 
Charles Glynn Rhodes — New Hebron, MS 
Clifton Edwin Rhodes — Jackson, MS 
Edward Rhodes — Brandon, MS 
George Talmadge Rhodes 111 — Brandon, 

Helen Parker Rhodes — Tallulah, LA 
James Kurt Rhodes — Pelahatchie, MS 
John Kenneth Rhodes — Jackson. MS 
Lisa Walters Rhodes — Jackson, MS 
Martha Inez Rhodes — Jackson, MS 

Michael Rhodes — New Hebron, MS 
Neil Carroll Rhodes 111 — Jackson, M8 
Scott Robinson Rhodes — Pearl, MS 
Willie Lee Rhodes — Jackson, MS 
Sherrie Dee Rhodus — Pearl, MS 
O. Z. Rhymes — Jackson, MS 
Robert Miller Rials — Vicksburg, MS 
Sharon Mildred Rials — Vicksburg, MS 
Gregory Langham Rice — Crystal Springs, 

Pamela Dianne Rice — Florence, MS 
Penny Leann Rice — Raymond, MS 
Shotachie Ann Rice — Jackson, MS 
Irene Baker Richard — Brandon, MS 
Christopher Robin Richards — Jackson, 

Russell Wayne Richards — Vicksburg, MS 
April Francoise Richardson — Brandon, 

Barbara Jean Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Bronwyn Irene Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Charles Allen Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Danny Waldon Richardson — Jackson, 

Diane Michelle Richardson — F P O, WA 
Donna Sullivan Richardson — Jackson, 

Elizabeth Ann Richardson — Bolton, MS 
Evelyn Denise Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Georgia Harper Richardson — Lambert, 

Greta Lynn Richardson — Terry, MS 
Jan Reeves Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Jerry W. Richardson Jr. — Flora, MS 
Leslie Bishop Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Lucille Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Madeline Yvonne Richardson — Jackson, 

Mark Shelton Richardson — Brandon, MS 
Melinda Ann Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Milton Dean Richardson — Vicksburg, MS 
Patrick Richardson — Vicksburg, MS 
Rhonda Lynn Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Ricky Anthony Richardson — Jackson, 

Susan Elaine Richardson — Vicksburg, 

Tomora Delcenna Richardson — Jackson, 

Tracee Anita Richardson — Jackson, MS 
Trina Bentia Richardson — Jackson, MS 
William David Richardson — Terry, MS 
Al Rollie Richburg — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Jean Richburg — Jackson, MS 
Charles Clay Richmond III — Jackson, MS 
Dwight Richmond — Jackson, MS 
Frank L. Rich ter — Port Gibson, MS 
Marilyn Mullins Rickets — Clinton, MS 
Carolyn Inscore Ricker — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Ellingburg Rickles — Vicksburg, 

Lisa Gail Rickman — Jackson, MS 
Annie B. Ricks — Jackson, MS 
Janice Riddle — Aberdeen, MS 
Penny Lynette Riddle — Jackson, MS 
Steven M. Riden — Jackson, MS 
Teresia Ann Riden — Jackson, MS 
Bonita Warren Rideout — Jackson, MS 
Keith Leonard Rider — Jackson, MS 
James Richard Ridgley — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Lyn Ridout — Jackson, MS 
Floyd W. Riffle — Jackson, MS 
Dee Alcarese Rigby — Jackson. MS 
Shannon Wayne Rigby — Port Gibson, MS 
Jeffrey Lee Riggs — Vicksburg, MS 
Connie Louise Riley — Holly Bluff, MS 
George Riley — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeannie Corbin Riley — Vicksburg, MS 
John B. Riley Jr. — Flora, MS 
John Bunyan Riley III — Flora, MS 
John David Riley — Jackson, MS 
Jolene Riley — Columbia, MS 
Judith Ann Riley — Jackson, MS 
Michael Alan Riley — Mendenhall, MS 
Preston Troy Riley — Vicksburg, MS 
Steven Michael Riley — San Sebastian. 

James Wales Rimmer — Jackson. MS 
Mary Eileen Ring — Clinton, MS 
Rolfe Anthony Risher — Jackson, MS 
Kerri Ann Rister — Jackson, MS 
Eric C. Ritter — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Denise Ritter — Jackson, MS 
Luis Gonzaga Rivera — Jackson. MS 
Milagros Cororomo Rivera — Jackson, MS 
Robert Harry Rivers — Vicksburg. MS 
Mark Barry Roach — Pearl, MS 
Dana Lynn Roan — Brandon, MS 
Gregory Paul Roan — Brandon. MS 
Elsie M. Roark — Jackson, MS 
Dora Hamlin Robb — Clinton. MS 
Steve Michael Robb — Jackson, MS 
Earl Eugene Robbins — Pelahatchie. MS 
Karen C. Robbins — Pelahatchie. MS 
Velma Joy Piatt Robbins — Vicksburg. MS 
Amy Clair Roberson — Scott. MS 
Arlene Elizabeth Roberson — Vicksburg, 

Directory / 313 

Delores S. Roberson — Clinton, MS 
Antoinette Augustin Roberts — Pearl, MS 
Brandon Abdo Roberts — Canton, MS 
Carlton Eugene Roberts — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Denise Roberts — Flora, MS 
Cheri Gayle Roberts — Jackson, MS 
Cherri Lyn Roberts — Brandon. MS 
Clayton Andrew Roberts — Canton, MS 
David Roberts — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna L. Roberts — Brandon, MS 
Douglas Dewayne Roberts — . Pearl, MS 
Edna Paris Roberts — Vicksburg, MS 
George Tracy Roberts — Jackson, MS 
James Micheal Roberts — Clinton, MS 
John Curtis Roberts — Brandon, MS 
Karen Lee Roberts — Jackson, MS 
Karen Lynn Roberts — Vicksburg, MS 
Karon Denise Roberts — Brandon, MS 
Leroy Roberts — Jackson, MS 
Maggie Arlanda Roberts — Forest, MS 
Michael Glenn Roberts — CItica, MS 
Patrice Kaye Roberts — Vicksburg, MS 
Patricia Ann Roberts — Jackson, MS 
Randall Alan Roberts — Clinton, MS 
Steven Everett Roberts — Jackson, MS 
Teressa Gayle Roberts — Pearl, MS 
Wyatt Henry Roberts — Florence, MS 
Brian Dale Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Dwight Jeffery Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Iris Ann Robertson — Vicksburg, MS 
Keith Joseph Robertson — Vicksburg, MS 
Kenneth Clifford Robertson — Brandon, 

Lasandra Ann Robertson — Brandon, MS 
Linda Layne Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Henderson Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Lyman Joseph Robertson — Midnight, MS 
Pamela Thomas Robertson — Vicksburg, 

Patsy Sue Robertson — Raymond, MS 
Paula Ricks Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Renee Dawn Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Rex Ivan Robertson — Vicksburg, MS 
Rhonda Lynn Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Rose Mary Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Valerie Gay Robertson — Jackson, MS 
Vicki Lynne Robertson — Pearl, MS 
Jeanne Annette Robichaux — Vicksburg, 

Annette Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Barbara B. Robinson — Vicksburg, MS 
Bettye Lane White Robinson — Jackson, 

Charles Daniel Robinson Jr. — Pearl, MS 
Charles Robinson Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Constance F. Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Elaine Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Daphne Regina Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Debra Ann Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Derrick Carl Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Donald Brian Robinson — Vicksburg, MS 
Dorothy Fowler Robinson — Raymond, 

Edward Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Edward G. Robinson — CItica, MS 
Frederick Robinson — CItica, MS 
Gwendolyn Higgins Robinson — Jackson, 

Inez Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Irby Lee Robinson — Jackson, MS 
James Marion Robinson — Canton, MS 
James William Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Jannie Delores Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Jill Anne Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Joe Don Robinson — Jackson, MS 
John Curtis Robinson — Raymond, MS 
Joseph Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Judy Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Laura Gaye Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Laurie Josephine Robinson — Canton, MS 
Lesa Renee Robinson — Pearl, MS 
Lillian Dawn Robinson — Brandon, MS 
Lynda Levins Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Mack Robinson — Canton, MS 
Mary N. Sullivan Robinson — Madison, 

Michael K. Robinson — Vicksburg, MS 
Patricia Ann Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie Joe Robinson — Pearl, MS 
Roy Edward Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Sonia Denise Robinson — Brandon, MS 
Steven David Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Kay Robinson — Jackson, MS 
Violet Robinson — Clinton, MS 
William David Robinson — Pearl, MS 
Aaron Roby — Raymond, M8 
Rex Vernon Roby — Raymond, MS 
Beatrice Rockett — Jackson, MS 
Debra Rockett — Jackson, MS 
Gwendolyn Denise Rockett — Jackson, 

Edward Sanders Rodgers — Port Gibson, 

Florence T. Rodgers — Jackson, MS 
Laurie Ann Rodgers — Jackson, M8 

Melody Carol Rodgers — Crystal Springs, 

Peggy Hammill Rodgers — Jackson, MS 
Phillip Lamar Rodgers — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Dayton Rodgers — Jackson, MS 
Edna S. Rodriguez — Jackson, MS 
Judith A. Roe — Vicksburg, MS 
Ann Turner Rogers — Vicksburg, MS 
Charlotte Green Rogers — Brandon, MS 
Debra Ann Rogers — Quitman, MS 
Elizabeth Margaret Rogers — Jackson, 

Frank Young Rogers — Brandon, MS 
Katherine Marie Rogers — Vicksburg, MS 
Kimberly Diane Rogers — Pearl, MS 
Leland Keith Rogers — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Sue Rogers*— Jackson, MS 
Micah Ray Rogers — Jackson, MS 
Richard Myer Rogers — Pelahatchie, MS 
Richard Ray Rogers — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie Harris Rogers Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Sally Michelle Rogers — Crystal Springs, 

Shelia Lynn Rogers — Philadelphia, MS 
Sherry Melissa Rogers — Jackson, MS 
Vicky Carla Rogers — Florence, MS 
Gloria J. Rogillio — Raymond, MS 
Karen Marie Rogillio — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Lee Rollins — Goodman, MS 
Helen Andrews Rollins — Jackson, MS 
Mary Louise Rollins — Clinton, MS 
George Anthony Romano Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Sylvia Lois Romano — Vicksburg, MS 
James Brian Romine — Brandon, MS 
James Herbert Rone — Vicksburg, MS 
Lorin Gail Rookmaker — Clinton, MS 
Joyce S. Root — Jackson, MS 
Lucille Walters Root — Brandon, MS 
Alma Ruth Roper — Edwards, MS 
Jay Michael Roper — Jackson, MS 
Marguerite Lynn Roper — Jackson, MS 
Tim Stanley Rosamond — Raymond, MS 
Lillie Slone Rose — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Lynne Rose — Piano, TX 
Jarrett Andy L. Roseborough — Jackson, 

Betty B. Rosenbaum — Jackson, MS 

Charles E. Ross lackson, MS 

Christopher Brasell Ross — Senatobia. 

Clarence Anthony Ross — Vicksburg, MS 
Daniel Lee Ross — Pearl, MS 
David Jerome Ross — Jackson, MS 
Fredia Louise Ross — Vicksburg, MS 
Gloria J. Ross — Jackson, MS 
Hanna Mae Ross — CItica, MS 
Jack Edward Ross — CItica, MS 
James Hendrix Ross — Florence, MS 
Jessie Mae Ross — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Peyton Ross — Amory, MS 
Laura Jones Ross — Bentonia, MS 
Linda C. Casaver Ross — Pearl, MS 
Lyle Paxton Ross — Jackson, MS 
Nathan James Ross — Vicksburg, MS 
Phyllis Marie Ross — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Joyce Ross — Pelahatchie, MS 
Runchy Ann Ross — Florence, MS 
Sherry Lee Ross — Forest, MS 
Stanley Craig Ross — Vicksubrg, MS 
Todd Marshall Ross — Jackson, MS 
Sara Jane Rosser — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael J. Roth — Clinton, MS 
William Harold Roth Jr. — Clinton, MS 
William Henry Roth — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Joyce Rounsavall — Pearl, MS 
Russell Allen Rounsavall — Jackson, MS 
Patrice Reynolds Rouse — Vicksburg, MS 
Alberta Lynn Rouser — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Ann Rouser — Jackson, MS 
Lloyd John Rousey Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Warren Roussel — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Marrie Rouster — Jackson, MS 
D. Christopher Routh — Florence, MS 
Betty Rowan — Raymond, MS 
Irving Rowe — Vicksburg, MS 
James Timothy Rowell — Brandon, MS 
Kin Denise Rowell — Jackson, MS 
Margaret Prine Rowell — Pearl, MS 
Robert Anthony Rowell — Brandon, MS 
Gary Van Rowland — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Hampton Rowland — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Michel Rowland — Vicksburg. MS 
Thomas S. Rowland — Flora, MS 
Peter Buckley Rowse — Clinton, MS 
Jeanne M. Roy — Jackson, MS 
Jeffrey Wyatt Roy — Clinton, MS 
Barry S. Royals — Jackson, MS 
Roady Hudgins Roza — Pearl, MS 
George 8. Rubindelaborbulla — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffrey Andrew Rucker — Jackson, MS 
Lawrence Frazier Rucker — Jackson, MS 
Mark Carl Rucker — Jackson, MS 
Robin D. Rucker — Jackson. MS 
Deborah C. Ruff — Jackson, MS 
Joanne Greenwood Ruff — Jackson, MS 

Paula Terrell Ruffin — Jackson, MS 
Victor La Rosa Ruffin — Jackson, MS 
William R. Ruffin — Jackson, MS 
Mary Bridget Ruhl — Jackson, MS 
Areatha Seleda Rule — Lexington, MS 
Christine Carole Rule — Vicksburg, MS 
Pauline Claire Rule — Vicksburg, MS 
James Walker Runnels — Brandon, MS 
Keith Ervin Runnels — Hattiesburg, MS 
Martha Jeanette Runnels — Jackson, MS 
Sonya Dale Runnels — Jackson, MS 
Audrey Edwards Rusche — Vicksburg, MS 
Frances Renee Rush — Brandon, MS 
Mary Sheila Rush — Vicksburg, MS 
Nancy Sherriel Rush — Hattiesburg, MS 
Barbara Ann Rushing — Madison, MS 
David Keith Rushing — Jackson, MS 
Dory Regina Rushing — Pearl, MS 
Hazel Dianne Rushing — Jackson, MS 
Keith T. Rushing — Natchez, MS 
Mary Ann Rushing — Jackson, MS 
Ned M. Rushing — Carthage, MS 
Sandra Gail Rushing — Vicksburg, MS 
Kim Waage Russ — Brandon, MS 
Carol Polk Russell — Clinton, MS 
Dana Reese Russell — Jackson, MS 
Darryl Lee Russell — Jackson, MS 
Frances Marie Russell — Tougaloo, MS 
Fred Lee Russell — Clinton, MS 
Jack Wade Russell — Jackson. MS 
Jimmy Lavoid Russell — Florence, MS 
Kathy Dinette Russell — Tougaloo, MS 
Lasalle Russell Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Lee Vincent Russell IV — Clinton, MS 
Linda Patrick Russell — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Rena Russell — Jackson, MS 
Melanie Kay Russell — Jackson, MS 
Mitchell Alcorn Russell — Jackson, MS 
Rachel Renee Russell — Clinton, MS 
Regina Lafaye Russell — Braxton, MS 
Renee Russell — Jackson, MS 
Ricky Ray Russell — Clinton, MS 
Rodney Melson Russell — Clinton, MS 
Sallie D. Russell — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Kay Tucker Russell — Jackson, 

Sherry Stubbs Russell — Brandon, MS 
Steven Brooks Russell — Clinton, MS 
Tonnie Russell — Jackson. MS 
Tracey Greene Russell — Jackson, MS 
Vera Ann Russell — Jackson, MS 
Vicki S. Russell — Jackson, MS 
Walter Edward Russell — Anguilla, MS 
Wayne Whitfield Russell — Clinton. MS 
Mark Edgar Ruthvens — Philadelphia, MS 
Becky Lynn Rutland — Jackson, MS 
Lance Dean Rutland — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Gail Rutland — Scott, MS 
Carolyn Jobe Ryan — Jackson, MS 
David Ferry Ryan — Jackson, MS 
Janet Lynn Ryan — Brandon, MS 
John Coates Ryan — Jackson, MS 
Kristy Darlene Ryan — Clinton, SM 
Melissa Eunice Ryan — Montrose, MS 
Timothy James Ryan — Jackson, MS 
William B. Ryan — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Parker Ryder — Raymond, MS 
Ron Edward Ryman — Clinton, MS 
Freddie Victor Saavedra — Clinton, MS 
Phoebe Quimby Saavedra — Clinton, MS 
Margaret Anne Slessor Sabol — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas George Sacca — Jackson, MS 
Shiela Parvin Safshekan — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Jamison Sager — Vicksburg, MS 
Martha Jean Sahler — Jackson, MS 
Miriam Jeanette Saik — Pearl, MS 
Deborah Lynn Sailing — Jackson, MS 
Ricky Mconnel Salter — Jackson, MS 
Linda Olevia S. Sample — Jackson, MS 
Deborah C. Sampson — Clinton, MS 
Denise Sampson — Jackson, MS 
Andre D. Samuel — Jackson, MS 
Willie Gene Samuel — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Morris Samuels — Jackson, MS 
Angelo Wanda Lynn San — Jackson, MS 
Magnolia Sander — Jackson, MS 
Carl Perry Sanderford — Brandon, MS 
Alvin J. Sanders — Vicksburg, MS 
Augustine Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Clay C. Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Colena Jo Rogers Sanders — Vicksburg, 

Deborah McCusker Sanders — Jackson, 

Elizabeth Suzanne Sanders — Jackson, 

Felicia Ann Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Frankie Marcell Sanders — CItica, MS 
Franz Michael Sanders — Mendenhall, MS 
Grace Sanders — Jackson, MS 
James Percy Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Kathleen McArthur Sanders — Clinton, 

Kay Roshelle Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Demond Sanders — CItica, MS 
Linda Lafaye Sanders — Jackson, MS 

Melinda Beth Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Olson Sanders — Raymond, MS 
Ralph Simmons Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Sanders — Bolton, MS 

Rosalind Valerie Sanders lackson, MS 

Shirley Jackson Sanders — Canton, MS 
Stanley Lee Sanders — Mendenhall, MS 
Stephen Grant Sanders — Vicksburg, MS 
Teresa Renee Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Thalia Ann Sanders — Jackson, MS 
Una Lewis Sanders — CItica, MS 
Deborah Steed Sanderson — Raymond, 

Doris Faye Sanderson — Redwood, MS 
Henry Russell Sanderson — Raymond, MS 
Rae Jeanna Sanderson — Redwood, MS 
Elizabeth Tabb Sandifer — Peart, MS 
Nathan S. Sandifer Jr, — Jackson, MS 
John Douglas Sandstrum — Jackson, MS 
Eddie Eugene Sanford — Jackson, MS 
John Barny Sanford — Jackson, MS 
John Nelson Sanford — Clinton, MS 
Linda Yvonne Sanford — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Karl Sanford — Collins, MS 
Steven Holmes Sanford — Jackson, MS 
Virginia Lynn Sanford — Jackson, MS 
Lora Kathleen Sapp — Clinton, MS 
Angie Darlene Sargent — Brandon, MS 
David Craig Sarrett — Jackson, MS 
Gary Lane Sarrett — Clinton, MS 
Sue Graham Sartain — Ethel, MS 
Barbara McCulley Sartor — Vicksburg, 

Tammy Suzanne Saterfiel — Pearl, MS 
Melissa Beth Satterfield — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Lynette Saucier — Jackson, MS 
Connie Jean Saucier — Vicksburg, MS 
Kevin Odis Saul — Lumberton, MS 
John Michael Saulsbury — Pearl, MS 
Jack Savage Jr. — Raymond, MS 
James Raphiel Savage — Clinton, MS 
Julianne Cross Savage — Vicksburg, MS 
Pamela Savage — Vicksburg, MS 
Annette Louise Savarese — Brookhaven, 

Ernest Brent Savarese — Clinton, MS 
Daniel Todd Savell — Jackson, MS 
Glynis Noreene Savell — Raleigh, MS 
Joel Thomas Savell — Jackson, MS 
James Alan Saway — Jackson, MS 
Meredith Slade Sawin — Pearl, MS 
Bobby M. Saxton — Pearl, MS 
Dudley Warren Saxton Jr. — Yazoo City, 

Josie Lee Saxton — Madison, MS 
Randy Lee Saxton — Jackson, MS 
Keovilaysone Sayasane — Clinton, MS 
Mary Drake Sayle — Jackson, MS 
Gayland C. Sayles — Pearl, MS 
Theresa Marie Scafidi — Jackson, MS 
Johnny Shelton Stallion — Grenada, MS 
Betty June Scallions — Vicksburg, MS 
Neal Scallorn — Pearl, MS 
Joan Anna Scanlon — Vicksburg, MS 
John Michael Scanlon III — Vicksburg, MS 
John Stephen Scarborough — Pearl, MS 
Melanie J. Scarborough — Jackson, MS 
Stacey Scarborough — Jackson, MS 
Dona Anderson Schaeffer — Clinton, MS 
R. Denise Schaeffer — Clinton, MS 
Russell Arthur Schaffer — Vicksburg, MS 
Samantha Kaye Schillinger — Jackson, 

Steve James Schlangen — Jackson, MS 
Jeff M. Schlanger — Jackson, MS 
Chester Merrill Schneider — Redwood, 

Mike Eugene Schneidman — Vicksburg, 

Jerome Schoen — Brandon, MS 
Michael Charles Schoepf — Vicksburg, MS 
Jean Dew Schrader — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Musil Schreiner — Vicksburg, MS 
Lorene Miller Schrock — Ridgeland, MS 
Patsy Lee Schubring — Jackson, MS 
Wallis Isham Schutt — Florence, MS 
Bertha Stokes Sciple — Raymond, MS 
Ann Davis Sclater — Clinton, MS 
Joe Clark Scoggin Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Maude Cleveland Scoggins — Florence, 

Athalia Denise Scott — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Dean Atwood Scott — Jackson, 

Barbara Wheaton Scott — Raymond, MS 
Betty Holly Scott — Jackson, MS 
Charles Scott — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Douglas Scott — Terry, MS 
Cheryl Lynn Scott — Clinton, MS 
Chris Scott — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Ann Scott — Clinton, M8 
Daphne Anne Scott — Pearl, MS 
Debbie Ann Scott — Yazoo City, MS 
Debbie Loriane Scott — Yazoo City, MS 
Estella Scott — Raymond, MS 
Geneva Scott — Jackson, MS 
Judy Marie Scott — Jackson, MS 

314 /Directory 

K irkpa trick Scolt — Brandon, MO 
Ladana L. Scott — Terry, MS 
Mark Leon Scott — Jackson, MS 
Paula Faye Scott — Jackson, MS 
Sherylln Denise Scott — Canton, MS 
Susan Elizabeth Scott — Brandon, MS 
Tammy Black Scott — Jackson, MS 
Terrance Wayne Scott — Clinton, MS 
Tonietta Renee Scott — Jackson, MS 
Wanda Wilkerson Scott — Jackson, MS 
Yvonne Johnson Scott — Jackson, MS 
W. Edward Scrivner — Vicksburg, MS 
Pamela Sue Scruggs — Ridgeland, MS 
Stephen Allen Seabolt — Baton Rouge, LA 
Terry O. Seal — Jackson, MS 
Charlene Seals — Jackson, MS 
Mary Oeloise Seals — Mendenhall, MS 
Robert Eric Seaman — Jackson, MS 
Sonia Louise Seamans — Pearl, MS 
Laura Denise Searcy — Jackson, MS 
Steve Lawrence Searcy — Jackson, MS 
Russell Lee Sears — Vicksburg, M8 
Beverly Denise Seaton — Jackson, MS 
Fernando Allen Seaton — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Lizetta Seaton — Pearl, MS 
Regina Leola Seaton — Pearl, MS 
Karen Ann Kane Sebro — Jackson, MS 
Peggy L. Selden — Port Gibson, MS 
Alan L. Self — Terry, MS 
Evelyn B. Self — Pearl, MS 
Robert Scott Self — Clinton. MS 
Carolyn Cecelia Sellers — Magee, MS 
David Boyd Sellers Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Dolores Jean Sellers — Raymond, MS 
Henry Jerold Sellers — Jackson, MS 
Merita Kaye Sellers — Brandon, MS 
Thomas August Sellers — Clinton, MS 
William Edd Sellers Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie J. Selmon — (Itica, MS 
Linda Sanders Sennett — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathleen Ann Sen tell — Terry, MS 
Beverly Marie Sermons — Jackson, MS 
Charles Edward Sessions Jr. — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Lynne Sessoms — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Lipsey Sessoms — Clinton, MS 
Roy Madison Sessums — Pearl, MS 
Dazy Rani Sethi — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Ann Settlemir — Carthage, MS 
Linda Sue Sexton — Pearl. MS 
Vickey Amel Sexton — Jackson, MS 
Sue T. Shack — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Tillman Shafer — Brandon, MS 
Najiyyah Adilah Shaheed — Jackson, MS 
Rasheedah Shaheed — Jackson, MS 
Cornelius Shakespere — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Cay Shanafelt — Jackson, MS 
Richard B. Shaner — Florence, MS 
Peggy Landrum Shanks — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Phillip Sharber — Jackson, MS 
Larry Sharkey — Jackson, MS 
Edith Crawley Sharp — Jackson, MS 
Gale Hitchens Sharp — Tallulah, LA 
Jana Lewis Sharp — Clinton, MS 
John Thomas Sharp — Jackson, MS 
William Harold Sharp — Carthage, MS 
William Michael Sharp — Liberty, MS 
Brenda G. Evans Shaw — Vicksburg 1 , MS 
Carol Christine Shaw — Forest, MS 
Doris Welch Sbaw — Jackson, MS 
Joyce McElroy Shaw — Brandon, MS 
Sally Hughes Shaw — Jackson, MS 
Shedrick Ann Shaw — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie Renee Shearer — Jackson, MS 
Donna Jean Shearer — Raymond, MS 
Glenda Marie Shearry — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Milton Shearry — Jackson, MS 
Bailey Shears Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Mary Lynn Shears — (Itica, MS 
Deborah Darlene Sheets — Jackson, MS 
Effie Louise S. Sheffield — Pearl, MS 
Gregory Earl Sheffield — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Lynn Sheffield — Clinton, MS 
Brenda Lee Shelby — Vicksburg, MS 
Brillie Luvenia Shelby — Jackson, MS 
Jeremiah Shelby — Jackson, MS 
Susan James Shelby — Jackson, MS 
Holly Suzette Shell — Jackson, MS 
Hughla Jean Felder Shell — Jackson, MS 
William Michael Shelly — Vicksburg, MS 
Angela R. Shelton — Jackson, MS 
Iris Quentiena Shelton — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffrey L. Shelton — Jackson, M8 
Mary Joyce Shelton — Terry, M8 
Paula Arlaine Shelton — Jackson, MS 
Richard Dennis Shelton — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Shelton — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Mark Shepard — Jackson, MS 
Larry Lamar Shepherd — Jackson, M8 
Maria J. Shepherd — Jackson, M8 
Jennifer Lynn Shepperd — Jackson, M8 
Carman Frances Sherer — Clinton, MS 
Janet Renee Sherer — Clinton, M8 
Cynthia Michelle Sheriff — Jackson, MS 
Jacob Edward Sheriff — Yazoo City, M8 
Will T. Sheriff — Terry, MS 

David Lee Sherman — Jackson, MS 
Debbie Eaves Sherman — Brandon, MS 
K. Jerald Sherman — Jackson, MS 
Lisa K. Pearl Sherman — Madison, MS 
Mickey Wayne Sherman — Brandon, MS 
Rickey Lelon Sherman — Pearl, MS 
Samantha Ann Sherman — New Hebron, 

Shannon Leigh Sherman — New Hebron, 

Henry Lee Shields — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Shuler Shields — Florence, MS 
Patricia Ann Shields — Jackson, MS 
Cherry Gayle Cox Shiers — Vicksburg, M8 
Karen Annette Shiers — Vicksburg, MS 
Ruby Lee Shines — Jackson, MS 
Georgia McQueen Shinnie — Jackson, MS 
Jason Avery Shipp — Jackson, MS 
Wade Gordon Shipp Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Samuel Otis Shirley Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Sheree Jo Shirley — Jackson, MS 
Treva Murray Shirley — Jackson, MS 
Annelle Shivers — Raymond, MS 
Lee Watson Shoemake — Hattiesburg, MS 
Francenia F. Shoemaker — Brandon, MS 
Lera Westmoreland Shoemaker — 

Jackson, MS 
Bethany Carol Shofner — Ridgeland, MS 
Steve B. Shoop — Brandon, MS 
Brian K. Short — Jackson, MS 
Henry Lee Short — Raymond, MS 
William Hugh Short — Jackson, MS 
Anita Louise Shorter — Port Gibson, MS 
Arthur L. Shorter — Hermanville. MS 
Eddie Lee Shorter — Jackson, MS 
Joan Denise Shorter — Braxton, MS 
Linda Denise Shorter — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathy Rena Showers — D Lo, MS 
B. J. Shows — Vicksburg, MS 
Cathy Dianne Shows — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Andrew Shows — Pearl, MS 
Martin Wayne Shows — Mendenhall, MS 
Nora Lee Shows — Mendenhall, MS 
Rosemarie Anne Shows — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Pauline Shows — Magee, MS 
Steve D. Shows — Jackson, MS 
Walter L. Shows — Jackson, MS 
Wyman D wight Shows — Jackson, MS 
Clyde J. Shuler — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie Wayne Shuler — Jackson, MS 
Linda Carpenter Shumaker — Brandon, 

Garland Dewitt Shurden — Vicksburg, MS 
Gilda McCool Shurden — Vicksburg, MS 
Beverly Jane Shurtleff — Vicksburg, MS 
Rhonda Jean Shute — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Glenn Shuttleworth — Raymond, 

Waymond Willis Siddon — Lexington, MS 
Michael Edward Sidebottom — Brandon, 

Deborah Yvette Sidney — Jackson, MS 
James A. Sidney — Jackson, MS 
Robin Barr Siegal — Jackson, MS 
William Ray Sigh — Jackson, MS 
Avanell White Sikes — Jackson, MS 
Oliver Ray Silas — Jackson, MS 
Bryan Lee Sills — Florence, MS 
Cynthia Paige Sills — Jackson, MS 
Jeffrey Duane Sills — Clinton, MS 
Lisa Mechelle Sills — Clinton, MS 
Milford Joel Sills — Jackson, MS 
Bern ice Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Carretta Denise Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Ann Simmons — Flora, MS 
David Walter Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Edwin Eugene Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Georgia McLaurin Simmons — Jackson, 

Kathryn Allen Simmons — Vicksburg, MS 
Maceo Edward Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Mary A. Jones Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Renee Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie Thomas Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Lynette Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Theodis Simmons II — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Brian Simmons — Brandon, MS 
William Scott Simmons — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Eretha Simms — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Delaine Simms — Vicksburg, M8 
David Stewart Simms — Jackson, MS 
Charles Rodney Simon — Pearl, MS 
Miranda Brown Simon — Jackson, MS 
James Brady Slmonton — Florence, MS 
Annette Marie Simpkins — Madison, MS 
Benny C. Simpson — Jackson, MS 
Carole Middleton Simpson — Vicksburg, 

Kimberly Suzanne Simpson — Brandon, 

Lowindow Simson — Jackson, MS 
Melanie Joy Simpson — Clinton, MS 
Perry Lavelle Simpson — Brandon, M8 
Perry Lavelle Simpson — Brandon, MS 
Stanley Frank Simpson — Flora, MS 
Robert Conley Simrall — Vicksburg, MS 
Alan William Sims — Jackson, MS 

Angela Lorraine Sims — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Faye Sims — Jackson, MS 
Calvin Timothy Sims — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Sessums Sims — Jackson, MS 
Debra Ann Sims — Vicksburg, MS 
Harriet Brice Sims — Vicksburg, MS 
Harry G. Sims — Jackson, MS 
Jackie Maurice Sims — Jackson, MS 
Martha Danks Sims — Vicksburg, MS 
Marvin Dennis Sims — Jackson, MS 
Robert Lanell Sims — Jackson, MS 
Rosemary Sims — Jackson, MS 
Ruth B. Sims — Pearl, MS 
Sharon Marie Sims — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Denise Sims — Vicksburg, MS 
Steven Carlton Sims — Jackson, MS 
Susan Michelle Sims — Clinton, MS 
Susan Starnes Sims — Jackson, M8 
Janet Susan Sinclair — Jackson, MS 
Nolan Richard Sinclair — McComb, MS 
lrvinder Singh — Jackson, MS 
David R. Singletary — Florence, MS 
Jeff Wayne Singletary — Jackson, MS 
Lisa M. Singletary — Florence, M8 
Mary Louise Singletary — Florence, MS 
Ara Jane Singleton — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Marie Singleton — Bolton, MS 
Jacqueline Denese Singleton — Bolton, 

Johnny Singleton Jr. — Bolton, MS 
David A. Sinn — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Kaye Sistrunk — Jackson, MS 
Michael Clinton Sistrunk — Jackson, MS 
Verneli Virginia Sistrunk — Jackson, MS 
John Jennings Silverling — Pearl, M8 
William Dee Sizemore — Pheba, MS 
Patrick Damon Sizer — Jackson, MS 
Jone Myer Skelton — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Marie Skinner — Vicksburg, MS 
Catherine Helen Skinner — Jackson, MS 
Melanie Ann Skipper — Pelahatchie, MS 
Will Roy Slater — Jackson, MS 
Dean B. Slaton — Vicksburg, MS 
Peggy Hegwood Slaton — Rolling Fork, 

Christopher Allen Slaughter — Vicksburg, 

Danny Slaughter — Jackson, MS 
Richard E. Slaughter — Canton, MS 
Candace Kaye Slawson — Jackson, MS 
Charles David Slay — Jackson, MS 
William Glyn Slay — Jackson, MS 
William H. Slaymaker — Jackson, MS 
Patrick Brace Sloan — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Loyce Slocum — Jackson, MS 
Carol Hodo Slone — Jackson, MS 
Delbert Hardin Slone — Jackson, MS 
Samuel Herbert Slough — Jackson, MS 
Billie Faye Sly — Bolton, MS 
Julia Ett Sly — Bolton, MS 
John Harry Smallwood Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Martin J. Smallwood — Pearl, MS 
Mary Rebecca Smart — Vicksburg, MS 
Donald Mitchell Smartt — Vicksburg, MS 
Aaron F. Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Alfred Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Alice R. Smith — Brandon, MS 
Amy Lora Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Angela Carol Smith — Brandon, MS 
Angie Leah Smith — Terry, MS 
Annette Carter Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Antonio D. Smith — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Calhoun Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara Elaine Smith — Jackson, MS 
Barry Ann Warren Smith — Jackson, MS 
Beatrice Marshall Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Betty Ann Smith — Pearl, MS 
Birdie Reed Smith — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie Ashley Smith — Brandon, MS 
Bobbie Suber Smith — Brandon, MS 
Bonnie R. Smith — Jackson, MS 
Boots Smith — Brandon, MS 
Brenda Joyce Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Kaye Smith — Jackson, MS 
Bridgette Mechelle Smith — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn R. Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Catherine Smith — Jackson, M8 
Cathey Monette Smith — Madison, MS 
Cathy Jill Swindle Smith — Florence, MS 
Cera Norrell Smith — Jackson, MS 
Charles Hugh Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles L. Smith — Raymond, MS 
Charlotte Weems Smith — Lena, MS 
Cynthia Ann Smith — Brandon, Ms 
Dale Robert Smith — Jackson, MS 
Dana Deshane Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Danny Smith — Jackson, MS 
Darlene Rose Smith — Jackson, MS 
David Lake Smith — Pearl, MS 
David Wayne Smith — Raymond, MS 
Debbie Denise Smith — Jackson, Ms 
Deborah Denise Smith — Pinola, MS 
Deborah Wallace Smith — Richland, MS 
Debra Ann Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Debra Lynn Smith — Jackson, MS 
Dee Ann Reid Smith — Clinton, MS 

Dorothy Deloris Smith — Jackson, M8 
Dwight Smith — Jackson, MS 
Edith M. Fedrick Smith — Flora, MS 
Edward Yancey Smith — Brandon, MS 
Elizabeth Kimberly Smith — Brandon, MS 
Ella Lee Bradley Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Elnora Violet Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Estelle Braddy Smith — Jackson, MS 
Eugena Denese Smith — Clinton, MS 
Faye Moulder Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Frances Smith — Jackson, MS 
Francia McDonald Smith — Jackson, MS 
Fred Garner Smith — Pelahatchie, M8 
Gary R. Smith — Brandon, MS 
Ginny Louise Smith — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Jean Smith — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Smith — Clinton, MS 
Gregory Odee Smith — Raymond, MS 
Gwendolyn Faye Brown Smith — 

Jackson, MS 
Helen Marie Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Herbert Jerome Smith — Jackson, MS 
Ida J. Smith — D Lo, MS 
Imogene Smith — Jackson, MS 
Inez Heathcock Smith — Yazoo City, MS 
Inez Marie Smith — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Smith — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Elaine Smith — Jackson, MS 
James Harrison Smith — Brandon, MS 
James Meredith Smith — Florence, MS 
James Oldruim Smith Jr. — Vicksburg, 

James Patrick Smith III — Clinton, MS 
Jeffery Carlton Smith — Jackson, MS 
Jeffery Hilton Smith — Mendenhall, MS 
Jeffrey Shannon Smith — Clinton, M8 
Jerry Lee Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Jessie Mae Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Jessie Stewart Smith — Jackson, MS 
Joe Stuart Smith — Jackson, Ms 
Joseph Darwin Smith — Jackson, MS 
Joyce E. Bonneau Smith — Jackson, MS 
Judith Lynn Smith — Morton, MS 
Karen Goerky Smith — Jackson, MS 
Katrina Louise Smith — Jackson, MS 
Kay Woodward Smith — Jackson, MS 
Kellye Annette Smith — Terry, M8 
Kelly e Sue Smith — Clinton, MS 
Kenneth Allen Smith — Terry, MS 
Kenneth John Smith — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Anne Smith — Terry, MS 
Kimberly Antoinette Smith — Jackson, 

Kimberly Lyn Smifit — Raymond, MS 
Kimberly Mardis Smith — Jackson, MS 
Larry Donnell Smith — Jackson, MS 
Laura Denison Smith — clinton, MS 
Laura Smith Smith — Jackson Hinds, MS 
Lee H. Smith — Pearl, MS 
Linda Reynolds Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa D. Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa McDaniels Smith — Jackson, MS 
Lynn Gatlin Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Mae Ellington Smith — Jackson, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Smith — Jackson, MS 
Mary Jennifer Smith — Raymond, MS 
Mary Ruth Smith — Jackson, MS 
Michael Anthony Smith — Jackson, MS 
Michael Wilson Smith — Jackson, MS 
Mike Stuart Smith — Pearl, MS 
Mildred B. Smith — Jackson, MS 
Nadene Houston Smith — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Michelle Smith — Clinton, MS 
Patricia Diana Smith — Natchez, MS 
Patricia P. Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Paula Jane Smith — Crystal Springs, MS 
Paulette N. Smith — Jackson, MS 
Peggy Darleen Smith — Kosciusko, MS 
Phillip Earl Smith — Pearl, MS 
R. Renee Smith — (Itica, MS 
Ray Anthony Smith — Jackson, MS 
Renate Annette Smith — Port Gibson, MS 
Rhonda Kay Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Rhonda Persons Smith — Jackson, MS 
Robert C. Smith — Brandon, MS 
Robert C. Smith Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Robert Donald Smith — Pearl, MS 
Rodney Allan Smith — Jackson, MS 
Roger L. Smith — Pearl, MS 
Ronald H. Smith — Yazoo City, MS 
Rosamay Smith — Jackson, MS 
Roxann Hicks Smith — Jackson, MS 
Roy Oliver Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Russell Calvin Smith — Clinton, MS 
Sallie N. Smith — Vicksburg. MS 
Samuel Sataro Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Lynn Smith — Pearl, MS 
Sandra Rowley Smith — Ridgeland, MS 
Sandy Allen Smith — Grendad, MS 
Scott Nelson Smith — Raymond, MS 
Sharon Alicia Smith — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Patricia Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Sheila Renee Smith — Jackson, MS 

Shirley Clincy Smith lackson, MS 

Sophia Joy Smith — Forest. MS 
Stuart Craig Smith — Brandon, MS 

Directory/ 315 

Susan Denice Smith — Jackson, MS 
Susan Toney Smith — Clinton, MS 
Suzanne Marie Smith — Pearl, MS 
Terry McGraw Smith — Jackson, Ms 
Theresa Maureen Smith — Brookhaven, 

Thomas Guy Smith — Clinton, MS 
Thresa Taylor Smith — Jackson, MS 
Timi Raye Smith — Florence, MS 
Tina Sharron Smith — Utica, M8 
Tonny Darrel Smith — Jackson, MS 
Tonya Renee Smith — Brandon, MS 
Tracey Ann Smith — Canton, MS 
Utopia Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Valeria Ann Smith — Carthage, MS 
Van Wade Smith — Blytheville, AR 
Vaughn Douglas Smith — Florence, MS 
Vicki Lynn Smith — Jackson, MS 
Vincent Keith Smith — Brandon, MS 
Virginia Thompson Smith — Ridgeland, 

Warden Smith — Jackson, M8 
William B. Smith — Redwood, MS 
WiUie Kathleen Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Yolonda Diane Smith — Vicksburg, MS 
Yvonne Smith — Forest, MS 
James W. Smitherman — Ridgeland, MS 
Tina Renee Smithey — Vicksburg, MS 
Amber Lea Smithhart — Morton, MS 
James Alford Smithhart — Vicksburg, MS 
Jane Curtis Smithhart — Morton, MS 
Lewis Bennett Smithhart — Vicksburg, 

Paula Ann Barnett Smithhart — 

Ridgeland, MS 
Violet Rachelle Smooth — Jackson, MS 
Alice Marie Smotherman — Jackson, MS 
Edward Smotherman III — Jackson, MS 
Carol Peterson Smuck — Jackson, MS 
Donald Vann Snead — Florence, MS 
Patricia Ann Snell — Newhebron, MS 
Valerie Elaine Snell — Jackson, MS 
Robert Andrew Snider — Birmingham, AL 
Bret E. Snipes — Brandon, MS 
Stan D. Snowden — Clinton, MS 
John Leon Snuggs Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Valerie Ann Soelman — Pearl, MS 
William Price Sojourner — Canton, MS 
George Anthony Solis — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Steve Solis — Vicksburg, MS 
Charlotte Gandy Sorrels — Pearl, MS 
David South South — Jackson, MS 
Johnie Williams Southard — Jackson, MS 
Jack Daniel Southers — Vicksburg, MS 
Samuel Ransom Soverns — Vicksburg, MS 
Shawn Alise Spalding — Brandon, MS 
Adurey Anita Spann — Clinton, MS 
Charles Dee Spann — Jackson, MS 
Curtis Edward Spann — Brandon, MS 
Lennis Spann HI — Jackson, MS 
Matthew Ray Spann — Jackson, MS 
Ola Mae Spann — Bolton, MS 
Shornita Kaaron Spann — Brandon, MS 
Amy Marie Sparks — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Layne Sparks — Vicksburg, MS 
Stephen Vincent Sparks — Clinton, MS 
Leroy Spates — Vicksburg, MS 
John Benjamin Speake — Jackson, MS 
Lynda Varina Speaks — Jackson, MS 
Jackie Spearman — Tupelo, MS 
Nita Coward Spearman — Jackson, MS 
Gary Stephen Spears — Pearl, MS 
Michael Scott Spears — Jackson, MS 
Michele Dianne Speed — Raymond, M8 
William Ted Speed II — Yazoo City, MS 
Carol Lynn Speer — Jackson, MS 
Lori J. Spell — Florence, MS 
Valerie Spell — Florence, MS 
William C. Spence — Walnut Grove, MS 
Arthur P. Spencer — Jackson, MS 
Bettye Denson Spencer — Jackson, MS 
Jesse Brown Spencer — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Faye Spencer — Jackson, MS 
Susan Diane Spencer — Jackson, MS 
William Calvin Spencer — Clinton, MS 
William Edward Spencer — Madison, MS 
William League Spencer — Jackson, MS 
Barry Spicer — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Craig Spikes — Jackson, M8 
Althelda Rosa Spiller — Jackson, M8 
Frankie Ray burn Spinks — Pearl, M8 
Earnestine Jones Spires — Jackson, M8 
Jana Leigh Spires — Brandon, MS 
John William Spires — Jackson, MS 
Mildred Renee 8pires — Jackson, MS 
Mark L. Splain — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Barrett Spong — Puckett, MS 
Kenneth Glen 8prayberry — Jackson, MS 
Martha Suzanne Sprayberry — Jackson, 

Robert G. Spring — Brandon, M8 
Stephanie Elizabeth Springs — Jackson, 

Brenda Joyce Spurgeon — Jackson, M8 
William Lloyd 8purlin Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Ann Spurlock — Ytzoo City, MS 

Irene Bowman Squire — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara T. St. John — Vicksburg, MS 
Adele Lynn Downs Stabler — Vicksburg, 

Carlos Alfredo Stabler — Vicksburg, MS 
Gloria G. Stack — Jackson, MS 
Jeanette Patricia Stafford — Vicksburg, 

Gayle McGowan Staggs — Clinton, MS 
Vivian Elisabeth Staggs — Jackson, MS 
Vern Walter Stairs — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Ann Staley — Jackson, MS 
Rose Seymore Stalsberg — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Anderson Stamer — Jackson, MS 
Floyce Annette Stamper — Brandon, MS 
Harold Stampley — Vicksburg, MS 
Donna Elaine Stamps — Edwards, MS 
Spurgeon Stamps Jr. — Jackson MS 
Valerie Ann Stamps — Edwards, MS 
Geraldine Edwar Stancil — Clinton, MS 
Michael Angelo Standford — Jackson, MS 
Linda Joyce Stanford — Jackson, MS 
Sheryl Renee Sparks Stanley — Jackson, 

Janice Fay Stapleton — Jackson, MS 
Jolene Inez Starkey — Clinton, MS 
Pamela Runnels Starkey — Jackson, MS 
Teri Hodges Starkey — Clinton, MS 
Luther Franklin Starling — Pearl, MS 
Garnett Preston Starnes III — Jackson, 

Johnny e R- Starnes — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Hunter Starr — Hollandale, MS 
Ronald Jason Statham — Pearl, MS 
Mary Frances Staton — Jackson, MS 
Sonji Ann Staton — Clinton, MS 
Sharon Bradley Steadman — Jackson, MS 
Frank Charles Stebbins III — Jackson, MS 
David Leon Steed — Edwards, MS 
Lavaye T. Steed — Pearl, MS 
Marilyn Catherine Steed — Vicksburg, MS 
Johnny Barry Steel — Jackson, MS 
Yvonne Rainer Steel — Jackson, MS 
Anna M. Steele — Jackson, MS 
Clara Clark Steele — Vicksburg, MS 
Ora Lee Steele — Utica, MS 
Raymond Keith Steele — Jackson, MS 
Shellie R. Steele — Lousiville, MS 
Teresa Christeen Steele — Jackson, MS 
Clementine Steen — Pearl, MS 
Doretha Steen — Pearl, MS 
Jimmy L. Steen — Rolling Fork, MS 
Louis Dewayne Steen — Brandon, MS 
Thomas Barnes Steen — Brandon, MS 
Chere Hitt Stegail — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Ratledge Stegail — Clinton, MS 
Pauline Arcaro Stegail — Vicksburg, MS 
Robin Renee Stegail — Jackson, MS 
Roger L. Stegail — Pearl, MS 
Terrie Frances Steidle — Raymond, MS 
Mona Steinruck — Raymond, MS 
Herman Earl Stenger — Port Gibson, MS 
Janet Joy Stenman — Brandon, MS 
Thomas Arthur Stenman — Brandon, MS 
Charles Keith Stephens — Pearl, MS 
Craig Culipher Stephens — Clinton, MS 
Edwin Sydney Stephens IV — Naperville, 

Martha Suzanne Stephens — Vicksburg, 

Michael J. Stephens — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Lynn Jabour Stephens — 

Jackson, MS 
Clinton Joel Stephenson — Bolton, MS 
H. Curtis Stephenson — Jackson, MS 
Iva Yette Steptoe — Jackson, M8 
Donald Amous Sterling — Brookhaven, 

Debra Pierce Stern — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Dawn 8teve — Philadelphia, MS 
Brenda Diane Stevens — Pearl. MS 
Carolyn Stevens — Jackson, MS 
David Webb Stevens — Jackson, MS 
Earnestine J. Stevens — Jackson, MS 
Ethel Harriet Stevens — Jackson, MS 
Ethel Harriet Stevens — Jackson, MS 
Frank K. Stevens Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Matthew Drennon Stevens — Pearl, MS 
Patti McCarty Stevens — Jackson, M8 
Robin Lynn Stevens — Madison, MS 
Sylvia Ann Stevens — Jackson, M8 
Velma Jean Stevens — Vicksburg, MS 
Delois Stevenson — Jackson, MS 
James Doyle Stevenson — Florence, MS 
Linda Warnock Stevenson — Vicksburg, 

Rebecca Lanthrip Stevenson — Morton, 

Douglas Arthur Steverson lackson, MS 

Emma Elam Steverson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Katherine Steverson — New Hebron, 

Marilyn Jones Steward — Jackson, MS 
Alan Albert Stewart — Clinton, MS 
Angela Diane Stewart — Pearl, M8 
Anthony Stewart — Jackson, Ms 
Cathy Marie Stewart lackson, MS 

Charlotte Renee Stewart — Mendenhall, 

Cynthia Lynn Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Danny Joe Daniel Stewart — Pelahatchie, 

Diana S. Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Essie Brown Stewart — Edwards, MS 
Evette Riptoe Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Frances V. Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Grace Marie Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Ida Bernise Stewart — Vicksburg, MS 
Jack Randall Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Joey M. Stewart — Clinton, Ms 
Joy Elizabeth Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Joy Stewart — Clinton, MS 
Matilda Lee W. Stewart — Vicksburg, MS 
Melissa Jean Stewart -7- Philadelphia, Ms 
Melvin Stewart Jr. — Brookhaven, MS 
Michael Allen Stewart — Clinton, MS 
Michael Allen Stewart — Pearl, MS 
Michael Allen Stewart — Clinton, MS 
Michael J. Stewart — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Randall Stewart — Vikcsburg, MS 
Michele Ann Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Monica Leigh Stewart — Yazoo City, MS 
Pamela Jean Stewart — Raymond, MS 
Paula Adelaide Stewart — Raymond, MS 
Sheila Ann Stewart — Pearl, MS 
Shirley Ann Stewart — Rolling Fork, MS 
Stanley Ray Stewart — Vicksburg, MS 
Tina Hicks Stewart — Pelahatchie, MS 
Travis Glyn Stewart — Carthage, MS 
Vickie Michelle Stewart — Carthage, MS 
Wanda Sue Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Wayne Wade Stewart — Jackson, MS 
Virginia R. Stiedle — Canton, MS 
Betty Stiff — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Rowland Stigler — Florence, MS 
Cami Ann Stiglets — Jackson, MS 
Donna Jordan Stiglets — Jackson, MS 
Amy Lynn Stiles — Pelahatchie, MS 
Dianne S. Still — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard Dwayne Still — Pearl, MS 
Clarence Stimage — Vicksburg, MS 
Frances Wilson Stingley — Jackson, MS 
James Edward Stirgus Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Linda C. Stocker — Brandon, MS 
Peggy Ann Stogner — Jackson, MS 
Annette Stokes — Jackson, MS 
Linda Diane Stokes — Jackson, MS 
Michael Troy Stokes — Forest, MS 
William Carl Stokes — Philadelphia, MS 
Sheila Herrington Stokley — Pearl, MS 
Richard Charles Stoltzfus — Jackson, MS 
Thomas B. Stolz — Madison, MS 
Frank Donovan Stone — Clinton, MS 
Jeffery Lane Stone — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Lane Stone — Brandon, M8 
James Harold Story — Jackson, MS 
Angela Kay Stovall — Clinton, MS 
Laurie Lumpkin Stovall — Jackson, MS 
William R. Stovall — Jackson, MS 
William Wesley Stover Jr. — Brandon, MS 
Dilas Duane Strahan — Jackson, MS 
Sherry Lynn Strangway — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Wilmelda Straughter — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Ray C. Strawbridge — Richland, MS 
Sandra Gale M. Strawbridge — Vicksburg, 

Delia Dianna Strawn — Vicksburg, MS 
Mark Anthony Strayhorn — Clinton, MS 
Glenn O. Street — Canton, MS 
Jane Kramer Streets — Brandon, MS 
Carl William Stribling Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Gerald Alan Stribling — Clinton, MS 
James Vincent Stribling — Brookhaven, 

Linda Cook Strickland — Pearl, MS 
Lurline A. Strickland — Vicksburg, MS 
Randy Keith Strickland — Magee, MS 
Virgil V. Strickland — Vicksburg. MS 
Russell Kevin Stricklin — Jackson, MS 
Ada Jo Stringer — Jackson, MS 
Estel Stringer — Crystal Springs, MS 
Hugh Charles Stringer — Jackson, MS 
James Michael Stringer — Jackson, MS 
John Robert Stringer — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Byrd Stringer — Florence, MS 
Odester Stringer — Crystal Springs, MS 
Rebecca Jean Stringer — Richland, MS 
Sheri Jan Stringer — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Lynn Strittman — Fayette, MS 
Christopher Lee Strong — Natchez, MS 
Cynthia Ann Strong — Carpenter, MS 
David Lenton Strong — Utica, Ms 
Janet Lynn Strong — Jackson, MS 
Peggy D. Strong — Pearl, MS 
Shirley Willhfte Strong — Tallulah, LA 
Tena Montez Strong — Pearl, MS 
Willie Strong — Raymond, MS 
Jerry Lynn Stroud — Delta, LA 
Theresa Clark Stroud — Jackson, MS 
William Jerry Strowd — Jackson, MS 
Dennis Ray Stuart — Morton, MS 

Dorothy Barr Stuart — Brandon, MS 
Elizabeth Martin Stuart — Cary , MS 
Jack Edward Stuart Jr. — Hattiesburg, 

Mary Caroline Stuart — Vicksburg, MS 
Stephen Michael Stuart — Vicksburg, MS 
Katherine Nell Stubblefield — Jackson, 

Yolanda Stubblefield — Jackson, MS 
Allen Aaron Stubbs Jr. — Ridgeland, MS 
Angela Miller Stubbs — Clinton, MS 
Elizabeth M. Stubbs — Jackson, MS 
Garrick Eugene Stubbs — Jackson, MS 
Margaret Goss Stubbs — Jackson, MS 
William Hayden Stubbs.— Clinton, MS 
Cynthia Douglas Stuckey — Tougaloo, 

Terry Lee Stuckey — Jackson, MS 
Tilla Coker Stuckey — Clinton, MS 
Vickie Renee Stuckey — Jackson, MS 
David Dow Study — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Rene Sturdivant — Jackson, MS 
Naci M. Sturgis — Jackson, MS 
Curtis William Stutts — Pearl, MS 
Kimberly Harviel Sue — Clinton, MS 
Allison Dyar Sullivan — Magee, MS 
Angle Gayle Warren Sullivan — 

Mendenhall, MS 
Bert Earnest Sullivan Jr. — Florence, MS 
Delena Rene Sullivan — Jackson, MS 
Harold Wayne Sullivan — Terry, MS 
James Keith Sullivan — Pearl, MS 
Jean Elizabeth Sullivan — Jackson, MS 
Johnny Christopher Sullivan — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Judi Babin Sullivan — Vicksburg, MS 
Judith Fisk Sullivan — Brandon, MS 
Kenneth Lamar Sullivan — Jackson, MS 
Lance Kiven Sullivan — Terry, MS 
Patricia Purser Sullivan — Jackson, MS 
Robert Glen Sullivan — Magee, MS 
Roe Ellen Lyke Sullivan — Jackson, MS 
Shawn Carol Sullivan — Terry, MS 
Shelton Stanley Sullivan Jr. — Clinton, 

Stephen Desmond Sullivan — Florence, 

H. L. Sumler Jr. — Flora, MS 
Sarah Louise Sumler — Flora, MS 
Alethea Dawn Summers — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Renee Summers — Raymond, MS 
Diane Summers — Jackson, MS 
Pauls Patrice Summers — Clinton, MS 
Roben Gail Summers — Jackson, MS 
Rose Mary Summers — Bolton, MS 
Sharon Denise Summers — Jackson, MS 
Angela Joy Sumrall — Pearl, MS 
James Kenneth Sumrall — Richland, MS 
Michael Lenfield Sumrall — Jackson, MS 
Paul Craig Sumrall — Florence, MS 
William Kelly Sumrall — Bryam, MS 
William Neil Sumrall — Jackson, MS 
Claude Fort Sutherland Jr. — Jackson, 

Patricia L. Sutherland — Jackson, MS 
Robert John Sutherland — Yazoo City, 

Frank E. Sutterfield — Raymond, MS 
John Stanford Su tile — Clinton, MS 
Leah Roseann Suttle — Florence, MS 
Deborah Maddox Sutton — Brandon, MS 
Sandra Denice Sutton — Jackson, MS 
Sheri L. Sutton — Jackson, MS 
Terry Lynn Sutton — Brandon, MS 
Dianne Marshall Swain — Jackson, MS 
Susan Waitman Swain — Jackson, MS 
Edward Brooks Swales Jr. — Kosciusko, 

Curtis W. Swan — Jackson, MS 
James Alan Swan — Jackson, MS 
Darryl Swanigan — Summit, MS 
Billie Jo Swann — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Lynn Swann — Pearl, MS 
Paulette Brown Swartz — Jackson, MS 
Cassonia Rena Sweeney — Jackson, MS 
Stacy Irene Sweeney — Canton, MS 
Anthony Lee Sweet — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Evelyn Sweet — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Nelson Sweet — Vicksburg, MS 
E. Trent Swigert — Jackson, MS 
Janet Carol Swilley — Brandon, MS 
Leslie Elizabeth Swilley — Brandon, MS 
Lynda Johnson Swims — Jackson, MS 
Alice Saulter Swindle — Pearl, MS 
Jeannie Michelle Swinnen — Clinton, MS 
Dorothy Yvonne Swinney — Ridgeland, 

Sandra Kay Switzer — Pearl, MS 
James Stewart Sykes — Jackson, MS 
Linda Gail Sykes — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Annette Sykes — Jackson, MS 
Russell Carl Sykes — Flora, MS 
Terri Brown Sykes — Crystal Springs, MS 
Terri Finis Sykes — Jackson, MS 
Charles Thomas Sylvester — Flora, MS 
Herman Lee Sylvester — Jackson, MS 
Jack B. Sylvester — Pearl, MS 

316 /Directory 

Nancy Geneva Synnott — Vicksburg, MS 
Versie Dickens Tabb — Ridgeland, MS 
Sylvia Ann Tabolt — Jackson, MS 
Keith G. Tadlock — Clinton, MS 
Stacy Ray Taggart — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Lammons Takach — Brandon, MS 
Ellyn Haruko Takao — Pearl, MS 
Katrina Dawn Talley — Pearl, MS 
Michael Hinton Talley — Philadelphia, MS 
Richard Dale Talley — Jackson, MS 
Tommy Earl Tankersley — Vicksburg, MS 
Cathy 1. Tankesly — Brandon, MS 
Louis M. Tanksley Jr. — Flora, MS 
Shirley Louise Tankson — Vicksburg, MS 
Alan Howard Tanner — Jackson, MS 
Deneen Tanner — Jackson, MS 
Nancy Mae Collins Tanner — Hazlehurst, 

Osier William Tanner — Jackson, MS 
Troy Lee Tanner — Hazlehurst. MS 
Hewitt William Tapp — Vicksburg, MS 
Anita Short Tarnabine — Vicksburg, MS 
David Jerome Tarnabine — Vicksburg, MS 
Peter Royce Tarnabine — Vicksburg, MS 
Jill Alane Tart — Vicksburg, MS 
Jimmy D. Tarver — Vicksburg, MS 
Brenda Lee Tate — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Denise Tate — Jackson, MS 

Cynthia Kelly Dshay Tate lackson. MS 

Roxanne Tate — Jackson, MS 
Rufus James Tate — Jackson, MS 
Eddie Lewis Tatum — Liberty, MS 
Larene Jerkins Tatum — Pearl, MS 
Tony Lee Tauchen — Jackson, MS 
Ann Renell Taylor — Vicksburg, MS 
Anthony Glenn Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Ardith Leigh Taylor — Pearl, MS 
Barbara L. Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Powell Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Brayton Taylor — Valley Park, 

Bobby Glenn Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Bonnie M. Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Bradley Dean Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Carmon Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Carolyn Ann Taylor — Raymond, MS 
Carrie Cage Taylor — Vicksburg, MS 
Catherine Taylor — Raymond, MS 
Darren Lavell Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Debra Ann Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Dianna Lea Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Edward Ray Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Edward Tyrone Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Eleanor Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Brown Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Evana Dion Taylor — Vicksburg, MS 
Gregory Eugene Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Harold Alexander Taylor — Florence, MS 
Harriet Elizabeth Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Howard Levon Taylor — Pearl, MS 
Iris Priscilla Taylor — Canton, MS 
Jackie H. Taylor — Florence, MS 
James W. Taylor Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Janice Eloise Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Joy Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Johnny Lee Taylor — Canton, MS 
Johnny O. Taylor — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Maria Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Ragland Taylor — Vicksburg, MS 
Kathy Renee Taylor — Clinton, MS 
Linda Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Mariea Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Mark Shannon Taylor — Brandon, MS 
Melissa Le Dee Taylor — Florence, MS 
Michelle Kersh Taylor — Pearl, MS 
Mildred Anderson Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Milton B. Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Nathan Earl Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Ola M. Taylor — Vicksburg, MS 
Paulette Taylor — Florence, MS 
Renae Denise Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Robert Taylor — Vicksburg, MS 
Robin Lynn Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Selwynne Andrewlean Taylor — Jackson, 

Stacy Azalia Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Suzanne Warren Taylor — Jackson, M8 
Sylvia Laverne Taylor — Pinola, MS 
Terry Lee Taylor — Itta Bena, MS 
Thomas Lorenzo Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Tommy Joe Taylor — Clinton, MS 
Tony Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Tracy N. Taylor — Jackson, MS 
William Taylor — Clinton, MS 
Willie M. Dixon Taylor — Jackson, MS 
Willie Patrick Taylor — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary J. Teague — Clinton, MS 
Timothy Neal Teague — Clinton, MS 
Mary Benton Teasley — Crystal Springs, 

Marcus M. Teat — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Lavern Teat — Jackson, MS 
Linda Vasquez Tedder — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Ann Tehrani — Jackson, MS 
George Harrell Temple — Raymond, MS 
James Earl Temple — Jackson, MS 

Jan Hines Temple — Raymond, MS 
Larry Glen Temple — Vicksburg, MS 
Marjorie Janet Temple — Brandon, MS 
Michael Dean Temple — Vicksburg, MS 
Susan C. Temple — Jackson, MS 
Taye Laurie Templeton — Vicksburg, MS 
Louis Everett Tennant — Jackson, MS 
Richard Neal Tennant — Vicksburg, MS 
Deborah Ann Tennon — Jackson, MS 
Bruce Wayne Terrell — Jackson, MS 
Roberta W. Terrell — Jackson. MS 
Adlene Rawis Terry — Utica, MS 
Artee Arnold Terry — Terry, MS 
Barbara Joyce Terry — Jackson, MS 
Debrah Ann Terry — Jackson, MS 
Denise B. Terry — Vicksburg, MS 
Edward Charles Terry — Vicksburg, MS 
Florida Mae Terry — Utica, MS 
Geraldine Terry — Jackson, MS 
Jarva Regenia Terry — Jackson, MS 
John Thomas Terry — Vicksburg, MS 
Lonnie B. Terry — Jackson, MS 
Thomas E. Terry Jr. — Monticello, MS 
Tonny Neal Terry — Biloxi, MS 
Valerie Nanette Terry — Jackson, MS 
Martha Beasiey Terwilliger — Terry, MS 
Jane Thrash Tetmeyer — Raymond, MS 
William Alan Tetmeyer — Raymond, MS 
Stanley Keith Thacker — Florence, MS 
Chanh Van Thai — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Annette Thames — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Ann Thames — Florence, MS 
James David Thames — Jackson, MS 
Kevin Randyll Thames — Clinton, MS 
Sandra Bernice Thames — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Cox Thames — Brandon, MS 
Shannon Matthews Thames — Jackson, 

Rhonda Carol Tharp — Jackson, MS 
Andrew William Theobald — Vicksburg, 

Cynthia Ann Theobald — Vicksburg. MS 
Gale Laricea Thigpen — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Denise Thigpen — Jackson, MS 
M. Lee Thigpen — Jackson, MS 
Theresa Lyndell Thigpen — Jackson, MS 
Allison Gwynne Thomas — Clinton, MS 
Angela Michele Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Anita Hill Thomas — Richland, MS 
Anita Kay Thomas — Vicksburg, MS 
Anna Jo Thomas — Vicksburg, MS 
Anthony Charles Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Ann Thomas — Bolton, MS 
Betty Bunley Thomas — Raymond, MS 
Beverly Roberts Thomas — Pearl, MS 
Bobbie Jean Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie M. Thomas — Florence. MS 
Bobbie Ruth Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Denise Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Fay Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Jo Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Louise Thomas — Jackson, Ms 
Charles Marcus Thomas — Raymond, MS 
Cheryll Denise Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Cora Vernell Thomas — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Denise Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Malley Thomas — Florence, MS 
Demetric Louise Thomas — Vicksburg, MS 
Elizabeth Bee Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Eva Rosalie Glaze Thomas — Lena, MS 
Inez Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Jack Christopher Thomas — Natchez, MS 
Janie B. Jackson Thomas — Vicksburg, 

Jeff Vernon Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Jeffery Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Jennifer Carnette Thomas — Bolton, MS 
Jerry Lynn Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Miles Thomas — Clinton, MS 
Jerry Steve Thomas — Pearl, MS 
Joe Lee Thomas — Jackson, MS 
John Eric Thomas — Jackson, MS 
John L. Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Kathleen Lorese Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Kathy Miller Thomas — Pearl, MS 
Kendall Lane Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Larry Donal Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Laura Leigh Thomas — Brandon, MS 
Laurie Kay Thomas — Clinton, MS 
Leorette Jean Thomas — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Michelle Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Marcia Elaine Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Marshall Prince Thomas — Vicksburg, MS 
Martha Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Marvin R. Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Mary L. Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Penny Malesha Thomas — Vicksburg, MS 
Preston Andrea Thomas — Raymond, MS 
Ranzy Lee Thomas — Bolton, MS 
Reba Patrice Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Rita Coffey Thomas — Madison, MS 
Rita Faye Thomas — Pearl, MS 
Roderick Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Rosa M. Thomas — Vicksburg, MS 
Roy L. Thomas Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Ruby Jewel Thomas — Jackson, MS 

Russell Allen Thomas — Clinton, MS 
Scott Kevin Thomas — Clinton, MS 
Steve Austin Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Sylvia Denise Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Hines Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Terri Diane Thomas — Jackson, MS 
Tom Holiday Thomas Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Willis Ray Thomas — Tchula, MS 
Allan Lee Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Ann Thompson — Edwards, MS 
Betty C. Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Ann Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Thompson — Flora, MS 
Carolyn McElroy Thompson — Madison, 

Craig Claude Thompson — Clinton, MS 
Daniel Wayne Thompson — Lake, MS 
Deborah Thompson — Terry, MS 
Dennis Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Donna Anne Thompson — Brandon, MS 
Elaine Jones Thompson — Vicksburg, MS 
Elizabeth Carolyn Thompson — Pearl, MS 
Felecia Dianne Thompson — Bogue 

Chitto, MS 
Greg Howard Thompson — Clinton, MS 
Gregory Lamar Thompson — Edwards, 

Henry Lee Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Jeffrey Scott Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Jerul Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Judy Trasher Thompson — Ethel, MS 
Kimberly Gibbs Thompson — Jackson, 

Linda Lee Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Melanie Lela Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Monica Willette Thompson — Pelahatchie, 

Nicolina A. Thompson — Brandon, MS 
Otis Lapaul Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Ann Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Richard Travis Thompson — Brandon, MS 
Robert Jerome Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Robert Mitchell Thompson — Clinton, MS 
Sandra Myers Thompson — Mendenhall, 

Sharon Eilleen Thompson — Brandon, MS 
Sheryn Elaine K. Thompson — Canton, 

Stephen Davis Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Tommy Jay Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Verna Thomas Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Vicki Leigh Thompson — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Eileen Thompson — Flora, MS 
Wanda Lynn Thompson — Brandon, MS 
John Kevin Thorn — Madison, MS 
Sharron Thorn Thorne — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Bethany Thornhill — Clinton, MS 
Charline Elizabeth Thornton — Jackson, 

Gary Preston Thornton — Jackson, MS 
Gerry Farrel Thornton — Jackson, MS 
Gladys M. Thornton — Vicksburg, MS 
Glenda Rena Thornton — Port Gibson, MS 
Glenda Rena Thornton — Port Gibson, MS 
Harland Wayne Thornton Jr. — Richland, 

Joe Allen Thornton — Pearl, MS 
Marc Allen Thornton — Jackson, MS 
Melinda Christie Thornton — Ridgeland, 

Pamela Carol Thornton — Pearl, MS 
Robert Carl Thornton — Madison, MS 
Shirley Lynn Thornton — Jackson, MS 
Terry Wayne Thornton — Pearl, MS 
Billye Jo Thrash — Philadelphia, MS 
George Earl Thrash — Raymond, MS 
Leonard Randal Thrash — Philadelphia, 

Kelly Dee Thrush — Jackson, MS 
Georgianna Thurber — Canton, MS 
Chantay Thurman — Brandon, MS 
Sherlene Anderson Thurman — Jackson, 

Laurie Elizabeth Thurmond — Brandon, 

Joe Byron Tidwell — Ridgeland, MS 
Truong Si Tiep — Jackson, MS 
Robert Gregory Tierce — Jackson, MS 
Phyllis Tillis — Jackson, Ms 
Shelia Montez Tillis — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Juliette Tillman — Jackson, MS 
Glenda Lorraine Tillman — Raymond, MS 
Laurie Ann Tillman — Clinton, MS 
Marion Gene Tillman — Jackson, MS 
Perry Tillman — Jackson, MS 
Verlene Hutton Tillman — Raymond, MS 
Bobby Lynn Timmons — Jackson, MS 
Bess L. Timms — Jackson, MS 
Martha Lea Tims — Jackson, MS 
Gwenda Darlynn Tiner — Jackson, MS 
Victor Rudon Tingle — Jackson, MS 
Ben Robert Tinnin — Jackson, MS 
Eric Lamar Tinsey — Terry, MS 
Jim D. Tinsley — tltica, MS 
Marjorie Elizabeth Tisdale — Jackson, MS 
Patsy Edwards Tisdale — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert Larry Tisdale — Vicksburg, MS 

Hoa Ngoc To — Jackson, MS 
Charles Willey Tobias — Jackson, MS 
Melonie Sally Todd — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Bradley Todd — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Ann Toiar — Jackson. MS 
Thomas Edward Tolar — Jackson, MS 
Linda Bounds Tolbert — Pearl, MS 
Robin Deneice Tolbert — Brandon, MS 
Katherine Virginia Tolible — Brandon, MS 
Charles Dale Tolley — Pearl, MS 
Charlotte B. Tolley — Jackson, MS 
Bruce Alan Tomlinson — Clinton, MS 
William Stewart Tomlinson — Jackson, 

Gary Wayne Tompkins — Jackson, MS 
Jerry Earl Tompkins — Utica, MS 
Lisa Carole Tompkins — Crystal Springs, 

Robert Greggory Tompkins — Edwards, 

Thomas Eugene Tompkins — Clinton, MS 
Zaunda Faye Tompkins — Silver Creek, 

Mark P. Toney — Jackson, MS 
Melissa Kay Toney — Jackson, MS 
R. David Toney — Jackson, MS 
Leveme Tomes — Jackson, MS 
Charles Toms Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Annette Torrey — Canton, MS 
Jacquelyn Mechelle Torrey — Canton, MS 
Penny Elizabeth Torrey — Raymond. MS 
Michael Tory — Edwards, MS 
Sylvia Lofton Tory — Utica, MS 
Duane Stone Townley Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Connie Thompson Townsend — Brandon, 

Debbie White Townsend — Florence, MS 
Elmer David Townsend — Jackson, MS 
Judy M. Townsend — Port Gibson, MS 
Kevin Lloyd Townsend — Ridgeland, MS 
Kimberly Denise Townsend — Jackson, 

Leigh Hux Townsend — Jackson, MS 
Margie Ann Townsend — Jackson, MS 
Mildred Ann Townsend — Jackson, MS 
Norman Tracy Townsend — Pelahatchie, 

Penny Phyllis Townsend — Ridgeland, MS 
Teresa Davis Townsend — Clinton, MS 
James Phillip Tracy — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Rita Trahan — Brandon, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Trainor — Jackson, MS 
Samuel Lee Trainor — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Boswell Tramel — Pelahatchie, 

Dennis Scott Tramel — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Presley Tramel — Jackson, MS 
Charles Floyd Trammel! — Louise, MS 
Chan Lap Tran — Jackson, MS 
Thu Ngoc Tran — Jackson, MS 

Tuyen Van Tran lackson, Ms 

Peggy Alesia Trapp — Jackson, MS 
Annie B. Travis — Canton, MS 
Joann Travis — Jackson, MS 
John Alna Travis — Jackson, MS 
Nettie Ruth Travis — Canton, MS 
Rebecca Laureen Travis — Ridgeland, MS 
Roy Lee Travis — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Dee Travis — Tougaloo, MS 
Donald W. Traweek — Raymond, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Traweek — Raymond, MS 
Deborah Franklin Traxler — Morton, MS 
Winnie Aileen Traxler — Utica, MS 
Brenda Frances Traylor — Jackson, MS 
Joan Ward Traylor — Braxton, MS 
Rory Keeton Treadwell — Jackson, MS 
Tandi Leigh Treadwell — Jackson, MS 
George Anthony Trebotich Jr. — Jackson, 

Thomas Trebotich — Jackson, MS 
David Lynn Treece — Raymond. MS 
Diane Faye Treece — Raymond, MS 
Tondra Renee Trest — Morton, MS 
Agnes Arnold Tribble — Jackson, MS 

Melony Reed Tribble lackson, MS 

Deborah Lynne Trigg — Jackson, MS 
Earl C. Trigg Jr. — Pearl, MS 
Joseph Vincent Trigg — Jackson, MS 
Ophelia Ward Trigg — Jackson, MS 
Teresa Simmons Trigg — Madison, MS 
William Warren Trigg — Collins, MS 
Donna Gayle Trim — Jackson, MS 
Edward Dean Trim — Jackson, MS 
Betty Mitchell Trindle — Vicksburg. MS 

Anthony Isaac Triplett lackson, MS 

Deborah Sue Triplett — Clinton, MS 
Jacqueline Triplett — Jackson, MS 
Jeanette Braun Triplett — Jackson, MS 
Linda Dieth Triplett — ICIinton. MS 
Oliver B. Triplett — Forest, MS 
Joseph A. Trombley — Jackson, MS 
Alicia Jean Trosclair — Terry, MS 
Tommie Lee Trotter — Jackson. MS 
Pamela Elizabeth Truly — Vicksburg. MS 
Eng Hoang Truong — Jackson, MS 
Alan Lamar Trussell — Clinton, MS 
Leonard Klrt Trussell — Jackson. MS 

Directory /317 

Vicent Man Suen Tsin — Vicksburg, MS 
Allen Lane Tucker — Clinton, MS 
Claude Edward Tucker — Jackson. MS 
Claudette Debro Tucker — Vicksburg, MS 
Curtis Floyd Tucker — Pearl, MS 
Jacqueline Rocheal Tucker — Clinton, MS 
James A. Tucker — Clinton, MS 
Janet Lorene Tucker -- Pearl, MS 
Joel Lavern Tucker — Florence, MS 
John Land Tucker — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Lynn Tucker — Brandon, Ms 
Kimberley Renee Tucker — Clinton, MS 
L. C. Tucker Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Michael Dwayne Tucker — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Jean Tucker — Brandon, MS 
Thomas L. Tucker — Vicksburg, MS 
Tracy Marie Tucker — , Vicksburg, MS 
Susan Annette Pate Tuisl — Pearl, MS 
Betty L. Tullar — Brandon, MS 
Debbie Sue Tullos — Jackson, MS 
James Byron Tullos — Clinton, MS 
Mike David Tullos — Brandon, MS 
Samantha Mae Tullos — Pelahatchie, MS 
Terry Glenn Tullos — Pearl, MS 
Amile Tuminello — Jackson, MS 
Gayle Ann Tuminello — Vicksburg, MS 
John Mattee Tuminello — Vicksburg, MS 
Allison Manceau Tunstall — Vicksburg, 

John Hilton Turbeville — Jackson, MS 
Joseph S. Turbeville — Pearl, MS 
Teresa Lynn Turbeville — Pearl, MS 
Andrew Patrick Turk — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Paul Turk — Jackson, MS 
David Turnage — Clinton, MS 
Arlillian Robinson Turner — Raymond, 

Audrey Alisha Kaye Turner — Jackson, 

Betty Bargains Turner — Jackson, MS 
Betty Frank Turner — Greenwood, MS 
Claudia Olivia Turner — Canton, MS 
Desaree Turner — Jackson, MS 
Don R. Turner — Pearl, MS 
Douglas Lynn Turner — Jackson, MS 
Forrest Johnny Turner — Jackson, MS 
James Manson Turner — Jackson, MS 
Ka thy Lorraine Turner — Edwards, MS 
M. Yvette Turner — Jackson, MS 
Margie McMillan Turner — Jackson, MS 
Martha Baker Turner — Jackson, MS 
Queenie Lee Turner — Bay Springs, MS 
Ronald Glynn Turner — Vicksburg, MS 
Ruby Lee O'Quinn Turner — Port Gibson, 

Stanley Turner — Jackson, MS 
Vincent S. Turner — Jackson, MS 
William Wayne Turner — Utica, MS 
Yolanda Kay Turner — Jackson, MS 
Tom C. Turturro — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Marie Turvin — Vicksburg, MS 
Margaret Mary Turvin — Vicksburg, MS 
James Michael Tuttle — Vicksburg, MS 
Bobby C. Tyer — Vicksburg, MS 
Darlene Tyler — Edwards, MS 
Deidre Ann Tyler — Vicksburg, MS 
Jacqueline Tyler — Jackson, MS 
Patty L. Tyler — Jackson, MS 
Linda Faye Tynes — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Anne Tynes — Jackson, MS 
Charles Leland Tyrone — Jackson, MS 
James Patrick Tyson Jr. — Hazlehurst, 

Pamela Evon Tyson — Jackson, MS 
Luke Lamar Cilery — Vicksburg, MS 
Allen Dale tllmer — Bay Springs, MS 
Walter Ulmer Jr. — Bay Springs, MS 
Jonelle Annette Underwood — 

Pelahatchie. MS 
Roy Gene Underwood — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Dee Unsworth — Jackson, MS 
Janet Carol Upchurch — Pearl, MS 
Melissa Carol Upchurch — Tchula, MS 
Carl Marshall Upton Jr. — Vicksburg, MS 
Dianne Drane Upton — Clinton, MS 
Wade Anthony Usey — Canton, MS 
Corby Lee Usry Jr. — Pearl, M8 
Mae R. Usry — Brandon, MS 
Marsha Tillman Usry — Clinton, MS 
Steven Darryl Usry — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Stephen Usry — Florence, M8 
Paula Ann Ussery — Raymond, MS 
Lucy Hatcher Utley — Jackson, MS 
Sarah Katherine Valadie — Jackson, MS 
Alec Carmon Valentine — Raymond, MS 
Bertha Ann Valentine — Flora, MS 
Auken Angela Renee Van — Champaign, 

Bryant Robert Vincent Van — Jackson, 

Da veer Billie Rose Van — Vicksburg, MS 
Norman Bettye West Van — Vicksburg, 

Sittert Raymond L. Van — Clinton, MS 
John Patrick Vance — Jackson, MS 
Larry Donnell Vance — Jackson, Ms 
Nazaretha Vance — Jackson, MS 

Timothy Wayne Vance — Raymond, MS 
Travis Thomas Vance III — Vicksburg, MS 
Richard E. Vandemark — Jackson, MS 
Donna Gayle Vanderford — Pearl, MS 
Kimberly Sue Vanderford — Jackson, MS 
Scott Franklin Vanderford — Raleigh, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Vanerson — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Beck Vanlandingham — Pearl, MS 
Jerri Denise Vandaningham — Jackson, 

MS * 

Olivia Vann — Jackson, MS 
Peggy Roberts Vanover — Jackson, MS 
Wanda Bradberry Vanpetten — Clinton, 

Charles Louis Vansant — Jackson, MS 
Steve Douglas Vanstone — Brandon, MS 
Stewart Wynne Vandaman — Jackson, 

Virginia Kimble Vardaman — Jackson, MS 
Casted D. Varnado — Jackson, MS 
Charles Edward Varnado — Picayune, MS 
Linda Gail Varnado — Jackson, MS 
Sarah Clincy Varnado — Jackson, MS 
Terrence L. Varnado — Tougaloo, MS 
Jodie Clyde Varnell — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Wade Varner — Brandon, MS 
Lauren Lee Vaughan — Columbia, MS 
Michael Terrell Vaughan — Jackson, MS 
Cassandra Lorraine Vaughn — Vicksburg, 

Rhondalyn Marie Vaughn — Raymond, MS 
Rickie Charles Vaughn — Tupelo, MS 
William O. Vaughn — Jackson, MS 
Mary Adams Vaught — Clinton, MS 
Patrick Dale Vaught — Jackson, MS 
Pagie Janell Veach — Terry, MS 

Carla Mitchelle Veal lackson, MS 

Charlott Felicia Veal — Jackson, MS 
Donald Tyron Veal — Jackson, MS 
Lawson James Veal — Jackson, MS 
David Wayne Veazey — Carthage, MS 
Tonnie Lee Veazey — Vicksburg, MS 
Carter Mae Velma — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Dwain Vernon — Jackson, MS 
Gene S. Vernon — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Lee Versell — Vicksburg, MS 
James Robert Vessel] — Vicksburg, MS 
Elizabeth Ann Vianey — Jackson, MS 
David B. Vick — Pearl, MS 
Cynthia Lee Vickers — Yazoo, MS 
Gary Brian Vickers — Jackson, MS 
Patricia M. Vickers — Jackson, MS 
Loraine Lynn Chalf Vierling — Pearl, MS 
Flora Mae Viescas — Clinton, MS 
Joyce Caston Vinson — Jackson, MS 
Ricky Dewayne Vinzant — Morton, MS 
Udom Malida Vitaya — Vicksburg, MS 
Dau Van Vo — Clinton, MS 
Margaret llene Vogel — Jackson, MS 
Shannon Dennis Vogt — Ferriday, LA 
Jerry Dean Voss — Vicksburg, MS 
Latricia Carol Vowell — Philadelphia, MS 
Deborah Delane Waddell — Jackson, MS 
Alfonzo Wade — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Ann Wade — Vicksburg, MS 
Benny C. Wade — Jackson, MS 
Clayton Ernest Wade — Braxton, MS 
Deborah Dale Wade — Yazoo City, MS 
I. Jean Speed Wade — Clinton, MS 
Jeff C. Wade — Yazoo City, MS 
Jerry Patrick Wade — Clinton, MS 
Larry Dean Wade — Terry, MS 
Leicer Marie Alogia Wade — Jackson, MS 
Lucinda Wade — Crystal Springs, MS 
Mark Theodore Wade — Jackson, MS 
Mary Elizabeth Wade — Pearl, MS 
Nancy Lee Wade — Brandon, MS 
Nelson Wade Jr. — Crystal Springs, MS 
Patricia Diane Wade — Crystal Springs, 

Sherry Michelle Wade — Jackson, MS 
Sony ia L. Wade — Jackson, MS 
Stacey Hallarn Wade — Jackson, MS 
Marvell Wadlington — Jackson, MS 
William Ralph Wadlington Jr. — Jackson, 

Lawrence Gene Wadsworth — Jackson, 

Virginia A. D. Wadsworth — Pearl, MS 
Frances Moses Wages — Jackson, MS 
Lauren Stacy Wagner — Church Hill, MS 
Stephen Eugene Wagner — Vicksburg, MS 
Barry Wagonlander — Brandon, MS 
Susan Wagonlander — Brandon, MS 
Vicky Ellen Waite — Jackson, MS 
Jack Baldwin Wakeland II — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Burnham Walden — Jackson, MS 
Mickey Hagler Walden — Brandon, M8 
Naomi Brewer Walden — Canton, MS 
Gregory Lynn Walding — Vicksburg, MS 
John Rene Waldrup — Yazoo City, MS 
Posey W. Waldrup — Canton, MS 
Alice S. Walker — Raymond, MS 
Alice Verlynda Walker — Pearl, MS 
Angela Ruth Walker — Carson, MS 
Augusta Anthony Walker — Jackson, MS 
Betty Bradford Walker — Jackson, MS 

Brenda Joyce Walker — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Renee Walker — Jackson, MS 
Carta Katte Walker — Pearl, MS 
Charles Allen Walker — Raymond, MS 
Cindy Walker — Jackson, MS 
David Mitchell Walker — Jackson, MS 
Delia Marie Walker — Canton, MS 
Desanta Jo Walker — Jackson, MS 
Fred Wallace Walker — Jackson, MS 
Frisher Walker — Mendenhall, MS 
Gail Price Walker — Vicksburg, MS 
Geraldlne Walker — Jackson, MS 
Gina Patricia Walker — Jackson, MS 
Greg Alan Walker — Brandon, MS 
Gwendolyn Walker — Jackson, MS 
Hazel Jean Walker — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Vernetta Walker — Jackson, 

James Daniel Walker — Prentiss, MS 
James Lewis Walker — Houston, TX 
Jarvis D. Walker — New Hebron, MS 
John Andrew Walker — New Hebron, MS 
Jon Randal Walker — Carthage, MS 
Kathryn Cato Walker — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Walker — Jackson, MS 
Laura Hollingsworth Walker — Clinton, 

Leigh Ann Walker — Jackson, MS 
Lyndon Walker — Carrollton, GA 
Mary Burns Walker — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Deloris Walker — New Hebron, MS 
Melody Strain Walker — Edwards, MS 
Melvin Gene Walker — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Leon Walker — Jackson, MS 
Myron Henry Walker — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Walker — Canton, MS 
Patrick Allen Walker — Vicksburg, MS 
Paulette Walker — Jackson, MS 
Randall David Walker — Edwards, MS 
Ronnie Mitchell Walker — Jackson, MS 
Steven Kelly Walker — Jackson, MS 
Steven Norris Walker — Crystal Springs, 

Stuart Alexander Walker — Oxford, MS 
Sylvia L. Stalls Walker — Vicksburg, MS 
Teddric Jerome Walker — Prentiss, MS 
Tondia Dezirae Walker — Vicksburg, MS 
Wanda Sumrall Walker — Clinton, MS 
Wendy Carol Walker — Jackson, MS 
William Phillip Walker — Jackson, MS 
Bonnie Jean Wall — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Anne Wall — Jackson, MS 
Cynthia Lynn Wall — Jackson, MS 
Deanine C. Wall — Jackson, MS 
Gwendolyn M. Wall — Jackson, MS 
Iva Sherrelle Wall — Jackson, MS 
James Gregory Wall — Raymond, MS 
Marguerite Hossley Wall — Raymond, MS 
Anna Leese Wallace — Vicksburg, MS 
Barbara Cobb Wallace — Canton, MS 
Betty Nell Wallace — Florence, MS 
Bobby M. Wallace — Vicksburg, MS 
Cardetla Jones Wallace — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Sue Wallace — Florence, MS 
Edna Pearl Brown Wallace — Brandon, 

Jacqueline Amelia Wallace — Carthage, 

Janice Denise Wallace — Jackson, MS 
Jonalyn Marie Wallace — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Elizabeth Wallace — Morton, MS 
Kimberly Ann Wallace — Crystal Springs, 

Landal George Wallace — Jackson, MS 
Linda Fitzgerald Wallace — Vicksburg, 

Mary M. Wallace — Jackson, MS 
Michael Clark Wallace — Brandon, MS 
Nancy Louise Wallace — Vicksburg, MS 
Patrick Nolen Wallace — Clinton, MS 
Peggy Holman Wallace — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Faye Wallace — Vicksburg, MS 
Tracy Deeann Wallace — Clinton, MS 
Chuck L. Waller — Jackson. MS 
Cynthia Michelle Waller — Clinton, MS 
John Randell Waller — Clinton, MS 
Kenneth J. Waller — Florence, MS 
Carolyn Stokes Walley — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Jane Walley — Vicksburg, MS 
William Mark Walley — Vicksburg, MS 
Jonathan Mark Walling — Clinton, MS 
Jackie Louise Pool Walls — Vicksburg, MS 
Linda Gail Walls — Tougaloo, MS 
Sandra Everett Walls — Jackson, MS 
Gayla Janeen Walsh — Pelahatchie, MS 
Maria Sylvia Walston — Brandon, MS 
Christopher James Walter — Vicksburg, 

Karyn Swier Walter — Brandon, MS 
David Burnham Walters — Jackson, MS 
Debora Elizabeth Walters — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth M. Walters — Vicksburg, MS 
Frances Allen Walters — Jackson, MS 
Lillie K. Pierce Walters — Vicksburg, MS 
Margaret Walters Walters — Jackson, MS 
Michael Andrew Walters — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Rae Walters — Florence, MS 

Patti Renee Walters — Jackson, MS 
Penny Renee Waiters — Florence, MS 
Sharon Denise Walters . Utica, MS 
Terri Lynn Walters — Florence, MS 
Tracey Ann Walters — Vicksburg, MS 
Winston Timmothy Walters — Clinton, MS 
Wonda Susan Walters — Jackson, MS 
Martin Joseph Waltman — Jackson, MS 
Anthony Rag Walton — Jackson, MS 
Arlean Walton — Jackson, MS 
Clyde Eugene Walton — Palm Beach, FL 
Cynthia Lynda Walton — Jackson, MS 
Doyle Ford Walton — Bolton, MS 
Jessica Deneen Walton — Vicksburg, MS 
Michelle Walton — Vicksburg, MS 
Tammie Walton — Jackson, MS 
Tommie Earl Walton — Tougaldo, MS 
Troyce Duane Walton — Poplarville, MS 
Wilson Walton Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Richard Donovan Waltz — Jackson, MS 
David Wayne Warner — Pearl, MS 
Timothy Jesse Wanker — Jackson, MS 
Cassandra Wansley — Florence, MS 
Donald Edward Wansley Jr. — Jackson, 

Leiwanna Gayle Wansley — Jackson.'MS 
Barbara Jean Ward — Brandon, MS 
Ceylon Desmond Ward — Jackson, MS 
Charles Tommy Ward — Jackson, MS 
Debra Quinn Ward — Jackson, MS 
Dennis Earl Ward — Grenada, MS 
Diana Fay Ward — Yazoo City, MS 
Eldred Lynn Ward Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth Anne Ward — Clinton, MS 
Gina Washington Ward — Jackson, MS 
Janet Davis Ward — Vicksburg, MS 
Jeffrey Joe Ward — Harrisvilte, MS 
John Parham Ward — Amory . MS 
Johnnie R. Ward — Raymond, MS 
Ken Clayton Ward — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Marie Ward — Vicksburg, MS 
Leslie McCabe Ward — Brandon, MS 
Mary F. Ward — Bolton, MS 
Patrick Scott Ward — Jackson, MS 
Phil Henry Ward — Brandon, MS 
Rhonda Kay Ward — Forest, MS 
Russell Scott Ward — Columbia, MS 
Timothy Deyan Ward — Bolton, MS 
Victor Tyrone Ward — Jackson, MS 
Virginia Ann Haas Ward — Vicksburg, MS 
Mary Eloise Wardiaw — Clinton, MS 
Susan V. Wardiaw — Clinton, MS 
Aileen C. Ware — Raymond, MS 
Betty C. Ware — Jackson, MS 
Charles Edward Ware — Canton, MS 
Gwen Marcia Ware — Jackson, MS 
James Richard Ware — Jackson, MS 
Joseph Eugene Ware Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Nona K. Ware — Clinton, MS 
Tammy Lucille Ware — Florence, MS 
Terry Townsend Ware — Jackson, MS 
Michael Jeffery Waren — Raymond, MS 
Christine Marie Warmenhoven — 

Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Diane Warner — Jackson, MS 
Cherry Jimmerson Warner — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Dean Warner — Vicksburg, MS 
Willie Albert Warner — Jackson, MS 
Christine Hixon Waraick — Vicksburg, MS 
Angelia Roxanne Warnsley — Morton, MS 
Ann Saggus Warren — Jackson, MS 
Gerald G. Warren — Jackson, MS 
Glennard Michael Warren — Vicksburg, 

Julia Marie Warren — Vicksburg, MS 
Kimberly Kay Warren — Mendenhall, MS 
Letltia J. Warren — Vicksburg, MS 
Lori Anne Warren — Terry, MS 
Michael Joe Warren — Clinton, MS 
Norman Lewis Warren — Vicksburg, MS 
Phillip Chase Warren — Vicksburg, MS 
Rita Lorice Warren — Jackson, M8 
Sharon Renea Warren — Vicksburg, MS 
Tammy Teresa Warren — Mendenhall, MS 
Tommy E. Warren — Crystal Springs, MS 
Vickie Carlene Warren — Canton, MS 
Sharyl Leigh Warrington — Clinton, MS 
Sandy Faye Wash — Forest, MS 
Sonydra Shannett Wash — Jackson, MS 
Kelly Ann Washburn — Raymond, MS 
Melissa Carol Washburn — Raymond, MS 
Annie Washington — Jackson, MS 
Arie Washington — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Dillie Washington — Jackson, MS 
Barbara James Washington — Jackson, 

Beverly Ann Washington — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Sue Washington — Flora, MS 
Charlene Washington — Bolton, MS 
Darryl Wayne Washington — Terry, MS 
Debra Walker Washington — Vicksburg, 

Diana Washington — Jackson, MS 
Evette Shante Washington — Jackson, 

Gloria M. Cain Washington — Jackson, 


318/ Directory 

Helen Sizer Washington — Jackson, MS 
Jeannette Washington — Jackson, MS 
Jimmie Washington — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Yvonne Washington — Jackson, MS 
Leroy Dwayne Washington — Jackson, 

Linda Diane Washington — Jackson, MS 
Linda Ruth Washington — Jackson, MS 
Lorraine Washington — Jackson, MS 
Lucius Washington — Brookhaven, MS 
Mae Lee Washington — Jackson, MS 
Michael James Washington — Vicksburg, 

Ray Anthony Jones Washington — 

Jackson, MS 
Rosie Mae Jones Washington — Jackson, 


Ruthie Ann Washington — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Ann Sande Washington — 

Jackson, MS 
Steve Washington — Jackson, MS 
Tonya Denise Washington — Bogue 

Chitto, MS 
Walter Jeffrey Washington — Vicksburg, 

Patricia Logue Wasmer — Vicksburg, MS 
Certa Wasserman — Vicksburg, MS 
Tommy Lee Wasson — Jackson, MS 
Larry Darnell Waters — Jackson, MS 
Linda G. Waters — Vicksburg, MS 
Ronald Marchell Waters — Vicksburg, MS 
William Lawrence Waters — Jackson, MS 
Billy Levohn Watkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Cornelious Dwayne Watkins — Jackson, 

Elizabeth Rose Watkins — Jackson, MS 
Francis Stewart Watkins — Jackson, MS 
Grace Anthens Watkins — Jackson, MS 
Jaems C. Watkins — Jackson, MS 
James Lyle Watkins Jr. — Jackson, MS 
James Ricky Watkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Jayme Logsdon Watkins — Jackson. MS 
John Coleman Watkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Judith Lynn Watkins — Philadelphia, MS 
June M. Watkins — Brandon, MS 
Karen Denise Watkins — Pearl, MS 
Richard Gordon Watkins — Vicksburg, MS 
Sidney L. Watkins — Canton, MS 
Vickie Lynn Watkins — Carthage, MS 
Wesley David Watkins — Jackson, MS 
Wilford Wayne Watkins — Jackson, MS 
Anthony DarriU Watson — Jackson, MS 
David Lee Watson — Jackson, MS 
Douglas Monroe Watson — Bolton, MS 
Eric Watson — Jackson, MS 
Frankie Marie Watson — Jackson, MS 
Gay Reyes Watson — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Lee Watson — Vicksburg, MS 
James Robert Watson — Jackson, MS 
Janice Marie Watson — vicksburg, MS 
Laurel Grace Watson — Jackson, MS 
Lisa L. Watson — Bolton, MS 
Martin Patrick Watson — Richland, MS 
Michele Helene Watson — Clinton, MS 
R. Paulette Mundy Watson — Brandon, 

Sandra Lynn Watson — Jackson, MS 
Tony Lee Watson — Jackson. MS 
Vicki Lynn Watson — Jackson, MS, 
Rose Lee Brown Watt — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles Gary Watts — Jackson, MS 
Donald R. Watts — Star, MS 
Janet Marietta Watts — Canton, MS 
Michael Berry Watts — Jackson, MS 
Samantha Beverly Watts — Vicksburg, 

Stonella Watts — Jackson, MS 
Walter Winton Watts Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Wendy Carol Watts — Jackson, MS 
William Jerry Watts — Jackson, MS 
Clarence Pete Wavrin — Vicksburg, MS 
Karen Elizabeth Way — Vicksburg, MS 
Gwendolyn Weathers — Jackson, MS 
Bernadine Weathersby — Jackson, MS 
Frances weathersby — Jackson, MS 
Gail Carven Weathersby — Jackson, MS 
Johnny Weathersby — Flora, MS 
Joseph Tlompson Weathersby — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Maron Diane Weathersby — Jackson, MS 
Max Harold Weathersby Jr. — Jackson 

Pamela Denise Weathersby — Jackson, 

Renee Rouse Weathersby — Flora, M8 
Terry Ulysses Weathersby — Walnut 

Grove, MS 
Jo Yana Weaver — Clinton, MS 
Kenneth Marshall Weaver — Jackson, MS 
Michelle Teresa Weaver — Jackson, MS 
Chris Alan Webb — Taylorsville, MS 
Darrin Michael Webb — Richland, MS 
Diedre Draffen Webb — Jackson, MS 
Hollene Webb — Jackson, MS 
Katherine Webb — Vicksburg, MS 
Lisa Renee Webb — Florence, M8 
Mary Jane Webb — Lena, MS 
Sandra Fulton Webb — Brandon, MS 

Deborah Hartzog Webber — Madison, MS 
Marjorie Ann Webber — Clinton, MS 
Gilbert J. Weber — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Depke Weber — Jackson, MS 
Andrea Sharonda Webster — Jackson, M8 
Charlotte Webster — Jackson, MS 
Josephine McGrew Webster — Jackson, 

Michael Lance Webster — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Nanetta Webster — Jackson, MS 
Linda Dianne Wedgeable — Flora, MS 
James C. Weekly — Vicksburg, MS 
Aletha Alene Weeks — Jackson, MS 
Patsy M. Weeks — Pearl, MS 
Rebecca Lynn Weeks — Richland, MS 
Stacy Marie Weeks — Jackson, M8 
Jena Elaine Weems — Brandon, MS 
Karen Reese Weems — Crystal Springs, 

Sammie J. Robinson Weir — Jackson, MS 
Agnes Clara Weisenberger — Clinton. MS 
Caron Tyner Weisenberger — Jackson, 

Harry P. Weiser Jr. — Brandon, MS 
Dorothy Suzanne Welborn — Jackson, MS 
Mike E. Welborn — Brandon, MS 
Stanley Eugene Welborn — Brandon, MS 
Amy Renee Welburn — Jackson, MS 
Alan Ray Welch — Jackson, MS 
David Nelson Welch — Brandon, MS 
Donna McCary Welch — Clinton, MS 
Jonna H. Welch — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Ann Welch — Vicksburg, MS 
Lillie J. Welch — Jackson. MS 
Marc Eliot Welch — Jackson, MS 
Pamela W. Welch — Florence, MS 
Rita Michelle Welch — Braxton, MS 
Stuart W. Welch — Mendenhall, MS 
Theresa Marie Welch — Jackson, MS 
Walter Scott Welch IV — Jackson, MS 
Willie Diane W. Welch — Flora, MS 
Belinda Renee Wellden — Clinton, MS 
Adrian Fitzgerald Wells — Jackson, MS 
Alphe Decuir Wells — Jackson, MS 
Arthur Wells Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Ann Wells — Jackson, MS 
BiUie Boyd Wells — Pearl, MS 
Brenda Jean Wells — Raymond, MS 
Callie Rosetta Wells — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Diane Wells — Jackson, MS 
Colleen Mahoney Wells — Vicksburg. MS 
Diane Hathorn Wells — Jackson, MS 
Dudley Harold Wells HI — Raymond, MS 
Dwight Cornell Wells — Jackson, MS 
Frank Blair Wells — Terry, MS 
Irvin James Wells — Jackson, MS 
Joe Ann Wells — Clinton, MS 
Marsha E. Englehardt Wells — Edwards, 

Michael Jerome Wells — Jackson, MS 
Queen Ella Wells — Jackson, MS 
Sheila Ann Wells — Clinton, MS 
Terri Lynn Wells — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Wells Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Blanche Ann Welsch — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn Ann Welshans — Jackson, MS 
Joyce E. Wennerlund — Jackson, MS 
Karen Gay Wentworth — Pickens, MS 
Lisa Diane Werfel — Vicksburg, MS 
Charles ElUott Wernsing — Jackson, MS 
Alicia Wrenne West — Jackson, MS 
Brian Keith West — Clinton, MS 
Charles S. West — Jackson, MS 
Freda Ladrill West — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Menier West — Jackson, MS 
Willie James West — Raymond, MS 
Allen Keith Westbrook — Jackson, MS 
Charles Robert Westbrook — Vicksburg, 

Randal Ray Westbrook — Brandon, MS 
Rolan Bower, Westbrook — Pearl, MS 
George H. Westcott Jr. — Florence, MS 
Bobble Kaye Westerfield — Jackson, MS 
Mahalia Jane Westfield — Jackson, MS 
Bambi Wishart Westling — Jackson, MS 
Carl L. Westling Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Pat Edgar Westmoreland — Florence, MS 
Sammy Solomon Westra — Brandon, MS 
David Ray Whatley — Yazoo City, MS 
Dorothy Annette Wheat — Jackson, M8 
Vera Hali Wheatley — Vicksburg, MS 
William Scott Wheatley — Madison, M8 
Charlotte Denise Wheaton — Jackson, MS 
Christopher Wheaton — Jackson, MS 
Brian C. Wheeland — Jackson, MS 
Earlene Jordan Wheeler — Jackson, M8 
Freddie Wheeler — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Ann Wheeler — Jackson, MS 
Primus Wheeler — Jackson, MS 
Mark Anthony Whetstone — Vicksburg, 

Debra Faye Whipps — Jackson, MS 
Alfred White — Jackson, M8 
Alison Lynn White — Pelahatchie, M8 
Andrew L. White — Raymond, MS 
Anita Danette White — Jackson, MS 
Ann C. White — Raymond, MS 

Anthony Chester White — Brandon, MS 
Barbara Ann Cooper White — Jackson, 

Becky Ann White — Clinton, MS 
Bennita Williams White — lsola, MS 
Beverly Vernae White — Jackson, MS 
Boyd Norman White — Natchez, MS 
Charles Hart well White — Pearl, MS 
Charles N. White — Brandon, MS 
Cleophus White Jr. — Edwards, MS 
Connie Marie White — Vicksburg, MS 
Cynthia Louise White — Jackson. MS 
David Wayne White — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Ann White — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Wells White — Jackson, MS 
Denise Marie White — Brandon, MS 
Earl Donell White — Jackson, MS 
Elbert White — Jackson, MS 
Frances Johnston White — Yazoo City, 

Gay Lajeanne White — Vicksburg, MS 
Gilbert Edwin White — Richland, MS 
Helen Phillips White — Brandon, MS 
James Dewitt White — Jackson, MS 
James Monroe White — Canton, MS 
Janle Elizabeth White — Jackson, MS 
Jeffery Columbis White — Morton, M8 
John Latham White Jr. — Raymond, MS 
John Orrin White — Utica, MS 
John Paul White — Florence, MS 
Johnny Mack White — Jackson, MS 
Joyce Ivy White — Jackson, MS 
Joyce M. White — Vicksburg, MS 
Juliett Edwards White — Jackson, MS 
Karen Annette White — Clinton, MS 
Kathryn Glaze White — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Noel White — Jackson, MS 
Linda Lunceford White — Brandon, MS 
Lynda Carol White — Madison, MS 
Mary Ann White — Jackson, MS 
Melanie Rochelle White — Jackson, MS 
Michael White — Jackson, MS 
Nellie Jean White — Pearl, M8 
Oliver White — Jackson, MS 
Otis White — Bentonia, MS 
Patricia Jacqueline White — Pearl, MS 
Peggy Teresa White — Clinton, MS 
Randall Lloyd White — Brandon, MS 
Rita Jo White — Jackson, MS 
Robert Larry White — Jackson, MS 
Ronald Nathaniel White — Jackson, MS 
Ronnie Craig White — Jackson, MS 
Roosevelt White — Vicksburg, MS 
Sherry Lynn White — Jackson, MS 
Steven Michael White — Florence, MS 
Steven Rothell White — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Darlene White — Jackson, M8 
Tyrone White — Flora, MS 
Vickie Lynn White — Jackson, MS 
Vivian White — Edwards, MS 
Wallace Lee White Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Debra Gail Whitehead — Vicksburg, MS 
Emma Wilson Whitehead — Yazoo City, 

Lennis R. Whitehead Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Leslie Hazel Whitehead — Vicksburg, MS 
Mitchel Ray Whitehead — Jackson, MS 
Paula Kim Whitehead — Pearl, MS 
PhiUip R. Whitehead — Brandon, MS 
Rickey Recardo Whiten — Jackson, MS 
Daniel E. Whiteside — Brandon, MS 
Alan Dale Whitfield — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Johnson Whitfield — Florence, MS 
Earnest Whitley Jr. — Utica, MS 
Ruthie Mae Whitley — Utica, MS 
Wenda Burris Whitley — Tallulah, LA 
Bobbie Lynn Whitten — New Hebron, MS 
Gaye Woolbright Whitten — Clinton, MS 
Thomas Gilbert Whitten — Jackson, MS 
Christopher Sco Whittlngton — 

Hazlehurst, MS 
Eric Russell Whittington — Pearl, MS 
Ginna Maye Whittington — Jackson, MS 
James D. Whittington — Florence. MS 
Jane Rushing Whittington — Pearl, MS 
Skipper Dale Whittington — Vicksburg, 

William Daniel Whittle — Jackson, MS 
John Paul Whitty Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Karen Smith Whitworth — Brandon, MS 
Marvin David Whitworth — Brandon, M8 
Frank Baker Whyte Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Robert Barnett Whyte — Jackson, MS 
Mack Oscar Wicker — Vicksburg, MS 
James E. Wick wier — Jackson, MS 
Helen Francine Wiegand — Terry, MS 
David Eugene Wiggins — Jackson, MS 
Kimberly Vermeil Wiggins — Clinton, MS 
Lillian Fisher Wiggins — Vicksburg, MS 
Todd H. Wiggins — Clinton, MS 
Winfred Alan Wiggins — Jackson, MS 
Roxie Wiggs — Jackson, MS 
Glen Allen WIgley — Vicksburg, MS 
Roger Lewis Wigley — Clinton. MS 
John David Wilbanks — Jackson, MS 
William Dean Wilcher — Jackson, MS 

David Edward Wild — Clinton, MS 
Andrew L. Wildee — Vicksburg, MS 
Lillian Inez Wilder — Jackson. MS 
Calvin Dwayne Wiley — Clarksdaie, MS 
Frank Wilkerson — Jackson, MS 
Helen Wilkerson — Jackson, MS 
James Riley Wilkerson Jr. — Vicksburg, 

Linda Husband Wilkerson — Brandon, MS 
Reginal Dion Wilkerson — Jackson, MS 
Sarah Louise Wilkerson — Vicksburg, MS 
Jorge Manuel Wilkes — Brandon, M8 
Marie Jeannie Wilkin — Jackson, M8 
Cynthia Ann Wilkins — Jackson, MS 
Debra Jeanette Wilkins — Jackson, MS 
Sam H. Wilkins Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Bert Harper Wilkinson — Vicksburg, MS 
Faye D. Wilkinson — Vicksburg, MS 
James M. Wilkinson — Clinton, M8 
Marjorie Cecile Wilkinson — Jackson, MS 
Rebecca Ann Willhite — Clinton, MS 
Adrienne Lavoris Williams — Jackson, M8 
Afta D. Williams — Jackson, MS 
Alicia Nell Williams — Jackson, MS 
Allen Williams — Raymond, MS 
Angela C. Williams —, Clinton, M8 
Angela Marie Williams — Bush, LA 
Anita Williams — Jackson, MS 
Anna Marie M. Williams — Jackson, MS 
Annette Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Anthony Wayne Williams — Raymond, MS 
Arlean Williams — Jackson, MS 
Aswan Williams — Canton, M8 
Barbara Jean Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Barton Bernard Williams — Ridgeiand, 

Bonita Faye Williams — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Lea Williams — Jackson, MS 
Brenda Lee Williams — Forest, M8 
Brian David Williams — Jackson, MS 
Bridget Renee Williams — Jackson, MS 
Calvin Williams — Indianola, MS 
Carl E. Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Chatham Williams — Jackson, 

Cassandra Denise Williams — Bolton, MS 
Cedric Jerome Williams — Jackson, MS 
Cenia Delorise Williams — Pelahatchie, 

Charles W. Williams Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Cherlta Lynn Williams — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Diana Williams — Jackson, MS 
Clara L. Williams — Canton, MS 
Clarissa Shaver Williams — Jackson. MS 
Connie Sue Williams — Canton, MS 
Cynthia Diane Williams — Natchez, MS 
Dake Roy Williams — Hazlehurst. MS 
Darreli Delon Williams — Edwards, MS 
David Edward Williams — Jackson, MS 
Debbie Diane Williams — Raymond, MS 
Deborah Ann Williams — Jackson, MS 
Debra Jenise Williams — Jackson, MS 
Derone Williams — Jackson, M8 
Dexter Calvin Williams — Jackson, MS 
Dietrich Gale Williams — Jackson, MS 
Donald Raiford Williams — Utica, MS 
Donna Renae Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Doris Jean Williams — D Lo, M8 
Doris Jean Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Doris Jean Williams — D Lo, MS 
Doris Jean Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Dorothy Anderson Williams — Bolton, MS 
Dwayne Vondell Williams — Vicksburg, 

Eddie B. Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Elmeria Williams — Jackson, MS 
Eva Nell Williams — Jackson, MS 
Felecia Kay Williams — Clinton, MS 
Felix Kizer Williams — Utica, MS 
Florlne Williams — Jackson, MS 
Fredrick Mandell Williams — Jackson, MS 
Gail Luna Williams — Jackson, MS 
George Cicero Williams — Jackson, MS 
Ginger Fisher Williams — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Wayne Williams — Brandon, MS 
Harold Dale Williams — Lorman, M8 
Harold Wayne Williams — Jackson, MS 
Harry Williams — Jackson, MS 
Harry Carter Williams — Brandon, MS 
Henretta Williams Williams — Benton, MS 
Jacqueline Williams — Jackson, MS 
Jacqueline Charme Williams — Jackson, 

Jacqueline Renee Williams — Jackson, 

James Edward Williams — Jackson, MS 
James Edward Williams — Natchez, MS 
James Elliott Williams — Brandon, MS 
James Roy Williams — Jackson, MS 
James Stanley Williams — Jackson, Ms 
James Tyrone Williams — Clinton. MS 
Janet Fulgham Williams — Jackson, MS 
Janice Marie Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerome Alexander Williams — Raymond. 

Jerrydean Williams — Flora. MS 
Jessie Brown Williams — Jackson. MS 

Directory/ 319 

Jimmy Loyd Williams — Jackson, MS 
John Charles Williams — Jackson, MS 
John Herman Williams Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Karl Alapaki Williams — Clinton, MS 
Kenneth Alonza Williams — Molino, FL 
Kenneth Earl Williams — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Edward Williams — Jackson, MS 
Kenneth Maurice Williams — Jackson, MS 
Lavelle McLendon Williams — Pearl, MS 
Linda Robinson Williams — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Cheryl Williams — Yazoo City, MS 
Lise Sorrill Williams — Raymond, MS 
Loretta Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Loretta Faye Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Lorrainne Williams — Jackson, MS 
Louis Williams — Jackson, MS 
Lovie C. Williams — Canton, MS 
Margaret Janice Williams — Durant, MS 
Marilyn Denise Williams — Jackson, MS 
Marilyn Theresa Williams — Jackson, MS 
Mark B. Williams — Jackson, MS 
Marty Hull Williams — Clinton, MS 
Mary Frances Williams — Jackson, MS 
Melinda Gay Williams — Utica, MS 
Melissa Kay Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Michael Andrew Williams — Clinton, MS 
Michael David Williams — Brandon, MS 
Michael Wayne Williams — Jackson, MS 
Michelle Williams — Jackson. MS 
Misty Karen Williams — Morton, MS 
Norman Lynn Williams — Jackson, MS 
Oneida Maria Williams — Jackson, MS 
Oscar H. Williams — Jackson, MS 
Pamala Diane Williams — Jackson, MS 
Pamela Deneen Williams — Clinton, MS 
Pamela Denise Williams — Canton, MS 
Pamela Renee Williams — Bolton, MS 
Patricia Williams — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Williams — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Ann Williams — Hazlehurst, MS 
Paula Deshawn Williams — Jackson, MS 
Peter Douglas Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Phillip Anthony Williams — Loraan, MS 
Phillip G. Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Philvester Williams — Lorman, MS 
Phyllis Danita Williams — Brandon, MS 
Randall L. Williams — Jackson, MS 
Randall Ray Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Rebecca Ann White Williams — Vicksburg, 

Reginald Eugene Williams — Jackson, MS 
Robert Arthur Williams — Pearl, MS 
Robert C. Williams — Jackson, MS 
Robert Earl Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Robert James Williams — Brandon, MS 
Rochelle Williams — Jackson, MS 
Rodney Williams — Brandon, MS 
Ronald Jeffery Williams — Columbus, MS 
Roy Lenier Williams — Pelahatchie, MS 
Roy Presley Williams — Bentonia, MS 
Roy Rogers Williams — Port Gibson, MS 
Rozenia Williams — - Jackson, MS 
Sandra Mason Williams — Jackson, MS 
Sandra Underwood Williams — Pearl, MS 
Sandy Weathersby Williams — Jackson, 

Sara Lee Williams — Madison, MS 
Sarah Jo Williams — Jackson, MS 
Sharon Jean Williams — Jackson, MS 
Shawana Delores Williams — Jackson, 

Sherri Morgan Williams — Terry, MS 
Shirley Brewer Williams — Learned, MS 
Sonia Teresa Williams — Florence, MS 
Sonya Denise Williams — Jackson, MS 
Stephanie Beatrice Williams — Jackson, 

Steve Elizsha Williams — Jackson, MS 
Steven Earl Williams — Terry, MS 
Susan Regina Williams — Jackson, MS 
Susan Smith Williams — Jackson, MS 
Tammy Marie Williams — Richland, MS 
Terry Leon Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Timothy Steven Williams — Jackson, MS 
Todd Clark Williams — Jackson, MS 
Timothy Steven Williams — Jackson, MS 
Todd Clark Williams — Jackson, MS 
Todd Clifton Williams — Clinton. MS 
Tracey Louise Williams — Jackson, MS 
Trenis Lynette Williams — Yazoo, MS 
Valerie Williams — Jackson, MS 
Van Gregory Williams — Vicksburg, MS 
Velma Cornilla Williams — Jackson, MS 
Veronique Renee Williams — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Rena Williams — Bolton. MS 
Virginia Williams — Jackson, MS 
Vivian Marie WiUiams — Port Gibson, MS 
Voletta Polk Williams — Port Gibson, MS 
Wayne Williams — Jackson, MS 

Wendy Ely Williams — Clinton, MS 
William Kevin Williams — Jackson, MS 
Yvette Douchant Williams — Clinton, MS 
Brenda Carol Williamson — Raymond, MS 
Christopher Byro Williamson — Jackson, 

Donald Wayne Williamson — Jackson, MS 

Elizabeth Oakes Williamson — Raymond, 

Ernest Clayton Williamson — Jackson, 

George Matthew Williamson — 

Pocahontas. MS 
James Bryan Williamson — Clinton, MS 
Jimmie Carol Williamson — Jackson, MS 
Laura Ann Williamson — Jackson, MS 
Lawson T. Williamson HI — Jackson, MS 
Patricia Jane Williamson — Pearl, MS 
Paula Charlene Williamson — Pearl, MS 
Robin Renae Williamson — Vicksburg, MS 
Thomas Keith Williamson — Jackson, MS 
Thomas Kevin Williamson — Terry, MS 
Angela Diane Willis — Natchez, MS 
Annette Elizabeth Willis — Florence, MS 
Estell Gibbon Willis — Jackson, MS 
Francina Curran Willis — Braxton, MS 
Gerald Leon Willis — Jackson, MS 

Juliette Eileen Willis lackson, MS 

Laurie Dee Willis — Braxton, MS 
Lercy Willis — Port Gibson, MS 
Linda Fay Willis — Mattson, MS 
Lisa Dianne Willis — Carthage, MS 
William Robert Willis Jr. — Jackson, MS 
Nina Johnson Willoughby — Jackson, MS 
Dudley Tabb Wills — Jackson, MS 
Victoria Vinal Willson — Jackson, MS 
Walter T. Wilous — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Barry Wilson — Brandon, MS 
Bobby J. Wilson — Clinton, MS 
Carol Ann Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Carolyn Nix Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Carolyn R. Bolden Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Chery Denise Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Cindy McAlpen Wilson — Raymond, MS 
Claudine Wilson — Jackson, MS 
David Wesley Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Debbie Kaye Wilson — Pattison, MS 
Derek Lavon Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Diane Young Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Don Melvin Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Jean Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Gloria Ann Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Glory Nell Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Hersey Alma Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Jacqueline Annette Wilson — Jackson, 

Jacquelyn Evette Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 

Jeffery Keith Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Jennette Doris Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Jennifer Darshal Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Jerry Wayne Wilson — Tchula, MS 
Kimberley Marie Wilson — Jackson. MS 
Leonard M. Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Linda Gay Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Malcolm Selwyn Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Margret Wilson — Clinton, MS 
Mary Alice Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Beth Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Mary Louise Wilson — Clinton, MS 
Melissa Blakeney Wilson — Pearl, MS 
Patricia Mary Wilson — CoIIinsville, MS 
Paul Wilson — Bolton, MS 
Phyllis Mae Wilson — Brandon, MS 
Roy Dennis Wilson — Madison, MS 
Sadie Redmond Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Sandra Michelle Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Serena Ann Wilson — Pearl, MS 
Sherri Alana Wilson — Greenville, MS 
Sherry Louis Wilson — Bolton, MS 
Stephanie Wilson — Utica, MS 
Sylvia Christine Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Teresa Denise Wilson — Florence, MS 
Thomas Coker Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Tony Fitzgerald Wilson — Canton, MS 
Ty Kenneth Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Vicki Lynn Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Victor Brent Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Willie Mack Wilson — Jackson, MS 
Zelma Alisha Wilson — Vicksburg, MS 
Joseph Stanley Wilssens — Brandon, MS 
Edward Anthony Wiltcher — Vicksburg, 

Kim Michelle Wiltcher — Brandon, MS 
Robert Hays Wiltshire — Port Gibson, MS 
Karen Denise Winborn — Pascagoula. MS 
Leland William Winchester — Brandon, 

Donna Kay Windham — Jackson, MS 
Lee Kennedy Windham — Vicksburg, MS 
Shelitha Windham — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Dean Windon — Jackson, MS 
Barbar Fortenberry Winesett — Laurel, 

Charles H. Winham — Jackson, MS 
Julia Ann Williams Winham — Jackson, 

Mark Allen Wink — Jackson, MS 
Barbara Faye Winn — Jackson, MS 
Vickie Grantham Winn — Magee, MS 
Therese Evans Winschel — Vicksburg, MS 
Johnny Albert Winsley — Brandon, MS 
Angela Darlene Winstead — Mendenhall, 

Jeanie Elaine Winstead — Brandon, MS 
Kevin Dalton Winstead — Pelahatchie, M 
Mildred K. Winstead — Raymond, MS 
Pamela Ann Sulliva Winstead — Clinton, 

Rebecca Jean Winstead — Brandon, MS 
Terry James Winstead — Jackson, MS 
Bobbie Jean Winston — Jackson, MS 
Tommy Lee Winston — Canton, MS 
Valeria Lorrain Winston — Jackson, MS 
Dorothy Ann Winter — Jackson, MS 
Beverly Ann Winters — Jackson, MS 
Caroline D. Winters — Jackson, MS 
Jimmie L. Winters — Flora, MS 
Sandra Kaye Winters — Vicksburg, MS 
Wanda Faye Winters — Vicksburg, MS 
Wanda K. Winters — Vicksburg, MS 
Temesa Marie Wise — Jackson, MS 
Valerie Lynne Wise — Clinton, MS 
Troy Daniel Witherington — Terry, MS 
Geno Danny Witherspoon — Anguilia, MS 
Michael E. Witt — Raymond, MS 
Okyul Witt — Raymond, MS 
Donna Suzanne Wiygul — Raymond, MS 
Carta J. Wolf — Pearl, MS 
Mary Ruth Wolfe — Jackson, MS 
Celeste Gilmore Womack — Jackson, MS 
Edna Janice Womack — Mendenhall, MS 
Ellen Jean Womack — Mendenhall, MS 
Jay Reginald Womack — Magee, MS 
Jody Delon Womack — Jackson, MS 
Larry Womack — Jackson, Ms 
Robin Annette Womack — Jackson, MS 
Sonet Womack — Utica, MS 
Glenn David Wood — Jackson, MS 
Gregory Mathew Wood — Jackson, MS 
Lisa Spotts Wood — Clinton, MS 

Martha Nelson Wood lackson, MS 

Olen Christopher Wood — Jackson, MS 
Patty Lynn Wood — Vicksburg, MS 
Russell Henderson Wood — Jackson, MS 
Dewayne Devon Woodall — Jackson, MS 
Robert James Woodall — Jackson, MS 
James Edward Woodard — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Karen Denise Woodard — Jackson, MS 
Stephen Glenn Woodard — Jackson, MS 
Vivian Dawn Woodfieid — Jackson, MS 
Charlie Dan Woodruff Jr. — Clinton, MS 
Angela Denise Woods — Jackson, MS 
Clara E. Woods — Jackson, MS 
Edwin Woods — Vicksburg, MS 
Gladys Loraine Woods — Jackson, MS 
Jerry J. Woods — Jackson, MS 
Mike T. Woods — Jackson. MS 
Tamara L. Woods — Satartia, MS 
Thomas Martin Woods — Jackson, MS 
Carol Jeannette Woodson — Jackson, MS 
Charlie Allen Woodson — Jackson, MS 
Deborah Sue Woodson — Clinton, MS 
Louie Richard Woodward Jr. — Terry, MS 
Alta Faye Woody — Jackson, MS 
Paul Michael Woolery — Morton, MS 
Julie Edna Wooley — Vicksburg, MS 
Clayton Randall Woolley — Jackson, MS 
Jackie lolene Wooten — Jackson, MS 
Kathryn Norton Wooten — Jackson, MS 
Richard Jordan Wooton — Jackson, MS 
Sue Ellen Worrell — Bolton, MS 
Ina P. Worthy — Jackson, MS 
Bessie L. Wright Wren — Jackson, MS 
Cheryl Helen Wright — Vicksburg, MS 
Connie Lee Wright — Vicksburg, MS 
Dianne Laverne Wright — Vicksburg, MS 
Harold Clifton Wright — Pearl, MS 
Kathy Cherry Wright — Clinton, MS 
Kenneth Dwayne Wright — Brandon, MS 
Kenny Wright — Vicksburg, MS 
Larry Payne Wright Jr. — Crystal 

Springs, MS 
Lisa Gail Wright — Clinton, MS 
Margaret Brasfield Wright — Vicksburg, 

Maria Gloria L. Wright — Clinton, MS 
Maxine Thomas Wright — Clinton, MS 
Michael Alvin Wright — Utica, MS 
Otis L. Wright — Jackson. MS 
Suzanne Marie Wright — Brandon, MS 
Teresa Dawn Wright — Vicksburg, MS 
Tina Waltman Wright — Vicksburg, MS 
William Hillory Wright Jr. — Jackson, MS 
William Marshall Wright — Vicksburg, MS 
Harold Ray Wroten — Jackson, MS 
Lance Darryl Wroten — Jackson, MS 
Tina Usey Wroten — Jackson, MS 
Deborah McCullough Wyatt — Madison, 

Helen D. Wyatt — Jackson, MS 
Larry Joe Wyatt — Clinton, MS 
Scarlet G. Wyatt — Clinton, MS 
Stacy Lynn Wyatt — Clinton, MS 
Douglas Wyers — Jackson, MS 
Dekalb Wylie — Vicksburg, MS 
John Dekalb Wylie — Vicksburg. MS 
Carole Makee Wyman — Jackson, MS 

Charlotte Jane Wyman — Clinton, MS 
Lester Keith Wynn — Flowood, MS 
Natalie Wynne — Florence, MS 
Anna Elisha Yarbrough — Jackson, MS 
Boyd Yarbrough — Vicksburg, MS 
Debra Lynn Yarbrough — Vicksburg, MS 
Hazel Mae Yarbrough — Pattison, MS 
Kelly Ann Yarbrough — Vicksburg, MS j 
Kenneth Michael Yarbrough — Vicksbun 

Robert John Yarbrough — Vicksburg, MS . 
Bonnie Carol Yates — Utica, MS 
Brenda Denise Yates — Jackson, MS 
Charles E. Yates — Pearl, MS 
David Yates Jr. •?- Jackson, MS 
John Anthony Yates — Clinton, MS 
Melissia Ann Yates — Terry, MS 
Lauren Bryant Yawn — Jackson, MS 
Elizabeth M. Yeager — Jackson, MS 
Holly Elizabeth Yeager — Jackson, MS | 
Russell Hunter Yeates — Clinton, MS 
Janice Lee Yelverton — Jackson, MS 
Chong Kwan Yi — Jackson, MS 
Robert James Yonkers — Clinton, MS 
Bobbie Jean York — Crystal Springs, MS' 
Eric Bryce York — Jackson, MS 
Alfred R. Young — Hotlandale, MS 
Antoinette Young — Prentiss, MS 
Brenda Anderson Young — Port Gibson, 

Cecilia Ward Young — Raymond, MS 
Erma Mallory Young — Vicksburg, MS 
Evelyn Marie Young — Jackson, MS 
Jamais Lester Young — Jackson, MS 
James Ernest Young HI — Port Gibson, M< 
Jeraldine Young — Jackson, MS 
Katie Delores Young — Jackson, MS 
Lesley Carl Young — Pearl, MS 
Mabel C. Young — Jackson, MS 
Michelle Davies Young — Jackson, MS 
Olivia Young — Jackson, MS 
Rachell Young — Jackson, MS 
Robert Scott Young — West Point, MS 
Rosemary Young — Vicksburg, MS 
Roy Ruben Young — Jackson, MS 
Sara Friday Young — Jackson, MS 
Zachary Young — Vicksburg, MS 
Carta Denise Younger — Vicksburg, MS 
Evelyn Faith Younger — Bolton, MS 
Hoover Younger — Vicksburg, MS 
Hoover Younger Jr. — Canton, MS 
Margaret Deniese Younger — Vicksburg, 

Valerie Younger — Jackson, MS 
Charlotte W. Yount — Jackson, MS 
John W. Yow — Jackson, MS 
Shirley Cachero Yra — Clinton, MS 
Mike Larry Zachary — Brandon, MS 
Melvin Carlos Zackery — Lorman, MS 
William James Zaremba — Florence, MS 
Dale O. Zebert — Pearl, MS 
Junelda Ann Zebert — Pearl, MS 
Parker Culberson Zelda — Pelahatchie, 

Cheryl Yvonne Zepponi — Jackson, MS 
Lea Ann Zick — Pearl, MS 
George M. Ziegler — Florence, MS 
Nathaniel Mitchell Ziegler — Mendenhall 

Scott Andrew Zimmerman — Jackson, M< 
Duoc Nguyen Zizak — Brandon, MS 
Earl Zoll Jr. — Star, MS 

320 / Directory